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Add your family questions, brick walls, or comments as well as discussions with other postings.
All postings should pertain to some Mullkine/Amuligane associated family reference.

Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Query Forum
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Re: James Beatty Millikin, Ballymuldirg, Ireland, 1841

Hi, I am unsure if I have any new information for you but here goes.
My father is called Robert Beattie Milliken, he was born in the Uk in the early fifties, his father was also Robert Beattie Milliken he was born3rd Dec 1919 in Ballymulderg (not sure if this is the right spelling). registered in Londonderry on 15th Jan 1920.
He was born to Robert Beattie Milliken and Mary Milliken (formerly Atkinson). (It seems to have been tradition that the first born son was named Robert Beattie Milliken)
Thats all I have so far but I thought the middle name of Beattie and the fact that I know family members did definitely move to Canada and the Ballymuldirg area connection warranted a message. I hope that we can find a connection, I am in the process of research (I have only just begun) and will contact you with more information as it arises.

Re: James Beatty Millikin, Ballymuldirg, Ireland, 1841

Hi. I've spent 3 hrs at least on geneology tonight instead of working on what I needed to do. I found ", which led me on to and into your information. I have a sheet I can fax you that is one of about 10 my aunt put together. There are some very similar names for what you are asking...enough so to contact you. It shows Thomas J. Millikin, born 1785 with the following listed as children: Emanual(maybe your Samuel?)born 3/17/1810 or 1809, Mary born 1810, John B.(maybe James B. you have? born 1813 in Drumdaugh, Leitrim, Ireland, Jane married Edmund A. Walstein Hunter, Thomas born 5/16/1816, married Tamar Clark, Rebecca, George, Eliza(one you were looking for), and Roger. I have no info on George, Eliza, and Roger other than their being children of Thomas J. Millikin and Elizabeth Boon.