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Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDcOQwzP21I
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The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 1: A Great Pyramid

The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 2: Finding the Garden of Eden
In this presentation, Rob Skiba reveals from the Scriptures how Abraham leads us to the location of the Garden of Eden, possibly even revealing the exact location of where the two Trees once stood. You won't want to miss this one!

The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 3

In this video presentation, recorded at Sukkot, Texas 2014, Rob Skiba reveals what the Yahuwah Triangle is and how it works. What is the significance and purpose of each point in the Triangle? How does Babylon play into the plans of YHWH for His people? What are the Commandments of Eden and why are they important? Why do we need to forgive those who have hurt us? What is YHWH's plan to redeem His Bride? Find out in this emotion-packed presentation.

The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 4: Babylon Rising

Will the first Antichrist rise again? Will ancient Babylon once again become a prominent player in the Last Days? Will America be the catalyst through which both return? Why do the actions of our presidents, the iconography on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill, and the monuments of Washington, D.C. all seem to indicate that it will be? Find out in this revised presentation of Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last.

The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 5: Mythology and the Coming Great Deception

In this updated presentation of Mythology and the Coming Great Deception, Rob traces the trail of foreign gods that were introduced to the world following the dispersion at the Tower of Babel. How do they relate to us today? Why is the U.S. government still obsessed with Egyptian, Greek and Roman gods and how does Nimrod play into the picture? Learn how the myths and legends of the gods of the ancient world can help us better understand the Bible and the Coming Great Deception that Yeshua (Jesus) warned about concerning the Last Days.

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes
The Yahuwah Triangle

Having watched and read other sources on the Pyramid of Giza,; I have to confess that I found these videos by Rob Skiba give such a variety of information and thoughts concerning the Great Pyramid that it inspires one to re-think former conclusions on the subject and at the same time, causes one to reflect on what the prophets of old were telling us; especially Enoch, whom is the one man whom actually dealt with the Fallen Angels personally and presented their plea for forgiveness to the Father for their great sin. Of course, we know they were not forgiven and given a sentence.

Right off, you are given a short lesson on the Name of God, which will help you to better understand what the Pyramid of Giza was telling us. Was it from Yahuwah or was it from another source? What was it's purpose?

So, we then are given the various train of thoughts concerning, "Who built this Pyramid? and why is this Pyramid so beyond the normal kind of construction?" It becomes very obvious that it took immense strength and heavenly knowledge.

There is a Kings Chamber, the Queen's Chamber and a passage way that leads down to The Bottomless Pit. Did you know that?

Whoever built it knew aboutThe Bottomless Pit.

There are the other two pyramid near by but they had only descending passages whereas the Great Pyramid had both ascending and descending passages. Is there a message in this construction?

It's construction is so precise that you cannot even put a coin between it's stones. There is a swivel door, entrance and exit, weighing about 20 tons that is so well balanced that it could be opened from the inside with minimal force. But when closed, it had such a perfect fit that it was barely detectable AND there was no way to grab hold of it to open from the outside.

If one thinks they know the Bible very well by having read it, they will find that they are not as informed as they think. We read of the 144,000 don't' we? And we think of the 144,00 of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Did you know there were 144,000 highly polished 15 ton encasing stone that covered the Pyramid that if polished would reflect the light of the sun and be seen for miles in every direction. The ancient Egyptians referred to the Great Pyramid as "ikhet" which means, "Glorious Light".

We know that Enoch wrote 365 books that were given to his son Methuselah to be passed down through all the generations of their children to guide them in their walk through-out their generations. Many believe that these books were put into the Pyramid of Giza for safe keeping, knowing that the Flood was coming. Rob presents his many sources of evidence.

Concerning that last thought, I have a tendency to think that Noah would have taken those writings with him since they were passed down to each generation and be kept safely with each generation. Noah and his family knew many years prior to the flood what was coming and would have made space for such important writings which would have survived the world-wide flood. But that is just my own thought personally. You will, certainly, come to your own conclusions as you watch this and concerning a lot of it, you may never come to a final thought.

But, do you see what this great presentation will do for you? You will begin to reach into every nook and cranny of your mind to recall what you have been taught or what your understanding may be and realize, "Hey! We have been misled so badly by the Powers that Be to keep the complete truth from us so that we would be easily shaped by those that follow Satan and are working full speed ahead to bring back the Old Babylonian Empire".

You won't want to miss this one or the other videos that follow.


Disclaimer: Rapture Bible Prophecy Forum, ( http://www.rapturebibleprophecyforum.com ) does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed in every article posted on this site. We do however, encourage a healthy and friendly debate on the issues of our day. Whether you agree or disagree, we encourage you to post your feedback by using the reply button.

The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 1: A Great Pyramid


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Isaiah 19:19-20, which covers the issue of an altar and pillar (pyramid) built unto the Lord is discussed. Rob Sikba admits that in the first video, he was speculating. In this second video he tells that there is less speculation and more evidence for this scripture.

He goes further to point out that he believes that this is where God made Adam out of the dirt at this location. Now he goes into the quest for the original Garden of Eden. He eliminates two sources based on the location of the four rivers that issued forth a "Source", which seems to be the Gihon Springs (or what is left of it today). I suggest you watch this to make your own decision of where this leads you.

I know from scripture that Gihon Spring is where Solomon was anointed as King. See I Kings 1:38-39 for that account.

Upon my own visit to that location, which was a heart-beating story in itself since it did not take place within the confines of the tour group but only a pastor and myself hiring an Arab to drive us to Bethlehem and then on to Gihon Springs which is exactly on the South East side of the present Temple Mount area and smack dab in the on-going Arab housing expansion taking place with young Arabs all around us doing their construction work. The driver warned us about staying there too long.

It was in the days when bus explosions were taking place and hatred for any supporters of the Israelites was strong.

Gihon Spring, just like it is told in this video, is an underground spring that is unique in the fact that it goes through the process of filling up underneath and then springs out into the opening of a tunnel like area. It has a gate at the entrance of that tunnel but down there, you will see one or two old men sit on a narrow platform and wait for those waters to stir, just like at the Pool of Salome, in order to get a healing. One could just envision Solomon, perhaps sitting down there, receiving the anointing to be Israel's King.

The Pool of Salome, where Jesus healed the Blind man receives it's water from Gihon Springs. When we saw it, it was empty of all water but had been excavated and is located to the north of this water source and near the Temple Mount.

The other rivers that are mentioned as being a part of the Garden of Eden are the Euphrates and Tigris with the 4th, Pison, no longer seen. So Ron Skiba eliminates all of the other evidence for the Garden of Eden and places it within the area of Israel, moving down into Egypt.

From the evidence presented by Zen Garcia, we know that after God made Adam and Eve, he placed them "UP" into Paradise but when they fell into sin, they were thrown out of Paradise to a inhospitable location much different than the Paradise where they knew no discomfort. This new location may well have been the area that Rob Skiba is talking about.

Rob, then gets into the topic of when Nimrod ruled his empire, which began in 1948 (after creation) It was during this time that Abraham was born in 1948 AM (after creation).

Everyone thinks that this date of 1948 AM (after creation) of Abraham's birth is proof that the year 1948 of Israel's rebirth is God ordained. Yet, Zephania 2:1,2 and Zephania 13:8,9 tell us that this gathering would be a gathering in Unbelief and that is exactly what Israel is today.

We know that when Israel is attacked in the End Days that 2/3 of the people would die. Why would God let his own people get killed? Because these people are not His people but those that call themselves Israelites but have no legal nor spiritual right to that name. Many Orthodox Rabbis, themselves, say that this establishment of Israel is premature and false because it would be Messiah that would do this. And it seems, they are absolutely correct.

What did so many Christian Churches do based on that date? They began to figure out the date of the Rapture which produced 1988 and the many dates since; all of which have been based on faulty teaching. Please read your Bible and find out that it says, "The Dead will rise first and then those that are alive will be changed to meet the Lord in the air." I Thess. 24:16-17. Looking back on all of this; don't we see how foolish we have been?

Many of us used to believe that Israel's creation as a country once again in 1948 was of God. I know I was one of those yet I always wondered why would this Israel be so full of Free-Mason symbolism. I saw them with my very own eyes.

You can see the symbols all the way from Mt Herman in the north to Eliat in the south where Solomon had his navy. Why are all of the hospitals, libraries, government buildings, universities, etc. So full of Occult symbolism. they are everywhere. Even the very same type of Lion carvings as seen in the Old City of London are found in Jerusalem. Wonder if the same people were responsible for both locations lions?

Just do a search on those places and you can see for yourself that these symbols have nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, nothing at all. In fact the symbol for Israel is the 7 candle stick Menorah not the six pointed star of Rahab, which the Bible refers to as the Star of Molech.

The Elite of the world worship Molech. In fact they (the Elite of the world) offer sacrifices of children to Molech every year at the Bohemian Grove. President Nixon made references to it as a Sodomite Club. Course, we know these baby sacrifices are not relegated to just them but through-out the year and through-out the world.

Now, we best understand who it was that created Israel in 1948. It was those who are creating their Old Babylonian Empire with their Nimrod at it's helm. After WWII, we had the League of Nations, NATO and United Nations, all of which include these powerful people whose roots go back to the Edomites.

Because, we Christians have been so blinded and kept in the dark about the existence of this Seed-line, we cannot imagine that this nation of Israel was actually created by the Rothschild power and money.

Like I said, do a search on Jerry Golden's site and you will see the proof of the Rothschild and their leaders sitting around a table with plans of Jerusalem at it's on-set. Within that circle of followers of the Synagogue were Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Rabin, Ariel Sharon, Perez and Rothschild himself. Perez is still among the living in Jerusalem who is playing ball with the Vatican to actually occupy the Throne of David in Jerusalem.

So, you see, individuals were blessed and protected in the wars in which Israeli soldiers fought but the country was created with those of the Synagogue of Satan. Yes, it is hard to believe but do your diligence and you have to admit that it is so and Scripture said it would be....under the Messiah Himself.

There is so much more discussed in this video but I decided to cover this issue of the State of Israel, where she is today compared to where she was when Abraham, Isaac and Jacob made their home in Shechem, which he bought with 100 pieces of coins.

Shechem means "diligence/early rising". It is said that Jacob's sons left Shechem and traveled to Dothan, which means "their double sickness" where they would lay a trap for Joseph, who was their father's favorite. Biblical reading attests to this fact but out of this error of ways, God allowed Joseph to rise to power because of his faithfulness to Him and in turn, bless his own brothers and father in the days of Famine.


Disclaimer: Rapture Bible Prophecy Forum, ( http://www.rapturebibleprophecyforum.com ) does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed in every article posted on this site. We do however, encourage a healthy and friendly debate on the issues of our day. Whether you agree or disagree, we encourage you to post your feedback by using the reply button.


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

Babylon Rising - Part 3 - Ron Skiba

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

If I thought parts one and two were good, then I just listened to an even more powerful video in #3.

So, let's come right out and repeat what we have, basically, been saying, "Dispensationalism" was created for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture." I know that will cause most of you to stop reading right here BUT if you are earnestly seeking the Truth of God's Word, then you will be compelled to continue and I know you will be so thankful that you did. By all means, listen to Ron Skiba's video here so that you do not lose one word of his presentation because it is right in our face as the End Day Generation, that you wonder how you could have been so blind so many years.

We learned in the 2nd video that Nimrod began his rule in 1948 (after creation) and Abraham happened to also have been born in 1948 (after creation). We, as Christians thought how cool was that, Israel was reborn in 1948 and we ran with the belief that this was the Israel promised by YHVH.

However, if you are a deep thinker, you would have notice the first thing that happened in 1948 BC. There was the Babylonian Empire established.

NIMROD was not just a mere man but became a Mighty Man before the lord. (This lord is not talking about Almighty God). This is talking about Nimrod who was so evil and so possessed by the Fallen Angels that he actually became a Gibborim (mighty one) before the lord. Whose lord? That lord is none other than Lucifer.

And if you do not believe it, then you must read the whole account and see what took place in Babylon that was so evil that the Father,Son & Holy Spirit said, "Let us go down and confuse their tongue". That is my paraphrased version. But most of you know the story of the Tower of Babel, which was not about how high they could go but was a location they believed was a Gateway to God. It has always been the purpose of these followers of Lucifer/Satan to return to their former home from which they were expelled, never allowed to return.

This is what CERN is all about, people. These possessed of evil demons scientist, who do not believe in God, do completely believe in the lies of Satan and those other angels that these men see as gods and goddess who promise them all that anyone could want if they continue with this project to find the "god particle".

But getting back to 1948, as was told in video 3, it was the followers of Nimrod who created the State of Israel. These are the very ones called the Illuminati, the Rothschild, Free-Masons, United Nations families who are still working to bring back the Old Babylonian Empire which they call The New World Order.

So, it is true, Israel is not the Israel of which the Bible speaks that will become a nation under the Messiah. This land mass is run exclusively by these organizations. Their symbols, as I have said before, are all over the country to attest to that FACT. And again, I say along with Ron Skiba, that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, did protect individuals that fought in the various wars because they were His. The government and all of it's structure is not of God but of Satan.

Now, having said all of that, you should be able to see that those same people had their religious leaders such as John Darby push the idea that there was a separation between the Gentiles and the Jews, which he did with the Dispensation Theory. On the other hand, there are those that will teach "Replacement Theology" which is that the church has replaced Israel. Both of these theories are no scriptural but right out of the mouth of The Father of Lies.

How often have we, on this site, spoken about the fact that Jesus Christ's death on the cross, now allowed the Gentiles to be grafted into the Salvation that He came to deliver unto the Whole House of Israel? And who are they? That's right, they are the Northern 10 Tribes of the Land of Israel who were scattered by the conquest of the Assyrians. They went all directions but mainly north and west, into Europe and from there to the Americas.

Now, does that begin to make sense to those of you that still cannot understand that Israel was divided between Israel of the North and Judah of the South? Who brought this gospel to you, the Gentile? Of course not, they were largely all pagans still. Who spread this gospel to you, other Israelites? BINGO! You are all one.

I loved the story that Ron told of when he married his present wife, she brought with her into the marriage a son whom Ron adopted. That adoption brought this boy all of the same privileges that one born of his own seed would have. He gave him his name, which he wears proudly. They are one family unit. That is exactly what Jesus Christ did when He paid the sacrifice on the cross. He didn't discard Israel for the Gentile but allowed the Gentile to be adopted into His Natural family. You know the story of the natural Olive Branch and the wild Olive Branch, right? They are both grafted into the Root, Yeshua, Himself. Now how much love does that take? We have no idea.

To keep thinking that you, the Gentile Church are a separate Dispensation is a lie right out of the pits of hell or in this case, John Darby's lying lips. Why would you want to be a part of that? All it does is confuse you about the days in which you live. It confuses you into believe another lie. I think you know what comes next when you believe in this ungodly lie out of John Darby's lips....it means that you think you have to be taken out in a Rapture before God can deal with the Jews. Oh, My, what garbage.

Don't you trust God to save you, his grafted in Wild Olive Branch, to be saved through Tribulation until that day when The Dead in Christ rise first and the living will be changed to meet the Lord in the air? I read so much testimony about TRUST coming from those that believe they need to be taken out before God can deal with the Jews. That's not trust. Trust is trusting God to take you out before His Wrath begins.

Yes, we are in the End Days. Israel was established by them back in 1948 to commemorate the very year that Nimrod began his Empire.

What occurred at 9/11 was the start of the excuse to get these Illuminated ones back into Old Babylon where all the old relics remained. That is what the woman in the basket being taken back to the Land of Shinar is all about. Zechariah 5:11

Oh, don't think that Mystery Babylon, spoken about in the Bible, is speaking of this original place alone. It is speaking of all the locations where this demonic religion of Babylon has traveled, which is around the world. It has it three centers: one, the Economic Center at the Old City of London, another is the military center (Pentagon, Washington, D.C.and of course, the present day religion of Rome which practices Babylonian rituals.

Speaking about the Tower of Babel, have you ever wondered why Europe built their representation of their New Order (Europa) to look like the unfinished Tower of Nimrod? And please take note of their huge statue of a woman sitting on a Beast that stands there to remind us who they really are. They know but the common person has no clue, it seems.

In 2003, actual war began that moved the military into the Land of Shinar. Did you ever wonder why, "If 9/11 was perpetrated by terrorist that belonged to Osama bin Laden, then why did NATO forces go into Iraq (old Babylon?)? You think about all of this and you can easily see how everything is moving according to their plan.

But God has His Own Plan. He has begun to make known to Christians around the world who they really are and that their roots are in True Israel...not the country developed at this time. Most Christians, could very well be natural Israelites since the Bible speaks of them as the sand of the sea and they don't know it. .

There are only two Sticks and it is only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who will bring those two Sticks together. There is no little twig called the Gentile Church.

There is lots more that can be said about this video but I hope you will do yourself a huge favor and listen to the teachings right out of the Bible put together by Rob Skiba.


Disclaimer: Rapture Bible Prophecy Forum, ( http://www.rapturebibleprophecyforum.com ) does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed in every article posted on this site. We do however, encourage a healthy and friendly debate on the issues of our day. Whether you agree or disagree, we encourage you to post your feedback by using the reply button.


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

Although the next video, part 4 is Babylon Rising, I failed to wait for video 4 to include the title of Babylon Rising to it.

The information on Video 3 includes so much about this Babylonian Empire and how we need to realize that present day Israel is a creation of that Babylonian Bunch of Baal followers that, needless to say, I got confused or perhaps it is my eye-sight but I should have titled it as a conference session.


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

He Once Was, will come again....Out of the Pit

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Part 3, 4 and 5 all continue in about the exposing of how the demonic pagan gods & goddess rule not only the world but right here within our United States of America.

Why is the U.S. Government still obsessed with Egyptian, Greek and Roman gods and how does Nimrod play into the picture? This is a question put before us to strongly & carefully consider.

While this country was settled, by God fearing people, looking for a better life, we have to ask, were her leaders followers of Yeshua? Most of us would say, "Of Course they were, we have seen the pictures of George Washington kneeling in prayer and read the stories."

Was their god, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or was it Lucifer? A careful, thorough research done by Ron Skiba and many others have given us the very sad news that we are not a Nation under the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob but a nation under a god whom has many names, but known chiefly as Nimrod.

Nimrod was the man that became a god that was the king of Babylon and whom built the Tower of Babel in an effort to open portals so that he could ascend to the heights of heaven. We know the story of how God destroyed Babylon and changed the tongues of the people into 72 different languages so that they would not be able to continue as One Unit to continue this plan to usurp His Authority. So, Nimrod became known as:

1. Gilgamesh
2. Baal
3. Melqeurt
4. Adonis
5. Dumazi
6. Deonysus
7. Bacchus
8. Mithra
9. Orion
10. Apollo
11. Tammuz
12. Osiris

"And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof: thus shall he deliver us from the Assyrian, when he cometh into our land, and when he treadeth within our borders. Micah 5:6: {KJV}

In 2003, The tomb of Gilgamesh was discovered in Iraq in the month of April. The very next month of May, we went to war in Iraq. You probably won't see the connection yet. Only if you know that Gilgamesh is another name for Nimrod and he was the King of Babylon .

Our own president, GH Bush, during the First Invasion of Iraq, declared that we must have a New World Order. What he was first putting out there for Americans was that "they" had the intent to make the big move back to Babylon and bring about the Old World Order that was under the likes of Nimrod.

His son, GW Bush, under the guise of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, made that possible. As noted above, in April, the tomb of Gilgamesh was found and a month later, we took our forces into Iraq/Babylon. Yes, they found a body and from that body there was DNA taken for some sinister reason we do not understand at this time.

Have you ever wondered how it is that every president is related to each other AND to the royals of Europe? What is their common denominator?

We never knew this before but with the aid of the Internet and the ability to do deep research, we know that these are the Elite, whom are the off-spring from the loins of Cain, whose father is not Adam but the Serpent. Yes, I know what is said how Eve said that she had gotten a child from the lord when she gave birth to Cain and how the word lord proves that it was not Lucifer's child. How ignorant are we anyway?

The word Lord is Baal. it used for anyone that is given authority higher than those beneath him. They are all over Europe where they wear their badges & ribbons and escort their Ladies with crowns upon their heads to show that they consider themselves "The Elite". So what does that mean?

It all comes down to that special Illuminated race whereby they consider themselves elite, above the average human in this world, because their father was a Fallen Angel called Lucifer. They pretend to pay honor to Almighty God but secretly, they are the children of Satan, serve him and in return, live their lives in their present glorified luxury. But they all die and descend to the pit just like those before them and those coming after them.

In fact, Isaiah tells us that their god will not be allowed to join them but be thrown into the Lake of Fire. "Thou shall not be joined with them in burial” (Isaiah 14:18-21) ... A time when all the nations are slain and lie in their graves, yet Satan will not join them in burial. These, who are bringing about this New World Order believe they will win but we know the final outcome, don't we?

A trip to Washington, DC taken by Rob Skiba, whom has very keen understanding of the meanings of all the occult writings & carvings on the various buildings revealed first hand to whom our government is subjected.

These things have been told by others. He tells how two eagles/phoenix atop two pillars at the train station look across to a place where a huge sculpture of a bearded Giant with head and hand extending out of the ground as if coming out has the name, "The Awakening".

Isn't that interesting since Isaiah tells about how some of these Giants will be allowed to return. He begs God not to allow it but He will for God has His plan: they will destroy each other and their own children. Do you think you can now believe that there is an Unrighteous Race living right within the presence of the Righteous Race? These are the Tares that are allowed to grow within the Wheat. It doesn't matter what we may think, it is what God has said and it is taking place in our midst right now, has been through-out history.

Their building projects are so obviously full of pagan carvings of their gods and goddess which attest to how long America has been under the thumb of pagan worship of the god Osiris, Gilgamesh,Baal, Nimrod, etc. It was right at the start; right at the very planning of it all. In fact, it began in Europe as these Secret Societies planned for the New World that was in need for a government.

Not all the symbolism is dedicated to just Nimrod for we see that there is a lady above the Capitol building by the name of Liberty. She is the wife, sister, mother to Osiris. She is also known as The Queen of Heaven,Semiramis, Ishtar, Isis, Diana & Venus.

Lady Liberty in New York Harbor is she. Yes, she appears to welcome all those from many places. Why wouldn't she? She represents a return of all races to the One World Order of Nimrod. In other words, what began in Babylon will end in Babylon.

We may think this is pure BS because we are not one of them; these off-spring of the Fallen Angeles, but they take it very seriously and they are dedicated to bringing about a return to the Old World Order. Surely, we are hearing this term all the time now, the New World Order. Is this just a nice term for a nice change to a better society? It depends on who you serve.

George Washington was a Free-Mason who wore his apron at the dedication of the Capitol. His image is see at the top of the Rotunda where he sits and is surrounded by the virgins. There are 72 pentagrams surrounding that circle. This is called The Apotheosis of Washington, which means "elevation". It means that he has been elevated to god by those that follow him in their quest. The number 72 represents the nations.

Another carving shows Washington in the same pose as Zeus (king of the gods). Another one shows him like Baphomet, part female, part male goat headed god. In fact, it is said that Nimrod was 1/3 man and 2/3 god. It is time to come to terms with the fact that we have been spoon fed on a fabricated history that sounds so nice but is, in truth, so evil in it's Occult meanings.

Did you know that Nimrod suffered a head wound? Does his recovering from his head wound point to a much deeper truth than the one that we think of as a man of today, suffering such a wound and coming back to life that we always attribute to a present leader? Are they bring forth all of the necessary moves to bring Nimrod back to life?

Revelation 17:8 [NIV]

The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and yet will come up out of the Abyss and go to its destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because it once was, now is not, and yet will come.

We, as Christians would never do this, would we? We may have been fooled but now that we know, we will stay clear of this filth from the depths of Hell. Well, guess what, you take part in their rituals all the time.

Until later,

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The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 4: Babylon Rising


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

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The Hebrew letters that spell out the name Yeshua are Yod, Shin, Vav Ayin. The meaning of it is,
"The Hand That Destroys The Establishment of the Eye."

We've been really beginning to understand just how deeply our Government is steeped in the world of Paganism. Our government's Evil Eye is seen everywhere, including on the top of the Pyramid on the Dollar Bill. But, did you know that the Church is also involving Paganism in it's establishment?

Rev. 18:4 says, "Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her judgments."

Who is God talking about here? Babylon, Babylon, Babylon...The One World Order.

We've read this scripture so often yet don't give real thought to what God is telling His people, the Body of believers, the ecclesia.

You say you are not in Babylon? Yes you are! When you partake of Babylonian Ritual Holidays, every year....year after year, you are aligned with Babylon. Here are two of those Pagan celebrations:

1. Christmas (Birth of their god, Nimrod) The whole chapter of Jeremiah 10 gives you ample evidence.

2. Easter (The celebration of Isthar, who was the Queen of Heaven, married to Nimrod while also being his mother. It was about Osiris/Nimrod death by a boar and his Resurrection some day. That is why we eat a ham at Easter time.

At the 1:50 mark in the #4 Video, you will hear Pat Robertson being asked about Christmas and if it is pagan. He spends the time going into all the details that confirms that it is a pagan holiday. Then he is asked, "But, isn't it the intent of our heart that matters?" And, after spending the time outlining all that is wrong with celebrating Christmas and substituting Jesus for Nimrod, he confirms that God looks at our intent. Wait a minute. What is wrong with that answer?

The scripture above has just told us to come out of her. Who? Babylon. If you can't get out of Babylon then you best get Babylon out of yourself. Otherwise you are telling God He doesn't know what He is talking about. This is pure double-speaking. That is what is wrong with the churches now; it is all said and done in Love supposedly. God has His Commandments but if you do your will in love and the right intent, it makes it ok?

It is like saying:

1. You can murder as long as you don't hurt the person too much and do it in love.

2. Or, you can lie about your neighbor, destroy his reputation because your intent was your own understanding of a matter rather than the real and complete truth? Ah, that nasty tongue that James talks about

3. Committing adultery is ok as long as you do it in love.

4. Keeping the Sabbath really means Sunday because Constantine and Rome said so and we have to keep up with the new times.

Yes, I know all the arguments about Christmas and how it was such a wonderful time of the year. The family got together. We brought in the Fir Tree; the same tree that the pagans performed their Satanic Rituals under. Mamma & Papa did it so it must have been ok because Mamma & Papa were always right. WRONG to all of this.

It is not about our good intention, it is about Yeshua and His Sacrifice to set us free of the Devils Pagan Holidays. So, after knowing the truth of this, "What are your intentions?"

Rob Skiba gets into the generic way we use words such as Christ, which means "annointed". Unless we say Jesus Christ, we can be speaking of another, which is done all the time by those that know this. It was only Jesus Christ that was the anointed Messiah. But soon one will come that people proclaim "The Christ" or "The Messiah" but you can be very sure, they will not refer to him as "Jesus the Christ".

Soon, the very gates of Hell will be opened and the King of the Abyss (Apollo or another one of his names, Nimrod) will come out with his 200 million demons to plague the earth. It is written in God's Word and that time is coming very soon if CERN has anything to do with it.

This character coming out of the Abyss will know where he can go and be welcomed. Didn't they celebrate his birthday every Dec. 24/25th.? And at Easter time, he can go have ham & hot cross buns with Christians after they come home from their Easter Sunrise services, as they faced East to pray when God clearly tells His people not to turn East to pray. They didn't know that it was Passover that Yeshua celebrated with his disciples, not Isthar which is what Herod was celebrating when he happened to be in Jerusalem that week when Yeshua was put on trial and crucified.

Yod, Shin, Vav Ayin. "The Hand That Destroys The Establishment of the Eye."

So, you have been given this evidence in Love, "What will be your intentions now?"

In Christian Love,

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Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

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Hollywood movies present a common theme that seems to show that the son of god saves the world.

But what son and what god? We have so many Christians believing that there were no off-spring of the Fallen Angels therefore there were no gods. Yet Mythology, which we were taught in school is full of the various gods and goddess. These were not human which was easy to determine when reading about them. In fact, it just made no sense. Perhaps they weren't real, after all. But think about this.

The First Commandment says, "Thou shalt have no other God before me." If there weren't other gods, then why was God concerned enough to include it in one of His Commandments. In fact, it was the First Commandment. He alone is God, He tells the Children of Israel. Why was He talking to the Hebrews? Because He had a plan and he needed to chose a people through whom He could send a Saviour.

Did you know that Paul was considered by the pagan world to be the god Mercury, because he delivered messages? And that Barnabus was Zeus. Do you remember Paul speaking to the people at Athens at The Tomb of the Unknown God? Well, he used that as a way of telling them about the One True God, didn't he?

Rob tells about a Greek friend of his saying to him, "Wait a minute, you keep talking about Mythology. When I grew up and went to school, we were taught that this was our history." And, true, Ancient History tells that the Titans were these Greeks. Here, most of us grew up thinking these were mere fairy-tales but the Bible bears witness to these off-spring, these Giants whose fathers were the Fallen Angels. Since the Fallen Angels came from heaven, they were seen as gods. The humans didn't fall down from Heaven, did they so why call another human a god or goddess?.

The Seed war between the Seed of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman began in the Garden of Paradise. Read Genesis 3:13-15 with your light bulb on and see if you don't see things much clearer and from there on, the rest of the Bible stories in the Old Testament will make complete sense. We will be able to understand why God commanded the Israelites to kill all of these offspring of the various god/human seed line of the various "Ites" which included men, women, children and their animals.

We know the Bible tells us that after the flood, there were around 200 angels that came down on Mt. Herman and took for themselves women from among the human race. They mated and Giants were born to them. Did the women survive the birthing? Other accounts in the books that Zen Garcia speaks about tells us that, no they did not. The babies were so big as to burst right through women's navels, killing the women. No problem, there were always plenty more women and the babies seemed to survive quite nicely because of their super-natural DNA.

I Enoch 6 confirms the story of these Fallen Angels, names them and also their pact to do this together so that if one is blamed, they would all be blamed for this crime against God. Enoch goes on to tell how they commission him to speak on their behalf to God and beg for forgiveness, which was denied.

The world, in their ignorance, refer to these as an Alien Race as if they are from other planets... come to help us out, even believing that they were our creators. This is where our world is today....believing that aliens created us rather than Yahuah.

In a way, they are a bit correct if they want to speak about those that are the off-spring of the Fallen Angels, who today call themselves the "Illuminated One" or the Elite...you know the rulers of the world that are very busy bringing everything back to the way it was in the Days of Nimrod, the one who became a great hunter for the lord. We've covered that story how lord means Baal and does not apply to I Am that I Am. Nimrod became the king of the known world then, Babylon. Baal worship is always Satanic worship.

There is just way too much to begin to cover it all. The video is full of charts and time-lines to help one to make sense of what the Bible has told us but which the Seminaries, through the Jesuits, have kept from us.

Perhaps, now it can be understood why they fed you the pre-Tribulation Rapture story so that you would have no reason to understand what is going on or why you are still here when all the world seems to be going to Hell in a Hand Basket.

These videos on this site that covers these issues have been here for a couple or more years. They present the true Biblical history of what took place in the Garden between the Serpent and Eve that resulted in this Race which is quickly now in it's last days stage of bringing everything back to the way they want it, a One World Order where Babylon and her false pagan religion rules. Doesn't the Bible talk a lot about "Mystery Babylon"? That is a world-wide following of Old Babylon under the kingship of Nimrod whom they expect to resurrect.

If you are one of those that believes this issue of gods and goddess resulted from the human tribes of Seth mating with the human tribes of Cain and know it just does not add up, you have a lot of research here to check out.

Ask yourself, "Why would there be this war between Satan and the true Son of God, Jesus Christ? Why is there this on-going war and killing of babies going on that divides the Unbelievers from the Believers if there isn't this truth that these Illuminated Ones feed on the blood and flesh of humans. Why was it necessary for Yeshua to pay the price to save man-kind if something very shameful didn't happen in the Garden where Lucifer managed to start his own Seed? Get real people, it was never about eating a piece of fruit.

What does it mean to be Born-Again? It means that we, whoever we may be, need to repent of our sins, ask for forgiveness and ask Yeshua to come into our heart and lives and become our God so that we may be Saved. That is what the term "Saved" means....Life Eternal with Almighty God rather than in the pits of hell.


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The Yahuwah Triangle (virtual conference) Part 5: Mythology and the Coming Great Deception


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid

Too much good information to just let by-pass so quickly.

Please take a look at this for your own edification and the Bible's deep teachings.


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid


Re: The Yahuwah Triangle : A Great Pyramid