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Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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Hello all,

Here is another study and article written by Leland Earls. I feel it is important that we look at and understand who this Manchild Company is, and how it will all fit into what will be happening very shortly on the Lord’s Prophetic Time Clock. I know I am not alone on seeing this about to happen, as many others are coming to similar conclusions in their own ways. As we look for the darkness to descend in major ways, we need to also look at the corresponding Light of Christ that is just about to rise up in major ways!



J. Leland Earls

The Lord is moving by His Spirit to bring about the fulfillment of that which is recorded in His Word. A Manchild shall be born and caught up to the throne of God {Rev. 12:5}. A woman is shown as clothed with the sun and the moon is under her feet, and a crown of stars is on her head. The Lord will bring together into one, a glorious church which shall be clothed with spiritual power, and with all that is of the soul, or self-life, put in subjection under her feet.

She will function in the fullness of His covenant which is shown by the crown of stars on her head. That has its archetype in heaven, even a glorious church. When this church begins to function in the fullness of Divine Power, having been conformed in all things to that Divine way and order set forth in God's Word, then out of the womb of that church will come forth that which is described as "a Manchild." This Manchild represents that mature and perfected group or company which shall come forth to minister in power in these last days.

The man is a type and picture of the spirit which indwells the physical body and the woman is a type and picture of the soul which envelops the spirit and interpenetrates the physical body. As Eve was to be in subjection to Adam, so is the soul which is the seat of desire and emotion to be subject to the indwelling spirit which is begotten of God. As the woman represents the glorious church, so does this portray that state or condition among God's people who have not yet come to maturity.

Though the woman is shown to have the moon under her feet (the moon being also a symbol of the soul), she is still reflecting from that spiritual power in which she is clothed, the soulish or moon state of imperfection and immaturity. Glorious, yes, but not fully perfected. Thus we have the double witness of her still somewhat soulish condition by the fact that the moon of the soul is still in the picture, and by the fact that she is represented as a woman, which is also a type of the soul.

You can now understand why that which comes forth from the woman is pictured as a man-child. It shows that the group or company who comes forth has come into that minimum of perfection or fullness which the Lord requires. And as the man is a type of the indwelling spirit which is to rule the house or home of the physical body, so does the man-child represent that maturity and fullness which is necessary to come forth in power in that ministry ordained for these last days. We also read that the man-child is caught up to the throne of God (Rev. 12:5). A throne is symbolic of power and authority. Those in the Manchild Company will be vested with power to do a mighty work for the Lord in these last days.

Now I will show you a mystery not readily seen by those who would understand God's purposes for this company. The Manchild company, being the firstborn of that which will come forth in power, is to be divided even as the "firstfruits" are divided into the sheaf which is cut and taken out of the harvest field, and the firstfruits which are left in the earth to act as a ferment of truth and righteousness until the work of the harvest time is complete.

The Manchild shall be caught up to power and authority in two distinct companies. First, there will be those of the Firstfruits who will be translated and caught up into the heavenlies to receive a commission to function in power in the realms beyond the veil. These shall be the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1. They will no longer be functioning in physical bodies, but in glorified bodies, and they will minister during the Tribulation from the vantage of the heavenly realm, Mount Zion, which is a type of the heavenly and true spiritual Kingdom of Christ.

They will be working with that other portion of the Manchild which is left on earth and which will be caught up to a position of power and authority and commissioned to do a work on the earth while yet in their physical bodies. This is the second fulfillment of the manchild being caught up to the throne of God. For both groups it is a catching up, but one to the heavenly and the other to the earthly authority and power.

Note from Patti: I would like to direct your attention to a radio show on Tribulation Now that John the Baptist did a few weeks ago about the Two Witnesses and the 144,000. Near the very end of his show, he reveals what the Lord has been showing him about this matter. He sees that the “rapture” would include a division between those who go to heaven and those who decide to stay on earth and evangelize. I think this is very interesting in light of what Leland Earls is stating here.

This is portrayed in the Scripture by the manchild being caught up to the throne of God. Then, the dragon makes war with the remnant or remainder of the seed or offspring of the woman (Rev. 12:17). This remnant is that portion of the manchild company which is left on the earth to go forth in power in the last days, and they will be helped by the other portion or group which has been caught up to the heavenlies. Those in the heavenlies will have the power to appear and to speak to those who are yet on the earth. And they will be able to give them that protection and guidance which they will need in that day.

This is portrayed by the fact that a double portion was given to the firstborn (Deut. 21:17). The Lord will also have a double portion company in these last days. This double portion is symbolized by the heavenly and the earthly. One portion of the firstborn manchild will be in the heavenlies operating in power in that realm, and the other portion of the manchild will operate in the earthly realm in that ministry which will be committed to them.


(Prophecy from the Lord to Leland Earls)
"Shall I not divide, says the Lord? Shall I not divide and conquer? Shall I not take that which I have prepared and deploy it to my advantage, that I might defeat the enemy and gain a great victory in this day? Shall I not use my forces in a way that will bring the enemy into subjection and destroy his works? And what are his works, says the Lord? Are they not death and destruction, sorrow and confusion, even the workings of chaos in the earth?”

“And shall I not begin to destroy his works by overcoming the primary effect of sin, even death? For in the clutches of death has he held his victims since the beginning of sin. And none has overcome save that one who rose victoriously, even the Lord of Glory. And shall I not now put into operation that which I have purposed? What is it says the Lord? Is it not even this that the manchild which I am preparing in the bosom of the woman shall come forth to victorious life and no longer be subject to death?”

“ For even as Jesus came forth from the bosom of the woman Israel, and was eventually caught up to the throne of His God, so shall I bring forth a company of overcomers who shall be caught up to my throne and invested with power to overcome the enemy. And even as Jesus rose to die no more, so shall this manchild company enter into deathless life to begin the destruction of the enemy's works.”

“And now consider further what I would show you about this manchild company. It is even a mystery hid but is now to be revealed. Shall not this manchild be divided into two companies even as Elijah and Elisha were divided? And shall not one company be caught up into the heavenly realm to receive glorified life, and shall not the other company be left behind as was Elisha to enter into deathless life in the physical? For this is a pattern which I have set in my Word, that there shall be a dividing and deploying of my forces, to the end that I may destroy all the workings of the enemy.”
“The first division will be that of the manchild from the woman. This will be a division between those who are in my glorious church but who will remain in mortal flesh, and those who are born out of that church into Immortality. There shall be a further division in that which is born; in that some shall be caught up to the heavenly realm and some shall be left on earth. Some shall be in glorified bodies and some shall be in Immortal physical bodies.”

Those who are left on earth to function in Immortal physical bodies are referred to in Revelation chapter twelve as the remnant (or remainder) of her seed. (Rev. 12:17). They are the ones who remain after the main body of the manchild is taken. They will be with the woman, or glorious church in the wilderness of tribulation, but they shall be separate in that they will have entered into Immortality in human flesh and will no longer be subject to death. They will be the manifest sons of that day even as Jesus was a manifested son in His day.

And did not the Lord Jesus portray in Himself the pattern for the end-time manifested sons by the two kinds of life which He lived?

First He entered into Immortality in human flesh and wrought mighty signs and wonders, even the power of the one who has received the fullness of the Father. So shall my manifested sons who are still on the earth wield the powers of their God in that day.

Secondly, Jesus entered in­to glorified life after He was raised from the dead. Even so shall those of the manchild company who are taken enter into the powers of the glorified life and minister on the earth during the tribulation as Jesus ministered for 40 days after His resurrection. Thus shall the enemy's grip begin to be broken when my manifested ones enter into the realm where death no longer has dominion over them, whether in the earthly or in the heavenly sphere.

And now consider further the mystery of the woman and the manchild. The woman represents my glorious church which will be functioning in divine power during the time of the tribulation. She will have come into the fullness of spiritual ministry and witness, symbolized by her being clothed with the sun (Rev. 12:1). Also with the moon under her feet she has overcome the soulish realm of human desire and emotion, and as she is crowned with a crown of twelve stars so is she functioning in the fullness of new covenant power and authority. But she is still in the realm of limitation because she has not yet been caught up to the throne and invested with that power which comes only to those who are no longer subject to death.

She has not yet overcome sufficiently to be in the realm of the manifested sons. For the manifested sons or man-child company has overcome to the extent that death has been abolished for them, and whether in the heavenly or earthly they are no longer subject to its powers, neither the limitations of its domain. They are functioning in a realm which is beyond that of ordinary mortals.

##############more prophecy from the Lord################

“Now consider that which I require of you that you may be in my glorious church in this day and that you might be accounted worthy to be among those who will be filled with the fullness of their God in the days of tribulation impending. And I would have you consider further the price that must be paid in total commitment to me, which is the sacrifice necessary for those who would become the manifested sons of that day. For surely the day is coming shortly and only those who have made a total commitment will have a part in the ministry which will bring liberation and salvation to multitudes in the days ahead.”

“So consider, my people, that glory which is waiting those who are willing to pay the price in laying down their lives completely on the altar as a living sacrifice to me. Even so shall they receive a glory which is beyond compare, and a joy in service which few are able to comprehend. For I will have a people who will show forth my glory in these last days, says the Lord.”

“Now consider further the mystery of Elijah and Elisha as a type of the manifested sons. The two are one, yet divided for the fulfillment of my purpose. First there shall be a division of the beginning of the tribulation when the man-child or manifested sons shall be divided into those like Elijah who shall be taken, and those like Elisha who shall be left. And those who are left, like Elisha, shall have a double portion of power, for they will no longer be subject to death.”

This is shown by the fact that Elisha picked up the mantle of Elijah and crossed over Jordan on dry ground. As the Jordan River, which means 'descender,' is a type of death, so the crossing of Jordan on dry ground is a type of the entering into deathless life or Immortality. Even so shall the Elisha group wield the powers of Immortality as did Jesus when He was on the earth. And as Elijah was taken out and caught up, so shall a part of the manchild company be caught up into the heavenlies to wield the powers of the glorified life during the time of great tribulation on the earth. And as Elijah was divided asunder from Elisha by a chariot of fire, so does this picture the fiery tribulation which shall be encompassing the inhabitants of the earth at that time.

“But as Elisha saw Elijah go in the whirlwind, so shall the whirlwind of my judgment be upon those who seek to destroy or harm the Elisha group who have been left behind to enter into the powers of the Immortal Life. And as Elisha did many more works than Elijah, so does this picture the mighty work which shall be done by the manifested sons on the earth during the tribulation days. As Elijah was seen by Elisha as he went, so does this show that those who are taken and who enter into the glorified life, will minister and be seen from time to time by those who are left on the earth. Even so shall my plan be fulfilled and my bodies of overcomers go forth to overcome all the works of the enemy in that day.”

“I would also have you understand that as there was a division at the beginning of the tribulation, so shall there be a division at the close of the tribulation. For the Elijah-Elisha drama has a double fulfillment. Thus at the close of the tribulation of great host will have been prepared to be taken into the heavenlies. For, they shall be translated into the heavenlies, in that day when I come to gather my saints to myself. But there will be others who are not ready to be taken. Even so shall they be left behind in that day to enter into Immor­tality in human flesh. And having entered into Immortality they shall continue to live in physical bodies throughout the entire millennium. At the close of the millennium they too shall be taken into the heavenly realms.”

“So, do you not see, my people, how I must divide. For by division will I conquer, by separating that which is ready for one realm, from that which is ready for another realm. And by deployment of my forces in whatever place and realm that I choose, I am able to overcome the works of the enemy and confound the imaginations of the proud, says the Lord."


Wow! I believe this man had and intimate and powerful relationship with the Lord. What a blessing his prophecies have been to me as I am being to see what the Lord had been showing him. I hope you all are blessed also, and are beginning to understand what is about to take place in this regard. All those waiting for “rapture” will see this take place, this sending and sealing of the Manchild. As such, it unites us in our views of this, and that is a beautiful thing. No longer do we need to be as divided in our understanding of this, and we can respect what the Lord is showing each one as to their part in this Awesome Plan of Our Glorious Lord and Savior!!


Patti C.