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While Yahusha/JESUS was alive, He prayed to His Father: "I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.  John 17:15 (KJV)

Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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Yahusha is YHWH  come in the flesh, He put aside His Diety to become a human, born of  a Virgin.

Yahusha is the Word, As The Most High, He spoke all things seen and unseen into existence

When YHWH created Light, He was revealed to the angels. 

John 14:26
"the breath of life"

But the Comforter, which is "the breath of life", whom the Father will send shall teach you all things.

God is not His  Name but a term.  The Holy Spirit is not a person but the very Breath of the Father.

There is no Trinity.  The Father, YHVH  and Yahusha are One  (John 10:30)






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by Patti C.
‭ ‬
This is one big onion to peel‭! ‬There are so many layers to this part of the Bible story.‭ ‬Layers,‭ ‬that when peeled back reveal so much about God’s plan of redemption,‭ ‬and the birth of the religions of man.‭ This birth order and what it represents,‭ ‬has a major impact on both the understanding of the truth‭; ‬and origins of mankind’s religions.

The message God has for us,‭ ‬by establishing this birth order and then changing it twice,‭ ‬is this:‭ ‬there is an order,‭ ‬a sequence,‭ ‬for our dealings with God,‭ ‬and we must respond in that progression if we are to reap the full harvest of the Lord’s desires.‭ ‬This order is demonstrated repeatedly throughout the rest of the Bible,‭ ‬and most markedly in the life of Jesus.‭ ‬There is also a very clear message about worship‭; ‬what we worship,‭ ‬and how we worship,‭ ‬will determine our eternal destiny.

Each of the sons of Noah represents a part of the human entity.‭ ‬Shem,‭ ‬the eldest,‭ ‬represents the‭ “‬spirit‭” ‬of man.‭ ‬His faculty is‭ “‬revelation‭”‬.‭ ‬When God speaks,‭ ‬it is always to the spirit part of mankind.‭ ‬Hearing God is the first step in relationship with Him.‭ ‬The second son,‭ ‬Japheth,‭ ‬represents the‭ “‬intellect‭” ‬or‭ “‬soul‭’ ‬of man.‭ ‬His faculty is to understand what God says and be illuminated by it.‭ ‬In his mind he understands what God wants him to do.

The third son,‭ ‬Ham,‭ ‬represents the‭ “‬body‭”‬,‭ ‬and the material concerns of life‭; ‬what we do with what we hear and know.‭ ‬His faculty is obedience,‭ ‬to‭ “‬obey‭” ‬what the spirit hears,‭ ‬and the mind understands and brings that into action.‭ ‬In this way,‭ ‬and in this order,‭ ‬man worships God in Spirit and in Truth.‭ ‬That was the order in which Adam and Eve worshiped God,‭ ‬they had a personal relationship with Him,‭ ‬they heard His voice,‭ ‬understood what He said,‭ ‬and would then obey.‭

Noah was the last of the pure seed line of Seth‭; ‬he was the last person on the earth,‭ ‬before the Flood,‭ ‬to have a personal relationship with God.‭ ‬Thus,‭ ‬he was the last to worship God in the right order‭; ‬spirit,‭ ‬mind and body.‭ ‬God never lists the sons of Noah in this true birth order of Shem,‭ ‬Japheth,‭ ‬and Ham.‭ ‬Yet,‭ ‬He gives us this true order in various places,‭ ‬in the chapters devoted to Noah and his sons.‭ ‬We are told in Genesis‭ ‬9:24‭ ‬that Ham is Noah’s youngest son.‭ ‬But when the Lord lists the sons,‭ ‬first in Genesis‭ ‬9:18,‭ ‬and then again in Genesis‭ ‬10:1,‭ ‬it appears that Ham is the middle son,‭ ‬and not the youngest.‭ ‬In both instances God lists the birth order as‭; ‬Shem,‭ ‬Ham and Japheth.‭ ‬Why does this happen and what is God trying to tell us by doing this‭?

The reason the true birth order of Noah’s sons is never listed by God,‭ ‬is that Noah’s sons will never have a personal relationship with Him,‭ ‬as Noah did.‭ ‬After the flood,‭ ‬the whole earth would be populated by the bloodline of these three sons,‭ ‬and that bloodline was tainted by Noah’s wife.‭ ‬So,‭ ‬in changing the birth order of the three sons,‭ ‬and what they represent,‭ ‬the Lord establishes a new way that man will have to worship Him.‭

This new way is reflected in this birth order.‭ ‬Shem,‭ ‬the spiritual aspect of man,‭ ‬remains the first and most important‭; ‬to hear God.‭ ‬Ham,‭ ‬the youngest is listed as the middle son,‭ ‬and thus the body becomes more important than the mind and soul,‭ ‬and to obey more important than to understand.‭ ‬Japheth then becomes the youngest son,‭ ‬as he represents the mind and understanding the will of God.‭ ‬This new breed of man,‭ ‬which comes from Noah’s offspring,‭ ‬will now have to worship the Lord in this new way.‭ ‬Instead of hearing,‭ ‬understanding and obeying‭; ‬man would now have to hear and obey,‭ ‬before they would understand.‭ ‬This is the birth of Faith‭; ‬man must have faith in a God he can no longer understand.‭

God tells us,‭ ‬through His Holy Word,‭ ‬that Satan is the Prince of the Air and the realm in which he operates is the mind,‭ ‬as he pursues our souls.‭ ‬When Eve,‭ ‬then Adam,‭ ‬ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge,‭ ‬the first thing that was corrupted was their minds.‭ ‬They understood what the Serpent said with their minds.‭ ‬When they acted on what he said,‭ ‬and obeyed him,‭ ‬they then corrupted both their bodies,‭ ‬to shame and death,‭ ‬and their spirits to live within the realm of time.‭ ‬If there had been no curse,‭ ‬no Fall in the garden,‭ ‬we would still have the original order in which to worship God.‭ ‬We would first receive revelation in our spirits,‭ ‬understand with our minds,‭ ‬and obey with our bodies.

This is what the Creator originally planned when he created man,‭ ‬in His image.‭ ‬It is why Christ is considered the First and the Last.‭ ‬He was the first Adam,‭ ‬the perfect creation of God‭; ‬and He will be the last Adam,‭ ‬the Savior of all mankind.‭ ‬He is the Alpha and the Omega.‭ ‬He is telling us that God,‭ ‬Himself,‭ ‬came to inhabit corrupt human flesh,‭ ‬and die,‭ ‬so that we,‭ ‬who believe in Him,‭ ‬and hear and obey Him,‭ ‬could once again return to a state of Grace,‭ ‬where we can have a personal relationship with Him.


But,‭ ‬there was a Fall,‭ ‬man’s intellect was darkened and our ability to obey was greatly impaired.‭ ‬So God’s original sequence of hear,‭ ‬understand,‭ ‬obey is no longer God’s choice for us.‭ ‬He chooses for us to hear,‭ ‬obey,‭ ‬and then understand.‭ ‬He changes the birth order of Noah’s sons to help us comprehend this.‭ ‬Even better than that,‭ ‬He writes the Gospels to correspond to this new way of worship.‭

The Synoptic Gospels

This new sequence of worship‭; ‬hear,‭ ‬obey and then understand,‭ ‬is emphasized in the order of the first three New Testament Gospels.‭ ‬Synoptic means‭ “‬accounts told from the same point of view‭”‬.‭ ‬Each of the Gospels depicts Jesus a little differently‭; ‬the first three,‭ ‬the Synoptic Gospels,‭ ‬depict Him in a way that follows our pattern.‭ ‬The Book of Matthew was written by a Jew,‭ ‬for the Jews,‭ ‬and Jews,‭ ‬of course,‭ ‬are the sons of Shem.‭ ‬Jesus is depicted,‭ ‬in this book,‭ ‬as the King of the Jews,‭ ‬the Promised Messiah,‭ ‬divine,‭ ‬the fulfiller of Jewish prophecy,‭ ‬and the Lion of Judah.‭ ‬This book especially presents Jesus as a consequence of spiritual revelation.‭ (‬Shem‭)‬.

The Gospel of Mark was written for the Gentiles.‭ ‬They are the outsiders and strangers to the commonwealth of Israel.‭ ‬In this Gospel,‭ ‬Jesus is primarily shown in His deeds,‭ ‬His actions.‭ ‬In this He represents the body of man,‭ ‬the part of man that obeys the Lord through action.‭ ‬Thus,‭ ‬as the body is the servant of man,‭ ‬so Jesus presents Himself as the Servant of Man.‭ (‬Ham‭)‬.

Luke’s Gospel is written by a Greek,‭ ‬for the Greeks,‭ ‬who are the sons of Japheth.‭ ‬In this Gospel,‭ ‬Jesus is a man,‭ ‬and is referred to as the Son of Man.‭ ‬This Gospel appeals to the mind of man,‭ ‬as it has the most logic and poetry of all the Gospels.‭ ‬It is also the most historically and geographically accurate.‭ ‬Jesus is shown as a man,‭ ‬this appeals to the human element in all of us,‭ ‬the soul realm,‭ ‬and the mind of man.‭ (‬Japheth‭)

A New Way of Worshiping in Truth

This new way,‭ ‬for fallen man to worship God,‭ ‬is firmly established,‭ ‬in the very beginning of the Bible and is carried through to the very end.‭ ‬We are to hear God and obey what He says,‭ ‬even when we do not understand with our minds.‭ ‬Even as born again Christians,‭ ‬we are to follow this order.‭ ‬God does not require that we understand Him,‭ ‬but obedience is essential.‭ ‬Christ,‭ ‬Himself,‭ ‬asked the Father‭ “‬why‭?” ‬on the cross.‭ ‬Jesus did not understand the separation from God that had to take place,‭ ‬in order that He die for all of mankind’s sin.‭ ‬He obeyed without fully understanding,‭ ‬and the result was the most glorious event in the history of the world‭!!!!

Because Christ died for us,‭ ‬and if we are born again,‭ ‬we can begin to lift the veil,‭ ‬which has been placed on our minds,‭ ‬and understand much better.‭ ‬Even though we will not have complete understanding until we are once again with the Creator,‭ ‬this vague‭ (“‬through a glass darkly‭” ‬I Cor.‭ ‬13‭) ‬understanding,‭ ‬enables us to develop and have more faith.

Another Birth Order Change

(The birth of religion‭)

Through the birth order of Noah sons,‭ ‬the Lord has given us the correct and spiritual way in which he wants man to worship Him.‭ ‬This way,‭ ‬continues throughout the whole of the Bible.‭ ‬We can trace this new way of worship all the way from Shem to Christ.‭ ‬So,‭ ‬when He changes this birth order again,‭ ‬what is He trying to tell us‭? ‬What happened between the listing of the birth order in Genesis‭ ‬9:18‭ ‬and‭ ‬10:1,‭ ‬and the actual listing of the genealogy of Noah’s sons,‭ ‬that begins in Genesis‭ ‬10:2‭?

It is my contention that that Ham had sex with his own mother,‭ ‬and the product of that union was Ham’s youngest son named Canaan.‭ But, not all scholars believe that is what happened, and for this study, that is fine, as whatever it was, really changed things.

Before this act occurs,‭ ‬the birth order is Shem,‭ ‬Ham and Japheth‭; ‬thus showing man the new way of worship now required by God.‭ ‬After this act of incest occurs,‭ ‬Noah curses Ham’s son Canaan and blesses Shem and Japheth.‭ ‬Although the birth order stays the same in Genesis‭ ‬10:1,‭ ‬thus reinforcing the new way the Lord wants His people to worship Him,‭ ‬it is totally reversed when the actual genealogies are listed beginning in Gen.‭ ‬10:2.‭

Could it be that the Lord is telling us,‭ ‬that a great majority of mankind will choose this reverse order,‭ ‬due to the further corruption of the seed line of Noah‭?

In Gen,‭ ‬10:2‭ ‬the Lord,‭ ‬through Moses,‭ ‬lists Japheth’s genealogy first,‭ ‬Ham’s second and Shem’s third.‭ ‬When we consider the implications of this,‭ ‬in regards to what each son represents‭; ‬we see that man will choose to worship God first with his mind/soul‭; (‬Japheth‭)‬,‭ ‬second,‭ ‬with his body‭; (‬Ham‭)‬,‭ ‬and last with his spirit‭; (‬Shem‭)‬.‭ ‬In this way,‭ ‬the Lord shows us the birth of religion,‭ ‬and how religion equals the worship of man,‭ ‬and not the worship of God.‭

Religion was created by the mind/soul of man,‭ ‬not the Will of God.‭ ‬God is showing us that the great majority of mankind will worship the mind/soul,‭ ‬and body over the spirit.‭ ‬Man wants to understand God,‭ ‬first,‭ ‬with their mind and body,‭ ‬before they hear from God in their‭ “‬spirits‭”‬.‭ ‬The fact that they have no‭ “‬spirit‭”‬,‭ ‬unless they are‭ “‬born again‭” ‬leaves them in a dire situation.‭

The conclusion is this,‭ ‬one must have a‭ “‬spirit‭” ‬in order to receive revelation from God,‭ ‬and that‭ “‬spirit‭’ ‬is the Holy Spirit,‭ ‬and the only way to the Holy Spirit is Christ.‭ ‬Therefore,‭ ‬if man has no‭ “‬spirit‭” ‬of God,‭ ‬the Holy Spirit,‭ ‬then what kind of‭ “‬spirit‭” ‬is he worshiping in his religious practices‭? ‬There is only one answer.‭ ‬The order that God established for worshiping Him will be perverted by man,‭ ‬and this perversion will become the religion of the Anti-Christ.‭

Man will make understanding,‭ ‬with his mind,‭ (‬illumination‭) ‬his top priority.‭ ‬He will then obey this illumination of mind,‭ ‬before he considers the revelation of his spirit.‭ ‬The exact same thing that Eve did in the Garden,‭ ‬she chose illumination over revelation.‭ ‬She listened to and obeyed the Prince of the Mind,‭ (‬Satan,‭ ‬and the Serpent‭) ‬without revelation‭ (‬hearing‭)‬,‭ ‬from God.‭ ‬This order shows that man will put himself above God,‭ ‬just like Satan did.‭ ‬They will choose illumination‭ (‬an understanding based on religion,‭ ‬and called enlightenment‭) ‬over the revelation of the Truth of God.

God is showing us how man will choose to worship Him‭; ‬with their minds,‭ ‬first,‭ ‬their bodies,‭ ‬second,‭ ‬and their spirit will take a back seat to both.‭ ‬The religion of the Anti-Christ is just the opposite of the Truth of God,‭ ‬and that is why He lists the genealogy,‭ ‬of these sons,‭ ‬in the exact reverse order of the true way of worship.‭ ‬Shem,‭ ‬Ham and Japheth,‭ (‬spirit,‭ ‬body,‭ ‬and mind‭) ‬becomes Japheth,‭ ‬Ham,‭ ‬and Shem,‭ (‬mind,‭ ‬body,‭ ‬and spirit‭)‬.


Garden of Eden:‭ ‬Walked with God‭; ‬revelation,‭ ‬illumination,‭ ‬obedience‭; ‬hear,‭ ‬understand,‭ ‬obey

Shem,‭ ‬Japheth,‭ ‬Ham‭; ‬Spirit,‭ ‬mind,‭ ‬body‭

Pre-Fall,‭ ‬Adam and Eve had a personal relationship with God‭; ‬they worshipped Him in Spirit and Truth.‭ ‬They heard the Lord,‭ ‬understood what He said and then obeyed.‭ ‬Even after the Fall,‭ ‬there are some very special men of God that still walked with Him,‭ ‬thus having this pure relationship and worshiping in this order.‭ ‬We now know these men are the‭ “‬sons of God‭’ ‬of which Noah was the last.

After the Flood‭; ‬New Order of Worship for God’s people‭; ‬revelation,‭ ‬obedience,‭ ‬illumination‭; ‬hear,‭ ‬obey,‭ ‬understand

Shem,‭ ‬Ham,‭ ‬Japheth‭; ‬Spirit,‭ ‬body and mind‭

Because Noah’s seed line is corrupted by him marrying a Cainite,‭ ‬God establishes a new order in which fallen man must worship Him.‭ ‬He must hear and obey without understanding,‭ ‬because his mind has been darkened by sin.‭ ‬This way of worship will be observed and practiced by God’s people throughout the rest of human history.‭ ‬Even Jesus,‭ ‬whom is God,‭ ‬must follow this order while human.

Birth of the False Gospel‭;‬ Manmade worship‭; ‬the Spirit of the Anti-Christ

Illumination‭ (‬enlightenment‭)‬,‭ ‬obedience,‭ ‬revelation‭; ‬Understand,‭ ‬obey,‭ ‬hear‭

Japheth,‭ ‬Ham,‭ ‬Shem‭; ‬Mind,‭ ‬body,‭ ‬spirit‭

Upon reflecting on what happened in the Garden,‭ ‬we can see that this spirit of the Anti-Christ was the spirit that Eve obeyed,‭ ‬when she ate of the Tree of Knowledge.‭ ‬The Serpent tempted Eve to put her mind,‭ ‬and body before her spirit.‭ ‬Eve understood the Serpent and obeyed the Serpent before she heard the voice of God.‭ ‬When Adam did the same thing,‭ ‬God had to throw them both out of the Garden before they ate of the Tree of Life‭; ‬or His new creation would be bound to worship Satan,‭ ‬eternally.

This spirit of the Anti-Christ caused the Fall.‭ ‬Because Adam and Eve chose their minds and bodies over their spirits when they obeyed the Serpent,‭ ‬their minds were darkened,‭ ‬and their bodies would,‭ ‬now,‭ ‬grow old and die.‭ ‬This spirit of the Anti-Christ is carried down through Cain’s seed line,‭ ‬and then through Noah’s seed line,‭ ‬via his wife,‭ ‬to his three sons.‭ ‬These three sons populate the whole earth after the Flood.‭

This spirit of the Anti-Christ is alive and well to this very day.‭ ‬Mankind no longer desires to hear God,‭ ‬obey God,‭ ‬and then understand God.‭ ‬They seek,‭ ‬instead,‭ ‬to understand themselves,‭ ‬by using their minds,‭ ‬souls,‭ ‬and bodies to connect with their own spirit.‭ ‬Unfortunately this spirit they are hoping to connect with is not the Spirit of God‭; ‬it is the spirit of Satan.‭ ‬In fact,‭ ‬in these end-times,‭ ‬this spirit,‭ ‬this false gospel,‭ ‬has taken over every religion on the planet,‭ ‬including Christianity.

In the Book of Revelation,‭ ‬chapter‭ ‬17‭ ‬verses‭ ‬4-7,‭ ‬John,‭ ‬the author,‭ ‬is horrified when he sees who the Woman is that rides the Beast.‭ ‬This Woman is called Mystery Babylon the Great,‭ ‬the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.‭ ‬This woman represents the One World Religion,‭ ‬The Harlot,‭ ‬which will ride the One World Government,‭ ‬the Beast.‭ ‬This One World Religion will be Christianity‭!!! ‬All pagan religions will be joined together under the banner of this false gospel,‭ ‬this inverted Christianity.‭


SIDE NOTE:‭ ‬We are all the sons of Adam and we are all sons of Noah.‭ ‬After the Flood,‭ ‬only Noah’s family survived to multiply and replenish the post-flood earth.‭ ‬Noah’s three sons are ancestors to three distinct,‭ ‬and as we shall soon find out,‭ ‬mixed people.‭ ‬These three sons,‭ ‬therefore,‭ ‬represent different heritages and the different ways God has of dealing with His children.‭ ‬We are all of one race,‭ ‬but there are three families of mankind.‭ ‬Japheth becomes the father of the Japhetic race.‭ ‬Ham becomes the father of the Hamitic race,‭ ‬and Shem becomes the father of the Semitic race.


Hi Patti....

Fascinating article! I especially enjoyed the parts about Noah and his sons. It's rare that I can learn new information because of all the years of study that I've done myself. This view you put forth is one I haven't heard before, and I will "file it" into the blank spaces of my mental information. Thanks for that!!

When you spoke of "Mystery, Babylon" (Rev.17 & 18), I remember an article I posted a while back. It comes pretty close to your assessment as well, so I decided to let you see what I had come up with as well...

It's nice finding someone who searches the deeper things as well...

I appreciate you!



Christians seem to want to place the "Harlot" anywhere but in there own lives!

It's time we all faced the truth:

[One piece of the article]

What did John see that could account for his amazement in seeing this Harlot? I believe that when John saw the Harlot, he saw something that had the form of the bride of Jesus, but which had been transformed to something far beyond his imagination, something far beyond the falling away of the body of Christ in his time and something far beyond what he saw in Jesus’ response to the seven assemblies in chapters 2 and 3.

I can almost hear the words of John as he gazed at this Harlot, “What is this, they are using the name of Jesus? They are scattering His kingdom everywhere and each going by different names. What has happened to God’s kingdom, the power and the Glory? What is this that speaks of Jesus and yet is so full of corruption? They are using the name of Jesus and they are not doing any of the things we told the assemblies to do. What has happened? This harlot is living a totally different life from the one Jesus modeled for us, yet they are using the name of Jesus and acting like they are a part of us.”


Piece of the link article:

The structure of the church is actually preventing this from happening and that is why I say that the "structure" of the church is synonymous with the Harlot and is in fact the harlot. The Harlot’s use of the word church has given its right to exist and to replace Jesus’ right to rule. Today we find many, like myself, who know that something is wrong. When I first came to the Lord, I was always an ardent reader of scripture accepting what it said. What I saw as described in the word was a kingdom, a compacted people tightly built together ministering to one another, loving one another and supporting one another. What I saw in practice and in the church did not match what I saw in the Bible.

When I challenged pastors about these differences they quickly told me that times had changed…meaning even they knew we were different. I was a pastor for about 30 years and know something about what I am saying.

In my search I could not find in the scriptures buildings, pastors, pulpits, and names on buildings, divisions accepted as common, indifference, lethargy and infighting.

Many justified the church’s existence because it has a name that sounds alive…it has been with us so long, who would be suspicious that its "system" embodies the Harlot as the beast the world system? Certainly church is a name that is alive; because once we are saved we go to church. Not!


Isn't it time we all do something about it? Most won't because they might offend their "Pastor", friends, or their family.

BUT GOD SAYS in Matthew 10:37..."He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

Whom would YOU rather offend?




Thanks for reading that rather long post...but I really can see how the Lord uses such things for us to understand why He does what He does. I really enjoyed your response and the information about the Harlot....that is why John is so shocked, the Christian Church has become the Harlot!! And I am looking into how the mixing of Iron and Clay, the feet of the beast, could be the mixing of doctrines of demons with the Holy Word of God. The Iron being as the Rod of Iron that Jesus rules with, and the Clay the false Babylonian beliefs that are being mixed in with the Truth, and together they become the FALSE PROPHET. ...Just a recent thought.

I came out of the Church by a direct order from the Lord actually telling me to "COME OUT OF HER" IN 2011. Yet, we I moved to where I am now I did try and go with some new Christian friends to a Calvary Chapel....I went a couple times not really liking the way worship was set up....more entertainment then worship, but that is not why I stopped. In the congregation was a woman who is a Tarot Card reader, and gladly admits it....not only that, but the elders of the Church actually consult her on matters of the Church!!! That was it, never again!! If a tiny church in a tiny town, in the middle of nowhere has gone apostate, then there is little hope for any church.

We are the church, each and everyone one of us who believes in Jesus and has been born again. We are the temple of God, and when we gather in His name, there He is among us. It is not a building, or a place that makes any difference, He is inside us and we in Him.

Anyway...thanks for taking the time to read and to comment on my post. While I have you I really need to ask you a couple questions. I really respect your opinion on matters such as these and I need someone to help me see the Truth in regards to two things.

Do you believe in a Pre-trib Rapture of the Bride of Christ?? I used to, but with all the studying and watching videos from this site, I am beginning to believe that there is not, and that teaching it may be a very bad thing to do, and could be part of the Big Delusion.

I am at a crossroads, A MAJOR CROSSROAD, in that my belief in the pre-trib rapture is being shaken, hard, and I have no one to talk to about this in my life at present. All my Christian brothers and sisters at this time are on the web!! You are someone I trust to give me a complete and biblically supported answer, so that is why I am asking, because you are a LION for the Truth. And as we both know the is a BIG DIVIDE between the TRUTH and RELIGION!!

Also, do you believe that the Pope is the Antichrist, and has been throughout history, who has experienced the head wound and is back leading the world's religious agenda? So much new revelation coming at me, I need another seeker of the Truth to help me know if I am on the right path, or am I being deluded.

I know that is a tall order to ask of you!! Please take you time in answering, I know you must be busy with your own life. It would just really help me to know where to look and what to study in the Bible, other than the over used verses that usually support a pre-trib position.

Bless you and thank you!!
You are such a blessing to me!


Hi Patti....

You are one of the very few who post things which I really read thoroughly! Maybe it's because you are digging deeply for the truth...as am I!

I was a dispensationalist for over 20 years, so I understand totally their way of thinking of the rapture (pre-trib). But since I came to understand what the real meaning of Daniel 9:27 was all about (the complete destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD), I know for sure that there is NO "70th week of Daniel" to be completed. If there is no "tribulation" of 7 years, then that completely rules out the pre-trib rapture theory.

I DO NOT believe, as dispensationalists do, that the Lord will turn "back to the Jews" once He is "finished with the church". God completed his work with the Jews back in 70 AD....and since Acts 28:28 the Gospel has gone out to the rest of the nations (Gentiles). If you look up the words "gentiles" and "nations" in Strong's Concordance, they are the SAME NUMBER WORD.

Do I think the Pope is "THE" Antichrist?? NO! The BIGGEST "antichrist" people in the world today are the Jews. The followers of Islam at least think Jesus was a "prophet" like unto Mohammed (as they say)....and they respect Jesus, but they do not believe in Jesus Christ as "God". The Talmud, which is the Book most Jews (Judaism) follow, has horrible things to say about Jesus Christ.

We are told in I Corinthians that God's plan for mankind follows a specific order....FIRST the "natural" (OT Israel and it's journey through the "wilderness" that is called a "church"....see Acts 7:38). And then comes the "spiritual" (NT Israel, or the "Israel of God"...see Gal.6:15-16...and the church's journey through the "wilderness" of this present world...see Rev.12:6. God's plan never was just for the "Jews"...and His "chosen people" have always been His "church"...OT and NT.

And, knowing the Lord as well as I do now, He doesn't go from "natural" then to "spiritual" and then back to "natural" again. Natural "circumcision" of the old covenant is no longer applicable now that we are "circumcised of the heart" (Romans 2:29).

What I believe is that the "antichrist" we have to all conquer is within all of us...it's our old "fleshy nature". John said that there were "many antichrists" in the world back then (I John 2:18), so you can imagine how many there are now!! I posted an article, not too long back, on conquering the "giants" within us...if I can find it, I'll post it again.

We are supposed to be saved by "faith"...the things we can't "see" yet hope for. Some Christians want to be able to be seen as "above" others in discovering "new truths", and they seek the gratification of a "pat on the back" from others. And all too frequently, that's the PRIDE within us that doesn't let us see that the enemy is mainly WITHIN each one of us....and that's the real danger. These "fleshy" Christians will fight tooth and nail for whatever they deem to be "right"....or else they will be discredited and lose the perceived "honor" others have given them.

There are very few who think as I do. Maybe they haven't had my life's experiences to see the things I have...and the things people do to other people. God gave me the position to see things most people don't within the profession I worked for almost 40 years. I've seen the "other side" of those who call themselves "Christians"....and "Pastors". And the insides aren't very pretty to discover when they think people aren't looking.

Christians are "saved by grace through faith", but we are supposed to "work out our own salvation in fear and trembling" (Phil.2:12). And it's a "fearful" think to realize that the worst enemy we may have is within each of us. Justification is free....but sanctification takes a lot of hard work (to mature as a Christian). It takes a lifetime.

As for "religion"....there is little to no truth in ANY "religion", as they are ALL the "doctrines of men"...and God calls then "doctrines of devils"...I Tim.4:1. The ONLY truth is in your Bible when studied with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit alone. And then discussing these things with those whom you trust to being "faithful" Christians.

I'm really enjoying your posts....keep them coming!