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Dear Esther: May 6, 2013

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May 6, 2013

Dear Esther,
My name is Nick. My family is going through a rough time and I knew you and Rapture Ready could help.

In January 2012 God blessed me with the most amazing woman I have ever met. She is five years older than me and has three kids from a previous marriage, two girls; now 16 and 13 and one boy who is 11. They are an amazing family. They love the Lord, and do their best to please Him every day. After dating for a short time we got married in September 2012. Everything was perfect. They are great kids and I love them as my own. The problem is the oldest daughter. I'll call Linda.

At first Linda was the most amazing kid I have ever met. She was quiet, soft-spoken and very respectful. Though she has a lot of friends she generally preferred to stay home. Since before I met them they went to church every Sunday and youth group every Wednesday. All three kids loved the Lord and tried to please Him every day. Six months ago Linda started dating a boy from her public school, I’ll call Pete. Pete is an exchange student from Italy, and was raised believing God does not exist and therefore does not have morals that would please God.

As time goes on Linda has started lying to her mother so she can go places where she is not allowed, (parties, friends’ houses without adult supervision). Linda has always said she will not have sex until married but over the past month or so Pete is trying to pressure her into having sex with him. She confessed to her mother about a month ago while at Pete’s host parents house without supervision, she allowed him to touch her private areas.

As much as this has devastated her mother and me, it gets worse. She has become extremely argumentative, disrespectful and down right nasty to her mother. The thing that worries me the most is she told her mother two weeks ago she is now agnostic and is not sure God even exists. I know Pete is filling her head with this. By talking to her I have learned that their church is a lot more liberal than I first thought. Due to my work schedule, I was only able to go to church with them about once a month, but I am now responsible for my own scheduling so this will change and I will soon be able to go weekly.

The youth pastor and his wife recently got tattoos and now all the youth want one too. Every time Linda’s mother and I try to talk to her she goes into a fit of rage and accuses us of judging her. We try to assure her that we are only looking out for her best interest. Because of Peter and the youth group, she is starting to believe parts of the Bible are outdated. Though I have not told her this, I believe she wants to be able to commit certain sins and not have to have the guilt that should come along with it. She is being taught from two fronts that certain laws in the Bible are now obsolete.

Linda and Pete now say horrible things about her mother, how insane and over protective she is. She speaks to her mother with foul language and disrespects her on social media for all to see. Her youth pastor can see all this yet says nothing. I am doing my best to redirect her in the right direction. I try to be non-judgmental, and non-confrontational when I try to talk to her but she refuses to listen. The people around her are trying to destroy her and I feel helpless to stop it.

Her mother is heartbroken by how her own daughter can say such horrible things, lie, and cause so much turmoil for her family. I don’t like how the younger two have to be exposed to this as they look up to their older sister. What can I say or do to help her? I am totally clueless on how to confront these issues and get her to listen and understand. I’m not trying to judge her, just to protect her from all the evil she is exposed to. I’m sorry for the long letter, but I’m desperate. Thank you for your time and God bless.


Dear Nick,
Your situation with Linda is very serious and at this point I would not worry about being judgmental. You should be judgmental when your children are clearly doing things that will harm them. Linda is taking what Scripture teaches about not being judgmental out of context to try to support her sinful behavior. We are to judge righteously and carefully and not based solely on appearance (John 7:24). We must be careful how we judge for the way we judge others we will be judge (Matthew 7:1-2). In this case the problems are evident and you are not making “judgments’ based on weak personal opinion. Linda’s bad behavior is in your face.

I generally don’t recommend specific churches but I would see if you have any Calvary Chapel churches in your area. Some of them are good and have small schools that are available to those who attend the church regularly. They also have Wednesday night youth groups and counseling available. Please see what you have in your area and immediately get out of the church that your family has been going to.

Tough love must be used here. Linda’s entire future is at stake, and that of the younger children as well. In no way should she be having any type of sexual relations with anyone or using such foul language, although the world promotes this. As her father, I would ask you to speak to the boyfriend and his host parents together and put a stop to this relationship.

It is one thing to have friendships, but dating at that age is an open door to trouble, although the world teaches the opposite. As far as what to say to Linda, speak to her with your wife again. But before you do, sit down with your wife and go over some key points about how things are going to be from here on in. Write them down. That way what you say to her will be clear. And then when you and your wife are ready, call her into the family room and talk to her.

Tell her that her behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. When she starts getting argumentative say, “What you just said is a perfect example of why things are going to be different from now on.” Since she is also using social media to attack her mother, seriously consider taking away her computer and phone privileges until she starts behaving like a young lady again. Make her remove all the nasty comments she made.

Explain to her that she has become a totally rude and disrespectful person from the precious young girl that she was, and that she is creating a life of misery for herself and the rest of her family and that it is you and her mother that are supporting her – and that she needs to get back in touch with reality and the true teachings of the Bible. Tell her she needs to regain and earn your trust again because of her recent outrageous and selfish behavior. Explain to her how it breaks your heart that she is spitting in the face of those who truly love her. Set down the rules where she can only visit with her friends in your home.

Tell her that the boyfriend is off-limits. He is untrustworthy and using her and that you are going to speak to him and his host parents. Let Pete know you are aware of how he has already defiled your daughter and is pushing to get more sex from her and that the things he says about your wife on the social media sites will not be tolerated and that he is not to interact with your daughter anymore. Do this in the presence of his host parents. Unless you and your wife lovingly but firmly step in, the situation will only get worse.

When she gets upset about all of this tell her it is her own doing and she has proven that she cannot be trusted at this time. She made some very bad choices and choices have consequences. And you are doing it for her, own good. But be sure you speak to her together with her mother.

This is not going to be easy. Expect a tantrum.

As her parents, getting her out of the public school if at all possible should be a high priority. Otherwise you will be battling with the moral decay and godlessness that is prevalent in the majority of such “schools.” If you cannot do that, please find Christian-based extra-curricular activities to get involved in to get her away from the constant influence of the “friends” who are a bad influence. Summer is nearly upon us, look in your area for situations that are edifying for teens sponsored by true Bible believing and teaching Christian ministries.

I do know of a Christian camp in California (Hartland Christian Camp), which has great reviews from what I have been told by some people who have attended. Lives have been changed at that camp. Jesus is glorified in their programs. I will leave you their website link at the end of this letter. You can call them and explain your situation with her and see if they might have something to help her get back on track with the Lord. Even if you can’t send her there or attend as a family, perhaps they could advise you about your situation. They might know of something in your area that Linda could get involved in with real Bible believing Christians.

Dating is not something the Bible teaches, especially for young people. Godly friendships, true friendships, lead to godly marriages or strong relationships as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Teens are not always ready to totally fend off bad influences and overt sexual pressure, and Linda is a perfect example. She is in a situation where she is constantly tempted with the godless peer pressure and ungodly teachings. Teens exposed to liberal teachings in schools and churches are generally way in over their heads with things they should not be into.

Unfortunately far too many churches are very disconnected from the Bible these days and are Christian in name only. And it is up to you and your wife to make the best choices possible for your children and closely monitor what is going on, on a daily basis. It is a tough challenge when families are trying to make a living and trying to be good parents at the same time.

We all need to be studying the Bible every day. Linda needs a crash course right now. To start, you could use some outside help in the form of DVDs. As a family, you could gather together and view some good DVDs that deal with especially the last days and Bible prophecy. This might help her to get back to the truth. Considering Linda was once a sweet girl and a believer, there is much hope. Show her in Scripture that the things that are happening today were prophesied long ago, and there is a very tough time coming upon the world and without Jesus in her life she will be left behind to suffer. Not only that, if she died tomorrow does she want to take a chance that everything she learned about God is suddenly a lie?

The boyfriend thing must stop. He is directly corrupting her. He is like Satan’s representative. All was well in your family and now because of one bad influence the entire family is in chaos. Linda is in a rebellious state but you and your wife have more power over her than you think. She must be reprimanded for her behavior. Using vulgar language is absolutely not acceptable and all the lying and sneaking around cannot be tolerated. Pete is all out for himself. Hopefully there will be a fast plane leaving for Italy sometime in the near future. We can pray for him as the contrails leave their mark in the atmosphere as he leaves the United States.

You took on a huge responsibility when you got married and became an instant father. You sound like an exceptional and wonderful man. After you and your wife lay down the law, after a couple of days, I suggest writing Linda a nice note expressing how much you love her and that you can see things from a different perspective than she can and that it is your duty to protect her. Tell her since you are a man you understand how other men and boys think when they are not living by biblical principals.

Explain to her if someone really cares about her they would be respectful and not cause her to do things that she already knows are wrong and will come back to haunt her one day. And be sure to tell her that you will always be there for her. When she is all settled into bed one night, take her something she loves like flowers or a favorite “whatever” with your note attached to it and give it to her. Tell her you love her and then just leave the room and say goodnight. If she wants to talk nicely, of course do so. Step by step with God’s help you and your wife can help bring Linda back to you and to Him.

If she behaves badly and tears up the note, try not to take it personally. You are in the midst of a spiritual battle and Linda is the target to pull apart your entire family. I don’t know what the situation is regarding her birth father but that may be something that she is hurting about inside. She needs all the love she can get, but that does not mean she can abuse others.

The more you become a stable part of her life will help her a lot. Tell her you are always going to be there for her and that you will always love her. She lost her birth father to some degree, now a fast-talking young guy comes along that she thinks cares about her and she could be looking to him for approval and security. But she is blinded by whatever she finds appealing about him and has no discernment about his wicked motives.

I personally will be praying for your family. God is not going to let you down. But please do everything possible to intervene and break these bad habits that Linda has gotten into. You must take swift action. Pray together with your wife that the evil influences against your family will be broken. Pray with the children. Be sure to explain to the younger children that their sister is very confused right now and not to get caught-up in her drama.

Be sure to get them involved in a real Bible believing environment, too. Consider starting some home Bible studies with some close Christian friends that would create a God-centered atmosphere in your home. And as I suggested in last week’s column to Caroline, keep some good soothing Christian music playing frequently in your home. Be sure to lead your family in Bible study, and considering how young the kids are, using additional materials like DVDs which teach various biblical topics like creation, etc. would be a good approach. Please let me know how things are going as you make these changes for the better. God has entrusted you with this family and He is going to help you get through this.

In God’s love,


“ For with God nothing will be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

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And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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