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End Time Warnings-Dr Bill Deagle: How do historical and present events tell where we are? Transcript

At times, there are certain presentations which are particularly general, interesting and important to all of us in to understanding the endtimes to understand the backdrop of history.

In a talk recently with guest archeologist about evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus, What Dr Bill had to say at various points during the talk are quite enlightening and reproduced in transcript form below.

For Fair Use Information, Educational and Discussion Purposes:

Listen here:

Or download here:



The talk is "0205133.mp3"

TRANSCRIPT (partial): The aprox time into the talk for each transcribed section is shown (e.g., "14:15")
From Dr. William Deagle 2/5/13 Hour 3. The person talking is shown in parentheses before each section
(BD) = Bill Deagle (Dr. William Deagle)
(JG) = Jonathan Gray, Archeologist


(BD): Jonathan, this is a very important book. It's “The Hidden Secret”. Probably the most important book you've published. The important thing to realize is that all your e-books are at beforeUs.com …. I consider them to be very important to understand the geopolitical, historical and the timeline of where things are going now. If you really don't understand the spiritual and the prophetic side of current events, you're not going to figure it out. No matter how intelligent you are, no matter how many sociology and political science courses you take, you aren't going to sort out what is going to happen and what will happen that's laid out prophetically and also you wont/don't understand the past. The fact is that God in the flesh came, that's what his name means, Yeshuah Hamashiach, which means, the yah, the breath that creates all that ever was or will be, came and dwelt among us that's why his name was called Immanuel which means God with us. And what we're doing today is dissecting the objections, one of the major objections to the truth of the story.
Very important to go through this systematically just like CSI. I like to call it CSI Bible. 'ha ha” So, Jonathan, Please continue.
(JG) Ok, we are talking about the breaking of the seal and the taking away of the body that's being guarded by the roman soldiers. And the seal being a roman seal which means to violate the seal which guards the tomb the penalty for which is death, capitol punishment ....

(JG, continues) ….. Otherwise the authorities would certainly have brought the disciples of Jesus to trial. The fact that this was not done would show that the rulers of Judea had no hope of making such an accusation stick.
(BD) Now we also know that when the body of Jesus rose which was before the 4th day, the day when the body is decaying [or decayed], um, that the glory of his resurrection actually burned his image into the fibers of the shroud of Turin and I'm sure one of your books talks about this, too.
(JG) Yes, there is good archeological support for that.
(BD) Right, it's interesting that the person that's recorded almost like a 3-dimensional video cause it's not like a picture, you can actually see the imprint 3 dimensionally on this linen canvas if you want to call it, is identical to the picture of the man that I saw when I was 8 and ½ when I had my near death experience. uh. The best way I would describe him is a looked like an auburn haired, I'd say, viking with olive colored skin. He had the long acrylid face; large features, the high cheek bones, the long nose, the crease across his forehead he had all of the features identical including the broad shoulders, relatively slim, very muscular, large hands. He was a big man, he was not a small man by middle eastern standards. He was probably somewhere around 6 foot tall.

(BD) Please tell us more cause this is pretty intense. We talked on the first hour with Bill Salas, the prophesy of Psalm 83, and the missing prophesy revealed. We are definitely looking at the end of the age and people can be as skeptical as they want to be. When they read your books, their skepticism will vapor(ize], as it says in Scotland, like a morning mist across one of the lochs.
(JG) You can't base hard evidence. This is what skeptics ask for – OK, we've got it.
(BD) Now let's go through some of the other hard evidence because your books are very intellectually stimulating. You dig up actual research, you dig up real documents and people can cross check. And you take skeptics and make 'em into believers. A lot it depends on how they're going to respond to that.

Some will turn away.
Some will pretend they never heard that evidence.
Some will not be able to, we call, deal with what we call the cognitive dissonance of their previous belief systems.

The fact is Our God is God. That's why we're going to know about the coming of the mark of the beast. We know about globalism. We know that Satan rules this world. Christians should be the ones like the sons of Issachar or sons of the prophets. That basically, I know one of the things that's often taught in some of the churches that there is no prophecy in the time of the end. That the last prophet was Malachi before the end of the old testament. But all of the apostles were prophets and, in fact, in Daniel it predicts that the great prophesies of the end times will be revealed. It says that many will run to and fro and knowledge will greatly increase. What God is really saying is that he's gonna unseal it but he has to have a final generation of prophetic unveiling. He said “I will pour out my spirit on
ALL OF MY PEOPLE” not just all people and that “your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions”. What he is basically saying is that everybody is gonna understand this very clearly, there will be very little wavering in terms of understanding these things and if they want to listen which is a big leap for a lot of people because they put a lot of effort in trying to stay in, I call, Vicious Ignorance. They're gonna realize that the times that we're moving into are the end of the age of mankind. We're moving to a time where you can either choose Ray Kurzwell's fusion with technology -- become a syborg or you fuse with the spirit of the most high God and become a child of the most high God in a world that is safe, a world that is truly eternal where you literally at the moment of your death which as it says in Isaiah that Jesus taught in the first synagogue “though you die at 100 it shall be as the years of a child”, so aging and death will be very prolonged like the ancient patriarchs that died near 1000 years of age or older but that even those advanced years will be considered almost as the age of a child where they will walk from life to life rather than through death. And that's what one of the problems is that Jesus gave first as he went to the first synagogue and people forget that. They don't realize that our world is heading toward a time where human senescence and aging, where war an rumors of war will end, where the coat of many colors means every nation color and people and every language and every false religion shall be put down and a true knowledge of the most high God, as Jesus said in the first synagogue, shall be ask the oceans of the waters of the world. No one will say to his brother 'Know the most high God' because Everyone will have a very clear understanding who is still living on the earth who God is and why our God loves us.
(JG) Yes.
(BD) There will be no one to say 'I believe in the God of Islam or the God of Allah, the moon war god or I believe in the god of the buddhists or I believe that we are god and that we just have to rise to a higher level or we reincarnated'. All of the foolishness of the isms and the false religions will be swept away and the true knowledge of the creator God and what and who we are will become evident to Everyone Who is Still Living on the Earth.
(JG) Well, Bill, it all hinges on the fact that Jesus did rise and he came to accomplish for each of us and put our lives in his hands walking his promise.
(BD) What he's basically saying when he came is that the kingdom will occur when everyone gets a conception of who the creator God is and how much he loves us and what kind of people we are when we are his children. And the kingdom occurs when his spirit and the spirit of the most high God fuses with our soul and we go from being mortal beings and mortal souls to becoming immortal. We receive at that point the priesthood of Melchisedech which is from everlasting to everlasting. We are no longer mortal beings because our being is literally fused with the one who said 'let there be light' and we are not capable of doing anything other than the will of the most high God because we know that his perfect love, his perfect wisdom and his perfect purpose is the only way to even have being. And at that moment, soceity will be transformed individual by individual as living stones not because we transform our political system as all the politicians from Obama and Hitler right back to Nimrod and ancient babylon but will be transformed by the heart as Jesus came to transform the heart not the political system. And the Romans and the Jews were looking for specifically a political leader, that's why they tried to kill all the babies at the time of King Herod. So let's continue with your book and this chapter because this argument and analysis is very critical 'cause a lot of people kind of think that being a christian is kind of being NICE. No, it's much more, it's Special Forces, it's facing the reality of who God is and what this universe is and who we are as beings. Very vital to understand these truths. It's like understanding 0 and 1 if you want to be a mathematician. Without these overarching truths, everything that you perceive or understand is just an illusion, it's just a fantasy.
(JG) Well, Bill, just think of this, if the disciples had been proven guilty of stealing Jesus' body, would not their enemies, the priests, have been the first to demand their execution ? Isn't it strange that instead of that, the priests tried to hush up the whole matter?

(JG) Would numerous men be torn limb from limb, would they be willing to be thrown to wild beasts, drawn and quartered, torn in two, hung upside down, burned at the stake. Would they be willing to go through all that for something they knew to be a deliberate hoax ? Now, that's the question I want to leave ringing in anyone's ears who is skeptical.
Now, they did not believe nor did they expect anything at all that would be anything like a resurrection. ….
45:48 The biggest evidence is their psychological change of mind.

(JG) Now they searched the whole world, if we think back a few years, they searched the whole world relentlessly until they discovered the whereabouts of Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichman. They tracked him down all the way to South America, in a difficult terrain and a difficult country to find somebody. And Adolph Eichman, they investigated him, they searched for him, they scanned, they scoured all of Europe and then they went to other continents and they kept on searching, investigating, scanning and scouring until they found him on the other side of the world. Now they were able to find Eichman, even though he was hiding away in South America.

Yet they were unable to produce the dead body of Jesus in Judea in the small town in which his body had been stolen. Come on, I challenge any skeptic to prove that thesis. Why couldn't they find the dead body of Jesus? Because there was no dead body of Jesus. And if there was no dead body and if the resurrection had occurred, there were people also who saw him alive. I think we will get into that in our next broadcast, Bill.
(BD) I think so. This is quite amazing. What people need to understand, they sometimes you hear us talking about anti-aging technology, they hear us talking about geo-political issues. But unless you understand the whole perspective of everything including who we are and who our God is, you will never really understand. For example, let's say, tomorrow we had an announcement that we had had a burst from the sun and in two days the plasma field from a coronal mass ejection, the kill shot, was gonna wipe out our electrical system and our civilization. But our God is God. And if we are righteous, God will protect us, he'll give us the mindset, the technology and supernaturally intervene the same way he protected the ancient Hebrews. When they are right with God, God was right with them. And it's a conditional covenant. It's not one that is unconditional, it means that you have to be a son of God in order to partake or daughter of the most high God to partake of that covenant. And right now we have a civilization that's basically ignoring God. It is not that he has gone away, but that we have gone away from him. And we also presume that we can create a just society, just like the ancient platonic society that destroyed itself or more recently communism or more recently progressive democratic communism under Obama and the globalism under the globalist bankers. All of these things are satanic. That's why it was said by Satan when he challenged Jesus high above the temple, that he could give him all the kingdoms of the world. Because even to this day, all of the kingdoms of the world are under the power of the boot of Satan. And if people don't believe he is real, if people don't believe in the power of good and evil in the world. If they don't understand the technology of the spirit. If they don't see the superiority of the spirit over technology, of power of the sun and the galaxy and of wormholes and speed travel beyond the speed of light and limitless energy and technology that is the servant of man and not the master, uh, they don't have to realize that without our spirituality growing, our technology will consume us and we are close to that singularity. We are close to the Kurzwellian dialectic of death where mankind will go out with a whimper and fuse with technology and mankind will disappear into a cybernetic matrix. People don't see this. They think we are just making this up. We're not. Jesus said, look, they are going to give you the mark of the beast. We see the rise of ghost money right now, we see the rise of militarism, we see the rise of the muslim states and the brotherhood trying to crush Israel and getting ready to attack them. And Israel will be a firepot among sheaves. It's going to destroy them. Because God's made a covenant and said you shall not destroy my nation Israel. And it's not just the little nation of Israel which is just the Jews right now. It's all of the Hebrews which include the Christians, the Messianics which are primarily returning from communist Russia and the CIS nations that were Jews that became communists and now have repented and are returning to the land and many of them are becoming Messianics – Believers in Yeshua Hamashiach, the returning Messiah. We are living in the end days. If you don't believe it, be a skeptic but hopefully not 'til the last day. Closing comments, Jonathan. (JG) Yes, and I believe for any skeptic now it's in his own interest to get on to the facts because the truth is there is no hope without Jesus Christ. He's alive today. The evidence for his resurrection is more outstanding than for any other event among the history of man… power over the grave. (BD) Absolutely. Absolutely.

- Hope you got some good ideas and a different viewpoint from this presentation. Thanks for your time.

Re: End Time Warnings-Dr Bill Deagle: How do historical and present events tell where we are? Transc

Also, Today (3/5/13) Dr. Bill Deagle had Bill Salas on again talking about prophetic events unfolding, largely in the Middle East (see Nutrimedical.com or GCNlive.com under the listen Tab (not button). It's good to have an idea about what's happening and going to happen in the near future.