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Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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The Year of Prosperity were from 2001 ~~~

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

This was e mailed to me by Bruce Kessler


Part 1

The years of prosperity were from 2001-2008 and ended on Rosh Hashanah 2009, and the years of famine are from Rosh Hashanah 2009 through Yom Kippur 2015. The 1260 days of Revelation begin on Passover or April 11, 2012 ( Two witnesses appear in Jerusalem to bring down the wrath of G'd per Revelations ) until Yom Kippur -- 9/23 / 2015--- ( Return of Christ with His Bride land on the Mount of Olives per Zechariah 14 probably on Yom Kippur ) + 75 days ( Daniel 12 ) to crown King Jesus on the third day of Hannukah.

The earth's population will be required to come to Jerusalem for the annual Feast of Tabernacles during the millenium and will receive no rain if they do not come for the annual Sukkot. At the end of the Millenium, there is a brief rebellion and war with Gog for an unknown time period, and then the earth burns per Peter/Revelations and the New Jersualem comes down from heaven to be our home for eternity.

Lunar eclipses were discovered by Messianic Rabbi Mark Blitz ( Four Blood Moons in a row in 2014 /2015 on Passovers / Feast of Tabernacles both----a tetrad ) and the numerics discovered by the late Messianic Rabbi Don Kistler's is 100 % scripturally based dating backwards from Yom Kippur 2015 which yields October 29,2008 when Obama gave his speech to the world in Europe as its future leader. 2016 ( 5776 on the Hebrew calendar ) is a Jubilee year ( 49 years per Leviticus is the length of a Jubilee and counting from forward 1967 = 2016 ) which actually begins on Yom Kippur 2015. The tandem numerics and lunar ecplises confirm the 2520 days of scripture with no 7 year peace pact to defend Israel and scripture says "This generation shall not pass w/o seeing the coming of the Lord----a generation is 49 years.

The last time there were Blood Moon Tetrad Lunar Eclipses was in 1949 when Jerusalem was declared the Capital of Israel, and again in 1967 when Jerusalem was recaptured by Israel. This is the city where Jesus Christ himself will rule during the millenium and the world is at war against G'd , and that is why the UN wants the 1967 borders rolled back so Israel cannot defend itself.

Pastor Blitz teaches that the Rapture must happen on the Feast of Trumpets ( Rosh Hashanah on the final 100th blast or Last Trumpet ), but the event may happen on an unknown vs a known or Moed ( Feast ) Day and Rosh Hashanah may be the rapture of the two witnesses or the Manchild ( Elect Remnant Messianic Jews in Israel in Revelations 12:5) ) . He teaches that the tribulation period is Seven years long and will begin on Rosh Hashanah 2011, but this does not line up with Rabbi Kistler nor Pastor Ron Reese's perfect calculations from the Bible nor does this match the 1260 days of Revelation.

There is a 2520 period already in process, but only 1260 days of the Wrath of G'd poured out on the world with no seven year peace pact with Israel in Revelations. The Jewish Wedding story for the Rapture in Matthew 25 says the event comes on an unknown day with a Special Silver Trumpet blown like the 120 priests in 2 Chronicles 5: 12. The facts are that no one truly knows for certain other than G'd the Father on the Rapture day, and that is why we must continuous watch and update with signs.

The three fall feasts may all be fulfilled close together during the High Holy Days ( Ten day period of 2015 ) which eliminates Rosh Hashanah for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This could be the Rapture of the Remnant Messianic Jews saved during the 1260 days per Zechariah 12 or the Two witnesses vs the Bride of Christ. No one truly knows the answer to the exact timing of the rapture, and every teaching from man is opinion as only the Father truly knows the answer. We have watched the Rosh Hashanah Rodeo every year since Whinesant brought the initial teaching in 1988 w/o event.

The 2520 days may have begun when Obama made his speech to the world on October 29, 2008 ( Seven days before Obama was elected ), and he may be the Antichrist/Beast revealed to those who are watching with a slash wound to the head clearly seen with the future Mark of the Beast the RFID chip mandated in his health bill which endorses euthanasia, gun control, a civilian army, suspension of the constitution, and FEMA concentration camps for discenters. The RFID chip is being test marketed in hospitals already and is an excuse for data tracking via GPA worldwide for complete population control.

Obama had a violent temper explosion with profanity post the speech by Netanyahu on retaining Israel's borders and has stated to some in the middle east that he will destroy Israel during his eight year term in office and is a devout Muslim. Many have seen visions of Obama taking power as the Beast of Revelations in October, and he said he had plans to visit all 57 states---there are 57 Muslim countries in the world and only 50 states.Obama has a Muslim backdrop when speaking from the Oval office to the American people, and officers in the military refer to their commander in chief as"Satan".Obama's blood line is traced straight back to Mohammed and his true role as Satan Incarnate will not be revealed until after the Rapture of the Bride.

Obama (alias Barry Soetto) was born in Kenya and is illegally in office, and the odds of counting back exactly 2520 days from Yom Kippur 2015 to October 29, 2008 are infinitesimal. The 120 year count began when Theadore Herzl began the Die Welt in June 1897 which ends precisely on Rosh Hashanah 2015 and the Bible Code says the rapture will occur during the year 5771 which ends on Rosh Hashanah or September 28, 2011 and begins 5772. One must remember that the Bible Code predicted nuclear holocaust in 2006 which had no veracity, and if there is no rapture by Rosh Hashanah 2011, we enter the world of mysticism in eschatology with no logic on predictions ever again.

Nita Johnson, a Messianic Jewish prophetess, says the true church would know the identity of the Beast before the rapture, but his true evil character will not be revealed until after the rapture. She also says the church will beon earth way into the 2520 days, and there is no seven year peace pact with Israel. She has seen both coasts of America destroyed by natural disasters post the rapture with the New Madrid earthquake broken along with the caldera underneath Yellowstone exploded post the rapture of the Bride.

The purpose of the RFID chip is to eliminate credit cards and implement the one world bank with all financial / medical /tax records on the chip, and a GPS can locate every human being on planet earth (mandated by 2013 at the beginning of Obama's Second term ). Obama is a Sunni Muslim disguised as a christian in deception to get elected to the office of President of the US. 1967 ( Jersualem captured by Israel ) + 44 = 2011, and Obama is the 44th and final president of the US--- the Biblical mathematic translation of 11 is disorder / judgment. He could declare a national economic emergency with no election in 2012.

Ezekiel 38-39 is set off by Psalms 83 ( WW 3 with conventional warfare if an EMT or computer warfare takes out the power grid and electronics ) may be during the 1260 days tied into the tetrads of 2014-2015 after the Beast takes power per Daniel. Implements and harps are already made for the Temple to be built as a result of the Rapture, but it will be torn down on Av 9, 2012 on the same day as the first two Temples.The deceased Romanian Prophet Dumitri Dudman taught that Ezekiel 38-39 is Armageddon and might occur in the next Jewish leap year in 2014-2015 ( approximately every three years ) in which there are 13 Hebrew months ( extra Veadar added to correct to the Gregorian caldendar ).

Seven ( 7 ) months is the time frame in between Rosh Hashanah and Passover to pick up the dead, and the Jews left alive around the world make the final aliyah at that time for the millenium to serve the Lord. The coincidence of the largest earthquake in the history of the world taking down every mountain in both Ezekiel 38 and Revelations 6:12-14 is a double confirmation on timing.

Yeshua is the ONLY TEMPLE with no need for any more animal sacrifices, and it takes about six months to build a new Temple if one is to be built and sacrifices must happen for a short time frame in 2012 before it is destroyed on Av 9, 2012. Only Jewish salvations can occur post the rapture as the church age or time of the Gentiles ends at the Rapture of the Bride of Yeshua.

The Golden Ark of the Covenent was discovered by the deceased Ron Wyatt under Golgotha some years ago and is sealed underground and guarded by Angels, it was present during the first but not the second Temple ) -----the 1260 days of Revelations begin on Passover ( April 11, 2012 ) when the Beast ( Satan ) rules the world from Jersualem with Israel divided. Ezekiel 39 says the Jews left alive around the world make aliyah to Israel post the war but two thirds will be slaughtered by the Beast if they do not hide in the mountains surrounding Israel per Zechariah. If China attacks America as prophecied, few Jews will be left alive to make aliyah, and some have seen the only flight or ship route through Canada with New York destroyed.

Two thirds of the inhabitants of earth ( including the Jews ) will perish during the 1260 days with Israel divided per Zechariah/Revelations with world war/pestilence/natural disasters including the largest earthquake in all history to take down every mountain ( Ezekiel 38 and Revelations 6:12-14 ). The remnant one third of Jews left alive are Messianic at the end of the days per Zechariah 13:9 and mourn for the one they pierced who is Yeshua and they are the remnant elect in the Gospels.

Dr. David Owuor of Kenya, who many are calling a prophet, prophecied that Israeli jets will attack the Iranian power plants with nuclear tipped missiles post the rapture and return home safe which will set off war with Russian and their Arab satellites---Israeli planes are practicing in Iraq at the Al Asad US airbase at the moment, and Iran is scheduled to have the nuclear bomb in August 2011.

In 2010 He prophecied that North Korea will destroy the US carrier ( George Washington ) with Chinese missiles setting off war with the US/China---but this could have been delayed with repentance of the praying South Korean christians. Other prophets of God have seen war with either Russia or China post the rapture, and China reportly recently launched missiles from their submarines off our East and West coasts. American is the Daughter of Babylon in Jeremiah and will be destroyed for its sins of greed, lust, and political corruption post the rapture of the Bride.

The angels of the Lord have said the US would not survive post its 235th birthday on July 4, 2011 meaning America is history finnancially, morally, and spiritually except for the Birde of Christ in her midst which will quickly be raptured ; and 11 is the number seen by many for the rapture meaning the year 2011 ---- a Jewish leap year not by coincidence. The exact words given to Sabrina are" You will be gone by ( meaning during ) 2011," and "Israel will be divided post the rapture" ( United Nations mandate in September 2011 )--then the WRATH of GOD will be poured out on the world with the Bride of Christ in heaven.

The unsaved Jews left alive in Israel must flee for 1260 days into the mountains or perish at the hands of the Beast with only a remnant surviving which see King Jesus returning in the air with the Bride of Christ on Yom Kippur 2015. The Bride of Christ returns with King Jesus to the Mount of Olives to defeat the Beast and his armies at the Battle of Armageddon in the fall of 2015, and the Raptured # 144,000 in Revelations may be the Bride of Christ or represent the remnant of 12 tribes of Israel during the 1260 days of Revelation who become Messianic.

We closed our last large equipment financing transaction earning us almost $360,000 at Commercial Capital in the last 30 months of those years and joined another company in Houston, TX due to massive repossessions at CC with no funded financings at Amerisource ( Over 100 submittals) due to the depressed economy and banking crisis. In April 2010 KCC was created, and we sent many applications to a multitude of national lenders ( www.kesslercapitalconsulting.com ), but none funded until February 2011 due to the on going credit crisis. This may be separation from the things of this world( Mammon) to seek Him Alone as a watchman with enough capital for the duration until the rapture with my faith tried in the Refiner's fire to become as Gold. The desire of our heart must always be superceded by the will of the Lord , and trials create character per the book of James.

2010 was a year of trials for everyone, and I apparently was called as a watchman and tested--- that may be why business came to a halt along with an unwanted call to singlehood ( former wife turned from Christ and divorced me on Rosh Hashanah 1995 and the Lord gave me I Corinthians 7:27 for my life but continue to pray for my former wife )--- my family began to support me w/o request with an advance on inheritance at $2500 per month a year ago to preserve my small amount of capital, and one sizable factoring transaction closed in February 2011( $1.5--2.0 MM line size-- yielding $672 income in April /$1625 in May/$2400 in June( plus $1200 from an equipment leasing fee in June ) which could grow to $ 3000 + per month as the credit line is used, and these monthly fees could last for years as this is solid fair rate transaction;however this is a seasonal account and cash flow may not be consistent.

All job searches and resume postsended in failure along with denial of unemployment benefits--- the 60 age barrier could be an issue plus the depression and a complete halt in lending activity. We made gifts to www.bridgesforpeace.com , a retirement home ministry called "We Care ", James Robison's Feed the Hungry in Africa , and some gifts to churches plus a 21 day Daniel fast to seek the Lord's will in 2011 and still are struggling in business. The Word says that "those that bless Israel shall be blessed", but we giving out of our heart with obedience expecting nothing in return vs a legalistic mandate in the Old Testament of Malachi.

Much of the "10% so called tithe" in the modern day church requiring country club membership is used to promote the ministry of man vs Christ with paid staff / building funds vs giving to those hurting in the depression--many have become businesses vs shelter houses of mercy, compassion for those who need a shelter from the storms of life. We are to give offerings with a cheerful heart per the New Testament out of our hearts with no fixed % with the ONLY promise to meet our needs of food, shelter, and clothes on our back----not a 100 fold greed teaching from Malachi which is used as manipulation by many fundamentalist preachers to get build their own kingdoms.

These charlaton "preachers' never preach on suffering nor pain in the Book of James as the truth is not a popular message to attract the flocks who want finances vs the will of God in their lives. In the book of Acts, all pooled their earnings and shared everything and lived on the same economic level. The early church met in their homes and was socialistic in nature with no paid staff trained in seminaries and this is the way the Mennonites and Amish live in the modern world.

Advertising, cold calls, and E- blasts to the 950 point data base have been minimally successful, but one bank referred us the large Factoring transaction and the smaller one came from 1200 cold calls as a waste of time. Business expenses/advertising netted zero through April ( $1.5-2.0 MM//$100 K per month in ARs in KS/TX in factoring respectively ), but profitable cash flow resulted in May for $4,000 net and Factoring income for June was $2400 plus $1200 of equipment leasing income or $3800 total --- . Business dropped off nationwide in May according to most funding sources across the country and reached bottom in July, and America entered a double dip recession with Obama lying about the reality. The goal was to acheive $2500 per month in 2011 to simply pay bills and survive with no increase in the capital base which has been acheived.

Most every type of corporate finance came to a halt including M&A , venture capital, mezzanine, foreign /domestic equipment leasing, mineral interests / oil drilling ventures, REIT investments/managed money/oil investments, repossessions, construction project finance, software to reduce expenses, and rig leasing. This should tell you the state of the economy if only factoring is strong---75% of companies that factor go bankrupt or sell their assets eventually to competitors. Only large factoring transactions at lowest rates stay on the books for lengthy periods in the companies best interests as the balance of mostly smaller companies have cancer with factoring only a short term solution.

A $550 K oilfield equipment leaasing transaction ( $5500 total fee to KCC closed in May ( $2300 May/ $1200 in late June/ $2000 balance paid in July with documentation in process ), and it came supernaturally from a walleye fishing trip when not even prospecting. The man is a dedicated believer who gives $250 K away per annum for orphanages and adoptions with a $1 MM annual income and perfect credit/ large net worth. The combination of the one quality Factoring transaction and the remaining second equipment leasing commission may provide enough to pay bills to preserve capital during the summer.

What is my business future other than mere survival with a meager sum saved for retirement due to tough times and unemployment ? There may not be social security by the time I am 65 in 2015, but an inheritance may come late in life with the passing of Godly parents. We would prefer to have our entire family raptured with no loss of loved ones on earth as no one has an future in America with judgments to come.

Dr Owuor prophesied the Japanese earthquake seeing the Eiffel Tower replica in Tokyo, but prophecied the Rapture would happen four years from November 1, 2006 with the " Two Wedding Ring prophecy," but four years ended in 2010 with no fulfillment --- 100% of his judgment prophecies have come to pass and the 2011 judgment prophecies have been fulfilled within 60 -90 days. On 2/11/2011( initial warning) , 4/5/2011, 4/27/11, 5/7/2011, and 6/ 6/11( final warning ) he prophecied " the RAPTURE IS IMMINENT. He says anyone preaching the Gospel post the rapture will be beheaded which is the way the Muslims execute christians today and this matches Revelations.

The names of those to be taken in the rapture are completed with the names in the Book of Life per visionaries, and many have seen visions of the Rapture happening in JULY, JULY, JULY. Dr Owuor has his final July crusade in Oslo, Norway on July 22-24.

On 7/7/11 there was a Saturn aligment with an ELE ( Dwarf Star Elenin ) which has created natural disasters in the past on every planetary alignment and flooding will occur east of the Mississippi River which will liquify the ground under the nuclear power plants along the eastern US / South creating radiation to make the eastern/western half of the US uninhabitable . The flooding may have been caused by HAARP technology of the NWO whose goal is to elminate 75% of the population of the earth and underground bunkers with food stored could be the ONLY places of refuge--- but only the Rapture will save one's life for eternity.

ON 7/8/11 the Final Atlantis Space Shuttle launched a scheduled 12 day mission ( its 33rd flight and Christ was 33 at time of resurrection /33 is the highest order of the Illuminati ), and July 21( extended to 13 days) is the scheduled landing date on the 42nd anniversary ( 42 means coming of the Lord in Gematria) of the Apollo 11 landing on the MOON. A precious anointed child ( plus other confirmations) has seen a vision of one of ELEs moons crashing into the Moon causing fragments/meteors to hit planet earth with the rapture occuring after the astronauts walk in space with shuttle later on hit from behind by space debris causing the mission to be shortened and forced to return to earth----The SPACE WALK occurred on the fifth 5th day of the mission.

An ANGEL of the Lord told the anointed child that JULY ( 7th month on the Gregorian calendar ) is the month of the rapture and showed her the RED SCROLL of the Lamb's Book of Life with JULY, JULY, JULY written in GOLD. 7/11/11 was the day of the "World Peace Conference" ( Quartet is the UN/EU/US/Russia ) which met in Washington, DC to divide Israel to the 1967 borders and remove Jersualem away from Israel's control. The # 11192 has been given to many as a day of infamy , and 7/11/11 was the 192nd day of the year falling on an 11th day in the year 2011. The Palestinians make application for statehood on June 15 which is a full moon and only a security counsel block in September could stop the end of Israel being divided and Obama will NOT veto it as he is NOT a friend of Israel.

These discussions have always resulted in massive judgments and may begin the 6th Seal of Revelations. The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 "Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction shall come upon them and they shall not escape."

Dr Owuor says the " Lord told him the Rapture will happen during one of his future Revival meetings and the earth will be dark at the time of the Rapture " but this may or may not have veracity as he expected this to happen in June in Kericko, Kenya. He has no crusades on Rosh Hashanah which would eliminate that Feast for the Rapture if his vision has veracity---the fall is beyond Imminency or expectancy. One prophetic brother in Europe says the plane for the rapture is already boarded with those worthy chosen, and the Lord decides whom He will Save and who shall be lost-------the latter are "walking skeletons".

The story of "two in the field" at the time of the rapture could mean a week day event or be symbolic of not every christian taken to heaven. The summer solstice began on June 21 EST and Jeremiah 8:20 says" The harvest ( salvation of the lost ) is past, summer has ended ( summer ends on September 23, 2011 ), and we are not saved. "

June 1 was a partial solar eclipse ( judgment of or dealing with the Gentiles with huge sunspot activity is occuring on the Sun ) and 7 days later was June 8 was Shavuot ( giving of the Mosaic Laws), and 7 days later was June 15 which was a Blood ( Red ) Moon) /Full lunar eclipse /100 minutes long and not another over Jerusalem for seven more years ( meaning judgment of or dealing with Israel )---June 15 inclusive is 17 days ( translated Victory in Hebrew ) until and including July 1 which is a second partial solar eclipse--meaning PERFECT JUDGMENT is on the way. There are exactly 120 days from June 1 until the Feast of Tabernacles 2011, and 120 years is the life span of man on earth per Genesis 6:3.

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: The Year of Prosperity were from 2001 ~~~

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes


Part 2

Study Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, and Revelations 6:12-14 as the Red / Blood Moon means volcanoes, earthquakes, natural disasters to occur on earth as the sixth seal of Revelations is released ---- and the Blood Moon falls on the Passovers and Feast of Tabernacles in 2014/ 2015 discovered by Rabbi Mark Blitz. The fulfillment may occur in 2014- 2015 at the Symbolic Battle of Armageddon which may actually be Ezekiel 38-39 or this could be Planet X/Nubiri which will create a Blood Moon and appear as another Moon to destroy the earth.

Dr Owuor has an excellent prophetic track record on judgments to the earth with incredible healing miracles including the dead raised confirming his prophetic call. Is it coincidental that Obama was born in Kenya as the Beast of Revelations, and Dr Owuor is a true prophet from the same country ? The true character of the Antichrist will not be revealed until AFTER the rapture per Thessalonians.

The word "IMMINENT "by definition means impending ----very, very soon----Dr Owour's prophecies have been fulfilled in 2011 within 60 -90 days ? Many of his followers refer to him as "My Lord" due to His calling, but only Jesus should be addressed as Lord, and we must follow JESUS ALONE as every man in the ministry may fail us on prophecy on occasion. In the New Testament, the prophets are to correct other prophets and are not required to be perfect as in the Old Testament. The Lord may use the vision of a humble precious child to show the truth on the rapture timing over the intellect of men.

May 16 was the day when the US federal debt limit had to be raised or the government could eventually shut down ( Republicans will NOT vote to extend without massive spending cuts which may end in grid lock by August 2) and in desperation Senator McConnell introduced a bill allowing Obama to increase the debt ceiling w/o Congressional approval rendering him dictator .The new currency is scheduled to arrive this summer post the dollar collapse ( Federal Reserve stopped printing money on June 30 ) .

Moodys will downgrade the full faith and credit of the US government if there is even one missed payment on Federal debt or the Debt Limit is not raised which will cause a spike in interest rates paid on Treasuries which will accelerate the currency collapse. The long treasuries must be refinanced at much higher rates and are moving out of the US currency before the impending collapse of the dollar. The Treasury will be forced to print money again to pay interest on the Federal debt with the ensuing monetary inflation compounded by the European Moody downgrade and flight to gold as the new currency due to monetary inflation on the way worldwide.

Treasury Secretary Geithner says the debt limit ( $2.4 Billion increase already spent to $14.3 Trillion ) date is being delayed with borrowing from the Civil Service Retirement and Pension fund and sale of government assets such as the Western Federal land ( mostly given to China already as collateral for T debt by Secetary of State Hillary Clinton ) until August 2 at latest before defaults on federal debt or 40% of all government spending( $4 Trillion ) must be curtailed.

The Democrats will never compromise on Medicare /Social Security and the Republicans will never compromise on a tax increase for the wealthy to pay for the wars in the middle east but any tax increase in this contraction would accelerate the soaring unemployment rate and push America into depression. The banks hold a large portion of the Federal debt and a default will collapse the banking system--so we can expect the printing presses for the money supply to roll again with Hyperinflation ( Taxation in disguise ) to come with a spike in interest rates which will spin the federal deficit completely out of control.

Geithner plans to resign soon knowing the future and foreign governments are not taking dollars which will make it impossible to print money again w/o disater. The Weimar Republic in Germany experienced 100% monetary inflation per day before the country collapsed and America is quickly headed down the same pathdue to greed and political ineptness until complete crisis arrives.

The reason for the collapse in the price of silver is the expected increase in rates by the Federal Reserve bank in alast futile effort to sell the Treasury paper which will slow the economy of the world. Eventually silver / gold will explode to $175/$5000 after the collapse of the dollar unless the government confiscates ownership in the US as in the 1930s, and the wealthy are placing assets in offshore trusts in foreign countries before dollar collapses and are obtaining passports to leave America if necessary. There is not enough gold to back the monetary supply today, and the gold standard is irrelevant with the coming Bancor worldwide currency.

The dollar only strengthed due to the collapse of the Euro via the banking crisis in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland( latest crisis with a downgrade by Moodys), Italy, UK, and other European countries as a result of their social welfare states, and Germany /France/Finland are tired of supporting the Euro Dollar but Germany is forced to support it or they could not compete in exports with the Deutchmark strong. Greece is selling off assets to pay down government debt, and Geithner will be forced to do that before August 2------only a debt default to begin anew with a one world currency with a one world leader can bring economic stability to a chaotic world.

42% of all US government spending is borrowed and has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, 59% of the American public are on the government payroll from unemployment/food stamps( 14% of US citizens)/ social security etc ( 19% of 2010 income on tax returns ), 20% structural unemployment is the actual number ( those coming off unemployment are not officially counted and only one third of college kids found summer jobs ), 38 states are bankrupt with only three solvent ( MT, ND, AR ), many large cities are bankruptcy, and the government is conceiling the insolvency of our banking system including large banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Municipal bonds will begin to default soon and FINANICAL ARMAGEDDON WILL ARRIVE BY 2012 FOR AMERICA. Intel's founder says they will build no more factories in America due to red tape and government beauracracy.

The Treasury has been printing money to buy T-bills/notes since 2008 ( Money supply rose from $850 Billion to $2.03 Trillion) in a giant Ponzi scheme which cannot be sustained. China is buying farmland / precious metals/oil companies around the world/fast train in California, but holds $1.1 Trillion in US debt and was given the Western Federal land holdings as collateral to keep them from dumping the debt. China has a major bank credit crisis like Japan so they may accept a the Bancor as the new currency to solve their own debt crisis. The refinancing of the short to long term T debt in 2012 will mean the interest will require over 70 % of income tax receipts to pay for debt payments which is unsustainable and printing money will be impossible shortly.

The standard of living in the US will soon be cut in half with rioting, chaos, internal collapse, nationalization of 401- Ks and IRAs , civil war, martial law, ceased bank lending, bank holidays, and 50% actual unemployment ----- America will revert to third world country status and decline like the ancient Roman Empire and Great Britain. The Jews in Germany did not leave for Israel and were executed due to the doctrine of normalcy not believing Hitler was for real ---- the same thing is occurring in America today.

Obama could announce the new Bancor currency as a solution if the federal debt ceiling is not raised with great inflation of all commodities occuring now, and federal interest rates could skyrocket overnight like Argentina , Yugoslavia, and Germany which will halt the economic recovery unless foreign central banks and emerging nations take the place of China. In reality, this is the judgment of God brought on by the sins of man and not just another economic cycle with recovery on the way.

This may occur post the rapture, and the NWO already has the future world partitioned into ten regions as Revelations predicts with the cities on Seven hills to house the two world leaders ( Beast and False Prophet/Obama and Peter Romano- the final Pope according to Malachi Martin ) ---- Jerusalem and Rome---both cities are where the apostles and prophets were martyred per Revelations 18. New York will be destroyed, but it is not Mystery Babylon but has been the center of finance for the world.

The Vatican recently met with the Abbas who heads Palestine and endorsed dividing the land of Israel back to the 1967 borders, 70% of Americans believe the same lie in a recent poll and the Methodists/Presbyterian cults have condemned the State of Israel and eventually Israel will be divided by the UN, and the US will be divided into three parts as judgment from natural disasters/war for its sins against Almighty God. Babylon may be Jersualem once the Beast takes power there for 1260 days to rule the world before his demise to hell forever.

Only a SMALL % of the world population will be raptured according to the Voice of the Lord spoken to the prophets. Nominal christians who do not pursue Righteousness/ Holiness/Prayer will NOT be taken in the rapture. The Rapture has ONLY been delayed for repentance for the adornment of our wedding gowns to be ready to become the BRIDE of CHRIST. Those Left Behind will be lost eternally and many will dine on dog intestines per visions unless they take the Mark of the Beast ( RFID computer chip ) meriting eternal ****ation.

America removed prayer from the schools and Obama signed an executive order endorsing homosexual rights and seven states have passed laws making homosexual marriage legal and abortion on demand will be paid with tax dollars per Obama's health bill--- and the church stood by and let it happen like Nazi Germany and Gay Pride Parades are being held across the country in victory. 60% of today's seminary graduates today do not even believe in the deity of Christ, and 95% of those under 30 voted for Obama ---the "Tattoo Generation"------We lost an entire generation for Christ and 78% of liberal Jews in America voted for Obama ------America is the "Daughter of Mystery Babylon" in the Bible destined for destruction for TURNING AWAY FROM GOD . Sodom and Gormorah were destroyed for lesser sins than America, and America's doom is forthcoming post the removal of the Bride or Christ and the Holy Spirit.

In previous years, Dr Owuor has said the exact day of the Rapture may never be known by any man, but only known by God the Father per the Gospels ( Matthew 25:13, Luke 21:36 ). If there is a triune God, then the Father/Son/Holy Ghost are one in the same and Jesus must know the day of the Rapture--- but the word "triune is not mentioned anywhere in scripture" and the Son sits on the right hand of the G'd the Father who is supreme.

Speculation on Rapture days w/o event by many www.fivedoves.com posters since 1995 could be defined as lunacy or near blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which has created disillusionment, confusion, defamed Christ's name with loss of credibility for legitimate watchmen and even caused some sheep to fall away from faith in Jesus. Nevertheless there are simply magnificent posts on the site with people on their face before the Lord world wide, but one must read with caveat emptor as there is absolutely no screening. The sum total of information gathered and deleted with wisdom on eschatology provides a vector to prophetic accuracy.

Rapture date speculation around the clock on Jewish feast days or christian holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Passover /Second Passover, Feast of Tabernacles, Ascension day, Eclipse days, Hannukah, Pentecost, First Fruits, 17th day of the 2nd Noadic month, or via false dreams, false visions, false judgment prophecy, numerics, prophecies of the rapture before 2011 ends, and cycle charts have been 100% wrong in all christian history.The wedding story in Matthew 24 says the bridegroom cometh on a day known only to the Father while the Bride waits burning oil which means no one will know the day, but some think that "the day no one knows" is when the earth burns during the millenium followed by the short war with Gog at the end for an unknown duration.

Elijah knew the exact day of his rapture, and I Thessalonians 5:4 says " Ye are not in darkness as to the day of His Coming" --- but there may always be controversy on the matter of the timing of the rapture with no one having complete understanding of the Bible except the Lord Himself as every date speculation in history has failed. This issue has created splits in churches along with infant Baptism w/o altar calls nor teaching on the born again experience ( many denominational churches ) ,and the Baptists even blaspheme the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecostal churches move in the power of the Holy Spirit with full operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit teaching the born again experience for salvation vs infant baptism, but tragically many of them have moved into wealth prosperity, false prophecies, word faith heresy, witchcraft, or manipulative control and do not provide pastoral care for their deceived flocks who should walk away from them. The solid evangelical churches that teach the born again experience with obedience to the commandments and love/prayer are the fabric that holds America together as it declines into oblivion.

Harold Camping's foundation net worth in California increased by $72 MM at the time of the false May 21 rapture date prediction on the 17th day of the 2nd Hebrew month--- atheists holding No Rapture parties will be in hell shortly where they belong. He later said the rapture has only been delayed until October 21 by the Lord for five months to coincide with the end of the world---Camping is a lunatic and discredited the name of Christ like many others over the years with a failed rapture date in 1994, but he served a purpose announcing the Rapture is Imminent.

Netanyahu met with Obama in the White House on May 20 to discuss the division of the State of Israel to 1967 borders by September as mandated by the UN which will lead to total judgment of America . Obama traveled to Europe on May 22, and Netanyahu addressed Congress on May 24 and said that Jersualem will NEVER be divided and the 1967 borders will be defended by war if necessary. But Israel will be divided by the UN ( 130 Arab nations out of 200 ) in September and the US may not veto as a Security counsel member, and total war is coming to the middle east with Israel not consenting.

If Israel gives back her land, she will not be able to defend itself in time of war and allowing the Arab refugees to move to Israel will mean the end of Israel as the Arabs will vote out Jewish leadership.In July, the Palestinians are applying for statehood with 1967 borders to the UN and only a Security Council veto can stop it, and their modus operandi is to alienate the US to not vote America has the ONLY vote to stop it from happening which obviously would lead to an authorized war against Israel.

Obama would not even meet for dinner with Netanyahu nor take pictures with him which was a total snub by Obama who does not represent interests of the American people. This is predicted by scripture so christians should not be shocked at its occurence as it is the final sign before the rapture.

Obama says it is imperative to divide the state of Israel in order to stop the rioting ( Naksa) in every Arab country which would lead to a curtailment of tourism to Israel as the ancient sacred sites would be off limits to tourists. The Lord says Jerusalem and the land of Israel is never to be divided, but it will be divided and ruled by the Beast for 1260 per Revelations to place pressure on the Jews to see their Messiah.

Massive flooding ( Mississippi and Missouri Rivers), tornadoes , and simultaneous drought in America may be a precursor to natural disasters of Biblical proportion post the rapture due to dividing of Israel ---- the division of America itself via the New Madrid fault with the Mississippi River 50 miles wide all the way to Chicago is coming. The nuclear power plants outside Omaha, Nebraska ( Ft Cooper and Calhoun) along the Missouri River are not designed to sustain this much flood damage and blackouts / radiation could occur soon along the Mississippi River.

Ft. Calhoun stores the nuclear spent fuel rods and has not been shut down like most plants in Europe but Ft. Cooper has been shut down since April. When Ft. Calhoun floods, this will create an inland tsunami, and the explosion could be worst than ********* plant in Japan and irradiate the entire Missouri/Mississippi chain. The snow melt in the Rockies could inundate the western lakes and cause downstream flooding, and the water will rise by at least 5 feet. The two Nebraska plants are already at the 1-2 foot mark to capacity not to mention hundreds of nuclear plants downstream which will be affected. If even one dam breaks upstream in the Rockies, the ball game is over for America and the ski resorts were still open on the Fourth of July in the Rocky Mountains and California due to the unmelted snow pack.

Brown Dwarf Star Elenin/ Planet X/Nibiru ( discovered by a Russian astronomer/failed star acting like a planet with moons/Wormwood in Revelations 8:10-11 ) may be the object to hit planet earth ( Burning Mountain in Revelations) creating magnetic imbalances to become the greatest disaster since creation and is scheduled for a September 26-27 arrival but one its moon will hit our Moon in July creating meteors destined to destroy the earth .The solar flares on the Sun coming in 2013 combined with Planet Elenin will eliminate electricity, destroy the power grids, take out the internet with the food / water supply reduced with one third the population of the earth perishing in a complete black out of power/electricity/heat/air conditioning/lights.

The thirty nuclear power plants would implode irradiating the earth, and some have seen the event happening sometime in July as satellite moons of Elenin may strike the Moon with the fragments killing millions on earth with the Rapture just beforehand. Dumitri Duduman prophecied just before his passing that "the mind of man cannot imagine how bad things will be in America at the time of the Rapture".

There is an ongoing worldwide drought which will cause the price of wheat to go over $10 bushel, and that is what caused a # 200,000 acre wildfire in AZ/NM ( smoke and sky is hazy all the way to Phoenix, Denver, and Albuquerque with blackouts predicted ) and other fires are burning in TX. Los Alamos Nuclear Research Labratory near Santa Fe, NM which has 150 stored nuclear missiles stored was almost destroyed due to the Bandalier wildfires which started on June 27 and have burned # 140,000 acres to date with flooding at the same time. Russia and Australia are experiencing record heat waves, drought with locusts eating crops in the fields, and on July 5 Phoenix was hit with a 100 mile wide dust storm.

The largest volcano in Iceland erupted on May 21 and ash is spewing from volcanoes in Mexico, Russia, Ecuador, and Chile with 50 earthquakes at the same time as a warning from God--the entire Ring of Fire is preparing to explode post the Rapture. The ash cloud from Chile grounds flights as far away as New Zealand and Australia.The city of Joplin, Missouri was destroyed by an E -5 tornado on May 22 with 154 confirmed dead found to date and 900 injured along with a fungal virus that is killing relief workers .

In April, Tuscaloosa, Alabama was ravaged by E- 5 tornados and no May 24, tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas again with much destruction . These are early warnings early warnings from God for Obama's position of giving Israel's land away and judgments for sin in the land----Hurricane Katrina happened after Israel was forced to give away the Gaza per many prophets.

TOTAL DARKNESS ( 3 or 150 days according to Revelations ), LOST HOPE, REMOVAL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR SALVATION ( Wisdom and knowledge depart along with Grace with a return to the Law ) , AND JUDGMENT OF MANKIND FOR REJECTION OF CHRIST WILL COME at the time of THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE. 1 Thessalonians 5: 1- 7 may be the accurate scriptures in the Bible on Rapture timing----it will NOT come as a thief in the night for those who are watching and the exact day may or may not be known. Two thirds of the ocean will turn into blood or red algae with one third of the creatures that live in the ocean dying. The locusts in Revelation 9 represents martial law coming to the world and fish/birds have been dying worldwide as a sign of the end of the world.

We must always be ready daily for His Coming living daily in Holiness as the Lord's ways may not be known to the human mind and the event may come on a SURPRISE DAY. Meeting the Lord could come in a car wreck, heart attack, old age, illness, heart attack, or other sudden death like David Wilkerson on April 27, 2011. He prophecied shortly before his passing that the rapture would be limited in number as few preachers are telling their flocks to prepare their hearts for His Soon Coming for the Bride ----but teaching prosperity ( greed in disguise ) to worship mammon vs focusing on the Blood of Christ.

Most modern day tele-evangelists like Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and most stars on TBN live like movie stars fleecing the sheep and are on their way to hell for blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. In addition, Bill Hybels, Bob Schuller, Rick Warren, and Trinity Broadcasting Network have said that praying to Allah with Muslims is praying to the same God..the truth is Allah is Satan and Muslims cannot pray where the Cross of Christ is present...this is the final heresy before the Rapture of the true Bride and the Lord shall not be mocked----- true Men of God like Jack Van Impe resigned from TBN in protest against heresy.

They are NOT the Lord's anointed and are false prophets and will not be taken in the rapture and were warned many times to repent------50% of the abortions in America are performed on evangelical christian girls due to the gospel of cheap grace vs repentance from fornication and adultery, unbiblical divorces, and homosexuality ( pedophile priests) are rampant amongst ministers in America but the Lord has a remnant of pure Men and Women of God.

Pastor Wilkerson gave ominous warnings from the Lord of huge judgments coming to America such as the largest earthquake in US history ( New Madrid is seen by many prophets ) along with massive fires in the northeast from terrorism ( Al Queda promised an attack on the trains of New York to avenge the death of Bin Laden ). His church made thousands of sandwiches weeks before 9/11 happened and the Holy Spirit told them about the event in advance.

We are told to watch the signs, but certainly not become scoffers like those who are do not Know the Lord as virgins w/o oil who will NOT be taken in the Soon Coming Rapture. Warning scoffers about the coming of the Lord is "casting pearls before swine". The Lord's ways are His ways and not our ways----that is why we must pray on our knees before HIM.

I pray to be found worthy to be taken in the Rapture to be with the Lord Fovever !


Bruce Kessler



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