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Ron Reese: part 1

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Part 1

Subject: OCT. 29, 2008 THRU SEPT. 23, 2015--HAVE WE ENTERED THE FINAL 7 YEARS???!

Below is Part 1 of the most important email I have ever written. It was written in Nov. of 2008, to the readers of Five Doves, a very popular website on end-times Bible Prophecy. This email reveals the identity of the Antichrist and the time frame for the Final 7 Years. Since this time, I have retired 4 to 6 years early from a very good job with the U.S. Postal Service, because the Lord has called me to be a FULL-TIME WATCHMAN. The truth in this email should radically change your life, so read it carefully and prayerfully.

OCT. 29, 2008, THRU SEPT. 23, 2015

Was Oct. 29, 2008, the first day of the Final 7 Years, or the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel?!!! I believe the evidence that I am about to present to you makes a VERY strong case for this to be the truth. Most of you believe that this could not be the case because there has been no Rapture yet, and no confirming of a 7-year peace treaty by the Antichrist. I believe there was an event one week ago on Oct. 29, 2008, that thrust the world right smack dab into the Final 7 Years of human history, as we know it. Please be patient enough to read this entire letter, because if what I am about to present to you is the truth, then all of our lives will never be the same again.

I would like to briefly introduce myself, although some of you will remember me. I have written a couple of letters to Five Doves a year ago, and a few in 2004, and in 2000-2001, and several in the late 1990’s. My ministry has consisted of graduating from a Bible Institute, pastoring 2 churches, being an evangelist on end-times Bible Prophecy and speaking in dozens of churches on this subject, and writing 36 different tracts on the 2nd Coming of Christ. We now have almost 10 million tracts in circulation. I have had numerous conversations with Jim Bramlett and had dinner with him a couple of times at the International Bible Prophecy Conference in Tampa, Florida. I have attended numerous Bible Prophecy Conferences over the years, usually with my own display table to offer my tracts, bumper stickers, tapes, Rapture t-shirts, etc. Many of you know Bonnie Gaunt, who has written several fascinating books on the end times and the Bible Codes, and appeared on TV on the 700 Club. Bonnie and I hosted a summer-long crusade on the End Times, in our home city a few years ago.

Despite all of the above, I do not consider myself to be the in-depth student of end- times Bible Prophecy that some of you on Five Doves are. Like most of you, I have been wrong on different things pertaining to the last days before and will probably be wrong again in the future. I have been waiting anxiously for somebody on Five Doves to see what I saw take place, one week ago on Oct. 29, 2008, but nobody has come forth with it yet. Ted Porter is the only one who has come close.

Like most of you, I have been thrilled and fascinated by the abundance of evidence pointing to 2008 thru 2015 as the Final 7 Years. It has been, and STILL IS, OVERWHELMING. The only two years in my 35 years of studying the end times that have come this close to creating this much evidence and excitement have been 1998 and 1988. Notice, all 3 years end in 8, the number of new beginnings.

The evidence for the autumn of 2015 being the 2nd Coming of Christ and the end of the Final 7 Years seems to be staggering. Some of you have given up for this year because we are now into November and past the Feast Days for 2008. I hope what I am about to present to you will renew your hope that 2008--2015 are indeed the Final 7 Years before Christ returns.

During my attendance at numerous Bible Prophecy Conferences, there has been one speaker who has earned the respect of most all attendees and been the most sought-after speaker, and the one who has the biggest crowds around his book table. It is not Jack Van Impe or Hal Lindsey. It is in-depth Bible Prophecy scholar J.R. Church, of Prophecy in the News, author of Prophecies in the Psalms, and numerous other books on the end-times. J.R. has been consistent in his belief that the 70th week of Daniel has to be during a 7-year Sabbatical cycle. I have seen him get excited about the possible Rapture during 1987, 1994, 2001, and 2008, because these years were the beginning of 7-year Sabbatical cycles. With the autumn of 2008 thru the autumn of 2015 being another 7-year Sabbatical cycle, it seems the perfect time for the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel to begin, AND I BELIEVE IT HAS!!!

So much evidence has come forth this year, concerning 2015, including the lunar and solar eclipses right before and right after Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015. Jesus told us there would be evidence of his 2nd Coming in the sun, moon, and stars. Do you believe Him??? According to Bonnie Gaunt’s “Jubilee Study”, in her Aug. 10, 2006, letter on Five Doves, and several others, the autumn of 2015 begins not just a new Sabbatical year but also a JUBILEE YEAR!!! WOW!!! That only happens once every 50 years.

Ted Porter of Five Doves has been pointing to this same exact 7-year period of Oct. 29, 2008 thru Sept. 23, 2015, for being the the Final 7 Years for quite some time and has even written a booklet about it. I urge you to use the search engine on Five Doves and type in Ted Porter. He will give you much more information about this 7-year period that began last week than I can give you here. 7 X 7 = one Jubilee cycle. It is extremely likely that God would give Israel one Jubilee cycle from the highly significant day of June 7, 1967, when they recaptured their holy city of Jerusalem. 7 X 7 X 360 days (a Jewish year) from that all-important day of June 7, 1967, takes us to Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, right to the day!!! Amazing!!! This should be the Final Day of the Final 7 Years, when Jesus returns at the Battle of Armageddon. Everything points to this being the case.

On Oct. 13, 2008, Ted Porter wrote to Five Doves an article entitled, “When is Jesus Returning? The Answer is 42!” In that article, Ted did an awesome job of telling us why the number 42 has been presented as the one number in the Bible that means the 2nd Coming of Christ. The re-capturing of Jerusalem on June 7, 1967, which most prophetic scholars believe started the final generation before the 2nd Coming of Christ, plus 42 JEWISH YEARS takes us to Oct. 29, 2008, EXACTLY, which should be the first day of the Final 7 Years. I have just showed you TWO AMAZING CALCULATIONS THAT TAKE YOU TO THE FIRST DAY AND THE LAST DAY OF THE 7OTH WEEK OF DANIEL, THE FINAL 7 YEARS. It is my conviction that we entered this 70th Week of Daniel on Oct. 29, 2008.

On Oct. 27, 2008, Jerry Grenough wrote to Five Doves with the article entitled, “It All Fits for 2008 Rapture”. In that article he wrote, that Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008, will be Day One of the Tribulation. Ted Porter and others have come up with the same calculations. Can it be just a coincidence that there are so many things pointing to this 2520-day period, this Sabbatical cycle, this Jubilee cycle, with everything seeming to conclude on Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, and, therefore, starting on October 29, 2008??? Never in history has there been such a perfect fit for the Final 7 Years, not even close. Do you honestly think things can go on like this for another 50 years (2 complete Jubilee cycles)? Do you even think things can continue for another Sabbatical cycle, or another 7 years? It appears highly unlikely.

We have what many consider a 7-year warning, with the bombing of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. We have the economies of the world falling apart and ready to plunge right into the economic doomsday that is presented in the Book of Revelation. We have the world poised on the brink of World War III. We have Iran and Israel poised to unleash weapons of mass destruction at each other, not to mention the U.S., Russia, China, and others. We have the likely Antichrist poised to become President of the world’s only superpower. Can anybody say, “THE STAGE IS NOW SET!!!”

Most of you are probably ready to agree with me that the stage is now set. Many of you will agree with all of the above evidence that Oct.29, 2008 thru Sept. 23, 2015, appears to be the perfect time frame for the Final 7 Years. But the vast majority of you reading this still have two HUGE problems with this time frame, which we entered on Oct. 29, 2008. #1, there has been no Rapture yet and #2, there has been no confirming of a peace treaty with Israel, by the Antichrist, yet.

Several times I have preached a sermon, entitled “17 Scriptural Reasons for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture”. I have always believed the Rapture would precede the 7-year Tribulation. You may have noticed that in this letter I have called this 7-year period of Oct. 29, 2008 thru Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, the Final 7 Years. After reading Sherry Vance’s article of last month and similar articles over the years, I have to admit that even though they probably do overlap, the Tribulation, the 70th Week of Daniel, and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble may not be the EXACT same time periods.

I have always believed and been taught in Bible School that the Tribulation would be 7 years, and the Great Tribulation would comprise the last 3 and one-half years of the 7-year Tribulation. I still believe the Book of Revelation teaches a 3 and one-half year Great Tribulation and that the 70th week of Daniel is 2520 days, or 7 Jewish years, long. I am a firm believer that the Rapture will be the same day as the Sudden Destruction, and, therefore, may or may not be a day that we can calculate.

This takes us to the other obstacle for us already entering the Final 7 Years, which is the confirming of a 7-year peace treaty with Israel by the Antichrist. I was taught in Bible School, and had always believed this would be the event that actually began the Final 7 Years. The signing, or confirming, would be Day 1 of the 70th Week of Daniel. It is still my contention that Daniel 9:27 takes place (or should I say already took place) on Day 1 of the 70th Week of Daniel.

I believe there are 3 things that we need for Day 1 of the 70th Week of Daniel to take place. I used to believe the Rapture was the 4th piece of the puzzle. I no longer believe that, because I believe we have entered the 70th Week of Daniel, as of Oct. 29, 2008, and no Rapture has taken place. I believe that will take place at the time of the Sudden Destruction, sometime in the next couple of years. The 3 things are 1. A potential Antichrist on the scene. 2. We need to be at the beginning of a 7-year Sabbatical cycle. 3. We need a confirming of the covenant with many, by the man who will become the Antichrist.

Because of the tremendous amount of letters about Barack Hussein Obama on Five Doves in the past few months, I will spare you, in this letter, all of the many reasons why I now believe this man will come to fulfill his role as the Antichrist in the very near future. Perhaps in another letter I will highlight a few of the reasons. More and more Christians every day are jumping on the bandwagon that this man, who is probably a Muslim, will fulfill his role as the Antichrist. Count me among them. So many Christians have this pre-conceived idea about the Antichrist, that they are totally closed to the idea that Obama could be the Antichrist.

I jumped off the Antichrist-must-come-from-Europe bandwagon a long time ago. Perry Stone, at a Bible Prophecy conference that I attended, was the first that I knew of, who presented a case for the Antichrist coming from the other half of the Old Roman Empire, which comprises much of the Muslim Kingdom. It is difficult to imagine someone from Europe, with very little nuclear power, or someone from Jordan or Syria, actually controlling the whole world. However, a President of the United States, the world’s only superpower, with its vast nuclear power, who shows his true Muslim colors at the start of the 3 and one-half year Great Tribulation, that is a different story. Who is more likely to cut off your head if you do not take the Mark of the Beast, a European leader like Prince Charles, or a great leader in the Muslim world??? So, I believe we definitely have the man who will become the Antichrist, or the Beast, on the world scene in Obama.

October 29, 2008, seemed to be a perfect fit to be the first day of the 70th week of Daniel. As more and more evidence began piling up for Obama being the Antichrist, and more and more evidence pointed toward the Final Seven Years comprising the time period of Oct. 29, 2008, thru Sept. 23, 2015 (Feast of Atonement), I became increasingly puzzled during the last several weeks, as to how Obama could sign or confirm a 7-year peace treaty with Israel on Oct. 29, 2008, if he was not even going to be in power until January, 2009. I could not reconcile this dilemma.

I waited anxiously with all of you as we went through the Fall Feast Days of 2008, anticipating the Rapture. Like Ted Porter, Jerry Grenough, and others on Five Doves, after the Feast Days, I was still anticipating something REALLY BIG to happen on Oct 29, 2008!! Would it be the Rapture? Would it be the crash of the stock market? Would it be the unleashing of nuclear weapons? Would it be the signing of a Middle East peace treaty, that possibly Obama would confirm, or strengthen, after he was sworn in as President, in January of 2009? Something just had to happen on this day, I reasoned. It was just such a perfect fit.

In 35 years of studying Bible Prophecy, I had never seen this much evidence pointing to one particular day to start the Final Seven Years. I went to bed on Oct. 29, 2008, thinking we could be off one day because of Jewish inclusive reckoning, or because of moon sightings in 2015. Still perplexed the next day, as I anxiously scanned the newspaper for some secret signing of a Middle East peace agreement, I went to Five Doves looking for insight on the previous day’s events, which again was Oct. 29, 2008. I began scanning the titles of the letters that appeared in Five Doves on Oct. 30. When I read the title of Lewis Brackett’s letter entitled, “Obama’s Covenant with Many”, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. My spirit was electrified, as I heard the words come to me out of nowhere, “IT HAS HAPPENED!!!”

The first opportunity I had, I got out my Strong’s Concordance and did a word study on Daniel 9:27, which says, “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”. What we, as Bible students, have always been taught, is the Antichrist will sign, or strengthen, a 7-year peace treaty with Israel and several other countries. This is another of our pre-conceived ideas, that I now believe has proven to be false. It is a theory that has been derived from an overall study of Bible prophecy. There is certainly no Scripture that says the Antichrist will sign, or confirm, a 7-year peace treaty with Israel and several other nations.

When Jesus came the first time, very, very few recognized Jesus as the Messiah. It was because of their pre-conceived ideas, from misinterpreting Scriptures, that they got it wrong. Do not let your pre-conceived ideas about the Antichrist and a 7-year peace treaty with Israel, and a Rapture before the Final 7 Years begins, keep you from seeing what has just taken place. ANTICHRIST HAS CONFIRMED THE COVENANT AND THE FINAL 7 YEARS, OR THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL HAS BEGUN!!! We can know it has begun, because of what has taken place on Oct. 29, 2008!!!

Here is what my word study in the Hebrew has revealed to me. Of all the words in that verse, the word “covenant” was the hardest to gain insight on. There was nothing about a peace agreement, nothing about a treaty. In fact, in the Hebrew, there was nothing even anything remotely suggesting that “the covenant” was any type of peace agreement, or a treaty of any kind. Study it for yourself. Covenant means to come together, to be of one mind, and promises. The Hebrew for “week” does mean seven years. There is nothing in the Hebrew to suggest the word “many” would involve a peace treaty with a handful of Middle East countries, as we have been led to believe. Instead, the Hebrew word “many”, indicates an abundant number, ten thousands, or millions, a HUGE number, or a multitude. The Hebrew meaning of “confirm’ would indicate to strengthen, to put more strength to, to prevail, to exceed, to be great, to be mighty.

I do believe the “he” in Daniel 9:27, does represent the Antichrist, who comes in Daniel 7:25 “to CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS”. Based on the word study on Daniel 9:27, which says, “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”, here is what I believed the Lord showed to me happened on October 29, 2008:

Barack Hussein Obama put himself on nationwide TV, on 7 major TV networks, and in front of over 33 million people, confirmed, or strengthened, or re-affirmed, or summarized, his platform, his promises, to be of one mind, and to all come together, or his COVENANT with the people. He strengthened his covenant (his promises). The intention of his covenant, or his promises, was not only TO STRENGTHEN, but also to PREVAIL on Election Day, to EXCEED during his presidency, TO BE GREAT, and TO BE MIGHTY. The title of his message was, “A Closing Argument to the Everyman”. I would say that "Everyman" would sure include a whole lot of people. Besides the 33 million that watched his speech live on Oct. 29, 2008, on TV, millions more saw it later on news telecasts and on the Internet. Certainly, the “many” involved an abundant number, a huge number, a multitude, yes, millions upon millions of people, not just a handful of countries that we have come to expect the “many” to represent.

During this speech, Obama said he was going to change the country and CHANGE THE WORLD!!! His main platform has been to “PREPARE FOR CHANGE”. Daniel 7:25 says the Antichrist is coming to CHANGE times and laws. The “confirming of the covenant with many for ONE WEEK”, simply was put in Scripture so we could identify the 70TH WEEK of Daniel. In other words, God is allowing us to identify the Antichrist and the first day of the 70th WEEK of Daniel at the same time. I BELIEVE GOD IS SAYING THAT WHEN YOU SEE A PRIME CANDIDATE FOR THE ANTICHRIST CONFIRMING A COVENANT (OR PROMISES) IN FRONT OF MANY (MILLIONS AND MILLIONS) ON THE VERY SAME DAY THAT CALCULATES OUT TO BE THE VERY FIRST DAY OF THE FINAL 7 YEARS, KNOW THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL.


There is nothing at all in the Hebrew language that would even remotely suggest that this verse was talking about a peace treaty with Israel and a handful of other nations. Apparently, it really has nothing to do with a 7-year peace treaty with Israel. That is not to say that a peace treaty or agreement with Israel is not coming in the near future, but based on all the evidence in this letter, it will not be a fulfillment of Daniel 9:27. and it will NOT be 7 years in length.

I strongly encourage you not to reject the message of this letter because of pre-conceived ideas of how end-times Bible Prophecy must play itself out. Please re-read this letter when you have time, and remember to pray first, that the Lord would show you if the message in this letter is true, or whether it is false. Nobody, especially me, wants to be a part of deceiving anybody. I pray that you will let this letter change your life. Let it give you a new sense of urgency like you have never had before, to accomplish what the Lord wants you to do in these VERY, VERY LAST DAYS that we are now living in. That is my prayer for myself and for all of you.

I leave you with my favorite verses, Luke 21:34-36, “And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting (partying), and drunkenness, and CARES OF THIS LIFE, and so that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare (trap) shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye be accounted WORTHY TO ESCAPE all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man (Jesus).”

Those whom Jesus finds worthy will escape, in the Rapture (I Thessalonians 4:16--18). ARE YOU READY???!!!

Ron Reese



Part 2

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From: Rgreese49@aol.com
To: Rgreese49@aol.com
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 00:07:38 EST

This is Part 2, written on Nov. 8, 2008.

If you missed my letter yesterday, entitled, "Oct. 29, 2008, thru Sept. 23, 2015--HAVE WE ENTERED THE FINAL 7 YEARS???!", please read that letter, before reading this one. I held off a couple of days sending that letter because I have been wrong in the past and I wanted assurance from the Lord that what I believed He had shown me was the absolute truth. I did not want to get involved again with theories that seemed right, but turned out not to be right. I was about 98% sure that what I had written was directly from the Lord. I can NOW tell you because of THREE totally awesome confirmations in the past 24 hours that yesterday's letter has given me ABSOLUTE 100% ASSURANCE THAT WE HAVE NOW ENTERED, ON OCT. 29, 2008, THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL AND THAT OBAMA IS, OR WILL BE, THE ANTICHRIST!!! PLEASE take the time to read the rest of this letter, before you reject what I have just told you.

For many years I was at the forefront of Bible Prophecy, with my teaching, preaching, newsletters, and tracts. At many different Bible Prophecy conferences, when only the speakers were allowed tables for their books and tapes, I was the one exception, because I was about the only one writing and producing end-time Bible Prophecy tracts. The Lord abundantly blessed our ministry in ways that I never dreamed possible. Almost 10,000,000 of our tracts are now in circulation.

Our tract and newsletter ministry and evangelistic ministry went from 1988 thru 2001. I have never written another tract or newsletter since 2001. We have been filling a few tract orders and using up our inventory of tracts since then, but other than that, we have not been used in end-times Bible Prophecy since that time. The two main reasons have been my divorce and burn-out. Both my wife and I had full-time jobs and our ministry took up at least as much of our time as our jobs did. We would receive as many as 78 tract orders in the mail in one day. Plus, we were raising 3 absolutely fabulous daughters. I was so sure that the Lord was going to come in the late 1980's, then I was so sure that the Lord was going to come in the 1990's, then I was so sure that the Rapture had to be in 2000, or 2001. Burnout and marriage problems hit me about this same time and I could no longer keep up with it all.

-cont- part 2

Re: Ron Reese: part 1

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cont part 2

Our tract and newsletter ministry and evangelistic ministry went from 1988 thru 2001. I have never written another tract or newsletter since 2001. We have been filling a few tract orders and using up our inventory of tracts since then, but other than that, we have not been used in end-times Bible Prophecy since that time. The two main reasons have been my divorce and burn-out. Both my wife and I had full-time jobs and our ministry took up at least as much of our time as our jobs did. We would receive as many as 78 tract orders in the mail in one day. Plus, we were raising 3 absolutely fabulous daughters. I was so sure that the Lord was going to come in the late 1980's, then I was so sure that the Lord was going to come in the 1990's, then I was so sure that the Rapture had to be in 2000, or 2001. Burnout and marriage problems hit me about this same time and I could no longer keep up with it all.

I have been on the Lord's shelf since that time, usually keeping up with some posts on Five Doves, but not involved with any type of real service for the Lord. That all changed on Oct. 30, 2008, when the Lord chose to take me off that shelf and begin to use me again. Because nobody else on Five Doves saw what the Lord revealed to me on that day, the Lord left me with no choice, considering the awesome news that hit me like a bolt of lightning, and electrified my spirit like nothing ever had before. It was a divine revelation that directly and instantaneously came from the Lord. There is no longer the slightest doubt in my mind. The revelation is that THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL BEGAN ON OCT. 29, 2008, AND WILL CONCLUDE ON SEPT. 23, 2015, AND THAT OBAMA WILL BE THE ANTICHRIST!!!

I felt compelled in my spirit to comprise the letter that I sent yesterday, which flowed from the Holy Spirit, yet still took 6 hours to read and proofread. Because of knee surgery, which is keeping me from work for 11 days, and the impending election, I decided to not send the letter until after the election. The night of the election I was up until almost 2 a.m., watching the results and praying. The conclusion of my prayer went something like this:

"Dear Lord, It has now been one week since the 70th week of Daniel began, and I do not know of another person who has seen what you have shown me. If this revelation is from you, why is nobody else seeing it? You have given me that bolt of lightning which electrified my spirit when the revelation came. I felt your Holy Spirit all over me as I comprised that letter. Now, because apparently nobody else has seen what you have shown me, I only feel 98% certain that what I have written is the truth.

Lord, you know that I have set forth other time frames for the possible Rapture and timing of the Final 7 Years, and they have proven to be not correct. Can you understand the hesitancy in my spirit? I never want to be involved with misleading people again. I understand that what You are revealing to me has already happened, and is not something in the future. After 7 years of being on the shelf, why have you chosen me at this time? I do not feel worthy of this calling and I do not feel spiritually ready for this calling, but I will accept it, if you will give me confirmation that the information in my 7-page letter is the absolute truth."

The only other time that I remember throwing out a fleece to God, asking for confirmation, was in about 1976, when the Lord was calling me to be a minister, which was the last thing that I wanted to do. He amazingly complied by giving me 3 unbelievable confirmations within 24 hours. Needless to say, within 2 months, I started going to a night Bible School, despite having a full-time job, and raising a family. When God spoke like that, I felt absolutely compelled to move and move quickly. Did I dare have the audacity to ask God for confirmation again? Because of the magnitude of what I felt the Lord was sharing with me, which was that the Final 7 Years have begun and that Obama would be the Antichrist, and because of wrong projections in the past, I felt I had no choice, but to ask God for confirmation, that this was the absolute truth, so I continued on with my prayer, which went something like this:

"Lord, if will give me a confirmation, it will not matter to me how many people reject this message. It will not matter what their reasons are for rejecting this message. It will not matter if none of the end-time Bible Prophecy ministers receive this message. I will deliver YOUR message to whomever you lead me to, without apology. Furthermore, I will go forth with this message with boldness and with the power of your Holy Spirit upon me. Use me, Lord, if you choose, in whatever capacity you choose, to get this message out. I will be faithful in getting out this message, but it will be up to your Holy Spirit to make it real to people.

Lord, like so many Christians, I have seen 4:44 on my digital clock, many times in the past year or two. It was almost uncanny the number of times that Christians would be awakened in the middle of the night at 4:44. Whenever it happened to me, which was often, I would sense in my spirit that You were telling me that the Rapture and the Sudden Destruction were drawing so close. I now have the audacity, because of the magnitude of this message and because of past misrepresentations, to ask for you to wake me up at 4:44 exactly THIS morning. Or, because Daniel 9:27 is the verse that You are showing me has now been fulfilled by Obama, wake me up at 9:27 exactly THIS morning. I need to go from 98% to 100%. I need to have all doubt removed. Please, please Lord, I really, really need this confirmation.
In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen."

I am not going to suggest to any of you, that you throw a fleece out to God like the one that I did. I will suggest that you ask the Lord to confirm the message of these two letters in His own way to you. I am praying that what I am about to share with you will be all the confirmation many of you will need. Others will need more confirmation. I will leave that between you and your Lord.

Here is exactly what happened after I prayed that prayer on election night:

I went to bed around 1:50 a.m. I awoke three times that morning. The first time I awoke at 4:47 on my digital clock. At the time, it meant nothing to me because it was not exactly at 4:44. I went quickly back to sleep and awoke around 6:15 a.m. to go to the bathroom. Again, I went quickly back to sleep and was in a deep, deep sleep, when all of a sudden I was wide awake. It was like someone had startled me in my deep sleep. I never wake up like that. I hate mornings and I never go from a deep, deep sleep to being wide awake in one quick moment, unless it is the alarm going off. Whether it was angel or the Lord Himself, I do not know, but somehow I was awakened, as God is my witness, at EXACTLY 9:27 a.m. on my digital clock.

Of course, it did not take me long to realize the magnitude of what had just taken place. The Lord had now removed ALL doubt from my mind. My spirit was energized like it had been a few days earlier when the Lord gave me the revelation. The Lord of all creation had now spoken with me personally and gave me the VERY confirmation that I had asked Him for. I can now BOLDLY say to all of you reading this letter that WE HAVE NOW ENTERED THE FINAL 7 YEARS OF HUMAN HISTORY BEFORE THE 2ND COMING OF CHRIST AND OBAMA IS, OR WILL BE, THE ANTICHRIST!!! But wait, the Lord was not done with me yet.

In the early afternoon of this same day, Nov. 5, 2008, I went to the doctor's office for a follow-up call five days after my knee surgery. I returned to my car (getting in and out of my car was a little difficult, but I managed), started the engine, and realized the radio had not been turned off, and immediately, here are THE VERY FIRST WORDS I heard come forth from the speaker on the Christian radio program that was on: "AND HE SHALL CONFIRM THE COVENANT WITH MANY FOR ONE WEEK"!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EARS!!! The speaker was quoting Daniel 9:27, which was EXACTLY the verse that the Lord was showing me, confirming that Obama is, or will be, the Antichrist, and the 70th week of Daniel, mentioned in that VERY verse, had now begun.

I drove home in total amazement at what God had just done. He was making 100% certain that I had NO doubt in my mind about the revelation that He had shared with me. Maybe this 2nd confirmation is for some of you reading this right now, more than for me. I was still in awe of his awakening me at EXACTLY 9:27 (Daniel 9:27), like I had dared ask Him to, and now this happens to me a few hours later. What are the odds of these two things happening by coincidence? Astronomical, to say the least. I asked the Lord for a confirmation within 24 hours and He had now given me 2 unbelievable confirmations, only hours apart. You who are now reading this letter, now must ask yourself the same question, "What are the odds that those two things could happen by coincidence?" Those of you with your pre-conceived ideas about how the end times will unfold and where the Antichrist HAS to come from, you must be honest with yourself, and admit that these two confirmations could not happen by coincidence.

But wait, the Lord was not done with me yet. As I previously stated, in 1976, the Lord gave me 3 confirmations, when I had only asked Him for one. Would He do the same again? I felt that I did not need a 2nd confirmation, let alone a 3rd. I was not about to ask for a 3rd confirmation. But because of the magnitude of this revelation and because it was so unconventional that almost nobody had seen it, I began to feel in my spirit that the Lord had a 3rd confirmation waiting for me before the 24 hours would expire.

After meditating on the events of the past few days and the writing of my first letter that I was getting ready to send to Five Doves (www.fivedoves.com) that evening, now that the Lord had given me more than enough confirmation, my thoughts kept going back to my first awakening at 4:47 that very morning. I kept thinking that the many times that I had been awakened in the past, it been at exactly 4:44 a.m. I could not accept 4:47 as a confirmation, because I had asked for Him to awaken me at EXACTLY 4:44 or 9:27 (Daniel 9:27). The Lord began to show me that indeed 4:47 was a THIRD CONFIRMATION.

What was I asking for a confirmation of? A confirmation that Daniel 9:27 took place on Oct. 29, 2008, of course. " What does 4:44 have to do with Daniel 9:27?", the Lord seemed to be asking me. "Nothing that I know of, Lord", was my response. The Lord seemed to be telling me that awakening me at 4:47 a.m. was AN EVEN GREATER sign because it pertained to Daniel 9:27 and 4:44 did not. After all, wasn't that what I was looking for? The first confirmation that the Lord revealed to me was an awakening at 9:27 EXACTLY, within 24 hours, as I had asked. The 2nd confirmation was the voice quoting DANIEL 9:27 EXACTLY THE MOMENT I TURNED MY CAR ON. Why should not a 3rd confirmation have direct connection to Daniel 9:27 also? It did not take the Lord long to reveal to me that He had indeed given to me a 3rd confirmation, as I kept pondering what happened on Oct. 29, 2008, to fulfill Daniel 9:27. Of course, it was very simple. The 44th President of the U.S. ushered the world into the Final SEVEN years on OCT. 29, 2008. There it was, 4-4-7. That is when the Lord chose to awaken me, at 4:47 a.m., and then at 9:27 a.m., EXACTLY as I had asked Him to.

I asked the Lord for ONE CONFIRMATION WITHIN 24 HOURS AND HE CHOSE TO GIVE ME THREE SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMATIONS WITH 24 HOURS. WHAT A TOTALLY AWESOME GOD!!! WE SERVE A GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD! From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you, Lord. It is now between you and God as to what you do with this information. You only have two choices really, as far as I can see. I honestly do not see how anyone can say that the information in this letter and the overwhelming evidence in the first letter, could ALL be coincidence.
The evidence for the Final Seven Years beginning on Oct. 29, 2008 AND ENDING ON SEPT. 23, 2015, is OVERWHELMING! The fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 on Oct. 29, 2008, is also an ABSOLUTE PERFECT FIT, WHICH MEANS THAT OBAMA IS, OR WILL BE, THE ANTICHRIST!

The three totally amazing supernatural confirmations, that the Lord chose to give to me, cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be coincidental. It is my conviction that YOU have now been confronted with the TRUTH. Your only other option is to believe that I am lying about these confirmations. I have presented to you as truthful of an account of God's 3 amazing confirmations, within 24 hours, as I possibly could. I will leave it up to you and God, as to whether you believe it.

The biggest question that now faces all of us, is what are we going to do with this divine revelation that He has chosen to give to us? Surely, it cannot just be business as usual. The Rapture could be any day now. I am persuaded that it will probably be within the next two years. There may or may not be any more warnings than this before the Rapture, which I believe will be simultaneous with the Sudden Destruction, spoken of in I Thessalonians 5:3.

I never dreamed that Daniel 9:27 would be fulfilled in this manner. I never dreamed that the 70th Week of Daniel would begin BEFORE the Rapture. During the 1st Coming of Christ, the Lord did many unconventional things, not according to how MOST people saw the Scriptures being fulfilled. Most everybody did not recognize him as the Messiah. It appears as if the 2nd Coming of Christ is starting out the same way. So we MUST be prepared to let some of our pre-conceived ideas go, as to what we THINK the Scriptures teach us concerning the end-times. Maybe that is why the Lord has chosen me to give this revelation to. I am open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am willing to let God be God. God will never go contrary to what is in His Word. But He may go contrary to our pre-conceived ideas and teachings, even if we believe that is what the Word teaches.

Many of you are going to have questions. Please feel free to respond to these letters to my email address at the bottom. I do not know all of the answers. The Lord has not revealed to me the whole picture of these Final Seven Years. I may not get ANY more revelations concerning the future. This revelation came supernaturally by the Holy Spirit and was confirmed supernaturally by the Lord Himself. As I have already stated, it went against some of what I had been taught and probably what most of you had been taught. I am not sure if we are in the Tribulation yet or not.

BUT THE 7OTH WEEK OF DANIEL, THE FINAL 7 YEARS HAVE BEGUN, AS OF OCT. 29, 2008!!! Of that, I am now sure.

Those of you reading this letter who are not saved, it is NOW time to get saved. Repent, and turn away from your sin, and turn towards God, by asking Jesus to come into your heart, to become your personal Lord and Saviour. Thank Him for saving you. Then pray, read your Bible, and go to a fundamental Christian church. When you pray, take the time to listen, and throughout each day, allow Him to convict you of sin, and to lead and guide you. If you do this, please send me an email, telling me of your experience.

For those of you who are Christian, ask the Lord if there is anything in your life that should not be there and if there is anything that you should be doing, that you are not doing. Ask the Lord, if there is anything that would keep you from the Rapture of the Church, which could be ANY DAY NOW. You should be sensing a NEW urgency, unlike any you have ever experienced before. Ask the Lord what you should do with that NEW urgency. He will show you. He will lead you. He will guide you. All you have to do is stay totally open to the leading of the Holy Spirit every day. Please email me, if this letter has prompted you to make a decision. JESUS IS COMING VERY, VERY SOON!!! I leave you with my favorite verses. I believe THAT DAY that is being referred to is the day of the Rapture and the Sudden Destruction.

"And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting (partying), and drunkenness, and CARES OF THIS LIFE, and so THAT DAY come upon you unawares (unexpectedly). For as a snare (trap) shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. WATCH ye therefore, and pray always, that YE MAY BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man (Jesus)." (Luke 21:34-36).

Anyone who has read these two letters now has NO EXCUSE to be caught unawares. Even so, come Lord Jesus!


Ron Reese

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