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AO Report: Alpha Omega Report 3 18 2011: Chaos Continues in Mideast

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes


Originally posted on RITA Rapture in the Air on 3 18 2011


Reposted on PreWrath & Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Church Forum


AO Report: Alpha Omega Report 3 18 2011: Chaos Continues in Mideast


The A-O Intelligence Digest

Chaos Continues In The Middle East

Libya’s Gadaffi versus the World

Libya’s dictator, Colonel Muammar Gadaffi has been frantically working for the past two weeks to secure new weapons, ammunition and supplies in preparation for a possible war with the U.N. and the Western World. Gadaffi came to realize earlier January that he, along with other Muslim leaders had been targeted by the U.S. and the New World Order for elimination. Gadaffi determined he would not go down peacefully and would instead go to war, which has suited the Illuminati strategists just fine. They’ll take chaos any way they can get it, and indeed will make extra money from the ensuing chaos.
Why was Gadaffi chosen for elimination? The New World Order no longer trusts leaders in the Muslim world to do their bidding and in fact are setting the stage for a Religious World War where Islam will fight to the death with Christianity and Judaism. The result will be a New World Order in which humanity will be so sick and horrified of war that they will accept a single, global government to prevent nations from attacking each other by eliminating the concept of nationhood. In so doing, they’ll also be introducing a single, one-world religion to prevent religious wars from wrecking the world. However, before they can introduce a new, one-world religion, they must make all other religions repugnant, or at least the three major religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
So, in 2011 the Illuminist agenda for a world war has been set into motion. What we are seeing now in the Middle East revolts is a setting of the stage for what will become a religious world war which breaks out in the Middle East. Keep in mind, this war was planned back in the 19th century along with the previous two world wars. Each war was designed to have its roots in the previous wars.

The Third World War roots came about due to Hitler’s Holocaust which precipitated the rebirth of Israel as a future catalyst for a series of smaller wars spread over time to wear down humanity’s penchant for nationalism introduced at by God at the Tower of Babel incident, when different languages and nations were born as a means to keep Satan from unifying humanity and aligning with Satan in Satan’s cosmic rebellion against the Creator-God of the Universe.
The Illuminist agenda’s final preparation stage began in 2006 and 2007 with planning and implementation set into motion by U.S. President George W. Bush. We make this assertion, based upon published U.S. State Department documents released by Wikileaks at the start of the year. According to the documents, Illuminist agents working through the United States government began setting up revolutionary agents in various Arab nations with the intention of starting a wave of revolts across the Middle East in 2011.
The revolt in Tunisia came first, and then spread to Egypt once the Tunisian revolt was underway. As the Egyptian revolt reached a conclusion, Libya became the next nation to be targeted for revolt. Even as these revolts developed, protests were staged in the Arabian Peninsula in preparation for the next round of revolutions.

Tunisia proved to be an easy overthrow. Egypt’s President Mubarak was however, determined to remain, but age and poor health worked against him and he soon realized he couldn’t win and accepted the New World Order’s terms for resignation. What Mubarak did do was to warn other Arab leaders of the Illuminist plots for regime change across the Arab world.

Libya’s Gadaffi initially thought he was immune to the Illuminist agenda because he had begun to cooperate with the Illuminists several years earlier when he surrendered his nuclear program and abandoned attempts to develop nuclear weapons. He thought he was “one of them” instead of being their enemy. He was wrong. Why? The answer is that he probably was seen by the Illuminists to be far too committed to Islam to be an Illuminist. He was also, no doubt perceived as someone who could not be trusted to abide by and obey Illuminati orders.

Pentagon Against Libyan Involvement

As the Libyan revolt faltered in the face of Gadaffi’s military opposition, the Illuminati agenda apparently stalled, while the various power factions argued how to deal with Gadaffi. This was due in part to the Obama Administration’s inability to make or carry out the Illuminati agenda in a timely manner. The Pentagon and Defense Secretary Gates were opposed to the use of U.S. military assets for the Libyan situation, mostly because U.S. military assets are stretched to the limit. Gates and the Joint Chiefs felt it was inappropriate to use U.S. military assets when European military assets were not only being under-utilized but also by the fact that Libya was right next door to the European military forces.

Pentagon leaders argued that Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany , Greece and perhaps Turkey should jointly work together to quash Gadaffi and let the U.S. wind down its efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan without being sidetracked by operations in Libya.

The Pentagon leaders were also concerned that a Libyan theater would keep the U.S. from being able to respond to any threats against Saudi Arabia and Arabian Peninsula nations by Iran and the Islamic Shiite sect. This notion was reinforced by protests developing in the Arabian Peninsula, especially in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
Perhaps of most immediate concern in that regard is the situation in Bahrain because that nation is host to the headquarters of the US Navy’s 5th Fleet. A revolt in Bahrain by the Shiites could well lead to a new revolutionary government which might petition Iran for annexation into a greater Persian Empire. Remember that Bahrain is an island nation connected by a 20+ mile bridge to the mainland of Saudi Arabia. 80% of the population is Shiite and of much of it of Iranian descent.
Because of these factors, the Pentagon has been highly concerned that the U.S. will be so hamstrung in other activities that it will be unable to defend the West’s supplies of oil in the Arabian Peninsula.
Finally, in the past week, the Arab League petitioned the UN for intervention by establishing a “no-fly” air zone above Libya. On March 17, the UN voted to approve not only a “no-fly” zone but also approved all necessary means required to prevent genocide in Libya brought about by the Libyan government of Gadaffi. This move sets the stage for a military confrontation between Gadaffi and the New World Order just as Gadaffi’s forces are on the verge of crushing the rebellion.
Indeed, Gadaffi’s forces are poised to launch an assault on the rebel’s stronghold in the city of Benghazi after re-taking much of the oil industry infrastructure in Libya. Gadaffi had the help of Syria’s President Bashar Assad who in the past two weeks shipped tons of weapons and ammunition to Libya.
U.S. Defense Secretary Gates publicly stated his concerns for a conflict with Libya noting that in order to enforce a “no-fly” zone; the U.S. would have to conduct air strikes against Gadaffi’s entire air defense system including air bases, air defense missile batteries and radar installations. Gates indicated that Libya’s air defenses were more sophisticated than those of Iraq and therefore harder to knock out. Gates suggested that enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya would likely prove costly to U.S. assets in terms of lost aircraft and pilots.
On the flip-side of the argument, it was argued that failure to remove Gadaffi now would leave the world with another Saddam Hussein who would retaliate by recruiting terrorists to launch a new round of terror attacks in Europe and America. There was concern also that Gadaffi wouldn’t stop with just ordinary terror attacks but would supply terrorists with WMD capabilities. Underscoring this argument were claims made by a defecting Libyan government minister who claimed that Gadaffi had ordered the terror bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in December of 1988.
The proponents for military intervention in Libya finally won out over Pentagon objections and then it was necessary to persuade European allies to join in the enforcement option and persuade the Russians, Chinese, Indians, the Germans and Brazilians all abstained from voting on the UN Security Council resolution to use all necessary force to halt Gadaffi’s coming bloodbath on rebel forces. The Russians and Chinese initially signaled they would veto such a measure but most likely retreated from such a move on the basis that it would look bad to side with Gadaffi in the event that he did commit genocide, which at the time of the vote, he announced he would do.

Syria & Russia Aid Gadaffi
So as the UN vote passed, huge quantities of heavy weapons were being unloaded at Gadaffi’s port facilities in Tripoli while cargo planes landed additional war material at the international airport outside of Tripoli. Gadaffi is determined to wage war against the UN and the New World Order at all costs. Such shipments began arriving to Libyan shores just 5 days after the revolt began in February. It is believed that Gadaffi has so far spent $1.2 billion dollars in new weapons purchases. Much of this material is coming from Syrian and conducted in cash transactions, which Syria certainly could use to support its ailing economy.

Syria is not alone in supplying Gadaffi with weapons. Prior to the revolt, Gadaffi had signed a deal to buy $4.5 billion dollars of new weapons purchases from Russia. This explains why the Russians refused to endorse any UN military action against Libya and yet couldn’t bring itself to veto such a resolution. Just before the UN vote, Russian Prime Minister Putin travelled to Belarus to work out details for supplying the remainder of Gadaffi’s weapons orders via Russia’s next-door-neighbor, Belarus with shipments to be routed through Minsk.
Iran has become involved in the Libyan revolt. In late February, after rebels captured eastern Libya, Iranian purchasing agents arrived in Benghazi to inspect chemical weapons, ballistic missiles and anti-aircraft missiles captured by rebel forces from Gadaffi’s WMD warehouse depots. The rebels sought to sell the weapons for cash to support their revolutionary efforts. By the first week of March, representatives of Hamas and Hezbollah arrived to confirm the purchases and supervise shipments out of Libya. The chemical weapons are believed to have exited Libya by crossing over into Sudan via truck convoys using refrigerated trucks. The shipment also included short-range, surface-to-surface missiles, artillery shells and mortars designed to shoot chemical warheads.
From Sudan these weapons are now winding their way under heavy guard to Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Egypt Has Its Own Problems
Even as the UN vote was taken, U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was in Cairo meeting with leaders of the temporary Egyptian government, composed mostly of Egyptian military leaders, particularly Field Marshall Mohammed Tantawi. She brought up the issue of a no-fly zone and the Egyptian leadership initially refused to cooperate in any such unified operations and make Egyptian air assets available for support of that cause, however, Egypt would assist in the supply of weapons to rebel forces across the Egyptian border.
The new, provisional government of Egypt finds itself being undercut by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood which is now being supported by Iran. On March 11, Egyptian television news reported that the Egyptian air force had attacked a convoy of vehicles attempting to cross into Egypt from Sudan with arms and ammunition destined for the Muslim Brotherhood as part of a future effort to use the weapons to take control of Egypt. The TV report told the Egyptian people that the convoy of weapons and ammunition was provided by Iran to subvert the revolution and turn Egypt into an Islamic Republic like in Iran.
What the Egyptian TV report did not indicate is that the convoy that was attacked was not the first one. Iran has been quietly sending convoys into Egypt as part of a deal to enable the Brotherhood to seize control of Egypt and become partners with Iran in a future war against Israel.
Not only is Iran utilizing Sudan as a resource for fomenting further revolt in Egypt, but it is also using Hamas in the Sinai for similar purposes in aiding the Brotherhood and other Egyptian extremist groups.
Iran has recognized the Illuminati game plan for revolution and “democracy” and is seizing upon those efforts to similarly assist the revolutionaries by arming them with weapons for revolts in the Arabian Peninsula. Iran intends to hijack this Western “democracy” movement and turn the revolts into Islamic Revolutions as a quick way to build a Persian Empire that will contest the West for world dominance.
Iran has lost its fear of the United States, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently calling the United States a “paper tiger.” The Iranians view President Obama and his Administration as incompetent boobs incapable of taking quick and decisive military action. They are not alone in such assessments. Around the world, national leaders have come to realize that something has gone horribly wrong in America.

White House Incompetence
The Obama White House cannot quickly respond to much of anything, including the Japanese triple whammy of quake/tsunami/nuke crisis. The Obama Administration has a penchant for dithering for indefinite periods of time without making strong decisions. Its’ as if there is no one really in charge at the White House or as if it is being run by a “committee.”
We continue to get intermittent reports from Democrat Party leaders who quietly whisper about the incompetence in the Oval Office. Former staffers have told some horror stories and raised questions about the mental health of the President. There are rumors that U.S. policy for the most part is being decided by White House aides such as Valerie Jarrett and the First Lady, in part because the President either lacks the mental capacity or the desire to oversee and make vital decisions.

There are unsubstantiated rumors from staffers that the President is taking prescription drugs for depression and insomnia. There are numerous instances of meetings with staffers and with world leaders in which the President exhibits an almost zombie-like personality, yet the trained ability to stand in front of crowds and deliver rousing speeches with tele-prompters. Without the tele-prompters, Obama stumbles and stutters over words in off-the-cuff statements. There are reports that in small meetings with others, the President is most often, cold and detached, except when discussing issues of his personal interest such as sports.
Perhaps these reports explain why various world leaders have privately expressed disdain and disrespect for Obama. Such leaders include Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, Egypt’s now deposed President Mubarak, Russia’s President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, along with Britain’s Prime Minister and France’s President Sarkozy. In fact, French President Sarkozy was reported in the French media to have claimed that Obama was mentally ill after having met Obama more than once. Can a string of world leaders be so wrong in their assessment of President Obama? These descriptions about Obama’s personality eerily remind us of similar descriptions about Adolf Hitler.

Will U.S. Intervention Save the Libyan Revolution?
As we go to publication, just hours after the UN vote to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya and prevent Gadaffi from committing genocide, it remains to be seen just what the U.S. role will be in all of this. It appears the White House wants a NATO action, which would include both U.S., Canadian, French and British air assets. We would also expect Italy to take part since it is the closest NATO nation in proximity to Libya. Late word as we post has Italy offering the use of its air bases for enforcement of the “no-fly” zone.

The U.S. does have an amphibious assault carrier standing off the Libyan coast ready to land a U.S. Marine force on “the shores of Tripoli” much like the Marine’s Hymn song refrain recalling a Marine attack 200 years earlier. Additional navy ships include a missile submarine loaded with cruise missiles and three missile destroyers, the “Ponce,” “Barry” and “Mason.”
Even so, Gadaffi’s forces have rolled over nearly all of the rebel strongholds. Only one rebel stronghold remains and Gadaffi vows it will be overrun in the next 24 hours. His forces have been on a lightning streak offensive that in the past four days has virtually rolled up the rebel army. The only thing that could delay a Gadaffi victory would be imminent and devastating air strikes against 3 of Gadaffi’s brigades now on the front lines. Air strikes alone won’t save the rebels. Ground forces will be necessary. Yet Rebel leaders have warned that no foreign troops should land on Libyan soil, otherwise the rebels would join Gadaffi in fighting foreign “invaders.” However, as rebel leaders now face the prospects of defeat and torture, then execution, they may whistle a different tune in the next few hours begging for a US Marine landing and the U.S. Cavalry to the rescue.
As we go to publication, late word out of Washington suggests that after the vote, the White House is strongly considering a ground invasion to ensure that Gadaffi is run out of power. The tentative thinking as we understand it is that the White House and European allies now realize that the world cannot allow Gadaffi to remain in power and foment further terror attacks in Europe. This comes especially as Gadaffi vows to conduct terror attacks in Europe. In other words, Gadaffi has become another Saddam Hussein who must be eliminated.
If this is to happen, then given the circumstances, it would seem logical to expect imminent Western intervention; perhaps even by the time you read this Digest issue.

Iran Meddling in Africa

In the past month, new intelligence data shows that Iran has established two bases from which Iran will work to extend its power and influence to turn the revolutions in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt to Iran’s bidding. The Iranians have established a base in the Sudan for supplying weapons, and aid to pro-Iranian factions in various nations in Africa, including Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. The bases will also serve to train the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in how to form militias for fomenting upheaval in Egypt.

An additional Iranian base has been established in the Sinai Peninsula. This is now possible because Egypt’s military has lost control over much of the Sinai Peninsula. For now the Egyptian military has only toeholds in narrow strips along the Mediterranean coast in the western part of the Sinai near the Suez Canal, and at the tip of the Sinai and along the eastern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba and the port of Sharm-El-Sheikh. The rest of the Sinai is now uncontrolled and open to terrorists, and criminal enterprises that for a sum of money will willingly do the bidding of Iran. For now, the Sinai is wide open for Iranian smuggling of weapons and materials needed for revolt in Egypt and for war in the Gaza Strip against Israel.
New Muslim Brotherhood militias are being formed and undergoing rigorous training in the interior of the Sinai in both rugged mountain terrain and the inhospitable deserts. Their instructors are both Iranians and Hamas militia officers. For the moment, Hamas and also Hezbollah are too distracted by the revolts and its opportunities to deal any imminent threat of war to Israel.
What is happening is that Iran is taking advantage of the opportunities to grow a huge base of Arab support for war against Israel. In doing so, this will take some time for the development of radical Islamic revolts to transpire and seize government control of major nations such as Egypt and Libya as well as Arabian Peninsula nations, but once their goals are achieved, Israel will face a united Islamic world intent on waging a war of extermination against Israel, just as Bible Prophecy predicts.

Israel Seizes Iran Weapons Shipment

While the world watched both Japan’s quake crisis and the Libyan civil war rage, Israel’s navy conducted a high-seas naval interdiction, seizing a German-owned but Liberian-flagged freighter, the A.S. Victoria, which was loaded with a large cargo of 50 tons of weapons. It was intended to unload the cargo on the Sinai Peninsula after steaming from Syria to Turkey before moving south to the Sinai. This cargo had been brought to Syria by an Iranian Navy Cargo ship which was escorted by an Iranian frigate. As you will recall, those two warships created an international stir when they sailed through the Suez Canal back in February. Iran claimed there were no arms cargoes aboard either warship but as usual, Iran lied.
What Iran did not count on, was that the cargo would be intercepted by Israel’s navy using commandoes at sea to board the neutral-nation cargo ship as it sailed towards the Sinai. The boarding took place on March 15 just as Gadaffi’s forces began their lightning offensive against rebel forces in eastern Libya.

In the wake of all the revolution turmoil in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, along with the turmoil in Japan’s quake aftermath, the international attention is focused elsewhere, leaving Iran to boldly accelerate its subversive agenda multifold.
There are new indications emerging that the next nation in Iran’s cross-hairs for revolt is Jordan. Jordan’s King Abdullah asked permission to travel to Tehran to meet with Iranian leaders and was denied permission for meetings. This denial strongly suggests that rather than make a deal with the King, the Iranians would rather utilize the “wave of protests” in Jordan to foment an Islamic Revolution in Jordan. Iran is using the Jordanian-Iraqi border to provide support to dissidents in Jordan. This is going on while U.S. forces in Iraq remain inside their fortress compounds in eastern Iraq. The Iraqi government has also turned a blind eye to the Iranian subterfuge in western Iraq.

Is An Islamic Civil War Pending?
Iran & Saudi Arabia Prepare To Clash

Shortly after Egypt’s President Mubarak was forced from office, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah initiated what seemed to be a “peace offering” with Iran. Instead it was merely a way to flaunt its independence from Washington and President Obama. As that Iranian flotilla of warships made its way from the Indian Ocean, into the Red Sea, the Saudi government invited the Iranians to let their warships visit the Saudi port of Jeddah. This of course was prior to the warships continuing their journey through the Suez Canal and on to Syria.
This Saudi gesture of goodwill towards Iran was merely a signal to the U.S. that Saudi Arabia would act in its own interests including even a possible alliance with Iran. Such a signal was merely a moot issue because Iran was feverishly working behind the scenes to foment revolt in both Saudi Arabia and its island neighbor, Bahrain.
Indeed, there have been attempts to stage mass protests in Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi Army was quick to quash such efforts in the Saudi Kingdom. At the same time, protests in Bahrain showed promise.
Bahrain is an island nation in the Persian Gulf, connected to the Arabian Peninsula and Saudi Arabia by a long causeway bridge of 25 kilometers. As protests developed in Bahrain, King Fahd of Bahrain requested military assistance from Saudi Arabia to quell the disturbances. Saudi King Abdullah responded by sending 3,500 Saudi troops and tanks to the rescue. For the moment, the Saudi forces have quashed the protests but in doing so, Iran issued a dire warning to Saudi Arabia.
The Bahrain situation has turned the Arab revolt from one of democracy to one of sectarian civil war. Bahrain’s population is composed of primarily the Shia sect of Islam. In fact 80% of Bahrain’s population is Shiite, with the remainder being Sunni sect Muslims. Furthermore, Iran has laid claim to Bahrain as having once been a province of the Persian Empire and at one time attempted to annex the island nation.

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