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Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Query Forum

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Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Query Forum
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MILLAGANs in North Bucks, England

I am looking for origins of David, James, Andrew & Mary MILLAGAN (or MILLIGAN), linen drapers & chapmen who arrived at the same time (about 1690-1700) in North Bucks, England and settled there. They were probably (but not definitely) sibs. They were connected in Bucks with other expat Scottish families named CROSBY, ROY and HANNEY and arrived around the same time as other expat families of lacebuyers and drapers who so far have all been from the Dumfries/Galloway area and were Presbyterian. Their names include CRICHTON, HAMILTON, BEATY, ATCHISON, CORRIE, JOHNSTON, MAXWELL, BLACKLOCK, RENNY, GLASS to name but a few. If anyone has a David or Andrew MILLAGAN/MILLIGAN/MINIKIN from Dumfries/Galloway area, born c1670-80, I'd love to hear about them. Celia Renshaw in Chesterfield UK.