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Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Query Forum

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Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Query Forum
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Francis Xavier Milligan IRELAND to KS

Francis Xavier Milligan from Ireland to US abt 1828 aged 3 years.

Married Sarah (Mary Elizabeth) Williams (possibly Native American)

perhaps in Ohio, they had children as follow:

1-Cornelius Milligan born 1857 IA wed Lucy M. Gilbert 4-11-1882

2-William Milligan born 1863 MO

3-Anna Belle Milligan born 1869 IL wed George Edward Dye 1887 KS

4-Jessie Milligan born 1873 IL

5-Mary Olive Milligan born 1876 IL wed H.L. Shank 1895 KS

Founder Of Bourbon County KS Lodge 1885 F.X Milligan died 1910 KS