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Karuwali names

Pituri is the Karuwali name for Bedouri and it is a plant that heals the stings of wasps and scorpions etc.
Betoota is yet another mispronounced word for Pitootha, which means place to spear fish.
I think there is a big waterhole there still.
Some of the Mob went to Keeroongooloo station and I was told of the legends of 3 Mile Water hole...
Long ago I grew up in Cunnamulla and Eulo and Yowah adnd other places and I did not forget my adopted Aboriginal languages of Kunja and Gungari and Guwa.
All the Elders have now gone and it is sad.
I know Mundagudda Dreaming , Emu and Kangaroo and others from the Elders of Yumba and people like Uncle Herb Wharton and Fred McKellar, and Auntie Jessie Shillingsworth.
My Father knew the Polish fellow who ran the Betoota Hotel and as he spoke Polish fluently, was a great friend of his.
I miss the heart of the desert, my red sandy home a lot as it has been too long since I was there....