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How did Betoota get its name?

The Courier Mail in May 2007 asked the question in its "Village Blog" - How did Betoota get its name?
The post by journalist Brian Williams reads:

"Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 04:01pm

HERE at Village Green we are trying to find out how Betoota, a tiny township, in the far southwest of Queensland was named.
Does anyone have any ideas?
We have tried all the usual sources such as State Archives, the Queensland University of Technology’s Oodgeroo Unit, State Government place names people and the Diamantina Shire Council.
Surely someone must know!"

I have tried without luck to find the meaning of the name. As Williams says- some-one must know.

Re: How did Betoota get its name?

The State Library Of Queensland has spent some time researching the origin of "Betoota" and has replied (in part) as follows:
"I regret that I have been unable to locate the origin of the place name "Betoota". I have searched a wide range of resources including the Place Names website, histories of the local area, gazetters and Internet but have had no success"

State Library of Queensland.

I do thank Karen at the State Library for her research