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trekking and kathmandu

hi...i'm scheduled to leave in 2 weeks to nepal for a trek to everest base camp with a few days stay in kathmandu....the news on tv in oregon has shown riots this past week....i am concerned....can anyone tell me the situation in kathmandu and along trekking routes....i read there is a 40 percent chance of being asked for 'donations' along the trek route....have tourists been 'detained'?....i am a woman if that makes a difference....thanks....

Re: trekking and kathmandu

Misleading news, no riots took place in Kathmandu in past week. Lots of rallies taking place in certain places but the security situation is ok. No problems along the trekking routes. No tourist have been harmed physically or detained so far.

You may take a trekking guide if you are so concerned.

Re: Re: trekking and kathmandu

thanks!...the news here actually showed bombings and riots which concerned me...i know the news media can be misleading so i appreciate your reply....i am going with a group so it sounds like all should be well....

Re: Re: Re: trekking and kathmandu

Hi, make sure take a Nepali-English dictionary. Have fun trekking! October is the BEST time to visit Nepal.
I would not worry too much about maobadis.

Re: trekking and kathmandu