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A Nepalese Home Page's MANTHAN
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Nepal in the last 45 days

Post First February Nepal: Protecting Minority from Majority!

- B. Raj Giri

King Gyanendra’s move has created urban-domestic and international outcry for ‘liberal democracy’ because it has curtailed the freedom of less than five percent exploiting the other ninety-five percent rural population. Nepal’s elite minority (whatever caste or creed they come from) control eighty percent of national resources so they have everything to lose. They are self-righteously begging worldwide for help to retain the ‘cream-of-power and pride’ that is rapidly falling out of their control. They cannot accuse the reign of terror of Maoist guerrillas that has spread like wildfire. No one talks about peace, but it is all about power or Western lifestyle for cities/towns. So, the following recommendations are humbly presented to the current government so that at least five percent of urban Nepalese (plus foreigners) can enjoy their lives:

a) Introduce secure electronic Identification Card so that security can be provided at least to those who have money and power.

b) Institute finger-print system so that suspects do not need to be arrested more than once. There is a problem that instead of the real Maoist extortionists and gang culture of cities/towns, poor individuals may be termed as a rebel/thief, and might face unnecessary actions.

c) Require everyone to provide full personal details in order to qualify for sensitive services like telephones, mobiles etc. This would reduce the chances of communication falling into wrong hands.

d) Ask all landlords/ladies to submit personal details of tenants (Can there be any action taken if rural people making their living are misused by the renters?).

e) Offer market price to buy weapons from urban insurgents (but the danger of security personnel selling ammunitions may not be underestimated!).

f) Enhance intelligence service, both in terms of numbers and skills – this is how the Indian government dominates South Asia, and the US government rules the world. Curfew alone cannot contain insurgents/robbers roaming around the cities/towns with satellite mobiles, hand bombs and revolvers.

g) Install CCTV (or closed circuit television) in all major corners of the cities/towns so that trouble makers can be tracked down easily as in the self-created immigration/terror-phobic states of Europe and America.

An immediate and successful implementation of these seven points will certainly make Nepalese cities and towns secure, and may even attract Maoist leadership (if still in existence) to occasionally come for a guided city/town tour. As long as affluent city dwellers, political activists of all kinds, and international well-wishers can enjoy unlimited pleasure, it does not really matter what happens in 3,913 villages of Nepal. In the past 250 years it has not mattered anyway so who cares. Kudos to all the defenders of urban elites, and of cruel Maoist insurgents! - End