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A Nepalese Home Page's MANTHAN
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2nd part of..My opinion to King's Step.....

-- 2nd half ..USA, Nepal has more than 36 political parties with so many leaders. Are they the leader of true sense? What does leadership aims at? Is it leadership to fool their followers, and think about the status, personal benefits, and jeopardize the future of their followers? The history of USA is less than 300 years and has become superpower with just 2 major political parties. Then how would you expect this country ever to develop???
The mistake is our's, we act like we are blind with our eyes wide opened, we act like deaf with our clear listening ears, and act like most stupid people with high level of education, understanding, and skills , better than the politicians which we choose to rule us. Shame on us!!!! We still feel proud of these politicians and waste our precious time in supporting, listening, and working for them. If not for us, we should at least think of our future generation, people.

Come on people, wake up now, don’t hide in the darkness, you can be better than that, we can live a better life. The election was the problem, but think about this, even if they had held election, who would have been elected? One of those, same dirty politicians, isn’t it?
And yeah, finally, King’s step forward is a kick-off to democracy, but now thinks wisely, does u think there was democracy in Nepal with all this going on for 15 years?
More than 10,000 people lost their lives with Maoist insurgency, and 100,000 Bhutanese are refuge without any solution by this politician’s leadership. And you say, it’s unfair by the King's leadership when he decided not even to intervene.
We live in fear of Nepal- bandh, and strike, election every year spending public money that could be spent for education and development.
More than 42 % of Nepalese are poor? Only about 150,000 people in Nepal use internet, have you ever realized that fact.

About communication cut-off by the King. Understand this way, he wants to implement new policy and new system, new experiment, we should be blessed that we have King over these dirty politician, else, who would take control of them? while he is working, he doesn’t want any intervention by foreign bode, and to avoid panic situation among the Nepalese, he is trying to help them, Its the fact, communication cant somehow be avoided, but think about the quality of media in Nepal, I personally feel they deserve to be treated like this, with control, before they go out of control writing anything and anytime, about anybody with out any basis about their writings. Journalism is such a pure work above all, which should not be biased at any condition. Our Nepalese papers are categorized by the name of the of the political parties, which is totally politically motivated. It should be shameful for these people without any moral values to talk about moral at this situation.

Where wore those human rights activits when thousands people dies, people were murdered, looted, innocent poor people's dead body is sent from middle-east atleast 4 in a months in average to nepal? Were they busy having dinner at five star hotel or attending meeting abroad????

About killing in Nepal, more than 70 policemen gets killed into single incidence, more than 2000 people gets abducted by the Maoist, the teachers in the whole nation are controlled to educate wrong thing about Maoist by them, the then, politician's democratic government didn’t do anything, now when King wants to do, they BETTER SHUT -UP.
We all live in fear, we know that, now its peace, isn’t it?
Every body retire, these mentally retarded, old, and senseless, politicians should too. They should have minimum basic like a Bachelor's Degree as an eligibility to be minister, we educated people do not deserve to follow the law-implemented by those uneducated ministers.

Think about Nepal, think about Nepalese, think for your future, and support the step forward of His Majesty the King.
At last, people, do not be thinking wrong, I am fully aware of the nature and past of the King Gyanendra. But at current situation, who would you choose as a better leader? Who do you think could be alternate we could support? Who haven’t we tried, and the result???? Yes- FAILURE.
So, let us not repeat that again.