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My Opinion on King's Step forward

My Opinion on King's Step forward
The London based research agency recently released their findings, which puts Nepal into top 10 most corrupt nations in the world.
In last 15 years of so called "Democracy" in Nepal, we have got nothing remarkable achievement expected out of good leadership. Leadership demands vision, honesty, integrity, direction and hope for success. I would request you, be honest to yourself and ask a simple question, do you think we were fairly treated and ruled by these politicians in the democratic era? If not, then answer me, who did benefit most of democracy? None others than those politicians itself.

With the only qualifications of most of the politicians of their jail residency so and so long years, they would qualify to be ministers and diplomat, without even understanding the basics of leadership and the real meaning. No any focus on citizen of the country.

I understand with the sad demise of late King Birendra, we have become so unfortunate to accept Gynendra as our king. He hasn’t shown good character, and his son, the crown prince is to be considered worst. If this is not good, what is the better option?

We should not be prejudiced and think just on his bad point. It’s the time when you think with your own knowledge, education and understanding, what is right and what is wrong.
Is it good to be slave of 205 different illiterate politicians and spend out valuable time always talking about what all bad they did, filling papers with their dirty doing, and listening the news full of corruption, charges, murder, and bribery?

Overall, I think King should be given a chance. He has clearly indicated, in his leadership in next 3 years, country shall prosper and Nepalese life standard shall rise. Have you ever in your last 15 years life heard any politicians saying that, with clear time frame, and strong determination to be devoted for the betterment and to develop? Yeah, I have once, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai used to say, he will get drinking water from melamchi project, which has become like, "once a upon a time, there was
A .....”

Out politicians, make sure that they make enough profit through construction project, or technology development budget, overseas visits, or through government's vehicle abuse. Eventually, the quality of the work, the performance of project, is of low standard, and hence we never get a chance to prosper. We have learned to respect our ministers but not the intellectual community, we fear the thugs student unions but we forget the power and authority of the educated people in the university, we live with the wrongful impression that we can have better live through the links, source, power, and money through bribery, but we don’t even try to think we can live better by our own, through our education, position, and respect that we gained by all.

Student's main duty is to study and contribute to develop a civilized society through their discipline, knowledge, and help community. Do you honestly see those qualities in the students of Nepal's campus who choose to fail in same class for 7 years and dirty the walls of their college, writing their slogans in big words? Who mislead them, its none other than politicians, who for their self-motive encourage these students, instead of directing them towards their good future, an educated society, productive environment?

We are not as small as Singapore, Bangladesh and Bhutan. But they prosper better than us. Their politicians are educated, and they send right persona and right diplomat with right knowledge abroad so that they can share our existing problems and urge for necessary help to the international community. And they get that help. What about us? Be honest. I heard Girija writes every English words to pronounce in Nepali through Nepali script...well that might be a joke, but I wouldn’t doubt that about others. Why don’t we develop then?

International community gets surprised, with this amount of growth of 3. % annually, and not many exports, and revenue, how is this small country able to run financially? Yeas, its all the money the Nepalese get from their friends, and relatives, and from donors. Where does all that money go to? Some of it for right purpose, but most...??? Where...???? Come on now....admit it, you know it, don’t you...??? Don’t lie yourself..!!!!
Education is the backbone of growth and development, where do we stand though, we have just 44 % of literacy rate that means, and more than half of the population don’t even know whats going on in the country, and still protest and demonstrate. Unemployment rate is more than 48 % that means, empty mind is devil's workshop, meaning, they just need work, not lectures and demonstration and false promise by the dirty politicians.

In the country smaller in size than one out of 50 states in the USA---continuted...