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A Nepalese Home Page's MANTHAN
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Street Children

Today we (the police and community service centers) distributed pairs of clothes to street children.There were around 250 children present on the occasion. There were significant number of girl children also. The children played drama of their street life. Obviously they did not have to practice
it because that was their real way of life. It was pathetic and hard hitting. It is estimated that there are around 500 children on the streets
in the Kathmandu valley. Something has to be done for these helpless children. I think we, the police and community service centers, can play a
significant role in reintegrating them in their own family and getting free boarding and education in some of the boarding schools at the onset. Ofcourse it will not be the fullstop to this problem. We shall have to stop it at the very source of it. I
am sure that many of you will be interested to contribute.

Govind Prasad Thapa, Ph.D.,
Additional Inspector General of Police(AIGP),
GPO Box 12451, Kathmandu, Nepal