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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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Doc Ruth returns

I see the latest news from Big Finish brings back Ruth and is set in the third season of Survivors. If this is correct maybe you (Bob) could suggest your solution to Greg's survival and tie up some loose ends. What happened and who ended up at Sloton Spence, Agnes at Felbridge, how the new govt was working. With the power on how did that effect the Mine, Peacemaker, Wellingham with Dr Miedel. This could all be answered and wrap up the series nicely. As this would all be set in the future after the TV series ended which I assume is where big finish is heading.

Re: Doc Ruth returns

Thanks for the nudge on that Heather. I've been a bit out of touch for a few days, I had a Inorgual Hernia Operation.
Is the new one any good?
BTW, I may be moving this forum to a better platform shortly.