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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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Website closure

Just to let you all know, on or soon after 5th Oct, my QPG website will be going offline for good. I have some of the files on my Survivors 2 site, which will remain online. Storage there is restricted to 20mb - but it is a no-cost site. As interest in the original 1970s Survivors is waning - there seems little point in keeping the QPG site going.

Re: Website closure

Sad to hear it but I understand. Send me an email if you start anything survivors again.


Re: Website closure

Sorry to hear that Bob - I'll miss it ...

I suppose as time goes on there will be fewer and fewer of us Survivors obsessives and keeping the memory alive becomes a thankless task.

NB I just watched the first episode of the revived Survivors again - just to see if my opinion of it had softened. It hasn't! It is still execrable nonsense. So no new fans to replace the old. A pity.

Thank you anyway Bob for keeping me entertained and feeding my addiction to Survivors. I appreciate it.

Re: Website closure

I think in some ways, the 2008 series, killed interest in the 1970s series.
But that is my opinion.

Re: Website closure

Bob Meade: Host
I think in some ways, the 2008 series, killed interest in the 1970s series.
But that is my opinion.

I think there's something in that Bob, but I guess we are all getting older and the young seem to relish in vacuous trivia.

All the best for the new forum and I hope you, at least, continue to "fly the flag" for Survivors

I still think the opening episodes were two of the best hours of television ever created back when characters and story meant more than flashy gizmos and effects.

Re: Website closure

Sorry to hear about your website closure Bob

Yes I agree about the 2008 revival of Survivors. I certainly haven't purchased a DVD of it. It seems pretty disappointing how they've handled these TV shows lately. Torchwood was a great idea, basing it in Cardiff, but they ruined it by taking it to America.
The revival of Tomorrow People was dreadful - why did they even make it a science fiction series when all they were doing was being chased by the government all the time?
I don't even think it's worth mentioning Doctor Who - I won't be watching the next series. Only good TV series at the moment is Outlander, which was based on one of the Doctor's assistants, but you have to download it to watch it! Most series I've purchased on DVDs recently though are from the seventies and eighties, they're far better than most of what we have today.
As you know I used to like going and meeting the actors who appeared in Survivors, but we've had to give that up now. Memorabilia where we met Ian McCulloch became too big, and they needed to have a whole hall just for the queue!
As for Collectormania, well that too became too big, and we couldn't get into venues, so we had to say goodbye to them too. They've now moved from Milton Keynes to the NEC, so now the queues will be enormous.
There was another event - Brit Scifi in Leicester which brought together the cast of Blake's 7 and the original Tomorrow People, but that event appears to have ended, and the website has been abandoned.
It's certainly not the same as it was back in 2001 when we went to our first convention was it - that little holiday park in Clacton on Sea. Nowadays conventions either have actors with non speaking roles, or they have big stars and you can't get in through the door (unless you pay for a platinum ticket!)
As for visiting filming locations, that's not been easy, as we've been without a car for the last nine years, and we've now had to give up car rental, as the rental firms are ripping everyone off now. It's a little unfortunate that my no claims bonus is long gone.
You may remember me telling you that my firm was acquired by Capita - who handle TV Licencing? Well I left the company, got a much better job at another firm, but now they have also been acquired by Capita! I've now left to start another job in Bath Spa, so I have a daily rail commute! Of course, just like the seventies, the railways still "go to pot" from time to time, especially when we have a bit of rain.
Hope all is well with you.

Re: Website closure

Thanks for your reply Richard, I hope you will join the new forum & buck it up a bit, it's much easier to use than this stone age one - the link is in my first post on this thread.
Much of the important material has been transferred to my Lycos/Tripod site, I hope there is still a link to it on this forum - which cost me nothing & will go on forever - all being well.
There is a 20mb limit on one site, but I have one or two more to spread the material on - mainly photos.
The Big finish audio stuff is not too bad, better than the 2008 BBC effort anyway.

Keep in touch.

Re: Website closure

Hi Bob, I'll have a look at the other site then.

I usually listen to the Big Finish productions through my headphones when going on coach trips, which seems to be the only way we can get to places now, but I haven't tried the Survivors ones out.
Most of the ones I listen to are based on the original series of Doctor Who, with the original actors in them. My favorite is Spare Parts, which is an episode about a parallel Earth which has drifted out of orbit and the humans are living underground and turning to technology to survive (it's actually a Cyberman origins story).
I'm going on a day trip to the Isle of Wight in a few weeks, so I plan to take a trip to the Doctor Who shop in Ryde - they have more audio CD's than any other place I've seen.