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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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Missing the survivors

I really enjoyed the original series and was excited to see big Finish continuing with the original actors. However all the big finish survivors stories have been so action packed. I miss the conversations about the crops , the quiet moments with Greg and Jenny, the discussions in the main hall, whose job to take out the scraps. The things that made the difference between another action program and the development of life after the death. The action grabs the attention but the conversations filled in the day to day life of hard grind and gave the real sense of life after the death.
I do hope Big finish starts to include these quieter moments.

Re: Missing the survivors

I found a quote which I think describes what I am trying to say.
"The tension is in the context not in the confrontations" With big finish we have the confrontations but very little context.

Re: Missing the survivors

Heather Dobson
I found a quote which I think describes what I am trying to say.
"The tension is in the context not in the confrontations" With big finish we have the confrontations but very little context.

Amazing to see someone still here...

Re: Missing the survivors

I think this may be the article you are thinking of Heather.

And Dave, with the closure of the Big finish forum - I'm a little surprised this one has not become more active Such is life - but I found the Big finish episodes entertaining in some ways, very lacking in the detail - for example they are flying around the country in cars - but no explanation of how they are getting their fuel & in the more recent episodes, they rarely stop to eat - or even pause for breath. In other words, the pace of the original episodes has gone - the new TV series, made the same mistake of course.

Sorry about the Spam defeater - but if I take it off, the bots fill the forum with garbage very quickly.

Re: Missing the survivors

Good to hear from you Bob, Long time no see...

Sadly a lot of forums are less active these days, Facebook seems to rule these days.

The Hereford Times had a story on today of a car flooded and abandoned at Clenchers Mill so it brought me back to here...

Re: Missing the survivors

Good points Bob. Its just becoming an action adventure. The finding of the petrol and the food always was important if not the driving (pun intended) force of the episode.

Re: Missing the survivors

Yes, one example well as you know, running a garage - cars go wrong in lots of ways, but in both Big finish & the 2008 remake: They never get a puncture, run out of fuel, or the engine dies & they have to get their heads under the bonnet (we are talking of 1970s cars here, Greg's foot pump for getting fuel from power-less petrol storage, one example) - they are far too busy rushing around & killing or hurting each other. The realism, that made the original series, special (& they made lesser mistakes too) has gone - probably to appease the modern generation of "Everything instant" people. Who would be lost, without a phone or a tablet to play with - yesterday, someone who could not stop texting walking through a shop door, walked into an older person - not looking at all, where she was going.

There is plenty of drama, in a "Survivors" everyday life, without all the over-dramatization, these modern creations seem to have. One mistake in the original series: I think more use would have been made of Generators & the oodles of fuel laying around, if only for lighting & refrigeration of food. The half hearted attempt of Greg making gas, would have led to greater things if it had been explored - I think a 4th series of Survivors, if it had been made in 1978, might have gone into that - or the hydro electric power available. These days, if a similar event happened - with all the solar farms & wind power in existence, survival would be a lot easier with this form of power freely available for a few years at least. Just find a farm with all this in place - & get farming. Perhaps, if the idea was re-discovered - then make it in the present day, with the background I've just illustrated - but WITHOUT all the silly nonsense of fighting & killing each other. I have a bit more faith in human nature than some - I think people who are hungry & cold, might actually (mostly) work as a team to improve their lot - as for the most part, has happened in history.
Few of us now go outside & squat in the bushes - we sit in our warm bathroom & flush it all away - but thanks to Thomas Crapper & other developments, working together - humanity has (Mostly) improved upon that - though, yes I know some parts of the world are STILL living in the past. Just Google: "Where do I put the paper" & you might be shocked......

I value my original recording DVDs of the 1975 -77 very highly, because there was nothing quite like it before - or since. Perhaps the BBC's Day of the Triffids, in 1981 - came the closest?

Postscript - in the Launderette this week, I met a retired "Agronomist" - never met one before, of course that made me think of the "Mark Carter" story & planting winter wheat in spring......this chap had worked all over the world, helping the ignorant to survive.

Re: Missing the survivors

One of the problems with TV is the belief that for drama to exist there needs to be conflict. This is a truism but conflict seems to be interpreted as aggravation rather than simply the actions taken in solving problems. That, I think, is why we get such rubbish drama these days - everything has to be active and there is no room for contemplative drama. The original series worked, partly, because there was a good mixture of action and survival. The later series declined in quality as they started to get the balance wrong - either too little action or too much depending on the episodes. The reboot failed right from the start not because it was all action and no survival (and it was)but because the casting was poor and the characters made unlovable. I really didn't care if they survived or not in the end.

As to the cars this is something that has occupied me many times in my idle moments. How long would cars last in such an environment? How long does petrol stay viable and would it matter anyway if the tyres had perished first? Looking on the interweb there is a huge volume of opinion on how long petrol lasts for but no real consensus. It seems to last from six months to indefinitely! Why does it matter? Well, to me at least, getting such things right is part of the draw for such programmes; it makes them interesting beyond simple adventure stories which are, after all legion on TV. It just would not be possible, five years after the Death, to jump into a car and expect it to work even with a bit of tinkering. The battery would be dead, the brakes seized, the tyres and other soft parts corroding and either useless or prone to quick failure. It would take some major surgery to get one going again and having to do this would stop the story dead in it's tracks. Dealing with this seems to be too difficult for modern TV so they have to throw in some unbelievable nonsense just to keep the story moving.

The conflict between people is also 'necessary' for TV. Violence and sex sell so they have to be shoehorned in somehow - just look at Game of Thrones. Would that programme be so popular without the graphic violence and sex?Survivors doesn't need that level of violence but it would be unrealistic to expect there to be no violent conflict between different groups. The first original series got that balance almost right and the somewhat amateur violence was realistic. Most fights that you see in real life are more comic than violent, providing one is a spectator of course and they got that pitched pretty much right.

Anyway, I don't think we will see the like of the original first series again, especially from the BBC. It would be nice for someone to try though as there is a definite dearth of good post-apocalyptic stuff (minus zombies) available - believe me I've looked.