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New BBC 4 Belgian TV drama 'Cordon'

Cordon - BBC Four TV
Cordon is a new series from Belgium. Everyday life in the centre of Antwerp comes to a sudden standstill when the area is hermetically sealed off from the outside world. The cause is a contagious and deadly virus which spreads like wildfire.

The people trapped inside the cordon are suddenly left to their own devices. It brings out the very best in them, but also the worst...

Cordon will be broadcast on BBC Four in summer 2015.

It actually start next week but not sure of the exact day and it's 10 parts.

Later this year there will be a new American series called Containment set in Atlanta which stars Claudia Black which i thought sounded similar to this Belgian series and sure enough it's a re-make. No air date or channel for this one but no doubt Sky 1 or similar will pick it up.

Re: New BBC 4 Belgian TV drama 'Cordon'

I saw Cordon. Interesting. I had a hard time with the subtitles. The letters blended into the background in some of the scenes.I had to watch the entire series again. The ending was a bit of a shocker.

Looking forward to season 2.
Plus, there's a new series "Containment " being filmed in Atlanta. It should be interesting.

Re: New BBC 4 Belgian TV drama 'Cordon'

New Tv series Containment (re-make of Belgian Tv series Cordon)starts on Wednesday on E4. I enjoyed the Belgian series very much and it will be interesting to see how this American version compares.

Re: New BBC 4 Belgian TV drama 'Cordon'

I watched the us version. Very disappointing. Managed the first episode just. Gave up .