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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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New Louise Welsh novel Death is a Welcome Guest

For those of you that read her previous book, A Lovely Way to Burn, this second in the Plague times trilogy has now been published in hardback. I'm already half way through and it's gripping stuff.

Re: New Louise Welsh novel Death is a Welcome Guest

I finally got around to "A Lovely Way to Burn" I thought it was OK and rocked along at a goodly pace. I couldn't shake the thought...... why is she bothering, hasn't she got bigger things to worry about.

I'll give the second one a go I suspect but it looks like it's following different characters.

On a completely different topic, we had a drive through Abby's ford recently which was fun. The area looks so different now with all the trees having grown so big. It even looked different from our previous visit which must have been about 2006.