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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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I'm not a frequent contributer to this forum although I do enjoy reading through the subjects. I am really surprised there is not more about the Ebola outbreak! Its straight from Survivors, Outbreak, Pandemic, and many other apocalyptic dramas.
Its quite frightening whats going on.As I watched health staff etc in protective gear treating sick ebola patients, I thought how much this resembles some of the dramas I have in my DVD collection.
I revisited Mad Dog recently, inspired bybcurrent events, awesome episode.

Re: ebola

Just spotted the earlier Ebola posting, yeah good job its not aiborne. Just bought a Dvd called Waterborne, which deals with an outbreak that is....waterborne, will let folks know if its any good

Re: ebola

If ever Ebola mutated to an airborn virus - that would probably be it for the human race.

Re: ebola

I see what WAS on the back burner (unlimited travel in & out of West Africa) is now being bought forward to the front of the stove, & quite right too.
This is very serious.