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Welcome to our "GREG" forum, this is designed to be used for discussing Subjects related to Survivors, developing longer threads & the deeper side to Survivors & quality TV drama.  Some rules apply: 1. One username per person, this will be their real name EG John Jones - no nicknames, IPs are being checked to ensure this, 2.  No serious abuse or sale of items, this is not Ebay, 3. Off topic messages & threads Will be deleted If you Do not agree with these rules, please don't post here..........  Bob meade, Suffolk, UK. Nov 2005. (


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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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Interesting Triffids website

Just thought I'd draw attention to this site ...

Interesting information from an obviously like minded chap.

I was unaware that there are two versions of the book (one heavily abridged) apparently for the US market.

Re: Interesting Triffids website

Thanks for sharing that John, a very interesting bit of research into the Triffids there - the timeline was intersting too - making the BBC TV version close to - just a little after the book's events.

As I consider Triffid's, Earth abides & perhaps Death of grass Nation's inspiration books.