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Ebola outbreak

Let's hope this is contained.
The frightening part here in the UK is some surguries are so overloaded, they are turning away patients - Watton, norfolk is one example only a few miles from where I live - due to not being able to replace retiring GP's - any elsewhere? Or is this just a local problem.

Re: Ebola outbreak

Morning Bob,

The shortage of GP's seems to be a national problem. My own local practice even finds it difficult to cover holidays and sickness.

We are not allowed to say it of course but I suspect the rapid population increase over the last few years, particularly in East Anglia, must be putting a strain on all services.

We are fortunate that although Ebola is a horrifying disease it is not an airborne infection. If the virus ever combined with something like a flu virus we would really have a global pandemic on our hands. It looks like the mortality rate is around 50% which is awful but if the number of cases escalated care would be very limited and the death rate would probably increase dramatically.

A mutated Ebola pandemic on the scale of the 1918 flu (especially with modern high volume global travel) would be catastrophic.