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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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"The Knowledge" Survivors influenced book

There is a new-ish book out about how to rebuild civlisation from scratch.

Here is a review from the Daily Mail

I get the feeling that the author has been influenced by Survivors, the original TV series, rather than preppers in the USA. I only read a small sample on Amazon though.

Re: "The Knowledge" Survivors influenced book

I am unable to edit and I forgot to put in the full titles of the book.

by Lewis Dartnell

The author said that he wanted to write a reboot manual/Encyclopedia to restart society after a Pandemic or some disaster that kills most of the population.

Re: \"The Knowledge\" Survivors influenced book

Looks interesting Rachel. I've found a complete PDF download of the book via this link:

Re: \\\"The Knowledge\\\" Survivors influenced book

Saw this reviewed in New Scientist - looks good. Got it for my daughter who is fascinated by this sort of stuff. I've only looked at the index and neither Survivors nor Terry Nation feature (shame). However, it does look an interesting book and I'll be borrowing for a thorough perusal shortly.