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Forum: Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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New Survivors audio trailer

Via this link, there is a teaser trailer for the new Audio series, out in June - it sounds pretty good:

Re: New Survivors audio trailer

Hello Bob,

You beat me to it :)

Sounds excellent, I'm in a lather of anticipation

I can't believe I just heard Jenny, Abby and Greg again after all these years.

Re: New Survivors audio trailer

Yes, & I also had an email from Lucy yesterday, & she said she really enjoyed making it & it was fun to do.

Re: New Survivors audio trailer

Quote: HOST: BobMeade
Yes, & I also had an email from Lucy yesterday, & she said she really enjoyed making it & it was fun to do.

Do you know if she's in the second series Bob?

Frustratingly it's not going to be released until June 2015. It's bad enough having to wait for June this year!

Re: New Survivors audio trailer

I've emailed Lucy with your question John, I will let you know of any answer.

They do seem to take their time at big finish with the releases, they should really be named "Slow finish"


Re: New Survivors audio trailer

A quick answer from Lucy for you John:
Thu 06/03/2014 17:54

"Yes I will and Ian I think . I don't know about Carolyn.

On 6 Mar 2014, at 16:40, "Bob Meade" wrote:

Hi Lucy, glad you enjoyed doing it – will you + Carolyn & Ian be involved with the next season release?



Re: New Survivors audio trailer

Evening Bob,

Thanks for that. It's good news

Yes, it's a long time to wait but I think Big Finish do a good job, they certainly employ some excellent actors in the productions by the look of it.

Sadly the CD's are relatively expensive compared to say a DVD but I suppose it's all about numbers.

I will certainly be placing an advanced order for season one in the near future.

I'm so pleased that they have remained faithful to the original (and only) Survivors and decided to involve Lucy Carolyn and Ian. The great thing about audio is that as soon as I heard Jenny in the trailer she was immediately the girl in the blue shaggy coat again .....wonderful stuff.

Re: New Survivors audio trailer

Lucy liked your "Blue shaggy coat" comment John

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