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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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Roger Lloyd Pack dead

Roger, who appeared in THE LIGHTS OF LONDON as "Wally", has died from Pancreatic Cancer - aged 69. Roger as a regular in Only fools & horses as well.

Re: Roger Lloyd Pack dead

rip wally

Re: Roger Lloyd Pack dead

Yes very sad, another victim of cancer, it's a horrible disease and the sooner we can cure it in all it's forms the better.

Re: Roger Lloyd Pack dead

John Penny
Yes very sad, another victim of cancer, it's a horrible disease and the sooner we can cure it in all it's forms the better.

Smoking, drinking (alcohol) & eating the wrong foods & lack of excercise: are major factors in Cancer that are under most people's control - yes there are Genetic factors as well at work - but people can & should help themselves where they can do so - my own sister passed away about a month ago, the first & last of those points were almost certainly factors in her problems. The genetic factors are a more difficult problem.

Re: Roger Lloyd Pack dead

I sort of agree with you Bob and think that anyone who smokes in the face of the overwhelming evidence are being very foolish and it is also fair to say that leading a healthy life can help avoid some cancers.

That said, the sad fact remains that one in three of us will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in our lives and cancer certainly doesn't always obey the rules, striking young and old and often for no obvious reason. Simply getting older dramatically raises your liklihood of developing the disease and we are all doing that!

Stay well old chap.

Re: Roger Lloyd Pack dead

Doing my best to keep well John, I retire on the 23rd May this year from RAF Lakenheath, I turned 65 in Dec - just a low dose blood pressure pill is all I'm taking, but yes - Age is another factor in the Algebra equation of illness causes.

A very lovely girl that Sheila & myself knew called Caroline who was only 35 died last year from Cancer of the eye that had spread. She never smoked, had just the odd drink, her parents Chris & Bernie have both outlived her - she worked with horses at Epsom race course & did lots of charity work
Another RIP I'm afraid - a good many who were involved with Survivors have now gone, still it was the mid 1970s