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Welcome to our "GREG" forum, this is designed to be used for discussing Subjects related to Survivors, developing longer threads & the deeper side to Survivors & quality TV drama.  Some rules apply: 1. One username per person, this will be their real name EG John Jones - no nicknames, IPs are being checked to ensure this, 2.  No serious abuse or sale of items, this is not Ebay, 3. Off topic messages & threads Will be deleted If you Do not agree with these rules, please don't post here..........  Bob meade, Suffolk, UK. Nov 2005. (


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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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AFTER POWER, PDF book updated

I have now transfered all the text I created some years ago to the above file link - a PDF, this is my follow on story, from the end of Survivors final season 3 in 1977. I am not really sure of the direction the story will proceed in now, so suggestions welcomed Just remember, this story is set in the world & time of the late 1970s - I suspect the climax of the story will be a big reunion eventually, but as I have said - all ideas welcomed. If anyone want a MS word file of the text, please let me know.
Bob Meade
Oct 2013