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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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Survivors Returns On Audio

Re: Survivors Returns On Audio

This looks like very good news. Involving the original cast to some extent too.

Thanks for the info'

So long as they don't take inspiration from that other thing from a couple of years ago which for some reason went by the same title!

Re: Survivors Returns On Audio

Yes, I agree John, I do hope it is good news, though it looks like this is in the early stage at the moment.

By the way, 2 people have died, swimming in the Gullet Quarry in the last 2 weeks - The gullet was partly used in the "Spoil of war" episode.

Re: Survivors Returns On Audio

Here are links to 2 audio podcasts about Survivors on the "British invaders" website. Very interesting.

Also a clickable link to the Big finish website:

And the Big finish podcast covering Survivors:

Re: Survivors Returns On Audio

BTW Lucy F will be involved.

Re: Survivors Returns On Audio

BTW Lucy F will be involved.

Excellent news Bob

Thanks for the links