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Filming Locations


I've found several references to Hoarwithy and Hampton Bishop being locations used in Gone Away. Has anyone actually confirmed these locations got photos and if poss google streetview refs ?



Re: Filming Locations

Happy new year Adrian.
Looking at streetview through Hampton Bishop, could "THE ELMS" be the elusive Pig chase house from Corn Dolly? - it is of course near Mordiford bridge & I believe I found the Gone away filling station on one of the B roads to Hereford some years ago.

As For Hoarwithy, I am fairly confident the public right of way that goes between there & Harewood by a stream, holds the "Man & boy hut by the stream" location from Gone away, though the hut is long gone. The slope looks right as Tom shoots the Chicken.

Re: Filming Locations

IIRC, and my memory is fading fast, there was an add-on for Google Maps knocking about that gave locations for Survivors. Has that now disappeared or is it still around?

I just did a quick search on Google but there was nothing obvious.