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Terry Nation's Survivors -"GREG" Forum
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THE QUIET EARTH BOOK by Craig Harrison

This is a great book, somewhat in the spirit of Survivors, but set in New Zealand. Copies are almost impossible or expensive to come by, £200 is a typical price, but as a small gift to ALL my friends who read this, I have made the text available on my website, simply follow this link, & scroll down towards the bottom of the page & look for the title:
Enjoy & a great Xmas & happy 2013 to everyone I know.
This is assuming we all "SURVIVE" the 21st Dec, when the world ends! I will then be in Survivorland then for xmas.

I will also be adding some more text in the next few days to my own Survivors follow on book: "AFTER POWER" the link is on the same page as the link above, the book is not finished yet! but I am trying.

Thanks Richard Clark for the picture of Dennis, now added to my site too.
I hope to meet some of you next year, on one of my visits to "White cross" (or Callow hill farm) - lots more Survivors treasures to be found there, I'm sure.


Looks like I'm going to have to sell my copy then - and buy a Kindle Fire. Woo Hoo!

If I can find it ...

Seriously, £200 is way too much for a knackered old paperback. £199.99 seems fair though.

There's a film of this too which is pretty good IIRC.

NB: is an interesting site. Looks like there may be a couple of good apres apocalypse style films on the way (Oblivion and After Earth)

Re: £200?

That is just mental.

Re: THE QUIET EARTH BOOK by Craig Harrison

Thanks Bob for the link to the website page and that over expensive book.
I still appreciate the help given to me from this forum and in particular yourself, years ago when I wanted to watch Ian McCullogh on youtube in an early performance of his "Flight of the Heron".

Have a Happy Christmas.

I've got a bit of reading to look forward to.

Re: THE QUIET EARTH BOOK by Craig Harrison

There is also a movie of the book which is worth watching it is also set in New Zealand.
This movie also proves we do not have sheep wandering the streets!

Re: THE QUIET EARTH BOOK by Craig Harrison

I'm sure you do not have have sheep in new zealand streets!

A happy new 2013 to all Survivors fans & users of this board.

I have just returned from Survivorland in the west country, with many places flooded - it has a feeling of the latter part of Terry Nation's "Book": Survivors, I took quite a few pics of the flooded roads, which I will put on my website in a few days.

Re: THE QUIET EARTH BOOK by Craig Harrison

The Quiet Earth Book is being republished in August this year, so as not to infringe the renewed copyright, I have been asked by the new publisher to take down the PDF file of it I have, linked futher up this thread, at the weekend - you have been warned But it will be great to have the book in a better form. This is the link to the new edition, scroll down to august:

Re: THE QUIET EARTH BOOK by Craig Harrison

Thanks for that I have been looking for a copy, £6 is nicer that £200

Re: THE QUIET EARTH BOOK by Craig Harrison

It is now available for pre-order at Amazon - £6.95 on Kindle only release 24 July 2013.