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Lucifer - Father of Cain - Chapter 10 - "Cain"

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Chapter 10 - Cain

by Gerlinda

It's been only a few years that the subject of two seed lines have come to the surface enough to cause many Christians to begin talking about this very important subject. People used to look at you if you were committing apostasy for even entertaining such an idea that Lucifer had his Seed walking this very earth with the humans. The fact of the matter is that, yes, they walk among you. You know them best by their fruits.

Zen tells how he was attacked vehemently by those, that to dare to speak such a thing was blasphemy. I was all but escorted out of a church myself for bringing up the fact that there were Giants in the Land. In trying to warn others, I was scolded publicly. Yet, the very church members that claimed to read the Bible failed to read about the Giants with comprehension. So, who was it that young David, the Shepherd, killed with a sling-shot? And this Giant had 3 brothers. Why such a hateful reaction when the topic is scripturally sound? Go back to your Bibles, Oh Christians & read with comprehension.

First of all, these same people have never gotten into the Books such as Genesis very deeply and let it speak for itself which is why they failed to understand the on-going battle of the two Seed-lines through-out the Old Testament. They think it is all about a bunch of pagan tribes against the Hebrew Children but consider them all to be normal human beings. Wrong!

Why is it that Adam did not acknowledge Cain as his own seed? Before his actual birth, what did the Lord God find so offensive that caused Him to have Adam and Eve escorted out of Paradise? The woman made in the image of God was now impregnated with the DNA altered child of Lucifer. Really, now, was it like we've been told down through the centuries....the eating of the fruit, merely the first step that led to the Seduction of Eve that found her pregnant with the Seed of Lucifer?

To find the answer, the reader has to go even deeper back in time to understand why God created Adam in His own image. The previous chapters in this book by Zen Garcia lays out ample evidence that shows we have really been held in the dark about who we are and why we are here. And the fact that we are now the Second World Age, not the First.

After one has read the earlier chapters, one can understand why the Lord was so adamant that those whom He called out, who were called "The Chosen" should not intermarry with the descendants of Cain. All the children from that Seed are the Seed of Lucifer who used Eve as the human source in which to produce his own humans that were part Fallen Angels. Remember Lucifer is the Number One Rebel against God and he still believes that his horde of half humans will defeat the Chosen lineage of Yahuah. That is the battle that rages today and will until the End.

Many claim that there is no dual seed-line teaching in Biblical Heritage yet Zen Garcia gives dozens of references from various Holy Books, eccentric passages and Biblical scriptures to prove this teaching that is a highly concealed truth.

The Lord hated the Canaanite and their seed! Does God really consider all men are created equal? Absolutely Not. Yet, our Constitution teaches that lie. These men/women of the sons of Cain are descendants of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel who lost his beauty and rank, thrown down to rule earth and it's surrounding heaven. Just as the descendants of Adam have not disappeared but walk the earth today, so do the off-spring of Lucifer and Eve.

These are the Wheat and Tare of which Jesus spoke in His parables. . I know, people who read these parables actually think this is talking about various degrees of being good or bad, you know...good Christians and bad Christians who are made in the image of God. I thought this myself once. A reading of Zen's book will show just how ignorant is this concept and yet, it is accepted, isn't it?

The Old Testament is a continuous saga of battles between two seeds and their various tribes. And, this will not go on forever. There is a only a certain amount of time given man until God will put a halt to this war waging. "...the Lord said, My Spirit shall not forever dwell and strive with man, for he also is flesh; but his days shall yet be 120 [Jubilee] years." [Gen.6:3] That is a total of 6,000 years. It began in the Garden with the birth of Cain, where he killed his brother Abel and it will end in the Garden when Jesus Christ, Himself, will gather out the Sons of God before He purifies the earth of these demonic creatures through fire.

The Garden, I am speaking about, is not Paradise which is located in the Third Heaven and is the Land that holds New Jerusalem but it is the earthly place known as The Garden of Eden, which is located in the very places where the four rivers flowed that were a root of the rivers in Paradise, which it is said, are the sources for these four rivers. Two of those rivers can no longer be found but the Tigris and Euphrates are still there with the Euphrates drying up just as the Bible told us it would prior to the Last Battle.

Ever since the 9/11 event, the forces of the Illuminati, whom seek their One World Order, have found excuse to get back to this land of Iraq/Iran where they continue to gather all of the old artifacts that were lost after the fall of Babylon and to establish itself in that land again. That has been the goal of the Powers that Be.

I believe that this is also referring to the woman sitting in the basket that was carried to the Land of Shinar by the two stork-like looking entities.

Wake up, people! This is what all of history's events are about. People will say, there has always been war and always will be, thus they seem to have no concern about the days in which they live. Yes, there have always been war ever since the birth of Cain and the first murder committed by him against his half-brother, the Seed of Righteousness.

However, they are dead wrong about there always will be: it is about time for the Last Battle to come upon mankind. That is why it is so important for us to understand our beginnings and to concentrate very hard on the End. No, all men are not created equally.

Do we now understand much more clearly why it is that (Yahusha) Jesus Christ, the visible body of Yahuah took on the body of flesh and was born of a virgin? Everything about this Redeemer of man-kind spoke of Righteousness while everything about the birth of Cain spoke of Sin.

We often hear that it was easy for Jesus to live a righteous life on earth because he was God. But that is not the case, He cast off His Divinity and became man, subject to all the temptations of man but remained true to the cause for which He emptied Himself, trusting completely in The Holy Spirit for all that He accomplished, even onto His Own Death on the tree/cross, which He gave willingly.

Let's not be fooled into the teaching that it was the Jews that killed Him. They could not have done it if Jesus Christ had not laid down His life willingly to redeem man-kind from the clutches of Lucifer. This is what the New Birth is about; asking God to give you His Eternal Life that He promises when you give your life over to Him and make Him your God, willingly. He will restore in you His pure DNA that allows you to, once again, enter Paradise, where the New Jerusalem is located.

He knew us before we were born because we were once with Him...yes His angels, whom he allowed to take on flesh, live the life here on earth and make the choice, either to follow Him or Lucifer. He does not want blind followers but only those who love Him and want their life to be under His subjection. What a gift so freely given by God come in the Flesh.

On the other side of the coin, you could say, The off-spring of Lucifer receive all of the power, wealth, position and empty promises on this earth that he is able to muster up for them. Of that fact, there is no doubt; look around you and observe.

King Solomon is an example of a Seed of the Chosen Race whom was given Wisdom for which he asked yet he disobeyed the one prime ordinance of not having pagan wives or concubines of which we know numbered at least 1,000. Most of these wives were of the Seed of Lucifer, which introduced Solomon into their pagan practices of worshipping worthless gods and indulging in sexual perversion to these gods. This led to his ultimate down-fall.

There are ministers, today, that preach the lie of what a great man of God, King Solomon was but what they do not tell you is that how he began is not the way he ended. His whole life was vanity, which is another word for Witchcraft. Do you see the implications here? Yet unaware Believers will believe these ministers of the Gospel who even have Bibles named after them.

You cannot indulge in these things and expect to attain Eternal life in Paradise. It all goes against the Holiness of Almighty God. Is it possible to lose your place among the Chosen Righteous Seed? Yes, when you align yourself with the Seed of Satan, you begin to change within. it is your choice. God is there for you; He gives Angels charge over you, whom write down everything you do to be recorded for that day of judgement.

Had the church been teaching about the two Seed-Lines, people would understand why the presence of evil dominate this world: this kingdom belongs to Satan. The Gospel of Philip tells us:

"First, adultery came into being, afterward murder. And he was begotten in adultery, for he was the child of the Serpent. So he became a murderer; just like his father, and he killed his brother. Every act of sexual intercourse which has occurrerd between these unlike one another is adultery."

Therefore he acquired sons who angered one another. And Cain killed Abel his brother, for the Demiurge breathed into them his spirit. And there took place the struggle with apostasy of the angels and mankind, those of the right with those of the left, those in heaven with those on earth, the spirits with the carnal and the Devil against God. A Valentinian Exposition

Zen says that it is his opinion that the early church knew and understood the condemnation of Cain and why he was the 1st liar, the 1st murderer and the 1st deceiver born into this world. As the first born of the Devil, he and his children would introduce all manner of evil and abomination into what we know, collectively, as reality.

Yahweh knows that Cain has a contrary spirit within him and like Pandora's box will be utilized by Satan to bring all kinds of wickedness into being. This teaching has been purposely covered up to prevent humanity from knowing that there are those among us whom are inclined toward evil and that Satan has a great influence over this seed-line of humanity.

Thus, it is important that we, as a people, revisit the two seed line theory, as it can help elucidate other aspects of Biblical scripture that many still yet misinterpret or little understand, like why the lord commanded Israel.

Joshua was told by God to NOT spare any remnant of the Giants and was very specific about not sparing any men, women or even children and even animals. Children grow up to be adults...adults of the Seed of Satan. For seven long years Joshua and the men of Israel continued to kill off this Seed-line.

Finally, they became weary and asked if they couldn't stop now and get on with their lives in the Promised Land. As a result, they were not all eradicated; reduced but not eliminated. You begin to understand, don't you, that there is so much evidence regarding the lineage of Cain being the son of the Angel of Death Sammael?

Every part of the world shows the skeletal remains of these Giants.

Besides the First and Second Book of Adam and Eve, there is a pseudipigraphal book called Vila Adam et Eve or Life of Adam and Eve, which also recount the early days of Adam & Eve. Included in there is a strange account of the birth of Cain.

"After their initial exile, Adam implored Eve to entreat the Lord for forgiveness and vowed to remain standing in the river Jordan for 40 days in ritual prayer while Eve would pray in the Tigris River for 37 days.

Approached by Satan as an angel of the Lord, Eve is duped again to quit her fast and follow what she thought was an Angel back to Paradise. Upon seeing her, Adam informed Eve that she had been tricked again. In sorrow Eve decided to wander Westward toward the horizon until she expired.

She traversed towards the sun, when suddenly she began to experience inconceivable pains, sensations unknown to her prior. Not understanding her dilemma, Eve cried out for mercy and comfort. Seeing Satan had once again come upon his mate, Adam pursued her and requested Yahweh for aid. The Lord sent Michael to prepare Eve for the childbirth He had told her about when removing her form Paradise.

Eve had no idea what the Lord meant when He told her she would now bring forth children in sorow. She had no idea that she was pregnant with Cain or that the act would result in the birth of Lucifer's first born son Cain. After Cain is born from the womb, as a youth with ability to walk. Adam would lead both back East to settle the cave of Treasures.

Another book called Kebra Nagast has this to add to the above account, The raping of Eve is what led to the birth of Cain, as Adam knows immediately that Cain is of ill-tempered (or sullen) and his appearance evil he was sad.'

The Zohar 3-76b-77a says this: "After the Serpent mounted Eve and injected filth into her, she gave birth to Cain. From thence descended all the wicked generations of the world. And the abode of demons and spirits is from there and from his side. Therefore, all the spirits and demons have one half from man below and the other half from the angels of the supernal realm. Thereafter Adam begot on those spirits daughters who are the beauty of those above and those below."

When Joseph was betrothed to the young 14 year old Mary and finds that she is with child, fearful of being ostracized by the community for her pernicious deed and his inability to protect her from promiscuity, Joseph asks Mary to explain her situation while equating his circumstance to that of Adam's, meaning that Adam also must have found his wife Eve pregant before ever having united with her in copulation.

Forwarding on to the words of our Lord Messiah, whom is myriad quotes from the New Testament links the church elders, the Pharisees and Sadducces of Jewish authority with being the literal children of the devil and from the line of and seed of Cain. He even accused them of murdering and martyring the patriarchs of Seth's line throughout history from that of Abel to Zechariah.

What most do not understand is that the Church authority, the Parisees and Sadducees are sects of the lineage of Cain and direct descendants of the children of Lucifer. Those that do have the insight of this teaching would not understand what Yahushuah mean when He said, "I know that you are Abraham's seed, yet you seek to kill me because my word finds no place in you. I say the things which I have seen with my Father: and you also do the things which you have seen with your father."

They answered him "Our father is Abraham" Jesus said to them, "If you were Abraham's children, you would do the works of Abraham. But now you seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth, which I heard from God. Abraham didn't do this. You do the works of your father."... John 8:37-47 Read the whole account and see how often Jesus refers to these as being of their father Satan.

Zen says that, "many will try to deny that our Lord meant what I contend here and yet it says plainly that these two groups are of their father, the devil. Yahushuah was linking the church authorites of that day and age as being the descendants of Cain and linked in that way directly to Lucifer. Why else would they murder Him?

There are many Scriptures within the New Testament that attest the Old Testament claims that Cain truly was the child of the devil again upholding the veracity of this teaching.

"Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil and his brother's righteous." John 3:12

The Parisees, Sadduccees and Cainites are the false Jews spoken about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, who say they are Jews but are not but are of the Synagogue of Satan. They often work their evil as if they are working through God's chosen people but only do so in order for blame to be levied upon the Hebrew nation as a whole.

The New World Order and those that work for it are made up of all races, creeds and genders of people. Satan's army and church are comprised over every kind of person without exclusion, so be wary. in their attempts to blame or vilify Jews or any other race for the ills of the world.

Those serving Satan, the New World Order and the rebel angels are they whom suffer the devastation of those appointed to WRATH. Those remaining with Satan in his mock war against the return of the Lord are those who suffer destruction at the mercy of those fallen angels which are loosed to desimate two thirds of the remaining world's population.

Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month and a year, for to slay the third part of men. Revelation 9:14-15

Let me end this chapter, continuing to quote from Zen: "I believe that what the Lord is alluding to in certain chapters and parables from the New Testament and other texts is that the Pharisees' and Sadduccees' are those that killed the prophets and sought after His own murder. He very literally meant that the church authorities were the ones instrumental in conspiring His death and that they were truly of the family and line of Cain. Why else would the Jewish church incite the people to murder He whom fulfilled all of their prophecy."

My own words, "Has anything really changed at all? The move to have a One World Religion being headed up by the Vatican and those that have joined them is of the Devil whom is determined to receive all honor and glory that belongs only to God Almighty."

We highly recommend "Lucifer - Father of Cain" by Zen Garcia, which can be gotten at Amazon.com