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While Yahusha/JESUS was alive, He prayed to His Father: "I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.  John 17:15 (KJV)

Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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Yahusha is YHWH  come in the flesh, He put aside His Diety to become a human, born of  a Virgin.

Yahusha is the Word, As The Most High, He spoke all things seen and unseen into existence

When YHWH created Light, He was revealed to the angels. 

John 14:26
"the breath of life"

But the Comforter, which is "the breath of life", whom the Father will send shall teach you all things.

God is not His  Name but a term.  The Holy Spirit is not a person but the very Breath of the Father.

There is no Trinity.  The Father, YHVH  and Yahusha are One  (John 10:30)






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Sons of God....Who are We?

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

How many of us have questioned the reason for our living, about humanity; have we always been, will we always be, what is our purpose. There just do not seem to be any answers given that make any sense whatsoever.

Zen Garcia has written the Book, "Sons of God, Who are we - Why we are Here"
which gives answers to so many of these questions plus much more. This video is an outline of the things that Zen covers.

We've been told that the world started with a Big Bang or we just don't know or "It's not for us to know; we just are". But the truth of the matter, there is much written that do provide those answers: they have been hidden by those that do not want the truth to be told......that would be those Sons of Satan. That would be the Elite Blood-line that we are learning about more and more; those who hold high seats of power in this present world. They have an agenda; However, God has His.

We live in a Matrix created to keep us unaware of God's purpose for His children; that their lives are not about their personal pleasures but to make the choice to serve God or serve Satan. He gives us every opportunity to know Him and none will be able to have an excuse that they just didn't know Him.

Many of us are finally learning that there is much more to who it is that walk this earth. There are two Bloodlines. There are the Sons of God and the Sons of Satan. We understand the humans, whom we consider ourselves to be but what about these Sons of Satan? You say, they walk this earth also? Yes, they do.

Within the latter group, you have your hybrids & clones which confuses the facts as told in Genesis. There are, under the various nations the underground bases and places such as Area 51, in Nevada, where there are large compounds on many levels where various Hybrids are being created. You may ask what is the purpose of these Hybrids. They are the slave race that work for the upper level of these Fallen Angels.

One big project of theirs is to create a Super Race. That is the same platform that Hitler had so nothing has really changed, just morphed into unbelievable creatures that look much the same as the gods and goddess of old whom had heads of animals and bodies of men or the other way around...creatures so ugly that to see them would stop the heart of man.

We have been learning from Zen that after Lucifer saw the unseen God revealed in the Light of Yahusha (Jesus Christ, the First Adam) he began to rebel against His authority. He actually believed that He could rise to a higher level than the Only Begotten of the Father Himself.

This is what Begotten means. Jesus (Yahusha) is God but only revealed (seen) when Light was called for during the days of creation: the unseen God was now visible. For Lucifer's sin of rebellion, he and those that followed him were expelled into the other realms of the heavens. Upon their fall, the angels had their beauty taken away and became very ugly creatures.

This didn't just happen 6,000 years ago. What will be covered later in this report is the fact that there was a pre-Adamic Race, which is none other than these Fallen Angels and their activity that took place through-out the cosmos of the Universe long before the creation of Adam and Eve.

There is evidence of warfare that took place in the heavens between Satan & his angels and Michael and his angels. The Planet Mars is evidence of this war that included power that cause huge crevices on Mars. Also, on Mars are seen buildings of sorts built long, long ago.

There is an ancient manuscript that suggests Satan's expulsion took place from one level of heaven to another until finally Satan and his crew occupied earth which included the heavens around it. That is all part of that age. That is why Satan is given the title, "Prince and Power of the Air" as he rules earth.

Chapter 2, "When did we get created?"

Zen says that we always were with the Father. Do you understand the implication of that statement? The Adam of Light is Yahusha (Jesus Christ) Scriptures tell us that He knew us before we were born. How would that be possible unless we were once with him? We are made in the image of this light when we become humans. Why did we become humans is also covered in his video.

There are 3 World Ages: they will be covered here briefly.

First Age was when we were spirited beings and war in the Heavens began.

The Second World Age began with the temptation of Adam and Eve, their loss of grace, immortality and loss of their bright nature (angelic nature). It was during this time when Adam was created that God took a rib out of his body and created Eve. This implies that within a human, there is both the male and female. This isn't so hard to understand when we look at the fact that there are 23 female Chromosome and 23 male Chromosomes with a single Y or an single X to determine the sex.

During this time in the Garden, we learn that Eve partook of some kind of fruit/plant that she had been warned not to eat, which brought about the seduction of Eve. Satan implanted within her the Seed of Cain. Then Adam knew his wife and she also bore the second son called Abel.

Some say, they were twins that were born at the same time; Cain first and then Able. Others say they took place separately. We know that Cain killed his brother and the first murde, ever, took place. Later God gave Eve another son named Seth, whom is included in the genealogy of Adam. Cain was not included in Adam's family lineage. Our Bibles make small references to earlier ages but concentrates on this age that began in Paradise, the Garden of Eden.

We know from his book called, "Lucifer - Father of Cain" by Zen, that Satan had a Hermaphrodite nature, which is the condition of having both male and female reproductive organs and it was possible that with this nature he also violated Adam.

Third World Age: When Our Lord returns and judges all things, separates the Wheat from the Tares, then this Third Age begins (And Eternal Age)

Chapter 3. Zen is asked about the Millennial Age of Christ and answers, "There is no such thing...It has already happened." To understand this, you must understand that there already was the Pre-Adamic Age. There are 7 ages with 1,000 years between each age.

Prior to Christ coming as Man, dying on the cross to redeem mankind, EVERBODY went to Sheol (Hell). When Christ told the thief on the cross who had said, "Surely You are the Son of God" the day they were to be crucified, "This day you shall be with me in Paradise." he was telling the world that His death paid the price to unlock the Gates of Hell (Brass & Iron) and lead the captive free. Paradise is in Heaven. In Sheol, there was a division of the Righteous and Unrighteous. The Righteous were in the section known as Abraham's Bosom with a great gulf between they and the unrighteous.

Sons of God: Zen discusses how we, who have always been with the Father become humans. Now, for what purpose you may ask. His answer is that we are given the opportunity to live on this earth ruled by Satan and his angels to be tempted and make our own decision to follow God or the Lord of this World. You can only understand this when you realize that we were with God before our human birth and like all of those of the Spirit world, we are given our personal opportunity to make a choice for God or for the Adversary.

Although Jesus paid the price to redeem the Souls in Sheol (Hell), and lead them out of captivity, he still has not taken Earth away from Satan. Why? Because there are millions of Souls yet to be born as humans who must live a life, a harsh life of the Fallen State and make their choice. God does not want anyone's love and worship, who has not made it freely. He gives us an opportunity.

Doesn't this bring to mind why Satan gives riches and glory to those humans who have sold their soul to him. He doesn't love them, he wants to destroy the lineage of Adam. Think of the thousand that are in the entertainment business who, who give no thought to what they have done when they make a pledge to serve Satan signed in their own blood. There have been many who have tried to break free from this world but few actually make it. Ultra Mind Control techniques are used on them to keep them in line. Pray for these foolish ones who did not know what they were doing until it is almost too late. The Seed of Satan rule this world.

Chapter 4 Dragon Lords This speaks of the banishment of Lucifer and his Reptillian Angels. From the 2nd day to the 6th day of Creation, they had free reign. These Fallen Ones captured Nibiru as part of their solar system and God allowed it because it is within His plan and He will use it as part of His judgment.

Zen tells about reading from a writing called Mother of all Books (Moslem Text) that Lucifer, every 1,000 years fell from one dimension to another until he finds himself in the lower 3rd dimension. He is not sure about this but there may be something to this.

So, where is Satan now? Absolutely, he has been thrown into our 3rd domain that we live. There are many portals, wormholes, gates, door-ways into other dimensions that are over-lapping each other. This all seem to verify why the Illuminati are busy in their on-going travels into space. We don't know, even though they tell us one thing, you can be sure it is totally within their commerce.

Chapter 5 Prior Times and Mission Earth.

This chapter covers the time prior to mankind, the Annuaki and how the sun and moon were placed exactly to create the Eclipses. Also it speaks about how the earth was formed, the orbital system and how we became a part of the 12 Constellation System. The Book of Enoch is full of this kind of information...another one of the Books of the Apocrypha that has been hidden from the people...until this Last Day Generation.

Chapter 6 Celestial Battle and End of 1st World Age.

This speaks of the destruction of Camelot, about the wars in the Heavens that has left our Solar system in the shape that it is in presently. Until you understand this you will not understand where we are now. A question asked, "Are there on-going battles taking place now?"

Answer, 'Absolutely". We have Lucifer trying to create "Super Warriors" to be used in a final battle he hopes to win against Jesus Christ at His Second Coming. As told before, in Area 51 and in the many underground bases, cloning is being done right now and has been for years and years. It will be like in the Days of Noah when all of mankind had been genetically altered so that only 1 family of 8 persons remained genetically pure.

The Flood of Noah was sent to wipe out all of these evil hybrids. And we, that read the Bible are led to believe that these were simply wicked people. It was much more sinister than that. Can you imagine how few were still intact out of the millions of people? The Bible tells us that the End of Days will be like it was in the Days of Noah. This isn't simply talking about an evil generation but a generation, because of it's Genetic manipulation, doesn't know right from wrong and are totally evil.

I think of that place called Camelot. We have heard that name in our generation, haven't we? It is referred to by the Political minded ones who used the name of that place often during the years of John and Jaqueline Kennedy. It was hoped that the days of Camelot would now return. Perhaps, we can now understand that the rulers of our day use the same names of places that they once knew in other places in the heavens.

When asked if this battle is still on-going, Zen went to the topic of the Locust Army of Revelation 9 that are being held for that day when they will be released. These locust come out of the smoke, from the pit and Abaddon commands them to torment any man for 5 months who does not have the seal of God on his forehead. God will use these Locust (demons) to destroy those who aligned with Satan.

Do you see why these (demon/locust] will not be able to touch those who have the Mark of God upon them? And if they have the Mark of God upon them; are they Raptured out? And, if Raptured out, there would be no reason for the angels to put God's Mark upon them. Think about that one.

This protection of the Blood of Jesus Christ upon His own is similar to the First Passover when the Blood of the Lamb was put over the door-post of the Israelites so that when the Death Angel came, it passed over them but not over the First Born of the Seed of Satan.

It is my own personal thought that came to me that the First Born of Egypt could, symbolically, be speaking of the Sons of Satan which the Angel of Death (Nibiru) will destroy. The Death Angel did not bother those under the Blood of the First Passover Lamb but only struck down the First Born of Egypt. The First Born was the Seed of Satan.

What poetic justice it would be from God to let this very planet Nibiru, to do a repeat of past history upon the First Born of Seed of Satan that began by the violation that took place in the Garden.

This soon to happen passing of The Destroyer has a purpose in the End Days that only God could have put into motion. Zen tells in his account that God allowed Satan to capture Nibiru as one of his own solar system. And soon, Nibiru will be finishing it's Oblong Orbit that will cause the whole earth to flip it's poles because Nibiru's gravitational pull is much stronger than earth's thus earth has no defense. The junk that it's tail has gathered, alone, is a devastating thought of destruction upon Planet Earth.

It is my belief that God will use this Destroyer after the time of the Locust Army, that will go out to torment for 5 months those that took the Mark of the Beast. They will seek death but death will not be granted to them during those 5 months. As I said, these are only my own personal thoughts, which are not chiseled in granite.

There are 7 wars - 7 conflicts. The first was the Rebellion by Lucifer and the war between the Sons of Light and The Sons of Darkness. These 7 wars over 7 thousand year are being played out. The first war became the enmity between the bloodlines of today. They got cast out to various places such as Tartus. These are all discussed by Zen.

II Peter tells they have been warring ever since. There was another group that joined this group. These are the 200 Watchers, that came down at Mt. Hermon after the Noah Flood and began this whole process again of taking human daughters of the Canaanites and begetting children.

The original leaders of this group have been chained in darkness until the Day of Judgment. Zen says that those that accepted their judgement came into their flesh bodies. They await their appeal. But the others continue their rebellion and wars.

I will stop at this point and post a second part to this most interesting video by Zen Garcia. The man is a servant of the Lord God Almighty. He lives his life in total research to come to the truth that has been hidden from us by the very perpetrators of these crimes, the Fallen Angel Race that reside along the Seed of the woman human race walking our earth today.

Please take the time and listen to this fascinating information by a dear servant of the Lord, Zen Garcia.

I hope this all will help us to understand that there is a much deeper purpose for our lives than we may ever have considered.


"Sons of God, Who are we - Why we are Here"

Re: Sons of God....Who are We?

Part two

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

The Pre-Adamic Earth

Most believe that there is only 6,000 year total therefore they don't seem to be able to grasp the fact there was a time prior to Adam and earth and that Satan and the Fallen Angels have their history of events which are recorded in the Books of the Apocrypha such as the Books of Enoch and The Books of Adam and Eve and many others.

Consider how the Monolithic structures and evidence of their existence is seen all over the world. They were very busy constructing their cities, temples & civilizations to rule. Consider also...why do civilizations all over the world have the same evidence of these Giant building projects that could only have been built by a Giant Race? The structures are the same and the stories seem to be the same with only different cultures using different names. One of the most famous of these is the Pyramid of Giza that bears out the fact that it survived a global flood with it's salt line from the water still visible. Jeremiah 4:23 talks about previous judgments upon these angels and their cultures of civilizations. Man did not create these, yet the truth of who did build these are kept from the public by the very off-spring of these Fallen Angels.

Genesis 1:23 speak about the Elohim who aren't able to create but did mold primitive type creatures to be their slaves in order to process gold which is used to refract the Suns rays. Big Foot creatures, with Red Hair, 7 & 8 ft. Tall with long arms fit into this.

Also consider the mythological story of Krypton where the father known as Jor- El saw his planet nearing total collapse so he sent his son, "Superman" to earth in order to insure his survial. Is this just a story or does it, somehow, connect to the earlier ages of the Fallen Angels who occupied various planets? Do you recall when Obama gave a speech at a dinner where he said, "Contrary to what some may think, I was not born in a manager but on Krypton". Then came a big wink to which other "Elite" bloodlines such as McCain & a certain Arch-Bishop who sat together and looked at each other in laughter like they understood as a big private joke. Because it is impossible for us to understand with out limited information, which has been kept from us, we have been duped into believing all of their lies; even to the fact that one political party is different than the other party when in fact, they are all part of the same Blood-line families. They have been ruling since the get-go. Yet people will hate you for even implying that one is not doing a better job than the other.

The Annuaki do not consider themselves as gods but an advanced race. There are the others of lesser worth among them which go all the way down to the "Wee People" found primarily among the Irish Lore. Kingship began with them.

Genesis 6 tells us how the Nephillim taught mankind how to make warfare, medicine from herbs, paint to beautify women, jewelry of gold and silver, charms and incantations. These are all that God did not want mankind to know but were taught by various Fallen Ones who had children from among the daughters of Cain.

Until we understand these earlier ages, you wil not be able to understand why we are here, why the on-going wars take place, the need for a Savior and how your choice of who you serve determines your final destiny.

6th Day: Adam of Paradise.

Zen believes Nephillim are the original Fallen Angels that begat hybreds.

Adam was made in sight of both the Fallen and Righteous Angels at a location between Earth and Paradise and ascended up to Paradise. Eve became into being the same day. Notice the word, "ascended" into Paradise. This becomes important when you consider where this Garden of Paradise was located. When Lucifer, who had fallen and become so very ugly disguised himself in the body of the Serpent, we should understand that this was not a snake as we think of it today but an attractive and crafty creature that was in the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This act that happened that day changed Adam and Eve from their spiritual bodies into bodies of flesh. They had been made in the image of God. They were driven out of Paradise into a place called Prison Planet. They were kept in a place called Cave of Treasures. And this is where we find ourselves today with out bodies of flesh with hope that the Lord will find us worthy enough to return us to our first estate.

(I would like to interject here that our works are as filthy rags, says the Bible and it is the Shed Blood of the Lamb of God that is our only hope since it is He that gives us that hope through becoming Born-Again. That free gift, if asked for with sincere repentance will change our earthly DNA and bring us back to Him Spiritually. g)

Chapter 11 Abandoned Hope.

This speaks of all who enter here drink of a cup of forgetfulness. What we do right now determines our place in eternity. Our hope is Christ but as we near the End, the evil will be come so bad, we must have armored ourselves with the Righteousness of God. It is a huge mistake to assume you are saved and have nothing to fear. In fact, as you grow more spiritually attuned to God, the attacks of the enemy become more intense. We want to get out of here. Earth holds nothing for us but it is all in God's time-line, not ours.

Chapter 12 The Reality of the Rulers.

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against Principalities in High Places...". I know Christians read this scripture often but it doesn't seem to turn on a light bulb in their Spiritual Blindness. Pray tell....who is this that is being spoken here in this warning? People cannot grasp that aliens, fallen angels exist. We must wake up to this fact that we are in a Prison World. If we listen to the Savior and take up His Cross, we will go to be with him. Paradise (New Jerusalem) is coming quickly.

Provers 8:22 "Aramaic Bible in Plain English “Lord Jehovah created me at the beginning of his creation and from before all of his works.”

The Lord knew us before we were born. We were all made in the image of God. This indicates we always were. We are Spiritual Beings. As told, when Adam fell, the Second World Age Began. Before that, it was the First World Age of the Fallen Angels and their various moves from planet to planet and eventually earth. The Fallen Angels and Pre-Adamic people created the Cone Head, which can be seen in the archives of Egypt. Their heads are elongated and these make up the priestly and kingly rulers. The regular people of Egypt worshipped these as gods.

We are all made in the Image of God. The Angels are called the Sons of God. Who are we? We also are Sons & Daughters of the Most High God.

This expression of being "Sons of God" should not be equated to the New Agers that go about claiming their are sons of god therefore they are god. Shirley McClain is one of the strongest advocates of this man-made remake of that term. They claim to be god without the surrender to Jesus Christ, the Begotten of the Father who is God in the Light. The New Age claimants are deceived by the lies of the Seed of Satan.

Chapter 14 is discussed by Zen, which tells that on the 8th day of Creation, Carnal bodies took place after the Fall. All of the past events of the creation of the angels, their seeing the Light, the Rebellion by Lucifer and the whole of the First Earth Age took place prior to the 8th day. This, when considered, is thousands of years earlier. When Adam & Eve were placed into Paradise, they were Spiritual bodies.

Satan didn't waste time. At the 3rd hour of the day, he showed up in his disguise, hid his ugly appearance within the body of the Serpent whom, although hard for us to fathom, was not the Snake as we picture him but some kind of attractive and silver tongued creature. They were enticed to eat a fruit of some kind; perhaps a vine that caused their guard to be let down.

By the 6 hour, these Spiritual beings known as humans, were experiencing the shame of what they had done, spoken to by By their Heavenly Father who pronounced their curse and banishment from Paradise. At the time of Banishment at the 9th hour, they took on the bodies of flesh. But what happened that hadn't happened before is that God breathed His Spirit into them after the 8th day.

Chapter 15: Fallen angels - Molded Bodies

As I considered this fruit of the vine, I was reminded of the Mural at the Denver Airport painted by the Illuminati, which presents an odd assortment of people, colors & blends of hidden meanings. People have walked past it, unable to decipher it therefore dismissing it's intentions. Right near the front, there is a type of plant that has not been defined as to what it could be.

Is this the plant that caused mankind to lose their caution and hand over their planet to these "Great Pretenders" that mean to bring about their New World Order...in reality...their Old Order that they once knew? Is this why this plant is given this spot in the Mural?

Zen tells that after the fall of the couple, God allowed the Fallen Angels to use them as molds (just empty molds). He sent angels to Satan to instruct on the molded dust form that would serve as containers for the Angelic forms. This actually came about as an agreement by the Angels of the Higher form and the angels of the lower form and that is why we, sons of the Living God have within us a duel natural state. This duel nature consists of Body, Soul and Spirit.

The Soul is our mind of our carnal nature. The Spirit leads to the higher level. When you sleep your spirit enters the mind and it, Zen says, with about 40% of the people on medication that it affects their thoughts. Soon these thoughts will play out the evil that can lead us to Hell. Deny those Thoughts; they are not you. We know that upon death, the Soul goes to sleep, the Spirit returns to it's God and the body decays.

When Yahusha (Jesus Christ) came into this world as God, in the flesh, He came on a DNA mission of rescue. We are all hybrids life and need to be Born-Again.

Zen tell about how the Wheat and Tares are an example of the separation of the two seeds who are allowed to grow together until the End when the Tares (Fallen Seed) are removed and burnt. The Wheat is taken into the barn.

Within our world, we have molded forms (Bodies) that are of the Righteous who have the Spirit of God and the other, who are empty of that Spirit but carry the Seed of Satan. These are of the Bloodline of Cain or other hybrids.

Chapter 16 speaks of how the First Days of Creation is the basis of all religions, traditions and mythology.

Chapter 17. The Rape of Eve.

This is a bit of an odd chapter...I say odd, perhaps, because it is so totally outside the scope of our present understanding of Eve but there must be a reason that Zen feels led to address this subject. It is said that God sent Eve to awaken and instruct Adam and that she was filled with the Spirit of the Holy Spirit. When the Angels (Arcons) saw her beauty and fell upon her, the Spirit within departed and the Arcons impregnated her with Cain. Genesis 3 tells us that Adam knew his wife and Able was also impregnated into her. The First Born of Satan killed the First Born of Adam. Genesis 4:1

This may all seem controversial to most but the more you begin to read the other Books of the Aprocrypha, you begin to be able to put the pieces together to form the true picture that took place that caused the Fall. Of course, we do not know all of it; it is just too complicated but we do understand a whole lot of what the Books of the Apocrypha have been able to show us had they not been kept from the people.

Our innocent fairy-tale under-standing of Genesis is over, which is good because now we can better understand the on-going war between the two seeds, the Fallen Angels and the Righteous Seed.

This is a topic that I had entertained a long time ago without the aid of anyone else except the readinf of the Bible myself and abandoning the limited teachings of the churches, which just did not sycranize or make any kind of sense.

It is the issue of a pre-Adamic Race that had to have occurred to explain the carnage that made up part of this earth such as the huge rock formations in the mountains of California; rocks which seem to sit in places waiting for a breeze to knock them down. Understanding that there was such an age helps us understand why we find the fossils of huge animals and also huge skeletal remains so large as to seem an impossibility.

No wonder the Bible does tell us that these Giants began to eat their way out of all the food that was provided to them by the humans and why the Giants began to eat the humans themselves besides offering them to their god Lucifer. Each culture had it's own names for these gods but their stories are very similar, so much so as to require a sound explanation that can only be done with the Word of God and all of the other Books written by by those that knew, either first hand or who read the accounts left by those Scribes such as Enoch.

Who would know better than Adam and Eve themselves what took place once they were banished from Paradise. Other accounts added more to what they, themselves knew, things that had been handed down verbally in addition to the written word. This First World Age was destroyed a huge water deluge that left the evidence that have been found.

The Adamic Race (The Second World Age) is the one that Adam & Eve were commanded to re-populate. How can you repopulate something that wasn't there before? Apparently there was. they and their off-spring repopulated the earth as the Fallen Angels continued to pollute the human DNA through the lineage of Cain. Noah's Flood was allowed to destroy that DNA disaster.

Today, we are nearing the end of the Third Age, which will once again, fill the world with mutations so horrible men's hearts will fail them. They are already in place waiting for their release upon the world. Speaking about Paradise, you may be surprised to learn that it is not located on earth but is the New Jerusalem. The Angels witnessed the making of Adam and Eve in the between area of earth and The Third Heaven. The Rivers described in Paradise have their roots in earth. How this all connects, I have no knowledge. Except, I know this, the Masonic Elite use the words, "As Above So Below".

There is no pre-Tribulation Rapture out of this time coming upon the world. What there is, however, is the mark of God that will be put on those that are His so that they cannot be touched by these demonic locust that will be allowed to come out of the pit.

I'd like to finish this off by reminding everyone that the Believers are made up of Spiritual Israel (the chosen of God) and those Gentiles that have been grafted into Her. The Jews of the Southern Kingdom will have a hard time of it but they, too, will, finally call upon the one that they did not acknowledge at His First Coming.

Remember the scripture that speaks about the A/C that will not be able to hurt those that had fled into the Wilderness but then went after the rest of those saints that kept His Commandments. This is speaking of Israel & Gentile and finally the Jews themselves. There will be much bloodshed, many more martyrs added to those that await for retribution to be poured upon them on the earth.

But the final battle will be the Lord's who will destroy this evil Seed of Satan at His Coming. Meanwhile, God has arranged things so that they fight among themselves in their hatred of Israel (The Righteous Seed of Almighty God made up of His Chosen and the Gentiles that are grafted into her)

Now, that it is very clear that there was a Pre-Adamic Race, then the total time given of 7,000 years to complete the work is over with the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. There cannot be a Millennium period added to the end of this time. Why would Jesus Christ allow Satan to have another chance after that period of time? He was given another chance during the Second Adam Time Line.

I can understand how Christians who did not know about the Pre-Adamic Age that took place when Satan and his Fallen Angels were kicked out of heaven may be a bit confused.

It was during this period of time which He and His angels spent their banishment in the various planets which they were occupying. We know that there was the on-going war in the heavens (which the Bible clearly tells us about) between Michael and His Angels and Satan and his that resulted in the obvious marks of destruction that took place upon Mars.

J.R. Church and Yacov Rambsel often spoke how Science showed this evidence of this devastation, which is hard to understand until you can put a grip around the fact that this took place PRIOR to the creation of Man. One cannot grasp this if one continues to hang on to some teaching that there is yet another age to take place after the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another piece of evidence is the Dinosaur and other huge animal life that took place which seemed to stop suddenly through some kind of destruction. Genesis 1 speaks about what happened when the birds were no longer seen. That Deluge of water that took place then could not be the Flood of Noah since Noah did have his bird of which he sent out a Raven and a Dove.

These animals of Giant size were the result of the Giant Fallen Angels doing their manipulation of the species upon earth to where they had finally been relegated. Science continues to try to find reasoning for this time period they call The ICE Age.

We cannot disregard this evidence and say that time period did not happen just so we can go ahead and stick that Age after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I know what the problem is...we have been taught that there is a 1,000 year reign of Christ. Haven't you ever wondered why Jesus would give Satan another chance when He has already given him his second chance during the Age of Adam?

Just maybe, we have been wrong about so much because of the deliberate lying by the Off-Spring of Satan, which co-exists with God's Righteous Seed today.

It has occurred to me that we have been taught that 6,000 years are granted to man and that is correct. The first age of the Pre-Adamic 1,000 years had nothing to do with man but with the Rebellion of Satan and His angels that happened, like I have stated, before the Time of Adam & Eve. Please remember that when Adam & Eve were put into Paradise, the Evil One was already there waiting. In fact, in one of the Books of the Apocrypha it tells that Satan had planted a tree within the Garden that displeased God. For some reason there was something about that tree: perhaps it was because it rendered a person unable to make a wise decision. Thus led to their fall.


Re: Sons of God....Who are We?