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The Open Scroll: The Sign of Yom Teruah - Stopped Clock - Russ Dizdar, Agent of Light and Shadow

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Posted: 03 Oct 2014 12:27 PM PDT

Yom Teruah was a big day. I don't often write about what goes on behind the scenes here at home but a notable sign in a season of signs that marked the day has to be shared. A week earlier, the Lord had led me to ask for a sign that was for Aaron and I, and within a day's time He brought it, and what was intended by it was quickly accomplished. Within a few days, I was led to expect another sign, something more along the lines of generally confirming some things that we needed to have increasing confidence about.

A sign was witnessed on Yom Teruah when a clock in our kitchen fell to the floor. Sure, falling clocks aren't unheard of, but this one's mounting system doesn't permit such a fall by any natural means whatsoever, and no structural failure was involved. The meaning of the details and the context speaks to both Aaron and myself on several levels.

The first that I'm going to share has to do with Russ Dizdar and the theme music featured on his popular Podcast. Perhaps other reports about the sign's meaning will follow, on subjects like the approaching time mission and Satan's fall.

The level of effort being given to this reporting on the Yom Teruah sign may well be more of a derailing of the series on The Penitent Man than a side-tracking - we'll see. The time remaining is so very short for such things.

Aaron and I don't make it a habit to celebrate every holiday, except as the Lord does occasionally lead. We had an anticipation, a sense of expectation, leading up to this recent Yom Teruah. It needed to be celebrated with attention given to an open agenda. We're not “messianic” in the sense of how the customs of Judaism are adopted by some in the church. (I am not unfamiliar with the community, with various levels of involvement in past seasons of the Lord's preparation.) We had received the Karaite report of the sighting of the moon (sunset 9/26/14) and welcomed the arrival of Yom Teruah by celebrating with some casual food and a season of fellowship. We had lots to celebrate, taking the opportunity to reflect on the amazing expression of the Lord's favor through the many cycles of trial and blessing. We rejoiced and praised the Lord for His goodness.

While we were recalling the transitional events of the past week, with a focus that was mainly on our personal lives, Aaron suddenly began to tell me about the theme music Russ Dizdar (ShatterTheDarkness.net) uses for his podcasts. The Ragged Edge Radio ....with Russ Dizdar (preemptionbroadcast.podomatic.com). He had Shazammed it a while back. The Lord brought our attention to it so we began exploring to discover why. Russ Dizdar's selection for his show's branding has something important to tell us, and you may find the insight disturbing, or perhaps just confirming.

The song Russ features at the start and finish of his show is Uli Jon Roth's song titled, Light and Shadows, from the 2008 album, Under A Dark Sky (Sky of Avalon). Aaron looked up the lyrics on his tablet and we were struck by what we found. What happened while Aaron and I were in the midst of assessing what the Lord was revealing to us through Russ' theme music provided validation later in the day, after the clock had fallen, when we were reviewing the complexities of the situation and seeking the Lord's intended meanings.

When you listen to Russ' opening segment you usually hear the softly sung line repeated, “Hallowed be thy name.” It's a line from what is widely known as the Lord's Prayer, from Matthew 6 and Luke 11. Hearing that praise music during the show, you can be assured that many a saint prays along, offering their own praise during this softly hypnotic prelude. Here's the problem. The god being praised in the song is a false god.

Uli Jon Roth websites:
www.ulijonroth.com (Dedicated to the Spirit of Peace)
www.edenwaith.com/uliroth (Eden, as in the biblical paradise. “Waith,” is an alternate spelling of “waeth,” which is a mutated form of gwaeth (“worse”) “Waith,” is also a mutated form of the Welsh word, “gwaith,” meaning: time - with cardinal numbers, 'how many times', etc.)

“Under A Dark Sky is a progressive rock album by Uli Jon Roth, featuring Mark Boals and Liz Vandall on vocals. It marks the first official release in the long-awaited series of Symphonic Legends, which is a cycle of music written for Roth's all-encompassing Sky of Avalon project. ...Andy DiGelsomina, composer of the heavy metal opera Lyraka, calls it "the most relevant rock guitar album of the 21st century...it takes as its base the pioneering progressive rock of the 70s, and with the lead guitar in (Roth)'s hands, ups the expressive content of the compositions to a heretofore unrealized degree. Roth's guitar becomes like a separate voice, a prime protagonist in an apocalyptic opera.".” (Wikipedia)

I invite you to explore Uli Jon Roth's acclaimed Sky Academy website for yourself, especially his Philosophy page. You'll find the following: “Sphere Five is about getting in tune with the Alpha and the Omega.” Hey, Revelation 1:8 and 11 right? Well, no, not that one but a pretender . You'll only confuse his with the genuine if you remove it from context, like Russ does with the “Light and Shadows” clip on his Ragged Edge Radio broadcast theme.

From the Sky Academy's Philosophy page: “Sphere I: The Principles of Music -- In the context of Sky Academy teaching, the first sphere of knowledge is that of MUSIC herself. This pertains to the very fabric of music, as well as to its metaphysics. Music is seen as a mirror image of the principles of creation.”

From Sphere II: Man and Music - The Principles of Man -- “The second sphere of knowledge is concerned with man, especially regarding the human experience of interacting with music. In Sky Academy teaching, man is an instrument. We are designed according to the same principles as is music – in many respects we are music. Music uses man as an instrument – and man uses instruments to create music – this seeming dichotomy can serve as a powerful mirror and a touchstone for our personal development. It is U.J.R.'s conviction that the spirit of music can teach us a lot more about ourselves and our identity than was hitherto realized. Music does hold vital and as yet unfamiliar keys to the spiritual evolution of the human race. It is the aim of Sky Academy to play a vital role in unlocking and utilizing some of this enormous potential.”

From Sphere III: The Way of the Guitar - The Instrument as a Bridge -- “In the third sphere of Sky Academy teaching, music is working through man, who uses an instrument. The third key stage is dedicated to the instrument of our choice – in our case usually the guitar, which is supremely suitable for this task at hand. In the context of Sky Academy teachings, we are essentially treating the guitar as our direct bridge to the heart of music, as well as to that of the listener. For Sky Academy purposes, the guitar is almost like a magic wand of some sort; but virtually any mature instrument - be it bowed or percussive - can be used for teaching these principles.”

On the Sky Academy Teaching page, he writes, “I aim to take gifted players to the level where the magic starts – the inspiration zone – and to show them how to stay there. With some people it is enough to point them through the right gateway and then it suddenly opens for them as if by magic – that’s the moment when everything falls into place…” Magic. It's not merely figurative. The Sky Academy is a vehicle for Occult initiation.

Uli Jon Roth and Jimmy Page have a lot in common, who is Led Zeppelin's lead guitarist and renowned practitioner of black magick. Roth has a direct kind of connection with another legendary guitar hero, Jimi Hendrix, perhaps a transference, supernaturally. Roth's long time girlfriend and muse, Monika Dannemann, was the last to see Jimi Hendrix alive. She was Jimi's girlfriend and he died in her apartment in London. She discovered his body the morning after he died. She kept Jimi's favorite famous guitar, Black Beauty, and it is rumored that Uli has it in his possession.

Have you heard of Jimi Hendrix's experiment/concert on the slope of Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii? Watch the clip in the tribute film Jimi Hendrix - Feedback, around 37-39 minutes in. Rainbow Bridge - it's no joke.

Uli Jon Roth is not a brother in Christ, and he doesn't claim to be. There's no reason to think that he's crying out to be saved by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or to give Him honor. Quite the opposite appears to be the case. His music is accursed rather than blessed. Some research with a modicum of discernment will make this abundantly clear.

Those who worship the Adversary commonly wear crosses and doves, name the archangels, quote from the Bible, and offer praise and worship in devoted service to their gods. Compare the Pope and the practice of the Romish church. When the Roman Catholic church takes an idol of Isis or Venus and rebrands it as the Virgin Mary, it changes nothing but the label. The same goddess is honored. It's still an idol. By the same principle, when Russ adopts Uli Jon Roth's song for his podcast's theme music, the god being honored does not change.

When you apply yourself to understanding what's wrong with Russ' featuring of Uli Jon Roth's “Light and Shadows” as his theme music, you really have to take stock of the reality and influence of the “charged” music, to use the fitting terminology that Russ himself uses to describe the condition of demonic attachment. The language Uli John Roth uses on his Philosophy page isn't without substance, supernaturally.

“Music herself,” he writes, which clearly is a personifying and deifying expression, introducing the meaning that is extended when he later writes such things like, “music” creates man. She is a creative power, the goddess, who unites. The music is transcendental. That music doesn't ascend you into the presence of the true God but rather works to descend you into the presence of the gods where the light is a dark light, into the shadow realm. According to Russ' testimony, that's where he came from before my Lord delivered him.

While Aaron and I were discussing the lyrical content of Dizdar's selection in the evening beginning Yom Teruah, I looked at title #2 on the same album, called “Tempus Fugit.” Given a major trending theme of the season, I exclaimed about the first line of the lyrics, “The first 3 words: Stop that clock!” If you've been following the blog for a while, the subject of stargate transits and of time-space manipulation should be very familiar. I knew “Tempus” meant time but neither one of us gave the title more attention. I was really excited about seeing, “Stop that clock!” I repeated it several times. It spoke to us immediately of the stopping of time for a stargate transit, and we readily connected the rest of the line and verse to the revealing of the lawless one. Yet, it seemed like even that didn't warrant the level of stirring I felt about the song.

It was getting late, and I went upstairs to get some rest. A few minutes later, I heard a clattering downstairs. The clock had fallen to the floor. Aaron was a few feet away, brushing his teeth in the powder room. He noted the time and other pertinent details. He was pretty excited about what he observed, and when we reconvened in the morning for more fellowship on the special Shabbat, more news and insight was forthcoming.

We were led back into the lyrics of Under A Dark Sky (Sky of Avalon). When we followed up on the meaning of the Latin title, Tempus Fugit, the connections were obvious. Time Flies. The clock had fallen off the wall onto the floor, which, again, could not have simply fallen off because of the secure mounting. In a figure, time flies when a clock falls. When it hit the kitchen floor, the battery was ejected. The first 3 words of Tempus Fugit: Stop the clock! Time flew and the clock was stopped. When Aaron picked it up off the floor, the time showing on the analog clock was 12:09. He immediately perceived the familiar time code. 12+9=21. The number 21 means time, the fullness of time.

The words, Tempus Fugit, are sometimes found on clocks and sundials. Not unlike memento mori or carpe diem, it's sometimes viewed as a simple reminder of how this life is fleeting.

As believers, the spirit of the Lord leads us to walk in light of the wisdom of Ephesians 5:15-16, making the most of our time because the days are evil. The falling clock may be taken as a reminder of just how fleeting our time truly is, and therefore how precious. That's important, but the sign is much more than that. On one level, the falling clock was a connecting point between the discussion of Russ' theme song that took place just before it fell and another song from the same album that described the sign. Insight fit for the season was being brought forth.

Here's the lyrics of Tempus Fugit, again, by Uli Jon Roth, title #2 from Under The Dark Sky.

Stop that clock! Spawning shock and awe...
Servants, we are servants of Big Brother
Who is our father!

Tempus fugit - Stop the New World Order!
Semper fugit - Save our sons and daughters!

Servants, they are servants of Big Brother
They don't know the father...

Vade retro, vade retro!
Christus est venturus!
Vade retro, vade retro!
Judex mundi est venturus!
Vade mecum - Salva nobis!

Babylon! Old battle ground inside the human soul...
The Lord has spoken thus: Stop killing!

The Latin verse translates:

Go back, go back!
Christ is coming!
Go back, go back!
Judge of the world is coming!
Go with me - Save us!

The scene is Revelation 19. Read the chapter. Think about it. The slaughter is for the enemies of Christ in the campaign of Armageddon. The killing will stop when my Lord, the rider on the white horse of Revelation 19:11 is satisfied that judgment has been fulfilled.

When you read, “We are” servants of Big Brother, the singer's boss is Antichrist. When “They are,” Big Brother he is referencing my own brother and Lord Y'shua, the genuine savior and Messiah.

When, “They don't know the father...” is sung, the father is the singer's, Lucifer. The New World Order that the singer wants stopped is not the one where their Big Brother Antichrist rules, the one George Bush famously spoke about on 9/11/91, but rather a New World Order that comes after that. Daniel 2's stone kingdom!

By the way, Bush's historically significant speech was delivered on Yom Teruah, the day of the celestial sign that signaled the return of my Lord in judgment! (If that is an unfamiliar reference, you have some very necessary catching up to do!) This past Yom Teruah, when the clock fell and “time” stopped, it marked the 23rd anniversary of that day and the beginning of the 24th year of a very significant count.

When the song begins, “Stop that clock! Spawning shock and awe...” the time-space manipulation at the opening of a stargate is the subject. Horus transits at the Antichrist apocalypse. It's about spawning, because the beast will reproduce through his mark when the DNA is replicated. There's more to this!

“Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness and maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy's perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight. The doctrine was written by Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade in 1996 and is a product of the National Defense University of the United States.” (Wikipedia)

Because the great tribulation (megas thlipsis) begins when that Feast ends 8 days later, the “rapid dominance” of the “Shock and Awe” will manifest as described in 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 12 and 13, among other scriptures. That this really is to be interpreted on the subject of the apocalypse of the Antichrist beast is supported by the balance of the first verse: “Servants, we are servants of Big Brother Who is our father!”

The line that follows the first verse declares the nature of the weaponry they intend to deploy in the campaign of Armageddon (Rev. 19:19) “Tempus fugit - Stop the New World Order!” It's temporal, a time-space thing.

I've been many days in the writing of this post as Aaron and I get a sense of what's going on in this season. The stopping of the clock is a signal subject of this Hagmann & Hagmann Report from last night. Their title: Greg Evensen & Steve Quayle with an urgent update -Globalist clock stops. Evensen reports that a 1 star general called him at 4:30am and then again a bit later in the morning and he told Greg, "The clock has stopped!" Greg wondered what he was referring to and the general said, "All we've trained for, all we've prepared for, all we have written...the endless scenarios about...and the constant in service support and what we can cover with our troops and what you can cover with your troops has come to the final moment. We have planned and trained in the last three years for these very kinds of scenarios, and now I'm afraid we are going to have to put them actually to use." Steve ended their segment by quoting Greg's source and then his own, saying, "the clock has stopped and the gate is open."

The chaos that will attend the transition into the day of the Antichrist apocalypse continues to grow.

Now, Tempus Fugit's opening line has another angle. “Stop that clock! Spawning shock and awe...” shock-n-awe = shekinah * Shekinah - “In a manner, she is also the Supernal Mother herself--that is to say, she is the bright reflection. It is in this sense of reflection that her truest and highest name in bolism is Shekinah--the co-habiting glory.” - (The High Priestess card: Waite, Pictorial Key to the Tarot )

On Yom Teruah, Bill and Hillary Clinton became grandparents. It has to be taken into account that Bill Clinton has long been used by the Lord to model to me the false messiah Antichrist, at the appointed times. Stop the clock! Spawning shekinah. Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. Chelsea Clinton/Mezvinsky tweeted the birth announcement less than half an hour after our kitchen clock had fallen to the floor. Charlotte was reported to have been born shortly before sunset in Manhattan, which is well into the holiday on the Lord's clock, Israel time. Yom Teruah is the holiday that marked the birth of the Lord Y'shua, in 2 BC. The day of trumpets or day of shouting heralded the Messiah's birth - and His return in judgment in 1991. This year, the triple Shabbat (turn of civil/regnal year + head of lunar month + weekly Shabbat) marked a key transition. More about this in an upcoming post, Lord willing.

Back to Russ Dizdar's theme song, Light and Shadows. The album it's on, “Under A Dark Sky,” is a kind of a opera that follows a classical tradition. The songs combine to tell one story. If there's still a question in your mind about the whether the song is fit for leading the contrasting army of saints in praise, read on. In context, the song, Light and Shadows, isn't ambiguous about that. Here's the lyrics with a few of my comments added.

CAVEAT: Before reading, check with the Lord for His green light invitation to procede.

9) Light and Shadows

Hallowed be thy name [I hear the reverse speech: “he in the people are” - suggesting that the chanting heard in the segue was an incantation, perhaps in twilight language]
Hallowed be thy name

We are waiting for you in darkness
Waving the wands of night [Witches wave wands. In the night, darkness is worn like a cloak.]

We are trembling like leaves in the last days
But there's no light [I hear the reverse speech: “say hallowed Satan”]
There's no light...

We are crying for you from the shadows
Trying to crawl to the light [Lucifer's dark light]

We are searching for you in the meadows [Lucifer]
Yonder circle hawks and kite [the gods, Horus, Isis -- also the anchoring tranced Illuminati slaves]
Yonder hawks and kite...

We are serving the sons of perdition [A plain declaration. antichrist = son of perdition. Note, they are not repentant.]

Who as princes rule the world [Ephesians 6:13...]

Whom their father has given permission [Satan, the ancient dragon, Lucifer]
To worship the black pearl

Worship the black pearl... [The black pearl is a the central construct used when an Illuminati slave is put into a trance state during “go over the rainbow” programming, after the ritual circling described in the previous verse.]

We are seeding with poison our skies
Azrael sings on his Haarp [fallen angel is named]

We are bleeding and dying like flies
In the cold light of F-sharp [See Sky Academy philosophy - this is thinning the dimensional veil]
The cold light of F-sharp...

The millions of people in bondage
To the dark side of the moon
Tortured creatures, survivors of clone age
On this island we're marooned
'Tis the planet of the doomed...

I hear echoes of stone age increasing
From a future far too tall

I see hordes of Neanderthals policing
Pride does come before the fall
Pride comes before the fall... [This is not about “the stone age” era, so-called. With the next lines, this is a reference to the age of stone, i.e. a very long time. A coming full circle to when angels and Nephilim [literally, the fallen) rule again in the earth.]

Save us now!
Lord have mercy on our souls
Save us through your grace!

And replenish our deserted fountains
And remember our famished race
And keep calling our names from your mountain
Remember your soldiers of grace
The soldiers of your grace...

Save us now!

Who is being called upon for salvation? Their lord Baal, Beelzebub, Lucifer the liar who promises salvation but will deliver something else altogether. There has been no change of heart (#3 Land of Dawn) of those who serve the sons of perdition. The soldiers of his grace are a barren race.

Enoch was entreated long ago to petition the Creator on behalf of the fallen, for the seeking of a remittance of the penalty due for their rebellion. The request was denied, and my Lord, whose mercy truly endures forever, had His reasons.

The track is #9 on the album, and I'm thinking, the 9th gate and the single digit number for the transformation of the beast and his mark. The song is 6:13 long. That's not random. I've written about 6:13. Some of it I've published, some not, mostly because of the time involved to present the deep threads of insight involved.

I had a very distinct sign about the numbering 6 and 13 to emphasize it, on a Friday the 13th earlier this year. I received a traffic citation. I was northbound on Rt 66, just south of Kane. The jurisdiction of authority was Marienville. I was at that time deeply involved in Marian study, about the goddess. Everything about the situation was marked. The fine cost me $130, another 13. Failure to sign my proof of insurance certificate. I was guilty of more, and received mercy. The sign was well noted. It spoke to me on several levels, and continues to speak.

Saints, what I keep telling you about the signs of the season has more depth than I can express. We are in a season of mercy as we rush along on our way. It is the bonus season I claim it to be. Do not neglect what is most important. Let go of everything else.

So, what does it mean that Russ features Light and Shadows. I'm told that he may sometimes be heard whispering along with the song like he's praying, or perhaps softly speaking in tongues. Certainly, that encourages others to follow suit. Are you grasping what this means? Again, when Russ adopts Uli Jon Roth's song for his podcast's theme music, the god honored does not change. A whitewashe


Re: The Open Scroll: The Sign of Yom Teruah - Stopped Clock - Russ Dizdar, Agent of Light and Shado

We are warned to discern "everything". One of the tricks the Devil pulls is to take "Men of God" and attach to them theme songs that, if you didn't understand the words, would be nothing more than music. However their words, understood, by those that serve Satan, give a whole different story.

Perhaps, the theme song itself, is an indication of what those that call themselves "servants of the most high" are revealing? It is hard to believe men who are teachers/pastors do not know what they are doing.

That is why, this site has posted so much on these subjects: you must use knowledge and most of all discernment before accepting everything by your own standards or by the promotion by others..

They must meet God's Standards. Read all of God's Word. By all, I mean all, including the OT, which so many Christians consider not important because Jesus fulfilled it all in the NT.

If one is familiar with it's warnings, there would be a whole lot less Christians falling for the lies of Rome, the center of satanic worship.

Before thinking this is needless criticism, be aware that in 1962, Satan was officially & publically enthroned in the Church of Rome.

Don't follow man but follow ONLY the Lord Jesus Christ. Man will always disappoint you but there is one that never will, the Lord God Almighty.

See, if you don't get surprised once again.