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The Open Scroll: Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - The Money Mojo and the Mailbox

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Part 3 - Decoding The Penitent Man (2010) - The Money Mojo and the Mailbox

When the lawless one is about to be revealed, some outrageous claims will be made that will be substantiated by some very persuasive evidence. Even though it's a hoax, the vast majority of people in the world will buy in. In The Penitent Man (2010), the evidence that supports Mr. Darnell's claim of having come from the future involves a wad of cash that he leaves as apparent compensation for Dr. Pyatt's time. The currency isn't really current. At least one of the bills is marked, SERIES 2065, which indicates the year. Pyatt perceived it as an artifact from the future that validated Darnell's testimony. He believed! When he showed it to his wife, she believed.

If you've been paying attention to The Open Scroll for a few months you have noted how the Virgin Mary goddess is involved in the work of preparing the world for the Antichrist apocalypse (revealing). She has a key role, just as Isis raises Osiris into Hours. She weaves the spells that enchant the masses. She is a facilitator of the opening of the portal through which her “son” will manifest. She is a herald, and in that role she will apparently be involved in the presentation of the evidence that supports her claims. This can be seen through the lens of The Penitent Man.

Assuming Parts 1 and 2 are already fresh in mind, I'm going to summarize a little more of the film's climax.

After their session and Darnell has left the office, Jason Pyatt takes his money and heads for home. Darnell shadows him, apparently to see if his plan to warn his younger self is working. On the way, Pyatt visits a florist to buy flowers as a penitent gesture for his neglected and pregnant wife. Pyatt chooses a bouquet of red roses. After paying for them, he notices the date printed on one of his remaining bills, 2065. He considers the implication as he heads for home. His wife greets him at the door and he gives her the roses while remaining in the hall. A few doors down, a scuffle begins, and they stand there, watching. Future-Ovid has come to assassinate his friend and save the world but Darnell tries to stop him. That's when Pyatt receives the head wound and both men from the future die.

The sequence is rife with goddess symbolism. The scene of the shooting is modeling the first part of the death-resurrection baptism, and what precedes the shooting models the setup for it. The presence and work of the goddess is generally subtle but deeply layered. What I referred to already as “the money shot” involves the visual alignment of the bouquet of roses and a 5 point star. It's a stacking of primary Venus symbols. Several more goddess symbols appear in the scene. Some are visible but others are implicit in the location.

We see in this screenshot, Pyatt, carrying the roses home, while Darnell shadows him.

Behind his head we see a Starbucks sign reflected in the window. The famous logo appears in several frames as the camera follows the characters through the set. The Starbucks sign pictures the sea goddess, aka Stella Maris, Venus. They are in Seattle, Washington, the brand's home turf. The patio chairs feature a scrolling design that presents the heart shape with opposing flourishes, which extends the rosette trace of Venus imagery (star+rose) with a heart and adds Inanna's knot. (Compare the Luther Rose)

Pyatt and Darnell pass by a vintage clothing shop just before going around the corner. Biblically, different kinds of garments represent different kinds of bodies (Acts 12 - John 21 - Genesis 45). We are wearing our earth suits of temporal and corruptible flesh. What is implied by vintage clothing is a vintage body. With Darnell being an older version of Pyatt, and, from an alternate perspective, Pyatt being an older version of Darnell, we could say that vintage clothing is being worn.

The signal star appears on a stick that has been stuck into a basket of clothes on a patio table. A star on a stick is a magic wand, like you see in Disney films. In this screenshot you can see the magic wand in the basket and a rainbow tutu and pink starry wings above Pyatt and the clothes rack. It's the goddess of magic's costume that she accessorizes with the star wand.

The clothes in the basket are vintage garments, of course, and the magical act being implied is the working of a bodily transformation through the opening of a dimensional portal. We even see the word, open, spelled out for us - in neon - right above the magic wand! * Open the portal. * The imagery picturing this magickal working of the goddess appears in several shots in this sequence, like when the Venus-Hours star of the magic wand aligns with Pyatt's bouquet of roses, and as the image of the goddess tracks behind Darnell's head.

The vintage clothing store is, Pretty Parlor. The initials PP are code for 11:11 when Z=1. That's a Gemini and Silver Gate number, which may be understood to signal Isis, raising Osiris into Hours.

Have you done the math on the future-dated money Darnell left behind as a sign? 2065 ~ 2+0+6+5=13. Code 13! Thirteen, signals, rebel-lord-beast AND the goddess AND their union. Venus makes 13 circuits in 8 years to form the 5 point rosette. Isis found and assembled 13 pieces of her dead husband-brother Osiris in order to magickally bring forth Hours. That's a fundamental of Code 13. If you're not already aware of it, most currency is already covered with goddess symbols. The $100 bill of Series 2065 has the same small seal today's notes have, with the eagle of the Great Seal that is both the false god and goddess.

Jason Pyatt bought the bouquet of blood red roses (rose goddess) with the intent of making up with his wife (Eve-Melissa goddess), according to his conversation with the florist. The act was meant to bring them closer together, which is the work of the goddess. The flowers were purchased with this very special Code 13 money. The bouquet is a sign of Jason's penitence. It's also used as a signal device when its aligned with the magic wand star. The money that purchases the flowers is a sign that brings conviction because of the future date. There's something about the connection here that's hard to express, but the power of the money symbolically transfers into what it purchases - the roses. The influence of the goddess is all over the money and the bouquet, with her enchantments of unifying and conviction, which empowers the signs.

It makes me wonder if the sign of the $100 Code 13 date might be intended to hint at the sign of the 13th day of the 1st month, coming 50 years earlier (2065-50=2015) because the money is always shown folded in half. It's pretty cryptic, but seeing all the beans spilled here, well...

Before rounding the corner, Pyatt lingers to drop a piece of mail in the mailbox. When he reaches the corner, Darnell also pauses, making momentary contact with the mail box to identify himself with it as Pyatt had before him. It's an opportunity to make another identification, with the phoenix. The mail box features images of the USPS eagle/phoenix. That federal icon pictures one of the familiar bodily forms of Hours, and a similar image appears on the Federal Reserve Notes that must be in the minds of the characters as they go. The phoenix is the legendary firebird that rises from it's own ashes. The phoenix Pyatt raised into Darnell (and vice versa) is modeling Osiris raised into Hours. To really tie this identification together, just before Darnell reaches the mail box there's another alignment. You can't see behind Pyatt as he crosses closely by because he blocks the shot, but he lines up with the mail box and Darnell as he passes. Linked! Here's a screenshot taken just before the alignment.

The iconic bird of prey whose image appears on the mailbox is also a form of the goddess, and she is the sponsor of the regenerative magick, again, as Isis raises Osiris into Hours.

As Darnell rounds the corner we get a very brief glimpse of two words on a sign behind his head, reading, “any time.” There's a lot more meaning to the mailbox scene. Have you ever seen The Lake House (2006), starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock? Reference is being made to the film's plot device. The mailbox at the lake house was a mystical time bridging object. Two people used it to correspond, across time, a span which remained fixed through most of the movie at 2 years to the day. The Penitent Man's mailbox features as a similar time bridging construct, binding Pyatt and Darnell together through time, even as the phoenix.

The Lake House features a mystery dog that kind of comes with the lake house and its stargate mailbox. The dog star Sirius - Anubis the psychopomp. The breed is apparently a Berger Picard, which is also known as a Picardy Shepherd. Think Star Trek, The Next Generation, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who commands the star ship Enterprise and shepherds it and the crew “where no man has gone before,” sometimes even through space-time wormholes. The dog resembles a terrier, like Dorothy's Toto in the Wizard of Oz, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. ;) The dog is named Jack. Jack is a common nickname for John. Think John the baptist. At the lake house, a fit setting for a baptism.

The director of The Penitent Man has woven in elements that some would consider as tributes to other films, and, Lord willing, I'm going to be pointing out others that are very notable. These sly references (like in Rango (2011)) aren't made just to show off what clever filmmakers they are. The principles of theurgy are evident in the ritual modeling that taps into and extends the magickal working.

When Jason Pyatt reaches his apartment building's lobby, he picks up his mail from the array of mailboxes in the lobby. He's so absorbed in looking through it that he fails to notice the people who are exiting the elevator, because he starts to go in as soon as the doors begin to open. The writer-director appears in the scene with more than just a cameo, so we know it's important. He's wearing the number 27. He has just descended in the elevator, and Jason is about to ascend.

27=9+9+9 and 999 ~ 666
2+7=9, the single digit number of the mark of the beast transformation.

We have to wonder, with all that just happened to Dr. Pyatt, how he could possibly be taking an interest in something so mundane as the mail. He's got flowers that were purchased with money that technically doesn't exist yet, and carrying a wad of it in his pocket. He's been singled out by a man who must now be accepted as the most important man in the history of the world, and he's been cautioned about something that must be weighing very heavily on his mind. And yet, he's fussing over mailing out a utility payment and is completely absorbed in his junk mail and bills? What's going on here? This entire sequence really is an extensive modeling that loops through the events surrounding the revealing of the lawless one. The mailbox is a time bridging construct, remember?

1 Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, 2 that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message OR A LETTER AS IF FROM US, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. 3 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3

Makes sense to me. Like how the future money is documenting evidence, documents come through the mail as transmitted through time. Money is marked with a date. Mail passed through the postal system is also date stamped. When Pyatt gets upstairs to his apartment, he gets shot in the head by future-Ovid in the scuffle with Darnell. When he's hit, the mail gets tossed up in the air to fall to the floor with him. It's part of the baptism sequence that is a porting through the time-space portal. Keep this in mind because I'll be returning to offer more insight into the symbolism of the mail and the mailbox.

It's easy enough to discover where this sequence was filmed because the street signs appear in the scene. The Pretty Parlor is an actual shop, not a fictional prop, and it's located at the corner of E. Loretta Pl and Summit in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Pyatts live at the Biltmore Apartments on E Loretta Pl. The flowers were purchased about 7 blocks away at The Bloom on Broadway, which, as their Yelp page reveals, has closed since filming the movie. The location is Seattle, but what comes to most of our minds when we think of Washington and Capitol Hill is on the opposite side of the country.

What's at the Summit of Capitol Hill in Washington DC? The Capitol building. One location evokes the other, and imports all the symbolism. The famous dome is the womb of Isis opposite that giant phallus of Osiris that is the obelisk of the Washington Monument. H.O.R.U.S. Meets within. On top stands the goddess Freedom-Minerva-Athena, presiding over her domain. Drawn around the building is a giant owl, the symbol of Minerva, and Inanna-Ishtar - a watcher. The apotheosis of George Washington is painted on the ceiling of the dome. With Washington as Osiris (as evidenced by the naming of the giant obelisk), and Darnell as Osiris, well, it just fits. The apotheosis happens under and over and inside the goddess.

The name of the street that appears on the sign on the Pretty Parlor corner is, Loretta. The name means, laurel tree or sweet bay tree, and it is symbolic of honor and victory. In the goddess context, Loretta is Nike or Victory. In Italian, the name Loretta also refers to the name of the town Loreto, which is where the “holy house of the Virgin Mary” was reputed to have been moved during the 13th century. That's the address of Dr. And Mrs. Jason and his pregnant wife Eve. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! The “holy house of the Virgin Mary” is also known as Santa Casa di Loreto. It's claimed to be one of the most revered Marian shrines in the world.

(The Miracle of the Holy House of Loreto)
“THE MOST TREASURED and venerated Shrine of our Lady throughout the world is that of the Holy House of Nazareth in the Basilica at Loreto, Italy. And rightly so, for according to tradition, to testimonies of Popes and Saints this is where the "recreation"-----our redemption-----began. Over the past several centuries, people from all parts of the world have traveled to this shrine to pray and seek Our Lady's help. Thousands of miracles attributed to Our Lady have been recorded at Loreto.”

E. Loretta Pl on Capitol Hill must have been associated with Santa Casa di Loreto for a season. “Due to its one-time large Roman Catholic population, Capitol Hill was frequently referred to as Catholic Hill up until the 1980s.” (Wikipedia) The religious life of the community centered around St. Joseph Church, a Jesuit institution. The parish actually has a community group called, Owls. No kidding! For more signs of the goddess being worshiped on Capitol Hill, there's this description. “It is one of the city's most prominent nightlife and entertainment districts, and the center of the city's gay and counterculture communities.” The goddess of “their rebellion” (the meaning of the name, Mary) is the patroness of the counterculture. The goddess of love can be seen as indiscriminate about gender, but really, there's a strong leaning toward homosexuality. The moon (menstrual) goddess rules the night. I've never been there but it's a fair bet that there are still Marian shrines dotting the neighborhood.

The film's climax, even it's location, is soaked in goddess worship. The revealing of the lawless one and what leads up to it is attended to by the goddess. Her work is essential; enchanting, drawing, uniting, leading, guiding...

Given the name and wares on display, the Pretty Parlor seems to cater primarily to women - and drag queens, being located in “the center of the city's gay and counterculture communities.” The mailbox on that corner should be recognized as a “male box” that provides distinctive sodomite gateway imagery, on the Illuminati SRA programming level. That's the way of illumination. The matter of time is, of course, central in this time travel movie and esoteric transit scene, but in this neighborhood, it suggests that he's a ready partner, “any time.” When Darnell pauses at the “male box” he momentarily rests his left hand on it. He's also turning left, signaling the left hand path. He's “gone west.” We see him framed in a shot that seems to have been filmed through a window at the Biltmore to appear right between the “male box” and the “No Parking Any Time” sign. Park, is, krap, backwards. Just prior to this scene (@ 1:05:50), Jason was having lunch with Ovid. Randomly, we hear him utter, “Sh*t, I have a gas bill to mail.” Hmmmmm. Sh*t - gas - male box at the Pretty Parlor - no krap-ing any time... Yeah. It's the sodomite gateway. This explains the weird and awkward conversation between Jason and Ovid during that meeting, and why the utility chain keeps appearing between them as if it is linking them together. Sodomy creates binding ties. (Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway)

With this in mind, more light is shed on the symbolism at the scene of the shooting in the hallway because it is sexual. The point is really not just to be crude but rather to support the Isis-Osiris-Hours scenario. The mail Jason Pyatt gives so much attention too has another role to play.

Let's consider the sexual symbolism. Mail ~ male. He has junk mail. Junk ~ male genitalia. Junk-Mail. Darnell and future-Ovid are wrestling in the hall over the gun, which is a phallus symbol. The prior conversation between present-Ovid and present-Darnell over lunch made it pretty clear that it's not the first time they have engaged in some “gun play.” When the gun goes off, a bullet-seed is fired, and Pyatt is struck. The mail goes flying. It's an ejaculation scene. It's a little complicated, but if you understand the two-fold way Hours is produced, the scene makes sense.

The rose goddess is standing by in the doorway. Isis. She's pregnant. She's going to have a baby, of course, who is out of sight and under the bouquet of roses, with baby's breath mixed in. The baby is sub-Rosa. Shhhhhh. It's Harpocrates, little Hours. He's of the thorn family. Hours is produced as Isis magickally impregnates herself with her dead husband. The bouquet has all the mojo of the Code 13 future money that purchased it, right? Her husband has the wad of Code 13 bills in his pocket. It takes the 13 pieces of dead Osiris plus a substitute phallus for Isis to work the regenerative magick. The substitute phallus is the gun being wrangled by Darnell-Osiris and Ovid-Harmerty. The magickal seed that is expelled from the gun does the job. You have to juggle the symbols to see how the symbolism works. The bullet strikes Dr. Pyatt and blood splatters on the wall. When he falls, he tosses the mail right where the blood was splattered, which scatters as it falls to the floor. I see it as an identification with Osiris, who, as legend has it, was killed and chopped into 14 pieces by Seth. This shooting is the event that results in Jason having the epiphany about time manipulation that changes the world forever. It's the baptism and anointing of the lawless one.

When Jason Pyatt meets his wife at the door to give her the bouquet, the movie's time signature is 1:13:13. Hmmmm.

Take the implications seriously. This blog isn't a public service presentation, provided for your entertainment. The screenplay here is fictional, sure, it's just a movie - yet, the enchantment is real, and what's been interpreted to you here is non-fiction. It's an exhibit of what has been prophesied in the Bible.
Posted by Bob Schlenker