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What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?


Could this be stated as "The Running Away?"


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Hi Michael!

I think it means "Falling backward" to the Old Covenant, and this is certainly happening. Don't get me wrong, I believe that Jesus was at the center of all the Covenants made with Israel(God's people), but His Coming in the flesh and making the Ultimate Sacrifice gave us the New Covenant under which we are saved. No one was ever saved by the Law, it has always been by faith, even in the Old Covenant, as a shadow of the New.

Pastor Mike has a great teaching about this, and how falling back relates to falling away. In a broader sense it means Falling away from the Truth by falling back into religion.

What do you think it means?

Your Sister In Christ

Patti C.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

I think we can expect to all witness what we could call a Roman Catholic apocalypse. Trumpets, fire, resurrected saints, the whole 9-yards. Hundreds of millions of shining immortals lead by Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God appearing an quickly subduing the planet because, there's Jesus Christ and there's no way anyone can possibly fight these beings which besides the fact now everyone knows he's real and probably so is hell and everyone is on their knees singing sweet songs of penance for the kingdom of God has come on earth- long live King Jesus the Saviour of men. Everyone converts. The majority of professing Christians run to him with all joy. This is the falling away the apostle is talking about. Because it's not actually Jesus, it's the Destroyer, it's the devil himself and those hundreds of millions of saints are all his lying angels, and it's all been a huge set up and everyone on the planet falls for it. And why do they all fall for it? because they don't >know the WORD< which plainly appoints the coming of the destroyer to the tenth day of the tenth month- which is when that Roman Catholic apocalypse will begin and everything becomes Catholic universal. Patti is mentioning the return to the law, and this is pretty much the spirit of it, in that Catholicism is merely the extension of the sensual law so we might call Catholicism spiritual Pharisee in the sense of sensual command and law, legalities of salvation: and this being a return to the law of death and sin through which the remnant are saved out of through knowledge of the scripture

And so when you see it happen on the tenth day of the tenth month, you can escape the wrath through knowledge of the WORD, you see? We are delivered through the knowledge of the WORD, and thus you will be able to say "It's not Jesus, it's the devil himself" and fox the fox, because he'll be mystified at how you know who he really is. It will perplex and vex him "How does he know? It's not possible he should be on his knees; I faked it all perfectly, he should be on his knees- how is it possible?" because he doesn't understand the timing. He knows the letter backward and forward but just can't comprehend the spirit.

But that is the falling away, even a running away from Jesus to the snare of the devil in GREAT CONFUSION (great babel/babylon/confusion- a state of mind). Then the elect don't bow to the image of the king of babel and everything gets thrown into chaos, people weeping and gnashing their teeth as the terrible truth is revealed. This is the wrath of God to which we are not appointed (as we will avoid the snare through knowledge of the time of coming judgment. This then all prepares the way for the true Jesus Christ who then comes on the 22nd day of the 7th month and everything is reconciled, and all tears wiped away, all things made new.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Hi Patti,

I don't know for sure. But I have an idea. Could it be that in these end times, the falling away is actually the righteous ones that are waking up to the truth, leaving the churchianity Christianity?

Think about this for a minute. What would be truthful? To be part of false Christendom and following along with its pagan rituals, holidays, and being an honored member of todays church, then suddenly you stop going and they say it is because you fell away from their truth. They would call you a backslider among other things. This is modern day Christendoms explanation of falling away!


Could the "falling away" just be those that are waking up to the REAL TRUTH, falling away from modern day pagan worship and the false churchianity, social, country clubs with extravagant buildings for putting on their circus acts?

It does not make sense that it would be those leaving the churches after learning the truth! Because the churches are full of deceit and pagan worship! Modern religion is corrupt to the bone. And getting worse by the day. I don't think we can categorize this as a falling away! Instead, this is the latter rain being poured out upon an evil generation and the holy spirit pulling people out of BABYLONS TEMPLES!

No, I think the Lord has used the mysteries of the kingdom of God to cause only those called out ones to understand the truth. Why would someone know the TRUTH and then go join some church that practices false religion? Which is ALL OF THEM! To ME, this would be more of a practical explanation of "FALING AWAY" if you were to use it in the same context as it is being used in the reverse.

I don't feel in my spirit that there is a falling away from "truth" now a days. I feel in my spirit that the falling away is truth seekers falling away from false religion, because I just don't see organized religion as EVER having had the TRUTH to begin with to even have a falling away! Because satan has deceived the entire WORLD! And I don't think I know ANY ONE that would deliberately turn their back on the truth, except pure evil people! or just plain fools! In any count, I don't think there would be enough of these types to use to in prophesy about the falling away.

The only other thing that it might be, is total insanity, humanity having gone crazy to the point of not having ANY morals what so ever, falling into total evil, as in the days of Noah.

Just my thoughts.........


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Hello Brother Michael,

I think what you are saying has merit in these end times, and is an interesting perspective. Are those into the truth falling away from religion and religious institutions…or running away as you stated? It sure feels like that is an appropriate view when one is distancing oneself from the false doctrines entering the end time churches.

Yet, in this instance I feel it means falling away from truth, as surely there will be more that do that than fall away from religion; the Wide way disguising itself as the Narrow, so to speak. Not only that, it will be the religious Christians that will be persecuting those who have left the churches, accusing us of leaving the faith.

Another reason I think this verse is speaking of apostasy is because of what Jesus told us to do, to keep standing until the end, which would be the opposite of falling away. He warned us not to fall away from the truth, and there will be many more falling away from it than standing up for it. We who have left the churches are standing up for the truth, and not falling for the lies and false teachings.

That is just my thoughts on it, and I appreciate hearing yours. John Cobb also has some interesting thoughts on this, which are worth considering as well. You asked a very good question, and I hope others will offer their thoughts as well.

Thanks Michael!


Patti C.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Michael we talk about Christianity and about corruption in doctrine and such, but don't forget that Jesus is still calling them His church: for example Jesus does not say to the church at Laodecia "You are not My people and not of My churches" but in fact admonishes them, but we note their candlestick is still standing even as Jesus rebukes them for their lukewarmness and corruption. Now they are still His people, and they confess Him with their lips- in fact, according to the scripture a person cannot know Who the Son is, except by the revelation of the Spirit.

Lu 10:22 All things are delivered to me of my Father: and no man knoweth who the Son is, but the Father; and who the Father is, but the Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal him.
Mt 16:17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

"Who is the Son?" is the first rain of the "things of God" which "no man knows" but the Spirit reveals:

1Co 2:10 But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.
1Co 2:11 For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.

The first rain makes one called, the last rain makes one elect (the last rain is revelation of that other thing "no man knows" which is the day and the hour)

The falling away is the falling away of the called, and the manifestation of the elect. The falling away is the removal of the candelstick from out of its place. This happens at the coming of the destroyer; the called fall away to the son of perdition and this falling away reveals the elect, as this event begins the judgment of God against His house: for so it's written "and begin at My sanctuary" as this is where judgment begins: at the house of God.

The destroying angel comes as an imposter Jesus, and mimics the entire apocalypse (but he mimics sensually- as he is the sensual aspect of understanding, which is confusion, which he is king over being the King of Babylon/Babel/Confusion) and only the elect (who are sealed with understanding of the timing) readily discern he is an imposter, as he comes out of course as a wandering star (Messiah returns in 7th month, the proper timing and proper course) but another Jesus comes in winter in month 10.

One thing all elect will at some point come to understand is that the pattern has already been played out for us. From the 10th plague of Egypt to the crucifixion of Jesus is one covenant pattern (played out firstly in the natural) then Jesus dies and is resurrected and we might say He rebooted the system, and now we begin the exact same pattern, only playing out spiritually now, for first the natural, then the spiritual.

So all one has to do is look at the prophets and what is happening there, and you are seeing the "natural apocalypse" with the coming of the natural King of Babel, waging natural war against natural Israel, taking them into natural captivity in natural Babel from whence they naturally return to build the second phase of the natural temple to which the Lord comes suddenly. This is the pattern that is going to play out spiritually, it is all written down for us, reading the prophets is reading the future: reading the prophets you can see everything that is going to happen before it happens- this is what the Lord is telling us and this is why He has been silent for about 2000 years- because He already did all His talking during the first run of the pattern. Now then that He finished the first course- the natural course- He has taken His seat and doesn't need to say anything further because we have the entire second course already revealed to us through the first.

All we have to do is understand that the second course is spiritually fulfilled and so we are going to be seeing the "spiritual apocalypse" with the coming of the spiritual King of Babel, waging spiritual war against spiritual Israel, taking them into spiritual captivity in spiritual Babel from whence they spiritually return to build the second phase of the spiritual temple to which the Lord comes suddenly.

Everything is the same, even down to the appointed day-month timing of the events it's all right there we just need to become familiar with the things written:

1Co 10:11 Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.

So look at the prophets and what is happening to (Israel)? Do we see any Israelites suddenly disappearing out of the world? No? Then don't expect it. Do we see people being microchipped? No? Marked with some physical thing? No? Then don't expect it.

But what do we see? A once-holy-mighty kingdom that has fallen into corruption and has kindled the ire of the Lord, who, having enough of their corrupted ways, finally sends the Destroyer to take care of business and clean house. And he comes on the 10th of the 10th.

Jer 4:7 The lion is come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land desolate; and thy cities shall be laid waste, without an inhabitant.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Dears brothers and sisters in Christ,

I just read something in the NLT Study Bible that shed some light on this subject! It reads like this

II Thessalonians 2:3.......Don't be fooled by what they say. For that day will not come until there is a great rebellion against God and the man of lawlessness is revealed-the on who brings destruction.

I think this is a great translation of the words "FALLING AWAY", don't you? And that is exactly what is going on today and it just keeps getting worse and worse each day that goes by!

The ONE WORLD ORDER is that great REBELLION! And it is merging ALL religions into ONE SATANIC CULT! Imagine that! No wander we are to have nothing to do with the world, it is SICK!!!


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?


I am so glad to see that you put your "revelation" on this thread...it is perfect and describes what is happening as the Great Falling Away the best. It is "rebellion against God" falling away from Truth in a willful and rebellious way! This is not about unbelievers that don't know the truth nor care to know it, this is about believers that are exposed to the truth and reject it willingly.

This is what I was conveying in my explanation, but you nailed it by emphasizing the willingness and rebellion involved in the falling away process. Amen! Good job!

Thanks Brother!!

Patti C.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?


I just read your latest addition to this post and really enjoyed it!! Especially these insights:

Quote: "The first rain makes one called, the last rain makes one elect (the last rain is revelation of that other thing "no man knows" which is the day and the hour)

The falling away is the falling away of the called, and the manifestation of the elect. The falling away is the removal of the candlestick from out of its place. This happens at the coming of the destroyer; the called fall away to the son of perdition and this falling away reveals the elect, as this event begins the judgment of God against His house: for so it's written "and begin at My sanctuary" as this is where judgment begins: at the house of God."

Could this be the falling away of the tares from the wheat, or the separation of the sheep from the goats? It all points to a willingness of believers to reject the truth. This is an important component when added to the answer really hits it home. Great thought that the falling away of the rebellious reveals the elect...thank you for those insights!!


Patti C.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Yes John,

Your explanation brought it all into total perspective! This entire Christian gathering has the feel of Jesus Christ in its presence! What an amazing revelation! Praise God and our Lord Jesus Christ! The Holy Ghost is truly among us. Thank you Lord, AMEN~!

Your humble servant,

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?


May I ask if you are speaking of Sukkoth when you mention the 10th day of the 10th month?


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Hello Gerlinda,

John is the expert on this, but I posted about this 10th day of the 10th month last year when it fell on Dec. 13th...this year it will not fall until the first day of next year on Jan 1st...2015.

Here is a link to an article about this:
Link of article or video : http://www.relijournal.com/...tenth-day-of-the-tenth-month-in-the-bible

And, here is some excerpts from that article....

Tenth Day of the Tenth Month

The tenth day of the tenth Jewish month in the Bible is a date that no Jew who knows his history will take lightly. Through many prophets God revealed to the tribe of Judah now known as Israel that their worshipping of idols and other misdeeds would cause them many trials and tribulations.

In the days of King Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah and others God sent prophets like Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Micah and more to warn Judah to turn from her ways. God finally told them that they would be captured by Babylon, then the strongest empire in the world.

God especially told the prophet Ezekiel to make a note of this date – the 10th day of the 10th month. Eze 24:1,2 says “Again in the ninth year, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

“Son of man, WRITE THEE THE NAME OF THE DAY, even of this same day: the king of Babylon set himself against Jerusalem this same day.”

2 Kings 25:1 adds “And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came, he, and all his host, against Jerusalem, and pitched against it; and they built forts against it round about.” (See the parallel text Jer. 52:4).

Obviously this was a day that God wanted to be remembered so He allowed it on a numerically memorable day. There are lessons in all this for all of us. Not because we have been blessed by God we can continue in sin. God is merciful and patient but the longest rope has an end. We must put away our sins. David was highly favored but yet he was punished when he killed and committed adultery with his one of his best soldier’s wife. Josiah was highly favored of God but his sons were punished when they did not walk in the godly footsteps of their father. In fact it was in their time that Babylon laid siege to Jerusalem. He will not tolerate sin.


Hope this refreshes your memory....until John responds.


Patti C.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?


You are right about the Lords church, and the Lord has spoken to my heart about this. Thank you brother for helping to keep me grounded! My zeal for truth sometimes overpowers my emotions and I need to stop and remember WHY God has revealed the things he has to me. In fact, this has made me stop and think, WHY?

And it is to TELL THE TRUTH as I have been given it! To the ones in the churches that have gone astray!

So thanks again for the lesson of humility and doing it in such a humble manner.

By the way, could you explain to me the months and how they coincide with our months? I cannot seem to keep this straight in my mind.


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Thanks Patti,

I know there is a difference in the Gregorian Calendar and the Jewish Calendar. So, if, using the 10th day of the 10th month in the Jewish Calendar, it would come come to Oct. 9/10 this year (2014) which is the 10th month of the Gregorian Calendar October.

So, this is why I am wondering if John is speaking of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) this year?

I know it is confusing since our Calendar (Solar) remains stationary and the Jewish Calendar (Lunar) has the months beginning in the middle of a month rather than the beginning. Their year begins at the show of the new moon at Rosh HaShanah (Sept./Oct.).

Then to add to the confusion, there is the Religious Calendar that begins in the month of Nissan (April) except for the year when it is an extra month, which it is this year..

SO, which Calendar is this 10th day of the 10 month of which John speaks?


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Exactly patti c the angels are sent to gather the tares and bind them into bundles, during the old covenant course- the first covenant which is earthly, natural, sensual- we see the king of babel and all his host sent by the Lord to gather the inhabitants of jerusalem, bind them in chains and carry them away into babel. The same things happen under the new covenant, but it happens spiritually- in the mind

But we see jeremiah is not taken away but the king of babel commands none do any hurt to jeremiah and favor him, and do whatever he tell you.

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Michael you can find a handy jpg by googling something like 'hebrew calendar' wich may aid you in better understanding the way the calendar runs in relation to the gregorian, I have one I will link to when I can get to a pc

A crude way to note the biblical calendar date is to do this:

To know what day it is look at the moon- the month passes in relation to the phase of the moon, the new moon is day 1, the half moon waxing is day 7, the full moon is day 14, the half moon waning is day 21 back to new moon

To know the month, subtract 2 from the cuurent gregorian, eg december is month 10, november month 9, october month 8, sept month 7, etc

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Gerlinda excellent asking for clarity, to be more precise I refer to the 10th levitical month called tevet or tebet, the day the king of babel came with all his armies to compass jerusalem

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

To add:

The actual calendar I'm talking about is sight-based upon the sun moon and stars but the jewish religious calendar hillel normally coincides so is a good analogue. So we can say I'm refering to the modern jewish religious calendar

So january 1, 2015 is our next 10-10 hillel

Which is interesting in that biblical 10-10 will be catholic 01-01. Its as a war of calendars with perhaps the king of confusion coming onthe gregorian 01-01. Then you have the mysticism behind the new years rituals. This happening in the middle of this last tetrad. So many things seem to be converging. Its certainly interesting to me

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?


Ahah! Now, I see what you are saying. Very interesting. Since the siege began in the 10th month in 588 BC and lasted for two years until 586 BC, then the city taken and temple destroyed on the 9th of Av which in 2015 will be July 25-26, which is six months later, do you see that there is one more year to go after that to fulfill the whole 3 1/2 year prophecy OR do you think that first year is already under way? As I said, very interesting. Also, the Illuminati, themselves, say that WWIII will be 90 days, isn't it also interesting that there are 3 months from the 9th of Ave to the second Solar Eclipse (bad news for the nations) on September 13, 2015 which falls on Rosh Hashanah? So, what do you and the others make of this?

Here below, I pasted this short part of the tenth of Tevet, it's timing, what it stands for since the Holocaust is remembered at the 10 of Tevet as a commemorative of those that died during WWII, what could the Illuminati be up to as a conclusion to retaking the whole of Jerusalem for their own? Thanks for the clarification. Gerlinda

In Israel, the Tenth of Tevet has also come to be marked as a memorial day for the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The Kaddish (Prayer for the deceased) is recited on this day for people whose date or place of death during the Holocaust is unknown and that is how the date has gotten the unofficial Hebrew moniker, Yom Ha-Kaddish ha-kleli, literally translated as The General Kaddish Day.

“And it was in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth (day) of the month, that Nebuchadnetzar, King of Babylon came, he and all his hosts, upon Yerushalayim, and he encamped upon it and built forts around it. And the city came under siege till the eleventh year of King Tzidkiyahu. On the ninth of the month famine was intense in the city, the people bad no bread, and the city was breached” (Second Melachim 25).

We see then, that the tenth of Tevet — on which the siege of Yerushalayim began, was the beginning of the whole chain of calamities which finally ended with the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash.


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Hi Patti,

Guess, I didn't see that post of yours regarding the 10th day of the 10th month. Between yours and John's post, I am seeing something I have never thought about before. Amazing how this is all playing out now. Each day, we can take a shot at what is coming next.

Thanks for the reminder, Patti.


Your post regarding the False Prophet and what is coming down NOW with this celebration of naming two Saints to the Satanic Order has to have more meaning behind it than we may know right now except the False Prophet seems to be here. Your post of the temple going to be put up on some wing of the Temple Mount fits in also. Do you suppose it will be at the little "Dome of the Spirit" just to the north of the present Dome of the Rock? They have all the fixings to make a much more elaborate structure of Babylonian paganism than the present Moslem Mosque.

Very, very interesting, as someone once said, don't remember who; probably a bunch of inquisitive people.


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Please let me correct myself. I said "Solar Eclipse" in Sept. 2015: I should have said, the 4th and last of the "Blood Moons". Bad for Isreal but ultimately, the nations.


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?


I don't know where they will put this temple, but I think it is safe to say that it will lead to the final climax of Gods anger with physical Israel. Something is definitely setting the stage with this circus act that is playing out by this ritual that they are putting on the air waves, to sear as many minds as they can. Can you imagine how much money it will take to set this illusion up? This is big. It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Its looking like the beginning of the end!

One thing is for sure! Mankind is not the ones pulling the strings! Every nation on earth has been set-up, like a chess match, to accommodate the "Falling Away" of the called. The Elect will be left standing out in the open. Then is when the time comes to have your armor shining and polished!

None of this surprises me because I have grown up with unexplainable intuition about the scriptures and what seems like Father teaching a son, but I am profoundly unnerved by actually watching this unfold before my very eyes! The realization of such magnitude of it all, overwhelms me! Who am I, too be one put here in this time in the history of mankind? And to what purpose have I been shone this truth before us! I feel some kind of responsibility, as if I have been looked after by a guardian, until my time comes to do what ever it is that I am suppose to do, then I can rest.

What do you make of this? I mean, face it! Supernatural happenings are manifesting before us, just like the things that are being revealed here on this site, and others as well! Its like the LATTER RAIN "is here now"!

I trust you sister! What do we do now? I pray, I meditate daily on all this. I cannot stay focused on my work, family life, or anything else for that matter! There is this urgency about communicating anything and everything that I learn in the Bible. But it seems, the only ones I want to share it with are you guys! It's like, no one else wants to have anything to do with me or what I have to say! I tend to feel benumb! Yet I know these people need what I cannot seem to get them to except!

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for me! Let me thank you now, for we know not what tomorrow will bring.......


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Hi Michael,

I know what you are saying about having a intuition about the Bible. You say you've always had it; I have also...I can't always say it was the Bible but intuition is the word that would describe my own "Inner Feelings/Thoughts". Before I was a Christian, I had my handwriting analyzed just for the fun of it and was amazed that it stressed my having strong intuition and seldom was I ever wrong. Of course, we know that seeking those kind of things are wrong but the One that makes us, is the One who equipped us for His Glory. So, using His Word, pondering what it is we learn and watching along with constant thoughts about Him & His Prophetic timing, is what we are drawn to do. It is such a strong pull and like you, I don't have much interest in anything else. And I am sure, also like you, I've had a tendency to try to warn others...especially family. Do they listen? Nope, even though they acknowledge that, in other areas, we have been correct. I want to help when help isn't wanted. It's hard to hold back. Funny, isn't it?

I've been dwelling a whole lot on what Mr. Cati has shown in His decoding videos of the last two times. Based on that, all that is taking place and the scripture that indicates the Good man perisheth; he is taken to save him from the evil to come, which is in Isaiah 57:1-2, I can't help but think that some time this year, that great catastrophe will take place.

I counted the days from the up-coming Solar Eclipes of April 29th, adding 53/54 days and it comes to around the New Moon of June (21st.) That number is found in The Groxt findings. Mr. Cati takes that timing of the last Eclipse to indicate, they might use the same pattern. Perhaps, that plane will be used in the second half? I don't know; just guessing there. The number 21 is also found 15 days after Pentecost, which has always stuck in my mind too because of Yacov Rambsel's findings.

We know that the Illuminati are looking to raise Altantis out of the ashes of the Eagle. No doubt, they have no concern about this country. They have already loaded the basket with the wicked woman in it, ready for it's flight to the Land of Shinar.

Another strong indicator is that the 21st of June is the beginning of the Hebrew month of Tammuz, which we know is name of that one that they strive to resurrect. And adding the 5 months of the stinging of the Locust, we would come close (minus 10 days, either before or after) to that time-line that John/Patti mentioned; the 10th day of the 1st month.

Now, Michael, these things, by no means, are set in granite. They are my pebbles, what I have thought about a lot based on so many pieces that are popping up that pile atop the old pieces. They are my pile of rocks. So, please do not hold me to any of this. I share what is on my own heart and what my own intuition seems to say. OK? Perhaps you or someone else will have something to add to this?

I don't much think about the New Temple anymore that the Free-Masons plan on erecting because so much else has been learned but if I had to guess where they will put it; it would be at the Dome of the Spirit, which was suppose to have been the actual spot of the Holy of Holies.


Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Gerlinda about the durations the revelation speaks of a 1260 day span but Christ also said that the duration would be shortened for the elects sake and im not sure how this affects the 1260 days other than to say it could be less than 1260 days. Since the10th month is 9 months before the 7th month, then its a minimum of 9 months long.

So the duration is between 9 months and 42 months. It hasn't started yet - it starts on tevet 10 with a false second coming which will be quite visible to everyone' and will end on tishri 22, the last day, that great day of the feast

About www3 all I can say is that all carnal warfare will cease at the coming of the son of perdition, it will switch to spiritual warfare between the elect and the world- that is a battle of truth versus lies which last battle is the gathering to armaggedon

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

Michael you mention difficulties with others hearing you but I would advise we not look at this as a trying to convince others but instead as a simple speaking of the words themselves. This is what we should think of ourselves as doing - speaking these words. God will take it from there. This is not about who can figure it out and what are we to do, but who is God choosing and watch what the Lord will do. Because what man who delivers a child from the womb asked anything of the child?

You speak of monetary costs and illusions, to be clear what I'm talking about will be quite real , as the parousia of the son of perdition is with all power' and these will be no illusions and one thing is sure- anyone without knowledge of the coming of the king of confusion in the tenth month is a dead man - not physically, but spiritually. They will lose their crown

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

To add concerning them slain by the destroyer' though spiritually they are dead, there is then the resurrection, and the elect are the resurrection- that is to say their ministry through the Word all in the grave hear and come back to life

Re: What do you think the FALLING AWAY MEANS?

After much thought,

I think all of you have merit!

To add my final thoughts on this matter, I have come to realize that those left standing for the Lord, after the rebellion or The Falling Away, will be the Elect. The elect will be persecuted by those that fell away and think that they are doing Gods will by killing us.

I think this is where the rubber meets the road! There will be a test for this end times generation! And we will be faced with giving our lives for our belief that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and the truth. This is where we must STAND TALL! And the only way to do this is through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Each person must now put on his ARMOR and begin self examination as to our own relationship with Jesus.

I have come to find that I need to focus on my own boards in my eyes and not judge others, especially right now! Only by looking in the mirror can we realize that the person we see is the only one that will be standing before the Lord on Judgment Day. I don't want to die without knowing that I have done all that I could to help someone, some how, by being the type of person that Jesus wants me to be.

I find that I now think that our only hope is in forgiveness and love for each other. If I must suffer for anything, I want to be sure it is for doing what the Lord wants me to do. I refuse to Fall Away! I am going to do everything in my power and faith in Jesus Christ, to STAND UP for the TRUTH!

I cannot keep the commandments for I am a sinner! But I am forgiven, because I have FAITH that Jesus loves me and has forgiven me! No more guilt! But in my mind, I will keep the 10 commandments on the front burner as my guide. For that is how I feel that I must polish my ARMOR, by TRYING to be a better human being, and learning to love others as I do myself.

The attacks on me have been constant by the evil one. Some of the closest people to me have turned away. Our country is falling away and being led by the devil himself! The knowledge of it all makes me want to puke! The whole world has gone MAD! This is the falling away! There is no JUSTICE anywhere. Only death and hatred! This is the falling away! Wrong is now Right and Right is now considered Wrong! This is the falling away!

The man of perdition is ready to come out of the closet! The mask is about to come off. I hope and pray that I can get out of here before this sickness manifests itself in our dimension. But come what may, thy kingdom come, thy will be done.......