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Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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Yahusha is the Word, As The Most High, He spoke all things seen and unseen into existence

When YHWH created Light, He was revealed to the angels. 

John 14:26
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But the Comforter, which is "the breath of life", whom the Father will send shall teach you all things.

God is not His  Name but a term.  The Holy Spirit is not a person but the very Breath of the Father.

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Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

Money is the ROOT of all EVIL! False prophets make me sick. So true how it is exposed by true Christians. I keep learning new things by the good fellowship that is fostered on this sight. Although I have always known that these people were in it for the money, I find it amazing how convincing some of them are in their deceptions. I have read a lot of books, including some by Misler. The books about the codes. Several authors have written about it. I did not know about the symbolism shared by all of them though. The depth and organization of evil men blows my mind. No wander it is so hard to convince and teach the truth to the masses of Christendom. They come close to fooling the elect, but don't. That is where true fellowship by true Christians comes in. Thank you all for your fellowship and support.


Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

Thank you Steven, for providing the information for all who are the least bit interested in seeing. Christ is sifting His people one soul at a time, as HE brings them OUT!

After the things my husband and I have been awakened to, it is almost a COMPLETE turn off to sit and listen to ANYTHING, any of them have to say. I see deception in just about EVERYTHING there is, that has to do with the organized "CHURCH". We have severely been deceived and in every way we can think of, and in every way but loose! But Christ is doing the shaking and will shake everything to see where it will falls. Christ is bringing us out of this wretched darkness, into the light of His TRUTH and His Love. The sad thing is people will fight HARD against it. But it is how He said it would be. There is no wonder about this question, "...Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?" Luke 18:8

How many lies have to be exposed, before we fall at His feet and admit...I am tired? Tired of insisting in things being JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT! Tired of my life looking NO different than the ways of the world. Tired of trying to LOOK like a Christian...for this is hard work. Tired of living a life of compromise and complacency.


We all need to get BACK to His Laws, Statutes and Commandments without fear of having to do work! so that we can begin to recognize ourselves again, as the people of God Almighty. WE don't even know who we are. Are we really His? Do we really know HIM?

When the simple word "law" is used it sends Christians into a frenzy for some reason. Oh! I forgot...our FREEDOMS are being shaken. When we prep for the Sabbath [in truth], we have to work to do it don't we? But we are doing what He has commanded! When we agree that thou shalt not kill, steal or bear false witness, we are living under the law aren't we? They are - simply put- "Moral Laws".

Lord bring on any and everything You need for us to GET IT! And by any means necessary. We have lost our way in all of this madness. Wake us up to the TRUTH no matter how ugly, and difficult it will be to receive it. For You Lord, and ONLY You are able to sustain the pain, loss, alienation we will feel and experience. Let us run to Him in reckless abandonment, that He may show us what He desires of us, but let us NOT be afraid.

May God have continued mercy on us all.

Blessed Be His name

Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

AMEN to that Linda!

Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

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The W h o r e of Babylon - Solving the Mystery

"And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great ***** that sitteth upon many waters" -Revelation 17

The *****, according to Scripture is a False Church, it is the opposite of the True Church which is the Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ, is pure, the ***** is unclean and Impure. In this post we will see who is the ***** of Babylon.

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

I watched all of this carefully, and even paused it to read the lists, and I did not find Chuck Missler, as the title of this video suggested. I was really curious about this vid's opinion of Chuck, because I learned my Bible initially from him, through Koinonia House. I would really like to know the connection.

This video taught me a lot of very interesting info but no Chuck(s)

Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

Hi Mariel,

The first post had a link to the Chuck Missler Article.

Here it is for you ....just click on the link and you will be able to read about Chuck Missler and the Illuminati connection.....:)

Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by the Illuminati?


God Bless


Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

Steven, I read this through, but quickly. I will reread later. It is confusing. It makes me not trust Timothy. Something is wrong with this presentation. I studied with Missler 12 years, he was my primary way of learning the Bible. My husband and I left studying him because of his support of Bush and other such persons. We then studied elsewhere, so I have a wide background of studying, but I believe I learned a lot from Chuck and that he is a sincere Christian.
I believe he is wrong about the method of "rewards" in the next life, a doctrine he came up with after we had left studying with him. However, these are minor things, not major things of the Illuminati. I went to a Calvary in California for years too, and I do have mixed emotions about it, but I credit Calvary with really growing Bible study in America, including in me. I may comment more later, but I just wanted to say I think this presentation is flawed--not complete and one-sided. I do agree that the Jesus-Rock movement was not healthy--I have seen that up close too.
There are no perfect churches. If we are the Church of Philadelphia (praise God for His mercy) we are outside all churche organizations, sorry to say. But church organizations do provide Bible study guides to those who don't have them. Calvary Chapel is probably much superior to most of the apostate Evangeilical churches of today, even though it is "human" and imperfect.

This confusing subject is not adequately dealt with by Timothy. The idea that a "flame" is a non-Christian symbol is not very impressive either. Flame has always been used to represent the Holy Spirit, from Pentecost onward.

Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

Dear Mariel

I watched Chuck Missler on teh book of Rev and he made me sick ( for no appearente reason? )

so I typed in Chuck Missler false teacher and got an earful on the net.


I told my Chuck Missler friend and she got mad.


I used to like him sort of. But now I changed ... my ways,

WE saw a Jimmy Jones Dont drink the Cool - aid video in church many - many years ago. He began by teaching truth...

Shalom, peace be unto you.

Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

I did not read or watch everything on the thread so I am not supposed to comment- I forgot. I am on dial- up ...forgive me.

How much poisen can I put in this glass of water before you refuse to drink it? A little bit:? A little bit more? 50%?

TRUTH plus error = error.

Lord lead me into TRUTH. Thy word is truth.

Lead me and guide me I pray. Let us walk in your ways and return to the Bible.

Shalom , oh best beloved.

Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

I remember this word when I typed in Chuch Missler false teacher


I did not understand but I ran, oh I got a red light for a reason. ( from his teaching on the Book of Rev,.)

My brain is not caught- up with my spirit , which is normal for me.

The spirit goes red - light and the brain understands why later.


Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S


Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would bump this back up.

Do you believe men or the bible? ( Let God be true and every man a liar )

You can hear all sorts of good stuff on the 7 yr pre tribulation rapture false doctrine sites or you can read your OWN bible and ask the HOLY SPIRIT to teach you all things.

I remember people telling me how wrong I was about this or that but they had NOT even read the WHOLE bible once.......

I had posted this long ago along with all the evidence of false teachings on websites ( Five Doves and others who call themselves Watchmen ) not only about the 7 yr pre tribulation rapture lie but about

Daniels 70th week,

Who are the JEWS?

Who is Israel?

All I got back was a bunch of attacks on my character never did anyone use scripture to prove the things I shared were false but they DID "TWIST" , CONTORT and EMBELLISH ( LIE ) about what the scriptures said.

Now they are still trying to figure out what I have shared for years on this site.

NO 7 year pre tribulation rapture

Daniels 70th week was already completed

Jews are ( Judah, Benjamin and some of the Levites )

Israel is ( the northern tribes including Ephraim ( Britain ) Manasseh ( America ) ( Australia, New Zealand and Canada to name a few )and some of the Levites )

Now the ones who do not read their bibles will call me anti semitic , a Jew hater etc......( they don't even have scripture to argue my points but just attack my character )

These videos and scriptural evidence have been on this site for years some people have just been too lazy to watch them but instead would rather attack the messenger.

God Bless


Re: Exposing Sacred Cows:Leading Christian evangelist Missler funded by Illuminati?:Include: Chuck S

Many years ago, when a new Christian, I recall watching Trinity Broadcasting Network faithfully because I loved the worship music compared to what I had experienced within Catholicism. They would always have a bunch of people standing around in a circle: many big names over the years. Then there were those of the likes of Perry Stone, J.D. Stakes, John Hagee, Zola Levit (as much as I loved the guy and his lovely wife, , he was still wrong on one major sujbect), Jimmy Swaggart (again for the music) and then the Bakkers.

Never could I tolerate that guy who threw his coat around to produce the Holy Spirit Swish which would knock people off their feet. Goodness, in the Bible, when the Holy Spirit came over someone, they fell upon their faces before the Lord in worship.

In 2002, I personally saw Chuck Missler and Robert Cornuke and listened to their talks; Missler spoke in terms that left you wondering, "What?" and later I learn he has his handler who is none other than Avi Lipkin, whom I thought was so close to becoming a Christian by his association with those on Prophecy In The News. Now I know that there is a vast difference between a True Israelite and those that follow the Zionist Movement of the United Nations and Council of Foreign Relations. Oh, my what a mess to wade through but if you want truth, you best put on your boots and start wading.

Robert Cornuke was promoting one of his trips to find another Biblical site that had already been found and verified by Ron Wyatt, whom was never given the due he should have had because he wasn't one of the "Insiders". He has been just interviewed on Hagmann and Hagmann sharing his many exploits. He says he has been to Ethiopia 19 times looking for the Ark of the Covenant. The Bible tells us in Jeremiah 3:11-16 that it would NOT be used anymore. But then, someone who is serving those bringing about the New World Order Temple would be checking out if the one claimed to be there is the one or if the one that is suppose to be under the Mosque of Omer could be the one. Neither one is it because the Bible tells us it won't be used again. Period, end of that discussion.

In our early years, as Christians, we watch the VanImpes until we got filled up & ready to puke with his exhortations of Cardinal Ratziner, who head up the "Inquisition Department" and realized no Evangelical ought to be supporting such a man as this. A reading of Fox's Book of Martyrs is enough to make one know that this department, even though renamed, never should be still in existence. But if there is to be a New World Ecumenical Movement, then I guess, you keep the department in operation.

Now, many years later, we see that it is all part of the Jesuit/New World Order under the United Nations which has infiltrated almost every Evangelical group known to man. This German born Ratzinger went on to become Pope Benedict XVI...a real Rat who, in his youth, delivered the Faber Chemicals to the Death Houses of the Concentration Camps that exterminated millions of men, women and children. Seems John Paul II had the same job.

As we have learned through the recent trials held in Brussels, he, along with the pope before him and since him, were named as part of the Ninth Inner Circle that do Satanic Ritual Sacrifices that require babies being sacrificed so their blood and flesh can be consumed. But, when you get to learn what this site has been trying to show about the two blood-lines that walk this earth, then one is not too surprised by anything anymore: they are only fulfilling their jobs for their master, the one who gave seed to another seed-line that works against the Lord Jesus Christ..

Robert Schuler, Billy Graham, and Kenneth Copeland—all high-ranking Freemasons and Jesuit trained. I hear many say that they came to faith through Billy Graham and that is true but let it also be known that the Illuminati Zionist got their clutches into Billy Graham and soon made him one of their puppets. He used to tell there was only One Way to the Father and that was through Christ Jesus. His life's preaching has ended with the declaration that there are many ways. He like the pope is seen having feathers shook over them along with pagan chantings that are of other gods (evil spirits). That is a fact that cannot be disputed...watch some of his older Crusades. Think of the souls that have been herded down the hot road to hell.

Tim Lehaye and his cohort that made billions deceiving people on the One Common Denominator that all of these people believe.

Just think about it. All of these people, except for the pope who doesn't preach the Rapture since He is devoted to fulfilling the Final Kingdom on Earth, which he believes he will head up, have One Common Denominator and that is the Pre-Seven Year Tribulation Rapture teaching.

If I didn't understand what the Bible had to say about the Dead in Christ rising first and then the Living will be changed to meet the Lord in the Air, I would grab my purse and run the other direction as fast as I could, simply by association, I am guilty if I shared this lie with these deceivers of God's Sheep.

Whew! How can so many scoundrels share such a great truth such as pre-7-year Tribulation period. Think on that one. They lie about everything else and we are to believe they are speaking the truth on this one?