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Dear Esther: December 9 2013

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Dear Esther,
I love reading your godly advice and sound wisdom that you give to so many who write, those who are trying to find God’s light. I have wanted to write you for a while to ask your wisdom in my situation.

Where to even start? First, I want to thank God for never giving up on me. I love the Lord, and I want so badly to walk always in His light, to pray always in His Spirit. I know that God forgives me for my sins when I confess and repent. I am saved. I can tell you the moment I felt the blinders fall away and I realized I was lost and needed my Savior, Jesus Christ. He made me a new creature. It’s the old sinful creature I used to be, and the sins committed—that is the reason for this letter.

I once was a very sad creature. I was selfish and hated myself so much. I used to hurt myself to feel better. The smallest upset would bring either rage or a darkness that would swallow me up in self-loathing. I lied all the time to get want I wanted or to make others see me.

I did not respect myself, and that played a large part in the relationships in which I found myself. I prayed, but only as a child prays. (Please, let me have, etc.) At age 15, I drove my car off the road at a high rate of speed in an attempt to end my life. I walked away, only by the grace of God.

I knew God saved me but I still did not want to end my sinful way of living. When I was 18, I met the man who is now my (second) husband. I was married for a short time when I was 16, only for a few months. I began the relationship with my second husband based on lies. I was who he wanted me to be. (Even if it was not truth.) I realize now I had no truth in me. I was immature and very lost. On most days I felt like a wounded animal or scared child.

Only months into our relationship I decided to have his baby (without asking if he wanted a child or not). I thought in my immaturity that another child would make his not seeing his other son from a previous marriage, easier. (That is a whole other email.) My husband was also married before at age 17. His marriage was of a short duration due to drug use and adultery on her part.

He has a daughter with his first wife. He has a son from a relationship with another woman he lived with after his divorce. He has a relationship with his daughter but not with his son. He has tried to reach out since finding out where his son and his ex live. But the damage done with lies his ex has told over the years has done much damage to those bridges.

Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I had to let him know. This is where I really start going down in the mire…I started talking on the phone with another man. Why? I think the attention. I was not able to see my boyfriend (future husband) as I wanted (due to more bad choices on my part and his part). Me: No job, no car, living with my parents one hour away from him. Him: No car but working all the time.

At about five months pregnant we got into a huge argument and broke-up. I cheated with the other guy. I told no one. I tried to forget it ever happened. I was ashamed of myself, and what I had done. I tried to forget, but you never really do.

Four months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. (I still I hid my actions and my shame.) Giving birth started to change the way I saw things. I wanted something, different. I didn’t know what I lacked. I just couldn’t find my way. I started looking at my past and my happy memories. They where filled with very special loved ones who taught me of Jesus and took me to church and they where followers of Christ. I started trying to go to church and do some good.

I was still just a babe in Christ and had not received Him yet but I had starting to seek. I married my son’s father when he was six months old. When my son was eight months old my husband and I started arguing. I was yelling back at him. Well, he had had enough of my provoking words and he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me into the wall. Our son was in my arms at the time.

I called the police, and they made him leave. It was the first time he ever really scared me or hurt me. I was in shock. I was feeling scared, and even more lost. We had to see each other due to there being only one car and we drove to work together. I was not going to let him hurt me like that, again. About a week, maybe a little longer, he started trying to come back home. I felt myself wanting to give in. I was so scared. As wild as I was, I had never been treated that way.

I remember the car ride home from work. He drove, and I acted like I was asleep so I wouldn’t have to talk. I remember pulling up at the house and hearing him crying. On that day I think fear pushed me. I made the choice but I let fear push. I knew I would let him come back but I didn’t want to be abused. I wanted him to choose not to come back. Those were my thoughts at the time.

I went out and got drunk and broke my vows. I broke my husband’s heart. It broke my heart and I shoveled more shame on top of my growing pile. It was the sin that broke me. After that night, I ran toward Jesus. I started going to church. I found a home church. I got excited about God. I started seeking His grace. I started praying for my lost husband. (But still in the back of my mind I was reminded of the first shame, the old shame.)

How can you be saved if you don’t confess that transgression to your husband? Over the years he has asked if there were any other times I cheated. I would lie and then beg God to forgive me. I kept telling myself the pain I would cause him would be too great and that I was protecting him. I was scared that I would lose him. I was afraid he would know how awful I was. I lied to myself.

In recent months I have found a new church. I have known that over these last years that I have been saved and washed in the blood of Jesus (even, with the turmoil in my walk and life). Over these past months I’ve grown more in Christ than my entire walk. I’ve matured in so many ways and know all things are possible with God.

I am in awe of the way He has opened my eyes. (When I thought I had them opened already.) The sins and actions I have written of are more than fifteen years in the past. I am not that person, but I still live with the effects of my sins to this day.

I have been blessed, and I know that after great blessings come great trials (the seasons and all, one for all things). Three weeks ago, on a Friday night, standing in the kitchen after cutting up and teasing each other, my husband looked at me and said, “If I ask you a serious question will you be honest with me?” I said, “Yes, I will.” He asked me if I have ever cheated on him with any other person other than the one he knew about. With complete honesty and no hesitation I said, “Yes.”

I told him everything and answered his every question. I could not and would not lie. I am now struggling to overcome my husband’s hurt and shock. He has fallen into a deep depression and is drinking all the time. I am praying and searching God’s Word. I am fighting for this marriage. I started it all wrong. I want to be strong for him and give him time to heal.

My husband has admitted to me that he asked another woman out due to my startling revelation. He didn’t go through with it though, for which I am glad. I’m hurt that he felt the need to do that. It’s not him, it shows me how I much I have damaged him. I forgive him completely. I trust him completely. I pray God heals the wounds I have caused.

He is the man God placed in my life. How can I face him and his lack of emotion? How can I not grow weary of battling for him and his love, for his forgiveness, when it seems I will never get back the man he was; my friend, my other half? I am praying and waiting. I am 34, almost 35.

Our oldest son is 15 and we also have an 11, 3, almost 2 year old. I am a full-time mother. I sew and make things to make extra money. I do have two Christian girlfriends. They pray for me and with me as I do for them. They are both under attack on all sides at this time (A lot of prayers going up for all of us.)

I talked with them about this. They have been very good at reminding me as you did in your first email response, that God loves me, and my husband and that he hears my prayers. That He is in control and he does the best work when it comes to healing the heart.

I know God’s Word is truth and I believe every word of it. Your godly wisdom to others is the reason I wrote. Your advise is biblical and I knew if I shared my heart you would pray and give me God’s Word back to me (conformation on the right path). I just do not wish to ever grow weary, and I want so badly to love my husband through this.

I know my husband was saved on Easter Sunday 2005. I know that it was real for him, because I saw God change him. He became on fire for the Lord. We prayed together and we were in church every time the doors where open. He hungered for the Word. Then, slowly things started coming back into his life (pot use). He didn’t tell me these things and as long as I didn’t ask him he didn’t see it as lying. Then, our pastor betrayed our church and took money that belonged to the church. He felt betrayed.

He was angry that the Overseers didn’t do anything and allowed him to preach at a different church. He started painting all pastors with the same paintbrush. I saw him start to close himself off after that. He says he prays, but he does not read the Word. So I don’t know where his heart is anymore.

He does not pray with me. He does not talk to me about the Lord. I have hurt him and others have betrayed his trust as well. Thank you and God bless you. Any words of wisdom would be gladly received. Thank you. God bless.


Late November 2013:

Dear Esther,

Update: Things are changing since I first wrote in September. With God’s help I am seeing a change in my husband’s drinking and he has now started going to church with me when he is not working. He spoke with some of the men at the men’s meeting at church. They have opened a door to a couple that ministers to married couples in crisis. I have their number, my husband has yet to agree to a meeting—but I am hopeful. I am praying for him daily.

I am stronger in my weakness. God is showing me so many things about myself and my marriage. God has used this time to grow my character. I will not give up on my marriage or my husband. I know that I have to work to gain back the trust I lost. I will do whatever I must.

I place this in God’s hands, and His are the best to have them in. I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I hope that someone may learn from my mistakes. I am blessed and learning that even though I have to live with the effects of my sinful past, I am not my past.

I am a child of the living God and I am forgiven. I have all things through Christ Jesus who is my strength, my Redeemer, my Healer, my All. I have come to a place where My God is revealing Himself to me and I overwhelmed with joy and peace. Thank you and I thank God and His blessed grace.


Dear Holly,
I think it is very courageous of you to want to share your story with our readers. Not one of us is free of sin and when a truly redeemed person steps out and admits their wrong doings publicly then they can bless many others. Your saga is highly intense and shows how the grace and mercy of God can change lives. Your growth in the Lord and devotion to Him is a testament that you take your faith very seriously.

The fact that your husband is now making an effort to go to church with you is quite amazing considering how devastated he was by his previous church experience. The Lord is working in your lives. Hopefully he will also agree to go with you to counseling. It is good that he is fellowshipping with the men at the church. I am concerned about the substance abuse. He obviously ran to alcohol and drugs instead of Jesus.

Considering his huge disappointment with the incident with the pastor stealing money, and not being held accountable by the church—it is not hard to understand why a person would not want to have anything to do with those who call themselves Christians. And coupled with your admission of another infidelity it was just too much. It is evident that he must love you very much. A man is not wounded the way your husband is without having real and deep feelings.

Step by step your relationship can be healed. It sounds like your husband is taking steps so that healing can begin. It is going to take time, but already progress is being made from when you first reached out to me. We know by praying and consistently studying His Word the answers to our problems will be revealed. Keep telling your husband that you love him, that he is stuck with you forever and that separating over your past issues is not an option. :) As you said, he is the man God placed in your life.

You are both still very young. It is obvious that neither one of you were ready for all the ups and downs of marriage, especially when you got together at such a young age with your turbulent pasts. You were still children, essentially, with a lot of baggage brought into the marriage. It seems that your husband is a very industrious man working hard to provide for his young family.

Four children is an enormous responsibility. And your sewing talent is wonderful. Being a full-time stay-at-home mom is a very demanding and important job. The best caretakers of children are their parents. You and your husband are doing just that—which is a huge plus in bringing stability to your children.

As your husband moves into a relationship with the Lord again, it should be brought to his attention (in a loving and diplomatic way) that his using is especially not going to do the children a bit of good. They need him to be a fully functioning dad and that means he needs to be alert. His mind and emotions need to be operating without interference from alcohol and drugs. When we give ourselves over to anything that can alter our minds, emotions and even damage our physical health—then we place ourselves at risk of being destroyed by the enemies of God—who want nothing more than to ruin our lives and escort us into hell with them.

It is amazing through all that has happened that you are still together. Most relationships with so much turmoil would not have lasted. You have four young children together and they need both of you. Your commitment to the marriage and to your husband’s healing and recovery is the right thing to do. You have the right attitude. Your resolve to work things out will only be blessed by the Lord. You already understand that everything you need comes from the Lord and it is clear that He is sustaining you.

Now is the time to trust the Lord more than ever. Whenever substance abuse is part of any relationship, authentic communication is almost impossible. So let’s pray for your husband’s total healing in that regard and that He will come to fully realize that only the Lord can fill the void in his heart caused by a lifetime of disappointments. Have you ever noticed on bottles of alcohol the word: spirits? It is an interesting and very appropriate choice of words.

The spirits in alcohol are deadly. The devil uses alcohol and all forms of drugs to prey upon his victims and draw them into the dominion of darkness. Nevertheless, each person is responsible for how he or she chooses to handle a situation regardless of life’s disappointments.

Choosing the escape route of substance abuse is a sure way to fail in life, destroying relationships and family harmony. Salvation in Christ and true surrender to the Lord are the only true remedies for alcohol and drug dependency or any dysfunction.

While we are still alive we can be redeemed from anything—but once we take that last and final breath—it is too late. I have heard many testimonies of people who have totally stopped drinking and using all types of drugs, once they placed their complete trust in the Lord. It the Holy Spirit who can do the inner-work once a person is willing to surrender and place God first in their lives.

I can personally relate to a time in my own life when I did not want to be around professing Christians—because of rampant hypocrisy. I spent many years searching all the religions and belief systems before I understood, before I realized that people will always disappoint us, and that our focus must not be on the behavior of other Christians, but on the promises of the Lord and his Holy Scriptures.

We are living in the last of the last days and God promises that the apostasy and hypocrisy will flourish. I have a very good feeling about your husband and the chances are still very strong that your marriage will become the type of relationship that God ordained.

You have both made mistakes. You have forgiven him. Ask your husband if he will truly forgive you and start all over again. See how it goes over the next few weeks. Show him the Scripture about being a new creature in Christ and that is who you are today (2 Corinthians 5:17 ). Hopefully he will go with you to the counseling situation you have learned about and some of the details regarding the issues can be worked out.

Remind him how Jesus suffered an agonizing death for you and for him and how He forgives us of our sins time and time again. And he wishes for us to forgive one another. Share this very important Scripture with your husband and why forgiveness is absolutely necessary:

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses” (Matthew 6:14-15 ).

In the parable of the unforgiving servant Jesus said that we must forgive often:

“Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:21-22).

We are all sinners. Our heart intent is the important thing when we truly repent. Love cannot fail when we are sincere. Give it some time and keep reassuring your husband that he is the one for you no matter what and that you need him (and he needs you and the children). Jesus wants us to forgive each other. Keep praying that the Lord will soften his very bruised heart and that he will see you with new eyes.

Holly, it is my prayer that you and your husband will make great inroads in salvaging your marriage. I can envision you both working together in ministry one day, reaching out to others who are having tough times and bringing others to Christ. Perhaps the Lord will use all your hurt and heartaches to help guide others and give them hope. I think the bond with your husband can become very strong.

Once he really embraces the Lord again and forgives you, then you can begin to walk together with the Lord. He needs to dwell on his victory in Christ, not his past or your past. When you are both at a point of strong recovery and growing stronger in the Lord together, I suggest seriously considering a modest but poignant rededication of your wedding vows at your church—in front of close friends and family.

It would bless all of you. Your children would see their parents in a special light and the Lord would be given honor. You could wear a white dress, and your husband a white tux, since Jesus has washed all your sins as white as snow (Isaiah 1:18 ). You could dedicate your marriage formally and in public to the Lord. And I also suggest getting baptized together before that.

You both have a lot to offer and pull from because of your history together and apart. What the devil wants for our demise, our great and mighty Savior will use for His glory and our benefit. God bless you for sharing your life and your love for Christ with us, and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

In God’s love,


“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28 ).

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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