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Dear Esther: September 30 2013

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Sep 30, 2013

Dear Esther,
I value your advice, I pray that you can help me fathom what to do. This is my second marriage. My husband is hardworking, and dedicated to his family. I fear that he does not consider me a part of his family.

I feel that he always puts his children from his first family, before me. They are all grown, married and on their own (except for his divorced son - the main point of contention). Whenever his son calls, my husband literally leaves me in the lurch, and goes to do his son’s bidding. He is currently paying all of his son’s bills, to our detriment. We are so broke because of how he keeps taking care of his son (I truly used to consider him my son - I am having a real problem with that now).

This is the second marriage for both of us. We have been married for five years. We dated for six years before that. I think we were both a little gun-shy after our divorces. I had a dear friend tell me one time that a divorce is like having a death in the family. I didn’t understand what she meant until I experienced it for myself. Our children (three from his first marriage and one from mine) all range in age from the youngest (27 up to 35). They have all blessed us with incredible grandchildren. We were older when we got together, so we have none together.

My husband and I are both saved but we stopped going to our local church because we felt that the teaching/preaching was getting a bit “out of balance.” However, we are currently looking for another church (not much success so far - the apostate churches, I fear are alive and well here).

I am so tired of always being last in my husband’s consideration. Is that wrong? I must admit that I am feeling very strong, negative feelings towards my stepson (something that I repent of constantly.) I truly love our daughters and grandchildren. I try to tell my husband that his son will never grow up (he is 27) or accept any responsibility unless my husband “cuts the apron strings.” He feels that I am beating up on his son.

I doubt you remember, but I have written to you before. With your advice and prayers, I was able to wean myself off of too many prescription drugs. I’m starting to feel like my husband liked me better when I was numb and just went along with whatever he deemed was appropriate (i.e. the situation with his son). What I can’t get him to see is that he is enabling his son to be totally without responsibility.

One huge concern of mine is - what is his son going to do when the Rapture comes? He is supposedly saved but his behavior certainly suggests otherwise (don’t see any fruit). If his daddy and I are gone, what on earth is he going to do? He doesn’t have a clue as to how to handle finances, cook, etc. It is really remarkable that he washes his own clothes. (Now I realize the greatest concern, if it gets to that point, is his soul.) It doesn’t have to be the Rapture - what if, good Lord forbid, his dad and I were killed in a wreck? This boy, even though he is almost 27, will not be able to function without us. I can’t imagine anyone else taking care of him like we do. His sisters absolutely would not put up with it.

I really feel like I am beating my head against a brick wall. My husband and I have struggled with this for a goodly part of the time we’ve been together. It has gotten decidedly worse since our son’s wife left and divorced him because he treated her so terribly. He has absolutely no respect for anyone and doesn’t care how he treats people. He is extremely volatile - the most minor things can make him blow. He has gotten physical with his daddy on more than one occasion. I don’t mind telling you – I’m a little bit afraid of him.

My husband keeps telling me not to make him choose between me, and his kids. Is that what I’m doing? I get along great with his (our) girls. I adore our grandchildren. I never imagined being a grandmother could be so wonderful. I am so torn up about all of this. I realize in the grand scheme of things, this is probably a small problem. However, it is one I am confronted with constantly. I am afraid my husband is going to allow us to be dragged completely under emotionally and financially by all of this.

Right now, we really don’t have any close friends. We were close to our former pastor (the one before the current one) and his wife, but we’ve lost touch since he retired and left our church. I would be perfectly fine talking with them, but I know my husband wouldn’t. When he’s found out before that I talked with them about some of this, he had a fit - considered it “airing dirty laundry.” I tried to explain that it wasn’t like that, but he would have none of it.

What should I do? It has gotten to the point that I have seriously thought about leaving my husband (if I could). He tells me it’s my fault, causing so much friction in our family. I really don’t want to do that, but I’ve had 12 years of putting up with his coddling his son. I guess my patience has finally reached a limit.

He keeps telling me that a man that won’t look after his household is worse than an infidel. Well, I am a part of his household, and I don’t feel very looked after. Is there a limit to what is considered a household? Once children leave and are on their own, are they still considered a household? Are not grandchildren the responsibility of their parents? If I am wrong, please tell me, and I will repent.

It has gotten to the point that I don’t even want to be in the same room with his son. I am even starting to resent taking care of his daughter (our granddaughter). His son gets her every other weekend. He is divorced because he was so ugly and awful to his wife. (I’m not exaggerating.) Inevitably, I end up having to fix her meals and take care of her during the time it is his turn to have his daughter because he simply does not want to. However, my husband doesn’t care.

I dearly love my granddaughter, and hate feeling this resentment. Even though it is toward her father, I know it must trickle down to her (I must add that I kept her for the first two years of her life with no compensation - none expected). I am ready to scream! I am tired of playing second fiddle. Am I being selfish?

I pray our Lord blesses you and your family and keeps you all in the palm of His hand!

I desperately await your reply.

Frustrated and Sad

Dear Frustrated and Sad,
What your husband is doing by supporting his son who refuses to take care of himself is not honoring to the Lord. It could be considered a sin. All husbands and fathers are commanded to care for their families. Your husband may have the best of intentions but obviously he is very confused about what his proper role as a husband and father should be.

Your husband is inappropriately confusing and misinterpreting Scripture, which has translated into chronic neglect of you. The verse he uses to try to support his behavior is meant for the wife and children living at home NOT away from the home:

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5.

There is nothing wrong with helping a child who has left the home once in a while, but when a father pays all or most of his bills that is wrong! And when it brings a severe financial burden on his wife that is doubly wrong! Your husband is not placing you first. I feel for you and there is no way you should be made to feel like you are last. You should be made to feel like you come first, after the Lord, as the Scriptures teach. Your husband should consider you first amongst all family members and friends.

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her” (Ephesians 5:23a).

“Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers’ (1 Peter 3:7).

You are 100% correct that your husband must cut the apron strings and let his son sink or swim. If a parent continually bails out an adult child he or she will never grow-up and take responsibility for his or her life. Your husband is keeping his son in a state of teenage limbo. If he cuts off financial aid his son will get the message – GROW UP!

Your husband needs to be counseled by a biblically sound pastor who will explain to him that his wife (you), are his household, not his adult son. He should tell him that any financial help he gives his son should be with your blessing and agreed consent. And your husband’s statement to you, to not make him choose between you and his kids is a convoluted plea.

It is balance and your inclusion into the family dynamics that you are asking for. If there is any way you can get your husband involved in a Bible teaching church or Bible study home group it would really help. This is a way he could get counseling (informally and indirectly). He needs to be around other believers who can point out biblical truth to him. So does your stepson, in a most serious way.

You must try to get your husband into real biblical counseling in any way possible or you may have to ultimately separate from him. Perhaps you have someone you can live with temporarily. A separation, could either bring your husband to his senses or he could possibly seek a divorce.

So please think and pray carefully before you make any drastic decisions. If need be, could you live with one of your daughters? Or how about the mother of your granddaughter whom you take care of so often? Considering it is her former husband that is causing so much trouble, perhaps she would be a friend to you and understand your plight. After all you are the one taking care of her daughter when she is not. But only separate from your husband as a very last resort.

Concerning your part in taking care of your stepson’s daughter, unless your husband stops functioning with blinders on, you do not have much of a choice. You do not want your granddaughter to suffer because her father is a total loser, so for now your assistance is still needed. And no, it is not the responsibility of grandparents to care for their grandchildren. Of course they should be involved in their lives, but not to the point that they take on the primary care (parental) role.

Since your husband has already tried to intimidate you by saying that telling others about family problems would be “airing dirty laundry” you may have quite a challenge ahead of you. Trying to blame you for this situation is a gross injustice. It is his behavior and his son’s behavior causing these problems. Your husband’s belief that you are “beating up” on his son shows how he is not thinking rationally.

You are pointing out the obvious to your husband and he is blinded by whatever it is within him that causes him to allow his son to run your lives. What you have been doing is trying to bring your husband to his good senses, live responsibly and stop enabling a very selfish 27-year-old child-man.

I am sure the last thing you want is to have to leave your home and find another place to live, even temporarily but you obviously cannot continue to be treated so neglectfully and not as the cherished wife that God intends when a man is given the gift of a wife. Your husband needs a wake-up call. (I know you already know that!) How to wake him up is the problem.

From what you have said getting your husband into a counseling situation is going to be a major undertaking, although that is my first recommendation. In your letter you express concern for what would happen to the problem son if you and your husband were no longer here to look after him, that the other family members (his sisters) would “absolutely not put up with” his rude, selfish behavior.

This is where you might be able to get some support. You also say that you get along “great” with them. What if you reach out to your daughters and ask if they will stand with you and meet with you and your husband? Or have them speak to him when you are not present and try to point out how this cannot go on.

Hopefully they could point out the seriousness of your husband’s neglect of you, and that his true financial obligations are to be for his immediate household. Or perhaps they could at least urge him to stop allowing their brother to keep acting like a spoiled brat. Your husband would not be able to use the “airing out dirty laundry” excuse since everyone in the family is already aware of the problems.

I do remember very well our previous communication and I think it is incredible that you have weaned yourself off the medication that was causing you harm. That is a huge and great accomplishment. You sound like an amazing person who has placed others before your self. You have mentioned in your communication with me that you are still having some physical problems and it would be difficult to be on your own; all the more reason for your husband to start looking after you, and not his grown son.

It is true that there are situations when it is almost impossible to get through to an individual and in such cases especially, all options must be weighed very carefully before taking any action. If it would cause you more harm to separate, then you will have to find a way to live within the situation and emotionally distance yourself from the dysfunctional dynamics.

When we have Jesus, even in the midst of ongoing trials and tribulations, we can have inner peace. I have said this many times in my letters, but we must keep our focus on the Lord and not our given circumstances. We cannot change people, but God can and that usually takes time and great patience.

It is not fair to be a good wife and have a husband who is neglectful and hurtful, or vice-versa. But God can give you the grace to stay in your situation, especially considering your physical ailments. And remember, the Lord is your true husband. He loves and cares for you in ways that no one else can.

You can have a better life as you get closer to and stronger in the Lord, simply by cultivating and nurturing a more intimate relationship with Him. He is available day and night at any hour. Keep going to Him and hand over this entire situation over to Him. Vow to make the Lord number one in your life in a new way, spending as much time as possible in prayer and Bible study. Make Him the daily focus of your attention, not your husband and stepson.

Do you have soothing Christian music quietly playing in your home? Some good CDs and DVDs are available with Scripture narrations. This would be one good way of having the Word of God become an active part of your home life for you and your husband. Listening to the Scriptures and hymns of praise together could only help your relationship.

Our true hope is not in the things of this world. As your relationship with the Lord continues to grow the problems with your husband and stepson will not affect you as much. As believers we should long for the millennial kingdom and our eternal promised future with the Lord keeping in mind that our life here on earth is very temporary.

“And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light” (Romans 13:11-12).

The apostle Paul is making reference to our bodily “salvation” when we finally are taken to be with the Lord in the Rapture or physical death. And, yes that time is much nearer than when we were saved. Our daily lives should be spent doing the Lord’s work, primarily sharing the gospel with others and preparing for our eternal future with the Lord by living a life dedicated to Him.

Seek out others who are deeply committed to growing in the Lord, and the hurt and void you feel in your life now, will begin to dissipate. Trying to talk some sense into your husband has not worked so far. Bring out the heavy spiritual artillery and become a serious prayer warrior.

The Lord has ways of reaching people, and we must keep praying. I also urge you to keep trying to find a good church or find a home Bible study group. You need to start making real Christian friends and one good thing can lead to another when you have moral support from others who love the Lord.

In your own strength there is no easy solution to your dilemma, but in God’s strength and all-knowing wisdom a solution will be found. Your situation is complex, but nothing whatsoever is impossible for our Lord. Whenever we are faced with situations that are obviously unfair, our best Advocate is always our great Savior.

His favor is extended upon His righteous and His judgment falls upon the unjust. Pray for the Lord’s protection upon your life as He intervenes and makes things right. Only He knows what it will take to wake-up your husband, and it might mean getting into a situation where he suffers some loss.

But the Lord is merciful and we must trust Him in all circumstances. Our job is to be faithful and walk with Him. He will work out the necessary details to bring your life into a more balanced order. In these last days, the Lord is separating the tares from the wheat. I pray your husband will come to a renewed faith and commitment to the Lord where he will learn the true meaning of the Scriptures and become the man of God your family needs him to be.

Whatever you do don’t make any decisions based on fear. Pray earnestly and seek God’s wisdom Please keep in touch with me and trust the Lord with all your heart. When situations seem to be dire and out of control, God can always find a solution and bless us in ways that only He can.

In God’s love,


“For with God nothing will be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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