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Shameful Silence

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Shameful Silence

By Donna Wasson


Shhhh! Be very, very quiet. Can you hear it? No? Try holding your breath for a second. Now can you hear it? Yep, there it is; the sound of overwhelming silence of the clergy in America and across Europe. It’s their silence in the face of the monstrous brutality waged every day against our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East, Africa, China and North Korea. If I missed a country that seeks to stomp out all reference to Christ, excuse me.

The lack of outcry from the church, especially the church here in America is SHAMEFUL! We hear snippets of news stories of Christians who are being persecuted in faraway lands and we tend to shake our heads, and quickly turn the page because we don’t want to think about it. If we hide our face under the covers, maybe the monster won’t see us.

It’s time to climb out of your warm, comfy bed, stand up like big boys and girls and wake up to what’s happening in the rest of the world. Christians are being murdered. Well, that’s really a very polite, clinical way of putting it. The reality is they’re being slaughtered like victims in some slasher porn movie they show in theatres.

They are literally living the terror of Psycho, Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream every day! And while they’re running for their lives, wondering if they’ll still be alive tomorrow morning, we sit on our big, fat posteriors, watching NFL and munching Doritos. What do we care? It’s not happening to us! The truth is if it’s happening to ANY Christian, it’s happening to all Christians. We’re all heirs to God’s kingdom and they are picking on our siblings.

We’ve been watching the news about the White House Occupant’s musings regarding Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons on August 21, which supposedly killed approximately 1400 people, over 400 of which were children. Everyone knows the use of chemical and/or biological weapons has been banned by the United Nations for many years.

U.N. inspectors have confirmed a chemical agent was unleashed on civilians that day, via testing of soil and clothing samples, as well as victim testimonies. If anything could possibly be amusing about this situation it’s that the overwhelming majority of the world, including the U.N., strongly believes the Islamic rebels who are fighting the Assad regime were the ones responsible for using the chemicals. They even admitted doing so.

Yet, the Occupant has been flailing about throwing a tantrum that would make any three year old green with envy, because he keeps insisting it was Assad, even though it makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever for Assad to have done so. Because of the glaring lack of evidence and the subsequent withdrawl of British support for military action against the Assad regime, the Occupant got caught with his proverbial pants down, showing the entire world the inadequacy of what he’s packing.

He really should have thought twice before going off the teleprompter a year ago, when he drew that ‘red line’ against anyone using chemical weapons. Whoops! That’s right…excuse me. HE didn’t draw a red line; the international community drew the red line. I forgot. *wink-wink*

Be that as it may, why has no one in our wonderful Congress demanded the Occupant explain why killing innocent men, women and children by shooting, raping, destroying property, stabbing, beheading or blowing them up is acceptable, but killing them with chemical weapons is an outrage? Over 100,000 innocent people have been murdered in Syria’s two year old civil war, yet we’re just now getting our knickers in a twist because of the method used to end their lives?

Hey, makes perfect sense to me. NOT! Assad is no charmer of a leader; that’s taken for granted. However, he has been quite tolerant about allowing people of different religions to live in peace alongside Muslims for many years. In fact, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world is Maaloula, Syria.

The uprising against Assad’s rule came about as a part of the Arab Spring, which has nothing to do with allowing the people of the Middle East to experience expanded freedoms with a democratically elected government. Rather, it’s the vehicle by which long standing regimes of tyrants are being replaced by governments run by the Muslim Brotherhood. Their entire goal is to re-establish the Ottoman Empire and work towards a world-wide Caliphate in which all peoples are subject to Sharia law and Islam. Sounds like fun.

The main dog in this race is Saudi Arabia, whose seemingly endless wealth has been funneled into supporting the ‘rebels.’ Those fighting the Assad regime are NOT “freedom fighters.” On the contrary, freedom is the last thing they desire. The original Syrian fighters who oppose Assad have been joined by Islamic militant terrorists from Ansar al-Sharia, Al Qaida, Hezbollah, al-Nusra and Hamas, most of which are foreigners.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency, Saudi Arabia commuted the death row sentences of 1200 inmates on the condition they go and fight against Assad in Syria. A leaked, internal memo said:

“We have reached an agreement with them that they will be exempted from the death sentence and given a monthly salary to their families and loved ones, who will be prevented from traveling outside Saudi Arabia, in return for rehabilitation of the accused and their training in order to send them to Jihad in Syria.”

Saudi officials gave them a choice: decapitation or Jihad. ‘Gee. Hmmm. Let me think…OK. Wow! What a deal! I go free and get paid to murder to my black heart’s content!’ Inmates from Yemen, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and Kuwait chose to go fight. What Muslim would pass up a chance to kill and maim like that??

These foreign death row inmates, along with militants of various terror organizations, are the “people” the Occupant of our White House is sending our tax payer dollars to support! I’m sorry, but does that even begin to make sense to you, because it sure doesn’t to me!

So, what are these wonderful rebels doing that our Christian President is so vehemently supporting? Let’s take a look at what a Syrian insider has to report. Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib is a Catholic nun and Mother Superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria, and has lived in the country for over twenty years.

Just this week, she told Reuters about a rebel attack that occurred a few days ago. “In the village of Estreba, they massacred all the residents and burnt down their houses. In the village of al-Khratta almost all the 37 locals were killed. Only ten people were able to escape.”

She continues, “A total of twelve Alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack. That was a true slaughterhouse. People were mutilated and beheaded. There is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive—alive!—by a frame saw. The final death toll exceeded 400, with 150 to 200 people taken hostage. Later, some of the hostages were killed, their deaths filmed.”

According to eyewitnesses, The Daily Mail reports, “Terrified Christians claim Syrian rebels ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they ‘liberated’ their ancient village. One Maaloula resident said the rebels, many of whom had beards and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’

(that’s the only religious phrase they apparently know) attacked Christian homes and churches shortly after moving into the village.”

“Another Christian resident said: ‘I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, ‘Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded.’”

Again, the Occupant insists on sending arms and our money to savages that treat the innocent like this, even though they know the entire world is watching them! How in hell’s name will they act if Assad is overthrown and they take power??

Mother Agnes stated in her interview with Reuters that she viewed footage of the chemical attack that the U.S. is using to build a case against Assad, and plans to send a written report to the U.N. Human Rights Commission. She expressed serious doubts as to its authenticity.

“I have carefully studied the footage, and I will present a written analysis on it a bit later. I maintain that the whole affair was a frame-up. It had been staged and prepared in advance with the goal of framing the Syrian government as the perpetrator.”

“The key evidence is that Reuters made these files public at 6:05 in the morning. The chemical attack is said to have been launched between 3 and 5 in the morning in Guta. How is it even possible to collect a dozen different pieces of footage, get more than 200 kids and 300 young people together in one place, give them first aid and interview them on camera, and all that in less than three hours? Is that realistic at all?”

She goes on to question where all the bodies went. Who were those victims? Where were their parents and why were there no female bodies among all those supposedly dead children? While she concedes a chemical agent was used in the area, she insists the footage that is being used as ‘evidence’ had been fabricated in advance.

Quite frankly, as a Hospice RN, I’ve seen my fair share of dead bodies. I’ve studied the photographs of the ‘victims’ arranged in neat rows, wrapped with clean white sheets with only their faces showing. When someone dies an uncomfortable death, it shows on their face.

The faces I’ve seen in those photos are remarkably serene and peaceful for those who died agonizing deaths, convulsing and gasping for breath. Plus, they look nice and rosy rather than displaying the normal, ghastly yellowish gray color of death. And how could one little war torn Syrian town come up with untold hundreds of clean, white bed sheets in a few short hours? Just sayin’…

This is part of the flimsy evidence the Occupant insists is his justification for dragging us into WW III, potentially destroying the economy and infrastructure of America and costing millions of lives across the globe in the process.

I’ve never been to Parochial School, nor am I Catholic, but I’ve heard it’s NOT a good idea to hack off a nun, and Mother Agnes is steaming mad! The terror group, Jabhat al-Nusra attacked a village called Latakia on August 5th. Mother Agnes tells Reuters the following:

“What I want to ask first of all, is how the international community can ignore the brutal killing spree in Latakia on Laylat al-Qadr early in the morning; an attack that affected more than 500 people, including children, women and the elderly. They were all slaughtered. The atrocities committed exceed any scale. But there was close to nothing about it in the international mass media.”

“I don’t understand why the Western media apply double standards in this case—they talk about mass murder that the use of chemical weapons resulted in non-stop, but they keep quiet about the Latakia massacre.” Gee, Agnes. Probably because it doesn’t further the plans of the NWO and the Occupant, that’s why.

She states that ‘everyone’ in Syria is facing grave danger, not just Christians. Even Muslim religious leaders have been kidnapped and beheaded. “They were humiliated and tortured. Ismailis, the druze, Christians—people from all parts of Syrian society are being mass murdered.” She blames the fact that these rebels are being given international support, so they feel free to act out their most vile demonically inspired desires on the innocent.

“Today, unfortunately, the violation of human rights and genocide in Syria is covered up on the international level. I demand the international community stop assessing the situation in Syria in accordance with the interests of a certain group of great powers.” (Uh, that would be the U.S.)

“The Syrian people are being killed. They fall victim to contractors, who are provided with weapons and sent to Syria to kill as many people as possible. The truth is, everywhere in Syria, people are being kidnapped, tortured, raped and robbed.” And then she gets down to the root of the issue:

“These crimes remain unpunished, because the key powers chose international terrorism as a way to destroy sovereign states. They’ve done it to other countries. And they will just keep doing it if the international community doesn’t say ‘Enough!’” Whoohoo, get it Agnes! Tell it girl! Here again, is General Wesley Clark explaining how the American government planned to conquer seven Middle Eastern and African countries in five years.


She is 100% correct. As I’ve written before, the entire “Arab Spring” had nothing to do with trying to bring ‘democracy’ to the Middle East. It has everything to do with conquering those nations so the Muslim Brotherhood, birthed and financed by Saudi Arabia, can take over and govern by Sharia law. And, of course, take control over ALL the oil and natural gas in the region as well.

So WHY would our “Christian” President have such a starry-eyed affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood? Back in August, Egypt televised a report by the Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Tehani al-Gebali. Ms. al-Gebali states that President Obama’s half-brother in Kenya, Malik Obama, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and oversees their international investments.

She stated she would like to “inform the American people that their President’s brother Obama is one of the major architects of the major world investments of the Muslim Brotherhood. We will carry out the law and the Americans will not stop us. We need to open the files and begin court sessions.”

“The Obama administration cannot stop us; they know that they supported terrorism,” she continued. “We will open the files so these nations are exposed, to show how they collaborated with the terrorists. It is for this reason the American administration fights us.” She went on to explain that this news is important to Americans who are concerned about their President’s actions, calling it a “gift to the American people,” implying there would be more information to come.


Hmm. Funny how OUR main stream media seemed to overlook this story. I don’t remember hearing about it, do you?? Ever since the Occupant was selected in 2008 and promised to “fundamentally transform this country,” he has bent over backwards to support EVERY Islamic cause he can get his hands on, while tearing down every Judeo/Christian tradition in America.

He insists on surrounding himself with Muslim Czars and advisors, including his closest advisor/mommy, Iranian-born, Islamic Communist Valerie Jarrett, without whose permission, he would not use the toilet.

In July 2012, Texas Republican Congressman, Louie Gohmert called for a probe to investigate the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration policies. He told WND, “You look at the decisions the administration made, especially in the last two years, in going through the revolutions in Northern Africa and across the Middle East and to the Far East, and the only way you can explain the horrendous decisions that were so completely wrongheaded would be if the administration had a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood members giving them advice.”

WND reported that Hilary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, (A/K/A Mrs. Anthony Weiner) “worked for an organization founded by her family that is effectively at the forefront of a grand Saudi plan to mobilize U.S. Muslim minorities to transform America into a strict Wahhabi-style Islamic state, according to an Arabic-language manifesto issued by the Saudi monarchy.”

The Muslim Brotherhood organization was birthed in Saudi Arabia. The plan is for members to “understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated, and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

It is a known fact that President Obama’s education at Harvard Law School was facilitated by and paid for by the Saudi government. Gee. Now it all seems to make more sense, doesn’t it? Now do you understand WHY the Occupant has been jumping up and down yelling, “I want my war! I want my war!!” despite overwhelming evidence Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack? Why our President bowed to Saudi King Abdullah?

Genuine Americans do not bow to any human being.

Once Syria is conquered and Assad is ousted, the Muslim Brotherhood’s sights are on Iran next, and the Occupant will do everything in his power to use American blood and treasure to start a war with that nation. It’s all a part of the Saudi plan, and fits in with the NWO consolidation of power under one umbrella.

Not only are America’s pastors failing to preach the gospel which includes the cross, the blood He shed, His death and resurrection, along with the need to confess our sins, repent and look to Christ’s sacrifice as the ONLY way to heaven, they are also ignoring the wholesale slaughter of our fellow Christians.

Where is the outrage against this administration’s absurd and blatantly treasonous foreign policy? Why aren’t pastors across this country coming together to demand accountability from the members of Congress we elected to represent us? Why aren’t they condemning the President giving aid and comfort to our enemy, Al Qaida; you know…the guys who murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11/2001? Why are the American taxpayers funding the slaughter of innocent men, women and children in foreign lands, some of whom are fellow Christians?

Hey, is that 501(c) (3) Tax Exempt status really that important to you? What’s wrong preacher? You scared you won’t be able to build that new extravagant ‘Youth Center’ if you lose that exemption? Afraid the sheeple will get bored sitting in the same old pews, and stop handing that money over every week to appease the gods of silver and gold they worship?

Gosh, how would you afford that Mercedes or the McMansion your wife demanded if you started speaking up, bringing the IRS leeches down on your head? After all, the good Lord expects you to be a good steward of that mammon, doesn’t He? Hmmm?

Shame on every pastor that lacks the intestinal fortitude to lead their congregation in taking a stand in demanding our leaders in Washington refuse to fund terrorists that persecute and slaughter innocent Christian men, women and children all over the world. But you won’t do that, will you? You don’t even have the courage to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ anymore.

What good are you to the kingdom? What justification will you give for your lack of leadership when you stand before the One who died for you? James 3:1 “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.”

You ministers were put in the position of shepherding your little flocks. That is a mighty responsibility you took on. Be the leader of your congregations while you still have the freedom in this country to speak out on these issues.

If you don’t defend your fellow believers, then who will? Lead your people to fast and pray for the protection and provision of those precious children of God. It’s the very least you can do. For heaven’s sake, put down the remote and do something!

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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