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Revelation by Brother Bob on 13 August 2013.


I called him about 2 PM. These were his exact words.

What the Father has shown is an area that I’m not familiar with. We know about the real estate bubble. With regard to housing… over the past few days the Farther keeps bringing to my attention these oversized high rise office buildings that I see every now and then when I go into a city. And many of them are over ½ to 3/4ths vacant. And the Lord said, ‘This is going to be the next big real estate bubble that’s going to burst.’

It will be high rise office buildings, hi-rise apts, and high rise condos. Now, Brother if that takes place that’s going to bring down some of what would be known to the layman as the super banks; because they have made the loans to the businesses such as the contractors to build these buildings.

However, when they can’t pay back [the loans to] these super banks that’s going to put them in jeopardy of foreclosure. They will turn around and demand payments not only from the contractors, but the subcontractors involved; and anyone who is contractually involved with that construction. That in turn will bring down a good portion of the construction industry. Because they can’t build anything more because they cannot pay off what they already owe.

So what will then happen is… Look at all of the resources involved. You’re looking at youir large earth moving equipment to dig foundations, machines to pile drive pilings down to bedrock; cement contractors and more. Now you’re looking at the equipment industry. Everything from perhaps… and I’m not an expert on the equipment industry; so I’m using names I am familiar with over the years.

We’re looking at Caterpillar, Kubota, some of these Chinese and Japanese contractors, crane companies, etc. Now you’re looking at concrete, wiring, rebar for the steel, drywall; and look at all the individuals involved to those that do the finish work. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and carpet layers..

All of these industries will begin to have to lay people off, begin to pare down, pare off; and it’ll lay off not thousands, but hundreds of thousands, of workers. That’ll stress the economy because they’ll not have the wherewithal to pay their facilities and their utilities, and their mortgages. Now that’s a ripple effect in the real estate industry that’ll literally blow the bottom out from the housing industry again. That’ll also completely wipe out some of the automotive local companies that sell autos, SUVs, pickup trucks… Because these people who buy them and those who have bought them they’ll go into repossession.

Now, many of these people have begun to cycle out of the former [bubble burst] cycle, of the housing industry bubble which burst, getting back on their feet, taking on credit card debt, to rebuild their live. They’ll not be able to repay their credit card debt.

Now here come the collection agencies, the lawyers. These people will go into bankruptcy and when they were able to come out of the former bubble-burst, the same thing will drag them twice as deep this time. What we’re looking at is a potential economic catastrophe. And the emptying out of the cities that had these high rise, office complexes, and apartments; some of them of looked like they had like a vertical mall and on different floors they had different shops.

Brother, they’ll be emptied out. It’ll become something of a ghost town no man’s land. And that in turn will spike , number one, crime, number two, homesteaders, number three squatters because where are these people gonna go? The federal, state, and local govts will not have the wherewithal to rescue these construction bankruptcies because they’ve already taxed the people to the point where the people are spending as much as 40 to 60 percent of every dollar they make to federal and local taxes anyway.

And you cut anymore of that out.. what we’re looking at ..----- This is what the father showed. He said. ‘Places like Home Depot, Lowes, and COSTCO and Wal-Mart, and Target... some of these major chains that target the middle class for their major income will virtually wiped out; because even people who shop at Wal-Mart will not have the money for these items at [even] their prices’. They’re the world’s biggest retailer, as I understand.

Now let’s just look at America for a moment... If that happens the banks are going to look to foreign countries where there are foreign contractors building very similar buildings. They’ll call in part of their debt … but because the buildings are not yet complete, these contractors will not be able to pay the vendors to acquire more materials the building stops and now the building goes into foreclosure. There will be a ripple effect globally. When the American economy, in the second real estate bubble bursts it will be like a tsunami globally.

It will start on the east coast and Brother it’ll spread across America like a prairie fire. And when it does it’ll reach the isles like Hawaii where there’s a lot of construction going on. But because the price points there are so expensive it’ll virtually wipe that out.

The people will have to live like the islanders did 40 or 50 years ago and not in these high rise expensive complexes.

That will spread across the Pacific, once it reaches Japan the Japanese economy will collapse. When that happens so will South Korea’s collapse, and that’ll spill over into China; and China will then have to… and this part of what the Father was showing.. I said ‘Oh my God’, and I say that with great reverence. China finds themselves in a financial meltdown.. They really have only one option. And that’s go to war to keep their economy afloat, and to draw in the resources they’d normally have to pay for, they’ll just come and confiscate.

When that happens it’ll put Russia on edge. Now there’s gonna be that conflict of two major powers vying for the resources of Asia, and Europe. That’ll spark conflict between the two. In the meantime N. Korea will slide into virtual oblivion.

And there’s only one that man [Kim Jung On] can do; to save his own family and that’s attack! Launch-- do whatever it takes to try to survive and when they attack South Korea that triggers allied agreements. And China will not stand for it. That will sweep across into Europe, and Europe will struggle just to survive. All because of the greed of building high rises; be they businesses, be they residential, be they shopping, or be they be just for pride. And that’s gonna effect some of the Arab countries who have gone into these super contractual agreements for who is going to have the biggest and the best high rises.

Now that brings us to another point the Father has been showing. This is all dealing with economics.. what has been shared is….. And it basically puts the world into a position where they’re gonna barely survive or they’re gonna have to go to war to survive. Either of those is scary.

Because if we move into the arena of just surviving, take all the technologies that are out there….. If people cannot buy them and use them, the electronics industry withers; and so does advancement in the technologies.

Now, something has been bothering me for months that the Father keeps saying.. ‘There’s going to be a major war in the Middle East’. And I say, ‘Father that’s always been since Israel became a nation on 14 May 1948.’

He said, ’And then you’ve got the democracy and the theocracy.’ He said. ‘These are going to clash. And boil over into a major conflict that will embroil Israel, Europe, England, America, and Canada’. Further, he said. ‘What’s going to happen is a proxy war is going to be fought between Europe, America, and Russia in the Middle East.’

He said, ‘It’s going to come out of the Syrian conflict; and the camps are already being created between the Sunni and the Shiite, between theocracy and democracy and the different political factions each vying for their place of political power at the table, when it is all settled to the point where negotiations take place beyond conflict’.

And he said, I’m telling you that Russia has already launched her surface and her subsurface fleets, and if they’re not already in the Atlantic and off the coasts of the Middle East they’re clandestinely preparing to make their move. And he said, They’ll challenge the sea power of America. I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Wait, watch and see’. He said, ‘Not thousands, but tens of thousands of lives are going to be lost in that conflict; and out of that conflict is going to be the decision whether Israel survives as a nation ---- or thrives as a nation!’

And he said, ’I’m telling you right now, if America doesn’t support Israel the people with whom I’m in covenant with .. He stated, ‘Remember now, this is not between man and man; this is between God, a nation, and a people that go back thousands of years that I’ve not ever abandoned’; if America does not support Israel; I’ll bring America to her knees and destroy her’.

He said, ‘I’m already in the process, they’ll not pay attention to me, they’ll not repent of their murders, they’ll not repent of their drugs, they’ll not repent of the sins that are drawing this nation down.

Further, he said, -- this is not me -- ‘From the White House to the outhouse!’ -- Now that gets pretty down to the earth!

He said, ‘If they don’t repent, -- in what you’re seeing now in what meteorologists are calling weather gone wild, will look very mild in the next couple of years… compared to today. (13 August 2013).

I told you years ago it will be wet where it’s supposed to be dry and dry when it’s supposed to be wet. And he said “Now I’ve unleashed the fire storms. I did it against… I’m trying to think now .. Sodom and Gomorrah .. He released a fire storm there. Good. And he said I’m doing the same thing now. He said look where the fire storms are. He said I’m burning that sin out of the land of the people. He said, the innocent are suffering as well as the guilty. And that breaks my heart. But did I not say that the rain falls on the just and on the unjust?

And here’s something.. I kept saying, ‘Father why do you keep bringing to my mind. Look into fresh water?’ I have fished all of my life since I was a child and you know one of the things I dearly love is to fish; especially fly fishing’. He said, ‘Look into the water.’

He said, ‘South where you were fishin’. -- ‘You mean near that bridge that was in brackish water? And where we were able to travel miles out to the salt water of the Chesapeake Bay? He said,’ Yes’. What happened to you when you were fishing at that bridge?’ I said, ‘Father, my buddy almost turned sheet white! He never does that. He’s never afraid on the water. ’He said,’ What did your buddy say?’ -- ‘Bob, there’s a fin behind you!’ When I turned around whatever was there was not there; maybe gone underneath the boat. And he was so frightened that he stopped fishing and kept watching the water. He said,’ You fish, I’ll watch.’

I knew, because he was so afraid, that, this man is a fisherman, a hunter, he is neigh unto fearless. But that day he turned white. And I kept thinking the months and years since, what was that…??? The Father said, this week I want to show you something, I want you to understand how I spared your life and that of your fishing buddy.

‘I researched it. The Bull Shark is built so that it can absorb salt or excrete salt through a special gland; just as if it were urinating.

The Bull Shark has begun to traverse into fresh waters over the years; and become acclimated. It can retain salt and go up into fresh water. Now the Bull Shark is even spawning and thriving in freshwater. And it’s attacking human beings. Been studying it Bother, I’ve found that the Bull Shark has been found up the Mississippi River; half way up that river’.

‘It has been found 2200 miles up into the Amazon freshwater. And it’s beginning to stalk and attack humans for their flesh. He said, did I not tell you years ago that the day would come when you would have to withdraw from fishing like you do now and fish only sporadically because there would be danger in the water? He said, there it is. Did I not tell you that wildlife, land and sea and fresh water would one day turn against mankind? He said, It’s happening!’

So I began to study more. He said, ‘I want you to look over here. Study the leopard’. ‘O’ kkkkay!’; I come to find out that leopards and panthers are now beginning to thrive in our suburbs. Unknown to the populace… not in many areas yet. But there are photos and films when people put out their security cameras and have them running and they see these large leopards or panthers and that’s beginning to answer the question, Where are the dogs going? Where are the cats going? [ABC: Another place they disappear is into witch covens for satanic animal sacrifices!]

I’m saying Father, .. ‘[Wait] Did not I say in my word that the day is coming when the wild beasts.. Yes, just like there was fear thousands of years ago… when that even when the Psalms and Proverbs were being written, that a man would not go out into the street at night for fear of being taken by a wild beast. He said, ‘That’s beginning in America!’

I said well, ‘That’s deadly’. He said, ‘Yes, but now I want you to look down south, and what types of meat do people really like, especially in different places of the world?’ ‘Well, maybe wild boar, it’s a different type ham.’ He said, ‘Look south. What’s beginning to rampage through fields of crops; feral pigs’? ‘That’s right, feral hogs; and they’ll also attack humans!’

He said, ‘That’s going to begin to devastate the agriculture in the southern states. And that will mean higher food prices. But because of organizations like PETA; they’re not going to permit these wild hogs to be hunted. They’ll want them protected.’ So as the father began to show, I said, Father what you’re saying is you’re literally permitting creation that you created that mankind once had dominion over -- That’s right! --- beginning to take dominion over mankind.

He said, ‘It’s the exact opposite of what I’d planned; and I’m putting fear into the spirits of men, women, boys, and girls, and what does my word say?’ I said, ‘Your word says that men’s hearts will fear.. we often think about nuclear biological or chemicals attacks, but what if nature turns against us?’ [Well, we got stink bugs eating up 40 percent of the peach crop here.] Yes, and that’s why peaches are so expensive! [Here in Virginia, 50 dollars a bushel, the guy told me at the fruit stand.]

Now I’m going to share something that the Father gave.. we’ll have to wait and see. This is one of those … I’m going to adopt wait and see because Father you’re starting to use names. He said, ‘Yes I know… I’m telling you now before it happens so people can begin to pray!’

‘I’m telling you, Number one, President Barak Hussein Obama is going to lead America into a catastrophic war in the Middle East; and thousands of Americans are going to be lost. He said,’It was never intended to be that way, but that is what’s going to happen unless the people pray to change the mind of this man’. He said, ‘Number two, if you now look at what’s now taking place in all of the negotiating-- it all favors, not Israel, not Isaac; it favors Islam and Ishmael .’

He said, ‘This will not stand. [Amen!] He said, ‘I’m telling you now.. I know the heart of that man, I know the spirit of that man, I know the teachings of Islam, I know the teaching of the Koran, and I know the spirit of the Koran; and I know the spirit in Islam and I’m telling you this man’s spirit is that of a Muslim. And he’s dragging America down.

If you’ll look at every other nation that has an Islamic leader, they’re in turmoil.’ And he said, ‘Unless this changes there’s gonna be a horrific backlash inside of America. That will result in two factors!’ I said, ‘Father, please!!’ He said, ‘I’m telling you.. Even your grandfather told you this.. in part. And that was decades ago and if this continues there’s going to be a horrific backlash; and there’s going to be both a religious and a race war.’

‘This war will shatter and shred democracy in America. And it’ll divide the people; because America is a melting pot of people, and religions, and unless this thing is addressed America is going to fall like every other empire before it’.

I said, ‘Father what can we do?’ He said, ‘The only thing that you as a nation at this point in time is pray! Because unless this thing turns around it’s gonna be a blood bath. If you will just look at events look who is hoarding ammunition, look at who is hoarding firearms… it’s not the people, it’s the leadership who are no leaders at all!’

Further, he said, ‘Remember he who thinks he standeth is on the verge of falling. And when you have a nation with leadership that is not Godly -- the people come under a very heavy hand and a curse. Eventually those people will wake up and rise up; and when they do that it’s revolution.. I don’t want that for America. Unless things change the people are on the verge of taking matters into their own hands and the leadership is either oblivious; or because they’re ready to come down with a heavy hand.’

Another point he brought out: ‘I’m telling you .. you watch, in the very near future, Christians are going to be labeled as provocateurs, as the problem makers, as the instigators, as the intolerants, and Christians are going to come under severe persecution. Their businesses are going to be firebombed, their homes will be firebombed, their vehicles firebombed; Christian schools will be fire-bombed.. and what do you think is going to happen when a rather large local Christian school, K through 12 is firebombed, and hundreds of children are killed or injured?’ I said, ‘Father the people are going to rise up’. He said, That’s right at the beginning of revolt.’

And he said, ‘You watch, Islam will begin to come to the forefront of being those who are tolerant, of being those who have the answers to the problems; where [in fact] they are the real problem!’

Well Brother, when he gets that specific things become very detailed. And I have not called you. I didn’t even want to talk to you because I knew if I did what was going to come out; and the Father said, ‘When it’s time he’ll call’ . And then you just did it. You called!!!

He continued, ‘And the people will be warned. If they heed it, America may be spared, but that’s not a given guarantee.’ I said. ‘Why?’ ‘ Because revolt and revolution have already bubbled to the surface; and it’s just a matter of time. If Hillary Rodham Clinton is voted in as President, America as a democratic nation will be lost.’ [We know that’s not going to happen already. The Lord told us earlier, She has a medical defect she knows nothing about.] Ahh yes, I remember.

My Brother, America’s in the greatest danger since the time of Lincoln, when America slipped into the abyss of civil war.

He’s already shown if that happens all those that are here [now] with personnel and material will be unleashed against the American people. [Bob’s referring to the foreign cops/troops and infrastructure.] And we will become a police state. And if that happens there’s going to be a bloody awful revolt, revolution and war which will rend this nation. And every country that wants a piece of us will be involved.

I would to God I had none of this to share with you. [I got it now..] You do with it whatever. There’s more but I’m gonna keep it for now. Just remember that 17 page prophetic document [of March 2007], well, it’s about to percolate to the surface.

One of the areas that Christians are not aware of is that their pastors have been approached to be giving the membership rolls and their finances to whatever or department of the federal Government. That way they know who these people are, where they live, and what their habits are. And every single person that has a smart phone is a walking target. [Then they know where to get them on Sunday morning too.] Uhhh huh… That’s coming my brother, sooner rather than latter..

As one of the ancient writers said, ‘Beware the Ides of March’. Well beware of the Ides of the end of 2013. America is on the cusps(s), plural, that she isn’t even aware of, that will cause her to have her Constitution, her Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers; all of it annulled. And those people in Washington know it! And they are so scared to say anything that they are like those in Nazi Germany who refused to say anything for fear that they, and their families, might be hear the knock on the door at night.

Oh, there was another factor. I said, ‘Father all this is coming at once!’ He said, ‘I’m trying to warn the people.’ Now this will have to be watched.

What the Father showed is that there is a very special highly trained… an elite group within an elite group within an elite group .. It’s three layers deep. Even those of the elite are not aware of who they are. But they have been trained and been given the most highly sophisticated, high tech sniper rifles with hyper-range ballistic rounds that can reach out well over 1500 yards and hit a tiny target; day or night, all weather.

And they’re trained for killing shots against those who are considered to be terrorists and/or against the government. Even if they just speak out. I said, ‘Father that’s not America!’

And what happened over the weekend? There was a clown who put on an Obama mask-- and I don’t know what he said or did in a rodeo but as of yesterday he has been banned as a clown from the rodeo circuit for the rest of his life. Because he spoke out against Obama or because he made fun of him. This is not America that is North Korea.

End of transcript. It took four hours to transcribe this from tape to a Word document.

Al Cuppett

Aug 24, 2013