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LUIS B VEGA: The Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign: 2017

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The Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign: 2017

Pattern of Virgo Celestial Signs from 2000 - 2025

And the Coming Great Middle-East & Celestial Wars

by Luis B. Vega
Online PDF chart at: http://www.sonoma.edu/users/v/vegalu/eschatology_files/Virgo.pdf

‘A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth… She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.’ -Revelation 12:1-6

The purpose of this study, with online illustrations, is to investigate astronomically the recurring Revelation 12 imagery of the Virgin about to birth & ‘Rapture’ a Man-Child with Sun, Moon, Stars & Dragon symbology. The Virgo celestial signs in question will be plotted onto a timeline from 2000 to 2025. This study only seeks to show the possible patterns of just how many times does the Virgo constellation approximate and/or match that of the Book of Revelation 12 prophetic vision. For illustrative purposes and to have an overall perspective of the astronomical characteristics surrounding these celestial Virgin ‘sign’ occurrences, all the Solar & Total Lunar Eclipses from 2014-2022 will be designated on the timeline.

These eclipses fall in-between the 2 Hybrid Solar Eclipses of 2013 and 2023. These are notable and in themselves, could provide the time frame of when World War 3 (WW3) triggered by Syria, the Rapture and the Tribulation Period are to occur within such astronomical ‘book-ends’. The timeline presented of the possible course of events will only be speculative based on the Virgin sign patterns, the Solar and Lunar eclipse patterns and current political events in the Middle East that are rushing fast to a climax with as Syria will most likely be the trigger point, i.e., the Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 wars.

During this specific time period from 2014-2022, in-between the 2 Hybrid Solar Eclipses, there are 20 total Solar Eclipses. The Total Lunar Eclipses will likewise be plotted onto the timeline, which are 9 total. A short Biblical numerical study on the numbers 9 and 20 will be highlighted to give some possible prophetic perspective of their possible implications as it relates to the Nation of Israel. Then, several day counts will be emphasized in the illustrated timeline to ascertain if there are any possible number, date or mathematical relationships.

A short study on the Biblical & prophetic make-up or nature of the constellation Virgo itself will be presented, according to the work and research of EW Bullinger. Lastly some possible prophetic interpretations will be given along with several speculations as to the possible Tribulation start dates and when could the Rapture occur -based on such Biblical & prophetic celestial patterns in the constellation Virgo, most notably that of the sign that occurs in 2017.

[/color=blue]Based on the Virgo signs and eclipse patterns, there does appear to be some very unique number associations, time periods & mathematical relationships to when the Rapture and Tribulation could occur astronomically that is. Out of the 2000-2025 time period considered, only 4 ‘signs’ in Virgo have the Moon under feet and Sun in the head of Virgo, 2001-2015-2018-2020. It is peculiarly only in 2017 that ALL the components, as depicted in Revelation 12 vision occur in Virgo[/color].

Celestial Virgo Prophetic Patterns
IF the Revelation 12 heavenly sign of the Women with the Sun, Moon, Stars, Birthing, Rapture & Dragon does correlate to the 2017 alignments in September 22/23, 2017, then the ‘sign’ itself is prescribing a ‘Rapture’ to take place first. This could either be caused by an event such as WW3 in the Middle East, for example that could be leading up to the Rapture or an event immediately after the event. Nonetheless, based on the order of the ‘sign’ itself, it will happen before the Great Celestial War can occur also. Thereafter the subsequent expulsion of lucifer from Heaven will thus occur after the Rapture -as lucifer currently has access to the Civil Court in Heaven as the Accuser of the Brethren.

As to how long will it be from the initial Rapture to the Great Celestial War and the subsequent evection of lucifer from Heaven? That remains to be seen. And are we talking about the same one and only ‘Rapture’? The 2017 Virgo sign might well involve a Rapture, but many End-Time students of Biblical prophecy speculate that there are at least 3 Raptures occurring as it relates to the Tribulation Period. This is why there is much confusion as to a pre, mid or post-Tribulation Rapture. In essence, they are all correct in that there is more than 1 Rapture event. There is the Rapture of the Church, the Rapture seen in Revelation 20, then the Rapture of the 2 Witnesses, etc.

One aspect of the prophecy or vision is certain regarding the Virgo celestial sign. This certainty is that soon after a ‘Rapture’, there will be an all out satanic assault on Earth, as it is in Heaven – the Great Celestial War by lucifer & his fallen angels will occur. Thereafter, lucifer will be cast out of his current authority as the ‘Prince of the Power of the Air’ on his descending track to the Bottomless Pit. It is interesting to consider that when the Rapture of the Church does take place, it will be in the ‘Air’ …the very territory of lucifer that the LORD has redeemed. Christ at the Cross of Calvary not only redeemed His Church, His Bride, the Earth, but all of Fallen Creation to include the very territory that lucifer has dominion over, the ‘Air’ and the ‘Heavenly places’. (Matthew 28:18 )

Possible Timeline of Tribulation & the Coming War
(both Earthly & Heavenly)

Per some interpretations of the End Times, this timeline presented in this study only seeks to highlight possible sequence of events that could happen based on the prophetic Revelation 12 vision. For one, such speculative dates are based off the Virgo celestial sign pattern, the Solar & Lunar Eclipse patterns, some particular time and date counts and current events in the Middle East.

Some notable factors for this possible timeline are based on what the current geo-political sequence of events has led the Middle East -with the arab Spring, Egypt and now Syria to possibly be the long awaited occultic start to World War 3. It appears that Syria will be next in line to experience the New World Order’s ravaging of a sovereign country. This has been done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria.

From an eschatological point of view, the LORD is allowing the chess board of political maneuvering to set the stage in the Middle Eat for the final Tribulation Period to discipline Israel and judge the nation at Armageddon. Astronomically, if the Tetrad the 2 book-end Hybrids and the Virgo celestial signs are any indication of this coming time period, then the next few years, 2014-2019 in particular are to be looked at with great anticipation but with hope and horror of what is to come prophetically.
The timeline of possible scenario of such a coming time is as follows:

A Fall Rapture occurs before, during or after the Jewish Feasts but could be up to Kerry’s 9-Month Peace Initiative to culminates in Spring of 2014. It could coincide with the start of Tetrads on Passover to the Feast of First Fruits. Instead of a peace plan when ‘Peace & Security’ is being proclaimed, a ‘Sudden Destruction’ resulted for the plan to divide Israel into a 2-State political solution with the Palestinians.

This is the year in the Spring when the possible timeframe for the much anticipated ‘Peace and Safety’, is expected to occur by way of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks of dividing Israel into 2 states but then Sudden Destruction shall come upon THEM. The Isaiah 19 destruction of Damascus occurs as Syria will be the trigger point that leads to World War 3. This tactical nuclear strike by Israel against Syria would also serve to put Iran on notice with respect to Iran’s nuclear program. For all intents and purposes, the Psalm 83 War with Israel will be World War 3 between the Jewish State the it’s muslim enemies. (See WW3 chart study here.)

As perhaps the chemical & biological attacks in Syria spill over into Israel, Israel nervously acting out of self preservation, will take out the majority of the chemical & biological caches in Damascus by a nuclear devise that leads to the ‘sudden destruction’ and WW3. This will in turn prompt the Psalm 83 muslim coalition to attack Israel. Thus, this could be the possible Rapture Zone as with Sodom and the Flood typology of escaping before sudden destruction came. Sodom is the ‘type’ for the Church that leaves, the Floor is the ‘type’ for Israel that stays. In Romans 6:5 it does allude to Believers in Jesus following in the same sequence of the Resurrection of Christ. Since Christ rose in Spring, it could be the time of the Rapture & Resurrection then, if not at Pentecost.

As Israel is prophesied to prevail in the Psalm 83 War, Israel will live in ‘un-walled cities’ thereafter with a false sense of security and peace. Then the Ezekiel 38 War ensues immediately as a retaliation for the muslim defeat by Israel during the Psalm 83 War. After the supernatural defeat of the Gog-Magog alliance thereafter the AntiChrist ‘Confirms the Covenant’ with the Many for 7 Years that is implemented later on.

The subsequent 7 Year ‘Covenant’ could be corresponding to the Jubilee Year, as per some calculations on Yom Kippur and the luciferian ‘Year of Light’ 5776. This could accommodate the 7 months needed to bury dead and the 7 Years to burn the nuclear weapons for fuel in Israel. The 3rd Temple is initiated with Daily Sacrifices. AntiChrist sets up his biometric New World Order (NOW) 666 Mark currency worldwide after the collapse of the current economic order due to WW3.This alone follows the same pattern established after the 1st and 2nd World Wars, in that that a ‘new order’ for the world at large came about, it in terms of world politics, governance and economy.

The Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign in Virgo occurs around on September 22/23, 2017…as Rosh HaShana is ending. Since a ‘Rapture’ had preceded this event, the War in Heaven ensued as lucifer is evicted out of Heaven; dethroned from being Prince of the Power of the Air any longer as the Rapture Rendezvous had been in the Air. Thereafter, lucifer is thrust to the Earth to make way for Thrones & Powers to be given to the Bride of Christ after Bema Seat evaluations of the Saints.

Possible timeframe of when lucifer, having been cast out of Heaven due to the Celestial War, indwells the AntiChrist, stops the Daily Sacrifices, sets up the Abomination in the 3rd Jewish Temple and proclaims himself to be ‘god’. He then pursues Israel into wilderness to destroy the Remnant. Worldwide persecution ensues and capital punishment is handed down to those that refuse to participate in the NWO economy. This could be the 3.5 half-way mark from 2015. The Remnant of Israel flees to the wilderness (Petra) for the next 1260 days or 42 months that is described as the ‘Great Tribulation’ or the Time of Jacob’s Troubles’.

42 Months later
Possible timeframe of when Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming or Perusia will appear and the final Battle of Armageddon occurs. Christ returns at Fall Feasts to set up Kingdom on Earth.

The House of Virgo
Astronomically, it is generally agreed upon that the constellation Virgo does depict such an image that the Book of Revelation 12 vision presents. As Virgo is one of the 13 ‘Houses’ or signs of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth, from Earth’s perspective, the Sun appears to traverse the 13 signs, 1 per month on average. The Sun will usually pass through Virgo on the Ecliptic in the Fall months, around September to October of a given year.

What is fascinating is that the configuration or depiction of Virgo makes an interesting anthropomorphic construct. For one, the planets or the ‘wonderers’ as they are often referred to by most cultures, appear to be ‘birthed’ in-between Virgo’s legs. This area of Virgo depicts a typology of a birthing of the planets. The planets will either be in close proximity to the Ecliptic or above it and in-between the legs of Virgo when this happens.

Based on the researched done, this study only finds a pattern of 4 Virgo signs that occur from 2000-2025. These times approximates and/or mirrors that of the Book of Revelation 12 vision. Thus this Virgo pattern could possibly give a clue as to when the Rapture of the Church is to take place -if it is chronologically presented and if in fact the Revelation 12 typology corresponds to the Sun being in the constellation Virgo either in Sept or Oct of a given year then perhaps the Rapture is to occur in the Fall, but not necessarily on any Jewish Feast days such as Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur, Tabernacles or the 8th Day Assembly but perhaps.

The 4 Virgo sign configurations, that occurred on 2001-2015-2018-2020, based on the Revelation 12 typology, appear to be also in a phi φ ratio mathematical relationship in terms of distance. The 2015-2018-2020 time span is also in a phi ratio. These Virgo 4 occurrences have 1 element in common to all; the planet Mercury is associated with their configuration. In the 2001 Virgo sign, Mercury was in direct conjunction to Spica; in 2015 Mercury will be near to Spica, in 2018 it will be somewhat distant to Spica but closer on 2020.The addition to the 4 Virgo approximate signs, there is the 2017 occurrence. Although it is not like the 4 Moon-Sun configuration, it does allow for some spectacular numerical symmetry when incorporated into the timeline with the other 3 Virgo signs of 2015-2018-2020. (See online chart for illustration.)

In 2001, this celestial Virgo sign occurred 7 days after 9-11 on September 28, 2001. Then on September 15/16, 2015 the sign coincides with 3 major possible prophetic occurrences. The sign occurs 1) within the time frame of the close of the last Total Blood Moon of the Tetrad, 2) occurs close to a Partial Solar Eclipse and 3) occurs during the time many have calculated to be the start of the Year of Jubilee. The next occurrence happens on September 11/12, 2018 (excluding end date for calculations). These 3 Virgo signs in themselves have thus a September 16-11-19 pattern that mirror each other based solely on the dates or it just could be mere coincidence.

The September 11, 2018 sign occurs about 30 days from the Central Blood Moon of July 18/19, 2018. This is the Moon that will be over Jerusalem and has its counterpart occur back in 2011. These 2 Central Bull’s Eye Lunar Moons are exactly 7-Years apart. (See Central Blood Moon chart study here) It is also nearly occurring in the middle of the Triad of the 3 Total Blood Moons starting in February of 2018 and ending in January 2019. The one occurring in 2018 could possibly allude to the middle of the Tribulation Period and then the last one occurs in 2020 as if to signal the conclusion of its prophetic implication.

Matrix of Revelation 12
The matrix chart below will attempt to illustrate the following: How many times since 2000 does the constellation Virgo approximate and/or mirror the Revelation 12 imagery? Specifically here are the variables to consider based on the main astronomical factors related to the vision:

1. How many times does the Moon appear ‘under’ feet of Virgo?
2. How many times does the Sun appear at ‘head’ of Virgo?
3. How many times does the Sun appear to ‘cloth’ Virgo?
4. How many times do planets become or appear to be ‘birthed’ when the Moon is under feet and the Sun is either at head or clothing Virgo?
5. How many times does a planet that is associated with a ‘serpent’ as in Ophiuchus and/or Serpens get aligned when the Moon is under foot and the Sun is at either the head or clothed and in Virgo?

As the layers of probability get added on and are more refined, the odds of such a complete matching of all 5 elements to occur on the same date as prescribed in Revelation 12 vision in the same constellation is astonishing mathematically.

Since 2000, there have been only 4 times when the constellation Virgo has specifically had an approximation of the Revelation 12 imagery BUT it is not until the 2017 celestial Virgo sign that it perfectly occurs in all the 5 aspects listed above. The 4 identified ones of 2001-2015-2018-2020 approximate the vision but not unlike the one in 2017. There does appear to be a singular and very unique time period in the 2017 Virgo Sign that matches all the elements of the Revelation 12 vision exclusively.

Possible anthropomorphic representation of the constellation Virgo Sep/Oct of each year.



Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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