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Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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Comet of the Century, ISON

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Comet Ison dirty cold clump?.................


Comet of the Century, ISON

Comet Ison dirty cold clump?.................


Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) Sub- page

This page began on September 24, 2012 upon the public announcement of a discovery of this new comet that will remain in the solar system over the next two years. My experience over past decades of following and reporting on such famous comets as Comet Hale Bopp, Holmes, McNaught, Lovejoy, Hyakutaki, and many others will be valuable in heading off the disinformation coming from the gov sources who try to keep the public from understanding the true nature of science. Return frequently for updates. jim mccanney


return soon for an update on my predictions for this comet and what you can do to spread the word

return soon for an updated table and viewing information for the comet - this is something that everyone will be able to see !!! also my october 18, 2012 show archive along with prior shows gives many dates and viewing opportunities for everyone ... get ready because this comet could be very interesting ... jim mccanney

December 06, 2012 update ... understanding the details of comet c/2012/s1 is important but understanding the level of posturing and damage control being operated by NASA and the standard news media is important also ... it amounts to the following ... as we approach the end of 2012 with all the BS about the end of the world and planet X etc that was never anything more than a huge government disinformation ploy it is important to understand that NASA and the upper echelons have probably known about comet c/2012/s1 for a very long time and all the effort to destroy the image of "alternatives to NASA science" are in full swing ... this week i concentrate on those issues but it is very important to see that everything NASA and the boys are doing now regarding destroying the image of planet X (the real story) will be well used as we head into next year and what promises to be some amazing issues with comet c/2012/s1 ... jim mccanney

November 15, 2012 posting ... join me on my november 15, 2012 weekly radio show as i continue and build on the thoughts of past weeks ... i will be talking about a possible modern day "Passover" ... last week i talked about the physics of the "Red Hand of Death" spoken of in the bible ... if you missed this show be sure to listen to the archive on the archive sub-page ... and many prior shows also that build up the series of information on impending comet C/2012/S1 which may be the same comet that appeared as the great comet of 1680 and is becoming a new member of our solar system ... NASA and the astronomy boys are trying their hardest to ignore the inevitable show this comet is about to put on ... last week i talked about the possibility that this comet could encounter earth electrically and could cause what the ancients called the "Red Hand of Death" here on planet earth ... this was dealt with in historical settings by what we now call the "Passover" ... there was a specific set of preparations and actions that were taken in societies and cultures all over the world ... the native americans talk about doing the same ... the mayans did the same ... the incas did the same ... it was not just limited to the israelites as they prepared to leave egypt under the direction of Moses ... the main science topic for the november 15, 2012 show is ... "A Modern Day Passover - on the Brink ??? " ... are we headed for a modern day passover event ??? listen and find out ... jim mccanney

November 07, 2012 posting ... join me on my show thursday evening november 08 (see info below for details) where i will be talking about what the ancients called "the Red Hand of Death" ... this was just one of the plagues of ancient Egypt during the Moses event when the water turned to blood and all was poisoned ... people and animals died ... prior to this there were plagues of insects that poured out of the ground then the frogs ... then flies ... all the results of a passing great comet ... on my show this week i will talk about the Red Hand of Death and the physics of this phenomenon ... and how the new comet C/2012/S1 will have a possibility of putting on another effect like this on our cozy little planet earth ... learn the details of when this may happen and what the physics of this reaction are and what you should do to prepare ... also note that i have a 2part CD with 18 hours of lectures entitled "Physics of Ancient Celestial Disasters" on the secure ordering web page that deals with explanations of many many ancient celestial disasters ... so remember to join me thursday evening on my commercial free radio show ... jim mccanney


November 05, 2012 posting ... i am not a great Nostradamus Quatrain fan however the following is interesting ... this just in from a fan ... Nostradamus predicts that two events will be concurrent ... the entrance of a great comet into the solar system from cancer at the same time as the death of a pope ... we already have a great comet from cancer which is C/2012/S1 ... now if the Pope dies this signifies according to Nostradamus a time of great tribulation for earth ... here is QIV.6 mouse copied from the internet follows ...
There will appear towards the North
Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
The great one of Rome will die, the night over.

November 03, 2012 posting ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW i was just working on the orbit of comet C/2012/S1 and an AMAZING alignment is in the brewing IF the comet survives the mars passage unaltered (next october) and the solar encounter a year from now ... starting around january 8th of 2014 to january 14, 2014 there is a quadruple whammmmmmy of an alignment that involves earth !!!! we have Venus at inferior conjunction with earth AND the new moon passing AND none other than Jupiter the big guy ALL ALIGNED electrically with the moon coming out of the blocking position and in what i call "the new moon passing" ... this is getting real interesting ... the comet will be in the clear night sky and we will be looking directly at its nose and we may get to see some real fireworks along with seeing what the ancients saw ... lightning bolts across the heavens with the earth in the middle and we may witness first hand what in the moses event they called the RED HAND OF DEATH ... just prior to this we will get a bird's eye broadside view of the comet and it may be interacting with earth at some of these points in time ... more information soon ... keep posted ... OOOOPS ... i just have to add another factor that is making this all the more interesting ... the solar maximum will be at its peak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get ready folks ... and just remember one little detail ... the bankers and their secret new world order plans CANNOT DO A THING ABOUT THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although they will be working feverishly to come out of this with full control ... their only option will be to create major chaos around the world including major wars ... are the prophesies coming true ??? don't forget to watch the History Channel six part Special entitled "2012 - Countdown to Armageddon" that will begin airing on your local stations this coming week ... i am in all of them and am featured in part IV entitled Prophesies of the Hopi ... make sure you do not miss these ... jim mccanney

November 01, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio show archive is now posted on the archive sub-page ... listen as i discuss Storm Sandy ... Geo Political Socio Engineering ... Weather Bombing ... i also do another reading from the 1963 astronomy book called "Watchers of the Skies" ... and also introduce an 1800s book called The Flammarion Book of Astronomy to get the view of the topic of Planet X from the eyes of the 1800's astronomers ... then i fast forward to the 1980s when the topic was in full force in the top levels of astronomy in the US and other parts of the world ... and then it officially fell of the end of the earth and "flat earth" garbage science has been the norm ... i cover many other topics including comet C/2012/S1 ... please take a minute and go to the secure sales web ordering sub-page and do all your shopping here ... you can send your gifts to anyone anywhere in the world by placing their name and address in the "ship to" address while ordering ... read the notice below for further details ... jim mccanney

October 25, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio show archive is now posted on the archive sub-page ... listen as i discuss many issues including some information from the 1850s about the official search by professional astronomers for "Planet X" ... yes that is not a typo ... 1850s ... astronomers were way back then looking for it ... then i fast forward and compare that to the Dr. Robert Harrington study at the Naval Observatory in the early 1980s under NASA contract to look for Planet X ... then i fast forward again to the latest photos from the Keck Telescope of outer planets ... i also discuss Comet C/2012 S1 and my recent observations of the Planet Venus this past monday morning under very clear conditions ... i cover a number of other topics ... so listen and learn ... and lastly ... there are 60 shopping days prior to Christmas so please take a minute and go to the secure sales web ordering sub-page and do all your shopping here ... you can send your gifts to anyone anywhere in the world by placing their name and address in the "ship to" address while ordering ... read the notice below for further details ... jim mccanney

October 18, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio show archive is now posted ... once again i review comet C/2012 S1 for details and have an entirely new list of important dates regarding this comet and interactions with other inner solar system objects ... be sure to listen to this week's show !!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS MORE THAN A MUST LISTEN !!! also be sure to note the items on the sales sub-page - your purchases help support the commercial free show ... jim mccanney

October 13, 2012 posting !!!!!!! BIG COMET C/2012 S1 (ISON) UPDATE ... as i further analyzed the orbit of this comet i realized that it is going to have its first encounter with an inner solar system planet IN A FEW DAYS ... it will have a perfect electrical alignment with Venus on october 21 and will possibly start veuus to have comet like eruptions that could be visible in the early morning sky ... i have also developed a longer list of encounters with inner solar system planets and this is getting real interesting ... FURTHERMORE !!!! i have to let you know i made an initial error in reporting the Mars extreme close encounter on october 3 2013 (including the weeks leading up to this date) ... i originally stated on my show that this would not be visible in the morning sky but i revisited my information and in fact we will have a superb night time early morning view of the comet approaching mars and we will not be fighting the moon light as there is a new moon on october 5th ... this is getting REAL INTERESTING !!! ... keep posted for updates ... jim mccanney

October 12, 2012 posting ... the radio show archive for this week is posted on the archive sub-page ... also note that somehow magically or by some other unknown force ... my september 27th show was missing from the archive sub-page so if you missed that show be sure to go back and listen ... also last week's show on the orbit of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) is a MUST LISTEN SHOW ... be sure to listen and then be sure to catch this week's show which is a follow up on both these prior shows ... on the october 11 show i talk about current solar conditions and give a wrap up of the 2012 hurricane season (or should i say NON - season) where really nothing happened AS I PREDICTED ... remember the gov paid tier II "scientists" said this would be a much larger season than normal and when there was a flurry of activity in august they "up'd" their "prediction" ... geeee i thought predictions were supposed to be made BEFORE the alleged predicted event ... oh well when you got a cush gov paycheck and job all kinds of scientific rules can be broken ... the main science topic regards some updated information regarding comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) and some predictions about possible earth effects that i did not cover in last week's show ... and be sure to make your corn order (link below) as it will run out sometime this weekend at the rate it is going ... jim mccanney

October 05, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio show archive is now posted on the archive sub-page ... THIS SHOW IS A MUST LISTEN !!! MORE THAN A MUST LISTEN !!! i discuss the orbit of the newly discovered comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) ... enough said ... go listen and learn ... and once again there is no other place on the planet or in this end of the galaxy where you will get this important in formation ... when you understand all that potentially will happen with this large comet (especially to the planet Mars) ... you will understand the level of effort being expended by NASA and the disinfo crew regarding comets and the true nature of the solar system ... and the extreme amount of protection their garbage science offers the world bankers and their fictitious puppet governments that populate the seats of power around the world ... so listen to this week's show to understand the most important issues going on today ... all other issues are dwarfed in importance ... jim mccanney

September 30, 2012 posting ... regarding comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) there are some REAL issues with this comet ... but the news disinfo crew is already busy setting up the usual comet "end of the world nut cases jumping up and down on the internet with the NASA white hats defending the holy grail" BS ... referring to all the other bogus dog and pony shows that have come and gone in the past ... the most recent being with comet Elenin ... you see ... this floods the air waves with garbage ... both sides controlled by the same people ... but the real issues are that 1) this comet will come close to Mars ... VERY CLOSE ... and there are a number of scenarios depending on the mass of this comet which could rival little mars and could cause changes in both comet and mars orbit not to mention some serious weather issues on mars ... and 2) there are some other serious electrical alignments including one with Mercury on the comet inbound path as well as a triple electrical alignment with Venus and Earth ... if the comet orbit stays the same on the comet outbound path ... is NASA already gearing up its photo shop crew like they did with comet McNaught ??? cutting and pasting the same comet pic over and over again to hide what was really going on with the sun and comet ??? and remember comet lovejoy that recently passed through the solar atmosphere and whose planet sized nucleus was clearly visible to the naked eye observers on earth as it came out of the sun ... this comet then gives us many great broad side views so everyone will be able to see the sunward spike ... will we see direct electrical discharges between the comet and mars as spoken of by the ancients ... how will NASA explain how a fluffy little ice ball does that ??? don't worry they will try their "right stuff" best !!! keep coming back for updates as this is getting interesting ... and beware of the internet and controlled news media garbage because it is already in full swing ... jim mccanney

September 28, 2012 posting ... special posting regarding newly discovered comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) ... THIS IS GOING TO BE A REALLY INTERESTING COMET !!! there are some really interesting alignments including a new collision with the planet Mars ... this could certainly cause some significant weather effects on mars which could include electrical discharges between the comet and mars ... there are some other good electrical alignments and some excellent chances to see the comet broadside for sunward spike electrical discharges ... i have created a special web sub-page to keep the public informed about this comet ... jim mccanney

September 28, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio show is now posted on the archive sub-page ... make sure you listen if you missed the live show ... the main science topic deals with "simplicity" in science ... i talk about the history of science and the original concept used by standard science that mistakenly calls comets dirty snow balls ... i also discuss (mainly for kids but for adults also) the concept that when it comes to personal development you do not ask permission from anyone ... i discuss my own history of development of my science ideas and how i never depended on anyone nor did i ask permission ... along the way everyone thinks you should ask permission or listen to their negative input ... not me thank you very much ... i also discussed the new comet discovery that will dominate the sky and news over the next year called comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) ... this comet will be important and comes at a time when the new world order is trying to keep the lid on celestial issues ... i am opening a special sub-page on this home page to keep updates on this special event ... come back often to look for updates ... the link for this sub-page will be after the "Weekly Radio Show Archive Sub-page" link below ... already the gov disinfo agents and apologists are trying to head this off at the pass in a damage control effort ... so be sure to listen to my radio show this week ... as always brought to you commercial free and with information you will never hear anywhere else ... jim mccanney PS be sure to read both offers below for the last corn seed offering and the new Re-calendar Sun Star Clock offerings on the secure web ordering page ...

September 27, 2012 ... i covered this topic on my weekly radio show ... listen to the archive

September 24, 2012 update ... i am currently analyzing the orbit of this comet ... it appears to have a significant planet sized nucleus that may become visible to specialized equipment as it nears the sun estimated to be in november 2013 ... there is another issue that we will keep and post the official orbital parameters of this comet as i predict its orbit will change drastically and it will take more time to reach the sun due to tail drag as explained in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model ... as a first lesson and introduction to this comet listen to the archive of my upcoming september 27, 2012 radio show ...

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