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Congratulations Boston

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Congratulations Boston

By Donna Wasson


I’d like to give a rousing round of applause to the citizens of Boston, Massachusetts for their amazing patience and cooperation with law enforcement, as they hunted down the two Boston Marathon bombers. I think we could all agree this nation has never seen anything quite like the events of this past week!

In fact, the entire episode of identifying, tracking and capturing the suspects was full of drama from start to finish. It was difficult to believe what was happening right in front of our eyes, as we were glued to our TV sets, watching every detail unfold in real time; like watching some action packed movie.

Yes, pure theatre. No, I mean it. It was ALL pure theatrics. A dry run, if you will, for gauging the public’s acceptance of and willing cooperation with martial law, for that is EXACTLY what was declared! But of course, the authorities didn’t call it martial law…they used a much kinder, gentler euphemism: “Shelter in Place.” Aww, now doesn’t that sound safe and homey? ‘Shelter in place, please folks while we search for these horrible terrorists.’

The Boston Marathon bombing was ENTIRELY set up and perpetrated by our government, most likely by the FBI. Yes, you can roll your eyes in disbelief, but keep reading. This whole story stinks to high heaven, and the Feds have been caught with their pants down this time. It will be interesting to see how they try to wriggle out of their web of lies.

What?? You don’t think our own government would be so wicked as to kill and maim innocent Americans to further their political agenda of implementing the Globalist takeover of this country? Aww, you’re so cute! Listen, be sure to contact me for more information on my beautiful, ocean-front condo in Kansas I’m selling for half off!

Oh, WAKE UP for crying out loud! You’d better believe they would because they’ve done it in the past! It’s documented fact.

Even the NY Times has had to admit to the FBI’s tactic of setting up willing dupes who wish to do harm to America, then grooming and supplying them with the necessary tools to carry out an attack, but switching the explosives for inert ingredients at the last second. They then arrest the person, congratulating themselves for thwarting a terrorist attack. How lame! But hey, it makes it seem our government is indeed protecting us, when they are doing nothing of the sort. Take a look: (you may have to copy and paste)


See? Let’s look into the circumstances behind the bombing in Boston. First of all, there are the “suspects,” Tamerlan 26, and his 19 year old brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Both men were born in the breakaway Russian republic of Chechnya, and raised as Muslims. They came to America as youngsters and obtained political asylum. The younger man, Dzhokhar, became a naturalized U.S. citizen on 9/11/12 and is thoroughly Americanized, according to his friends. You can read the following about the background of the two brothers, and a possible motive for their involvement, if indeed they were responsible for the tragedy.



There are many people who are beginning to question the authorities’ narrative of what happened. Why are suspicions growing that this was an orchestrated false flag event, with two unwitting patsies who were set up months ago? Consider some of the details of that day and the explanations that followed.

The men’s mother, Zubeidat, told Russia Today that the FBI had been monitoring Tamerlan since at least 2011, and had spoken to him “every step of the way. They used to come to our home, they used to talk to me…they were telling me that he was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites.” The FBI DENIED knowing anything about Tamerlan until this story was released to the Russian media. The FBI lied.


On the morning of the bombing, the Boston Globe ran the following tweet: “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” One of the runners, University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach has stated there were bomb sniffing dogs at both the start and finish lines, long before any explosions went off.

Alastair Stevenson is a veteran marathon runner who has competed in dozens of marathons around the world, including the London Marathon. He’s very familiar with the security typically found at marathons, and he immediately noticed something odd about the Boston marathon security.

“They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill,” he was quoted as saying byLocal15TV.com.

In the interview, you’ll hear Stevenson say:

“At the start at the event, at the Athlete’s Village, there were people on the roof looking down onto the Village at the start. There were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives, and we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned and that it was just a drill. And maybe it was just a drill, but I’ve never seen anything like that — not at any marathon that I’ve ever been to. You know, that just concerned me that that’s the only race that I’ve seen in my life where they had dogs sniffing for explosions, and that’s the only place where there had been explosions.”


So, who was conducting the ‘bomb drill?’ There were numerous men milling around the start/finish line in matching outfits; black shirts, khakis and tan combat boots, and several were wearing black backpacks which matched those worn by our two suspects. Many wore baseball hats with the ‘punisher logo’ on it.

The punisher logo is a white skull which Navy Seal teams use, as well as professional soldiers from little known companies such as Craft International and Blackwater. The logo for Craft states, “Despite what your momma told you…violence does solve problems.”

These two private companies are made up of former, highly skilled soldiers who are paid “to provide training support to military and law enforcement organizations, as well as private support.” In other words, they are hired guns and contract killers who are off the grid, but are frequently sought out by our government to handle covert assignments the White House does not want made public.

Interestingly, Craft International was started by former Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. He was known as the military’s most lethal sniper, and was shot to death on a gun range on 2/2/13. Hmm. How ironic.

Blackwater was founded in 1997, and is the largest of the three U.S. State Department private security firms. They have over one billion dollars in U.S. government contracts and have been intricately involved in our military operations in the Middle East. The black shirt, khaki pants, tan combat boots and skull caps are the uniform of Craft as well as Blackwater.

So why were ‘hired guns’ conducting a bomb drill which included dogs, on the same day, on the same street and at the same time the ‘real’ bombs were detonated? Why did the authorities later on repeatedly deny any such drill occurred, when there were plenty of witnesses that stated the opposite? Why were these men carrying black backpacks which matched perfectly the backpack that was destroyed and displayed on the news? Check it out. The police LIED.

This clip is very important and informative. Watch the authorities scramble to get out of the room when confronted!



Now, let’s look at the involvement of that young, hospitalized Saudi national, who was detained right after the bombing, Monday April 15. His name is Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi and he’s been in America for the last six months, on a student visa. He was cleared to study in Findley, Ohio, but there’s no evidence he has a residence in that town.

He does, however, have an apartment in Boston, which was searched on the day of the bombing by authorities who, according to witnesses, removed several bags of evidence.

By Monday evening, an FBI insider told the press that this young man, in his early 20’s, was a “suspect” in the bombing and was “in custody,” even though he remained in the hospital with injuries he sustained in the blast. Also, the National Counter-terrorism Center, or NCTC, issued an “Event File” on him with a deportation order under “Section 212-3B.”

So what does this mean? An Event File is only issued when the Feds are positive they have a known terrorist in custody! The designation of “212-3B” is extremely difficult to assign to someone, because every Federal security organization, i.e., FBI, DHS, ATF, ICE, NCTC, DOJ, must completely agree that the person in question is in fact an experienced terrorist, provable with solid evidence, and is a threat to national security. This very bad boy was on the terrorist watch list, but was somehow granted a student visa anyway. Interesting.

On Tuesday morning, April 16, Secretary of State, John Kerry, met with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud al-Faisal, in a closed door meeting. Later that day, the FBI downgraded the Saudi national Alharbi, from “suspect” to “Person of Interest,” and announced he was NOT under arrest, nor was he ever arrested. They LIED.

Wednesday morning, April 17, President Obama just ‘happened’ to have an unscheduled meeting with the same Saudi Foreign Minister, al-Faisal. That afternoon, Alharbi’s Event File was altered and the designation of ‘212-3B’ was rescinded. Once in place, that particular designation is nearly impossible to change, especially in that short timeframe. It’s never been done before.

Only two people have the authorization to do this; the Director of NCTC, and then only AFTER all Federal security organizations agree. The other option would be someone very high up in the State Department could have ordered the change, but at this point, it’s not clear which one it was. This was a manufactured LIE.

Thursday, April 18, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, that no Saudi national was detained at any time, nor was such a person scheduled to be deported. It was nothing but a rumor. She LIED.

Just so you know I didn't hallucinate this information please watch the following report by Glenn Beck and The Blaze.


If you’ll recall, right after 9/11, the Saudi Ambassador demanded the evacuation of Saudi nationals in the United States, including family members of Osama bin Laden, before the FBI could question them. President Bush agreed, even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi.

The Alharbi clan is a viper’s nest of terrorism. Several family members have ties to Al Qaida, with others currently residing in Gitmo. This bucktoothed, little twerp belongs to a long line of Saudi terror cells. It appears the White House is kissing Saudi butt again in the Boston bombing case. Our own President has allowed THE person responsible for killing and maiming our own citizens to freely fly out of this country, never to face justice for his crimes!

Why? Here is the most likely answer which seems to fit:


There are far more people than just ‘conspiracy theorists’ who are questioning this whole bombing event. Take a look at this, and be sure to read the tweets. It makes perfect sense…


OK. So what is the bottom line here? Why did our own government, who constantly tells us what a wonderful job they’re doing ‘protecting’ us from terrorists, attack us? What’s been going on while we’ve been distracted by the theatrics? Let’s look…

For months, as the dollar has gotten weaker, the price of gold increased as foreign countries, as well as the elite and some of the middle class, began to buy gold to protect their wealth. Then…the stock market began to ‘magically’ rise to all time highs despite an economy sputtering with unemployment. It’s a miracle! Our 401K’s are saved, according to the incessant glee of Shepard Smith, on Fox News.

How absurd! Now, I don’t pretend to understand how the economy works, BUT…I do remember hearing strict warnings from economists that a sudden drop in the price of gold would signal the impending collapse of the dollar. And the price of gold has suddenly taken a nose dive in the last few weeks. If the dollar collapses as we’ve been warned for years it will, and as the Globalist elite are engineering it to do, life as we know it in the United States will be over.

What else is going on? Well, BO finished pitching his tantrum over losing congressional support for his gun control measures. However, Biden announced, during the bombing drama, that the President intends to issue Executive Orders which will implement all the gun control points that congress would not pass. Hey, who needs congress when you grant yourself dictatorial powers against the will of the people?


Here’s another thing you probably haven’t heard about. The House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA while we weren’t looking. This will infringe on our 4th Amendment rights in regard to the internet. Read all about it.


And finally, consider this…WHEN in your entire life have you EVER seen an entire, major metropolitan area completely shut down because the cops were searching for ONE suspect? Answer? NEVER. That has never happened before in the modern history of America.

Think about it. The following police agencies were involved in this manhunt: Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police Department, Boston University Police, Boston Transit Police, Boston Maritime Safety and Security officers (no kidding!), Boston SWAT teams including K-9 units, the ATF and the FBI. I very well may have missed a couple. You reckon this was a little overkill?

Estimates of over 1000 law enforcement officers shut down a city of 600K+, to search for one wounded teenage boy. SWAT teams went door-to-door in Watertown, forcing families at gunpoint, to evacuate their homes so they could stomp around, looking for this kid. At GUNPOINT, people!

Numerous SWAT team members banged on doors, entered the homes and could be heard yelling at the occupants to put their hands up and exit the house. Family after family had to flee their own houses with their hands on their heads, as if THEY were the criminals! There have been reports that items were taken, including privately owned guns! Don’t believe me? Watch!


Gee, any constitutional rights violated here? ‘Well,’ you say, ‘it was for a good reason—they were looking for that bomber.’ BULL! This entire scenario was orchestrated by the elite, who own the authorities, as a dry run practice for instituting martial law! They wanted to test if the public would accept police explanations of some lame search for a ‘terrorist’ teenager, and accept their orders to “shelter in place” until further notice. And the citizens of Boston performed beautifully!

In fact, there were NO media reports of ANYONE refusing the cops entrance into their homes to conduct a warrantless search and seizure of personal property. NOT ONE PERSON had the presence of mind to realize what was happening! Baaaaaaah! SHEEPLE!

Sing it with me…’Boston black sheep, have you any bull? Yes sir, yes sir, a thousand cops and 50 armored humvees full…’ Go ahead, Boston sheeple, give yourselves a round of applause! You deserve it. I’m sure the Globalist elite are popping champagne corks and toasting you, as they plan to execute that teenage patsy they manufactured and manipulated.

And the cherry on top of this charade? The Boston sheeple danced in the streets, holding their American flags, chanting foolishly, “USA! USA!” as they clapped for and thanked the very gung-ho authorities, parading around with their “assault weapons,” who will one day hunt them down like animals. Bunch of blind, hypnotized, brain dead, bread and circus fools!

I am sickened, not only by the carnage perpetrated on the American people ONCE AGAIN by our government, but by the slow erosion of our personal freedoms and liberties at the hands of those we are stupid enough to believe have our best interest in mind. Positively nauseated.

Yessiree, that was a quick glimpse of martial law, soon to be coming to a neighborhood near you. Wake up and marvel over the depravity of those we elected and trust, to govern and protect us and our way of life. I’m telling you folks, this country is toast and you’d better get yourselves prepared for the next wave of ‘terror,’ because it is surely coming.

There are those of us who reside under the protective wings of our heavenly Father. At this point, it matters not whether we are killed with a bullet, or snatched home when Jesus calls His Bride to “come up hither!” We are safe and assured of a fantastic future either way.

What about you? This article should be enough to hopefully convince you of the danger around us. And to think, you’ve been worried about swimsuit season, haven’t you? Oh honey, you’ve got MUCH bigger things to worry about—I’m talking life and death issues.

Believe me, the police state is coming. This little experiment in Boston was a smashing success, and will serve as the blueprint for the military/civil authorities to conduct the next step. The dollar is scheduled to collapse at the direction of the Globalists, which will cause mass chaos and rioting.

The sheeple will BEG the government to take control and ‘protect’ them from the roaming hoards of the outraged, hungry entitlement crowd. They’ll be perfectly willing to accept being locked down and completely controlled by gun-toting thugs in uniform. Most will be more than happy to relinquish their weapons for food or medicine, or even a free ride to a nice, comfy FEMA camp that’s outfitted and waiting for them.

Don’t believe me? Well…you didn’t believe what I had to say at the beginning of this article, but I’ve provided enough evidence to prove what I’m saying is true, now haven’t I? You do NOT have much more time to get your heart right with God. He has promised a way of escape for those who are watching for His return, to spare us the horrors of what is soon to come on this country.

Time to wake up, little sheeple.

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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