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Apostate Food in Jesus’ Name

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Apostate Food in Jesus’ Name

By Tim Cameron


I write this message as if I’m writing to my very own family.

One of the scariest things I have ever seen is not the current president! Rather, a man of great stature who at this moment in time comes in P.E.A.C.E with an ecumenical plan to sign a covenant with Islam, giving Imams access to pulpits. Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace but a sword! He didn’t say, “We all need to work together,” He said, “I AM The WAY” and “follow me.” YET due to the biblical illiteracy of this hour─hundreds of thousands of professing “Christians”─who have been fed spiritual fluff are now led to call this heretic, Rick Warren, “America’s pastor.” Now that is scary!

In my hometown there is a restaurant (which I will not name) where a lot of people eat. It is constantly in the local paper with critical “complaints” from the county health inspector. This restaurant is convenient, has a large buffet and many people eat there. That is the reason it continues to exist. It draws a crowd. But I refuse to take my family there. No way! I don’t want to take my family there and give them “food poisoning.”

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 16:25).

The Word of God warned of a time when many would “fall away.” In fact it describes what they will fall away to:

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear” (2 Timothy 4:3).

Sadly, in this apostate hour it is growing more and more painful to watch and hear as people who name the name of Christ, “proclaim” many messages in His name which go unchecked, and allowed to proclaim it to the multitudes who “drink it in” as TRUTH,as it appeals to the flesh and proclaims Man to be “good” and “righteous.”

So many of the selling points of what is allowed come in under this heading: “He’s a good guy.” But that premise is not biblical.

“Why do you call me good? No one is good but One that is God.” (Mark 10:1 .

It seems the only thing that needs to be said for someone to gulp down false doctrine is to just use Jesus’ name, and once his name is used, it becomes a license to authenticate everything else as, “okay.” But Jesus warned us in Mathew 24, “Take heed and let NO MAN DECEIVE YOU.” Through Paul we’ve been taught to “test all things.” We’ve been exhorted to be good Bereans, to “study to show ourselves approved.”


Most Christian bookstores, now owned by secular companies, promote “bestsellers” that say you “can have it all” if you just follow these “seven steps.” And NOT that heaven is your reward, but NOW is when you can have your best life. There are even books on “how to prophesy,” as if you can just “do it.”

It’s all such a far cry from the actual Word of God, but the problem is we have a generation─if not generations─that have forsaken God’s Word with itching ears.

WHY? Because many were raised under a legalistic religion of do’s and don’ts instead of being raised and trained up to “hide God’s Word” in our “hearts.” Many in this generation have rebelled against “sound doctrine” thinking they are rebelling against “legalism” and that is very understandable. But running toward “seeker-friendly,” “entertainment” in the name of Jesus instead of running to the “Word that became flesh,” is a major point of distinction.

And this is lulling many into a false assurance of salvation because they are trusting in this “new (wrong) calling” for salvation instead of Christ alone.

A famous burger chain was just busted for using horsemeat instead of beef in the UK. Now the burgers themselves were sold under the banner of the restaurant and under the same name, “The Whopper” or “Whopper Jr.,” but it wasn’t real anymore, it had become “a form of” but denied or hid “the truth of” what was really being consumed.

Overturn the Contaminated Buffet Table!

We live in a time where the litany of sins grows darker and darker: Euthanasia, abortion on demand, adult entertainment─a global leader in industry, drug trafficking, sex trade, kidnapping for sex trade, divorce, addictions of all kinds, credit card debt, godlessness, lawlessness, video games that promote the vilest of sins that now baby sit an entire generation -- and then people are shocked at school shootings?

It has been said if God doesn’t judge America and every nation, then He will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

Yet the Word tells us “judgment begins in the House of God” and that is a place where the saddest of all acts of godlessness has taken place.

Tolerance has replaced repentance.

Fattening self-inflating words causing spiritual coronaries have replaced the meat of God’s Word.

AGAIN, There is a way that seems right to man, but it leads to death, and I’m in shock that we have been sold that we need to be “purpose driven” instead of “Spirit led” and because so many bought into that message, they are now being sold a way that is even more dangerous and deceptive.

There is an ecumenical message that has spread across the globe called: COEXIST. Its origin is from Babel and Satan and it has a forerunner called, Chrislam, and its coming in the name of a movement called P.E.A.C.E. It’s covenant agreement between Islam and Christendom, trumpeted by a man that many are woefully deceived into believing is “America’s pastor.”

That poison has flooded churches with “church growth” of man-made marketing “schemes” It actually has the mindset that the church needs to ask goats what they need to become sheep? It’s marketed in the vein of...

“Can’t we all just get along?”

“We are the world.”

“In the name of unity and tolerance.”

But I remind you, broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life.

We are not called to compromise TRUTH for the sake of “getting along.” Yet that spirit and ideology has spread like wildfire amongst this generation. Moral relevance and humanistic poison has come in and said that MAN is central and what is right or wrong for one might not be right or wrong for another. It comes asking, “What’s your dream?” Instead of calling for you to DIE TO SELF!

No one can serve two masters.

“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God” (James 4:4).

If you research just a little you will see that the explosive “church growth movement” was not born in prayer but through compromise. Mankind, in his in desire to become “successful and popular” sold out and began to seek out wisdom NOT from God but from CEO’s of successful enterprises and began to espouse, not the word of God, but “clichés” and quotations from the hierarchy of this “new calling.”

But this “new calling” is a strange fire and it is ecumenical in nature! So much of what is shared comes not from the actual word of God but from the latest book that is “trending” and because so many are digesting it, it must be not only good, it must be the “way.” I mean if it’s popular and the “fastest growing” in the region or the US, that has to mean they are doing something right. RIGHT? Okay, so now we are being told to go “the broad way?” Is that how we are to discern if something is of God, because so many are going that way?

In the book of Acts, the church grew because the gospel was being preached and God Himself added to their numbers daily. That is true biblical growth. If you’re adding numbers through marketing and manmade efforts you have just “church planted” a bunch of tares! You have three thousand people coming to “church” but how many have been changed from being a goat into sheep?

We cannot hang onto this world’s message of, “We are the world, we are all god’s children” falsely believing that everyone is good and right when the Bible─God’s Word, tells us the complete opposite.

”There is no one righteous, no not one.”

No matter how good it might “feel” we are not called to compromise but just the opposite: To boldly proclaim the “narrow way” which is Jesus Christ. Not the brand name of some church, but Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

No one comes to the Father but through the Son. NO ONE! And it’s not the “thought” that counts. You can’t serve this world or another “god” and serve Jesus the Christ. It’s NOT possible. You must repent or you will perish.

Have you repented of your sins? Have you taken hold of Jesus Christ?

Let me illustrate a huge difference between biblical “believing/repentance” and the world’s version.

Tonight you sit on your couch. Your TV interrupts your evening by bringing to you an urgent warning. A tornado is headed toward your town. You see the radar. A friend calls you and says, “Get over to the basement.” To biblically believe (repent) you would not only have to agree there’s a tornado coming, but you would respond by running to the basement, producing “fruit,” obeying the message

But today we have multitudes and multitudes in the valley of decision being taught that all they have to do is “believe” in the storm without “repenting.” Instead of going to “the basement” to a place of safety and redemption many sit believing they are okay...trusting in themselves or their own wisdom or what some preacher has falsely assured them of instead of running to Jesus and clinging to Him -- and never letting go. WHY? Because people are too comfortable in their lazy-sin-filled lifestyles to leave the place where they sit.

“Then another of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” But Jesus said to him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead” (Matthew 8:20-23).

Jesus didn’t say “Sure, I understand, believe and then follow Me, later.”

“Now a certain ruler asked Him, saying, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me” (Luke 18:18; 22b).
The rich young man went away sorry because he loved his rich lifestyle. Today he would be given a false assurance and welcomed in gladly.

What are the differences between Judas and Peter? They both failed Jesus by denying and betraying Him. But one in his failure looked to him self and found despair, the other looked to the One he failed and sought Him and His forgiveness. He truly repented.

We have got to get back to biblical disciplines and doing things God’s Way.

You can’t make a goat into a sheep by any human endeavor. It’s impossible. God has ordained that it’s possible to make a goat into a sheep by proclaiming the gospel! That divine intervention can happen anywhere. In a barn, in a bar, on a side walk or even in church. It has nothing to do with special lighting or coffee or comfort or cool music. All those things can make a goat believe it is now a sheep because they are told they are loved, “just the way they are” and all they need to do is “be themselves.” God loves us just the way we are…that much is true, but because of that same love, in His goodness, He leads us to repentance!

Seeker-friendly churches?

As an illustration, let’s change that into seeker-friendly hospitals! You show up with Stage IV something, but because they want you to come back and love the experience so they pronounce you healthy and give you a placebo...is that love?

What is the power of God unto salvation? What does God bless or anoint or give His seal of approval upon that we would share with someone in hopes to take them out of darkness into the light? What is THAT which is sincerely Good News, not watered down or generically labeled?

So many are striving to get believers to unite around a church. But believers are to unite at the cross, and that is what makes us─the church! In seeker-friendly terms, the effort has become to try and get you to like, church. That would be as if you have Stage IV, just trying to get you to like the hospital. You don’t need to like the ambiance of the hospital. What you need is to take the medicine that the hospital has way more than you need the ambiance. The medicine is your only hope and if they are getting you to come there only to give you a placebo. That is a picture of the apostasy that is running rampant in the land today!

Our job as Christians is to proclaim the cross.

And it’s THAT cross that is the power of God unto salvation! But devastatingly sad is the truth that the cross has been replaced. No longer do believers unite under the cross but under the brand name of their local “in-thing,” whatever it may be.

It is time to return to the cross, cling and never let go!

Our greatest commandment is to “love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul and strength” and we can’t do that hanging on to false teachings and doctrines of “me.”

That would be like telling my wife that I “love her” but want to stay in touch will all those before her by “not forsaking all others.” That wouldn't fly with her and it doesn’t fly with God.

We must forsake humanistic Christianity, which is no Christianity at all. WE must be born-again by His Spirit and be led of Him to live a life that causes the world to say, “You live like Christ,” and that only comes from a person who has been to the cross and has died to SELF.

I don’t expect this message is one to applaud but rather blast and I understand. I’m sure it’s heard as “critical” but thank God there are those out there holding up Scripture as the standard and not what popular church culture declares as “the standard.” To those who have ears to hear, I pray God’s challenge to “take up your cross and follow Him” will be heard. Part of taking up our cross, is taking hold of God’s Word and hiding it in our hearts, so that no man can deceive us.

I pray for every minister, pastor, or believer who might read this. Please examine the origin of what you are feeding your people. I challenge you to take an hour and a half of your day and watch a YouTube video called, “Church of Tares.”

I pray you awaken to the hour at hand and realize our Lord and Savior said one of the things that makes today a “perilous time” is APOSTASY. Falling away from biblical truth.

Today, one of the most quoted passages of Scripture is Jeremiah 29.11-13:

“For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord” and its awesome and “feel good” and yet in context of what is being sold especially here in America, can I ask you this: How does that mindset line up with the early church? “Today I want you to dream big, Stephen, for today my plans are for you to preach the gospel, and in so doing you will be stoned to death for my glory.”Or, “Church, I want you to assemble today in My name, for my plans are for you to be arrested and thrown into an arena and be eaten by lions.”

Or the prosperity preachers who sell to people that God wants you to live in multiplication and you are the standard bearer, driving the latest Mercedes. If that doctrine is true, then why don’t they take that to the Sudan and give just a handful of people a million dollars and by the wisdom of increase, a multi-level marketing miracle should take hold and poverty would be eradicated in supernatural fashion! But no, it is taken to the neighborhoods that already have a means to the desired end!

Believe it or not, I say all this in the love of God! I’m compelled to self-examine my own heart and in so doing, if I don’t share this, then I don’t love you!

We are staring down at a time that has eternal consequence and the only bridge from death to life is the biblical truth of the cross!

I will close with this: When I take my family to an event or place where we all tend to scatter, my wife and I always instruct our kids to “meet back” at a certain place, at a “certain time.” Jesus Christ has done the same. His people have been scattered into denominations of all kinds, under a gazillion different banners and movements and there is NO WAY we can meet at any of those places at any time in any agreement because we are a sinful people.

But there is ONE place that was set for an appointed time for us all to meet: At the cross.

Today is the day, and NOW is that appointed time. At the same cross where I first saw the light and the burden of my heart was rolled away. God is calling out all those who are His and know Him by name to come out from being under any other banner and any other name...to meet HIM and meet together...AT THE CROSS!

2 Peter 3 teaches that this world in which we live is headed for a time of destruction, by fire. That this planet will go the way of “as in the days of Noah” and “as in the days of Lot.”Noah’s role was not to change culture or to win a cultural war. It was to build an ark of salvation for himself and his family and anyone else that would hear.

That today is our calling, our mission. There is no place on this planet that the church is winning the cultural war. Is God failing? No, He’s yielding to the will of man, giving them up to a reprobate mind and it’s heading for a time of such peril that unless God shortens the days “no flesh will survive.” Yet in His goodness He has made a way of escape. That escape is not a church or brand name, it’s not a movement. It’s not a denomination or the trendiest conference. It’s an end-time ARK...named Jesus Christ.

“Come quickly,” Lord Jesus.

In Christ,

Tim Cameron

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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