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Planetary Alignment on Dec 3, 2012 Confirmed

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Planetary Alignment on Dec 3, 2012 Confirmed

Please click on this link to view the article.


Luis Vega (26 Nov 2012)
"The Giza Pyramid Clock: announcing a New Time - Dec 3, 2012 Planetary Alignment"



The Giza Planetary Alignment

& Mysteries of the Pyramid Clock Announcing a New Time
A misconception of the December 3, 2012 Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus & Saturn

By Luis B. Vega
Online Chart at: http://www.sonoma.edu/users/v/vegalu/eschatology_files/Giza.pdf

The purpose of this study is to address some misconceptions about the Dec 3, 2012 Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus & Saturn. The error is that the 3 Planets are alleged to be in direct line with the Giza Pyramids & visible after sunset as one would look toward the West from the Pyramid complex. A picture of the 3 Planets above the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt has been circulating online for a while but it is not exactly what will occur. This study will examine if such a scenario is possible altogether. Since the 3 Pyramids are at the center piece of this Planetary Alignment, some investigations associated with the 3 Pyramids will be looked at to further appreciate the complexity of such magnificent structures.

Because the Dec 3, 2012 Planetary Alignment will occur nonetheless, it might perhaps have some association with what has been going on likewise in the months of November & December. The very ominous Mayan calendar date of Dec 21, 2012 is a sensationalized one for example. Some very profound events have occurred in November that will reverberate for the duration of the decade: Obama being reelected, Hurricane Sandy, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, a huge solar flare etc. To this end, a timeline of November & December 2012 will highlight the major global geo-political events. The timeline will show if there is a day count or number pattern associated with various events that perhaps could shed some light from a spiritual perspective.

The theory of the Giza Pyramid Clock will also be touched upon, as it is one of the many mysteries of hidden knowledge that the Pyramids have. The Pyramid Clock Theory & literary work was first published by a Dutch scientist named, Dr. Johan Oldenkamp. Some mathematical crunching will also be presented to show just how precise & amazing the math is concerning the design of the 3 Pyramids. It will be suggested, as other researching this phenomenon have stated, that the feet and/or inches of the Pyramids perhaps do correlate to ‘years’ when Pyramid angles & measurements are defined.

Given this possible number-to-year association of the 3 Pyramids, thus it could be deduced that certain dates or numbers do reoccur; primarily, 2012 and 2016. Giza Pyramid Clock does covey a ‘New Time’ or ‘Age’ to being in 2012. Perhaps the designers of the Pyramids encoded these dates because they are or will be extremely significant. As to the significance of these numbers or years? Some speculate that it is when the Rapture of the Church will happen, others when the Age of Aquarius is to commence, others state that it is when the New World or Age Leader will take charge -that many speculate will be the AntiChrist, or a financial collapse of the world economies…etc. It will remain to be seen.

A Picture is not worth a 1000 Words in this case
It appears that the Planetary Alignment of Dec 3, 2012 of Mercury, Venus & Saturn will correspond, approximately to the Giza Pyramid orientation, but not exactly as the picture that circulated online depicted. Perhaps the doctored photograph that surfaced online attempted to show this correlation. But several errors in the picture have been misleading many of the actual alignment. 1) The Pyramid orientation in the picture is from a perspective looking West. 2) The 3 Planets Aligned that could only approximate the 3 Pyramids of Giza in a line up would only come at around midday as one would look towards the South from the Giza complex. 3) The 3 Planets would just be above the Pyramid’s horizon but it would only be about 1.5 hours before sunset in the West. The 3 Planets would not visible due to the brightness of the Sun’s light/rays during the day. 4) Also, the order as the 3 Planets would set would be reversed as from the line up to the 3 Pyramids at the apex around Noon.

To reiterate, If one would be standing in the midst of the Giza Pyramid plateau on Dec 3, 2012, the Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus & Saturn will occur. Upon further investigation, the Planetary Alignment that will occur at the apex in the heavens will ‘approximate’ the Giza Pyramid pattern but not exactly. There does appear to be a ‘direct’ alignment -if the center of the Pyramid lines were to be projected out. The closest the 3 Planets could get to an actual 3 Pyramid alignment like the picture online is that it will be at midday, when the 3 Planets will be approximately in line with the Pyramids’. Regrettably, the Planets will virtually be impossible to seen because of the Sun’s light of the mid day.

But from a closer observation, it appears that the Planets will either be on given edge of the Pyramid trajectory line-up, at midday but not precisely centered to correlate to the Pyramid’s center lines. Planetary Alignment of 3 or more occur frequently but it is interesting to contemplate a possible significance of this particular order of the 3 Planets just before the ominous Dec 21, 2012 date. What is remarkable though is that the actual degree of angle amongst the 3Planets of Mercury, Venus & Saturn are in the exact alignment themselves, in the heavens. All 3 Planets however match precisely the angle of the Giza Pyramids. Thus, the Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus & Saturn on Dec 3, 2012 also will perfectly match the angle of the Orion Belt starts to the very same degree of angle, which is astonishing & amazing.

Some Observations of the Dec 3, 2012 Alignment
To reiterate, it does appear that the Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus & Saturn, by themselves will have on Dec 3, 2012, the same degree of angle as the Giza Pyramid complex. Thus it will also mirror the degree of angel to that of Orion’s Belt –which the Pyramids are designed after. On Dec 3, 2012 around 12:00 Noon or ‘0’ time at the Giza Pyramid Plateau, there will by an approximate alignment of the Pyramid angels to the 3 Planets when one would be looking South. (See chart for illustrations.)

The 3 Planets will rise nearly vertical from the East, a bit to the right of the Sunrise. they will set near at a 45º in the West, a bit south of the Sunset. Because the 3 Planets are ‘ahead’ of the Sun, they will not be visible as they will set below the Horizon before the Sun does. Plus, at this juncture, as mentioned previously, the stars would be in reverse order in reference to the 3 Pyramids of Giza. What is peculiar is that the size of the 3 Giza Pyramids are in exact reverse order to the size of the 3 Planets. Mercury is the smallest, Saturn is the largest. This Planet alignment corresponds to the size of the Pyramids, where Menkaure is the smallest & Khufu is the largest. Thus Mercury, the smallest Planet is aligned to Khufu, the largest Pyramid & Saturn, the largest Planet is aligned to Menkaure, the smallest Pyramid.

If the Planetary Alignment did have a spiritual or significant meaning associated to it, perhaps the following could be a possible inference. Planetary Alignments happen often & could be of no consequence but if one were to examine the frequency of such events, one would come to realize that when they do occur, they do tend to converge on certain dates that end up having a significant ramification for the world, either political, social, or economic to mention a few.

If there could be any possible Biblical inference that these 3 particular Planets could possible allude to, it could be based on the Planet’s meaning associated to its name. In the ancient time, names gave the object a description of a quality or a characteristic. If we go just by the word order & sequence, a ‘code’ or message can be formulated.

PLANET: Mercury 1st/88 Days cycle
BIBLICAL: Messenger Great Physician—Christ
OCCULT: Healer, the Caduceus—satan

PLANET: Venus 2nd/~224 Day cycle
BIBLICAL: Bright & Morning Star, or a ‘Pear’ as in a Bride of—Christ
OCCULT: Son of the Dawn, ’queen of heaven’ –satan

PLANET Saturn 6th/~30 Year cycle
BIBLICAL: Inferring majesty, rings as ‘crown’, Lord of Sabbath —Christ
OCCULT: Kronos, ‘father time’, announcing an end of a time, age—satan

Timeline of Possible correlations to Alignment
The month of November 2012 has been full of significant occurrences, geo-political, astronomical, market-wise, etc. There have been the ominous signs of an impending collapse of the Euro, Greece, Spain & the USA Fiscal Cliff, US Dollar crash by the end of the year, etc. There are the tensions & conflicts in the Middle East with Syria, Palestinians & Israel that is unresolved.

There have been significant earthquakes, Hurricane Sandy & the Presidential Elections in the USA, an intense Solar Flare, on & on. In all these major occurrences, there seems to be a recurring cycle of day-count patterns. It is either a 7-day or a 9-day sequence that appears to link one event to another. Below are the Major Events in FEB/DEC 2012 with either the 7 or 9 day count intervals:


OCT 29/30: Hurricane Sandy

(7 Days)

NOV 6: US Elections

(7 Days)

NOV 13/14: Total Solar Eclipse

NOV 14: Operation Pillar of Cloud

(7 Days)

NOV 21: Gaza-Israel Cease Fire (middle of Eclipses)

(7 Days)

NOV 28/29: Partial Lunar Eclipse

(7 Days)

DEC 5?: Event?

(7 Days)

DEC 12?: Middle Stem of Hanukah Menorah lighted

(7 Days)

DEC 17?: Event?

(7 Days)

DEC 26?: Christmas?

(7 Days)

JAN 1: USA Fiscal Cliff (Dollar)
NOV19/20 Solar Flare

(9 Days)

NOV 28/29: Lunar Eclipse

(9 Days)

DEC 7/8: Hanukah

(9 Days)

DEC 17
-End of Hanukah

DEC 21
-Winter Solstice
-End of Mayan Long Count Calendar
-Galactic Alignment

(9 Days)

DEC 26: Christmas? (Both the 7-Day count & 9-Day count converge here)

Sure, the millions of event that occur each day that could be just as significant as those presented in the Timeline. But would such daily mundane events be no less significance in comparison to the 7 or 9 Day counts? Or could it be just a coincidence? Perhaps. This study only seeks to correlate such noted events as they are prescribed to be part of what the Bible states is part of eschatology.

Christ Himself spoke about specific prophetic events that would affect either the political, social, or economic aspects of the world. In turn, these notable events would be tied to the astrological occurrence & what would be happening in relation to Israel as a direct result. Thus, the Solar & Lunar eclipses & the Operation Pillar of Cloud, for example bare close attention. It is significant to those that seek to follow the heavenly signs for further examination, as far as the study of End Times or the possible timing of the Rapture are concerned.

Some Obersations about the Day Counts
There appears that the Timeline presented does have a ‘7-7-7-9’ day-count pattern for the November events that have been highlighted. It appears to be the same numerical sequence of 7779 is occurring as when Obama 1st was elected in 2008. (See 7779 chart here) This number occurred in the Illinois jackpot winning number series, if I recall on the day of the Election.

The Timeline also appears to have a ‘9-9-9’ day-count as well. After the 7779 pattern, a 999 or 666 follows up to Christmas, given the selected major occurrences for November, 2012.

A sequential 7 Day-count of significant events starting from the Total Solar Eclipse occurs & is consistent all the way to Jan 1, 2013. This would be a 7 Day count x 7 occurrences to = 49 days. The 50th day being JAN 1, 2013.

This highlighted events of the Timeline only suggest some possible correlations but does not or can provide any interpretation thereof; for your discernment only. One particular date in November that many have written already about & have brought to my attention is the day of NOV 29th. There appears to be some fascinating correlations & associations with past, present & future dates that have either a 33 or 333 numeral association. November 29, 2012 is the:

1) 333rd day of the year
2) 66th Year Anniversary of UN Patrician Plan for Israel & Palestine (33+33)
3) 33 Days till 2013
4) Palestinian Bid for permanent UN Membership

The Pyramid Time Clock
It has been well researched that the Giza Pyramid complex holds numerous & wonderful mysteries that have been solved & some yet to be solved. One particular phenomenon is the Giza Clock that is said to coincide with the Day when the Mayan long count calendar ends on Dec 21. 2012. Although the Earth or ‘World’ will not end, it does seem to mark a ‘changing’ of a ‘time’. Perhaps in reference to the Age of Aquarius? The New World Order? End of the Church Age?... If the 3 Planets that will be aligned on Dec 2, 2012 are a sort of prelude, Saturn, as ‘Kronos’ would mark the end of the ‘old time’ to be replaced by commencing of a new one, perhaps as in a ‘New Age’ or ‘Order’?

The Giza Clock basically stipulates that the within the framework of the design of the Giza Pyramid complex, a mathematical code was factored in the design that ‘clocked’ the Procession of the Equinoxes. The work of this discovery has bee attributed to the research of Dr. Johan Oldenkamp & others. Among other spectacular sacred knowledge, the Pyramids are aligned to the ancient 4 cardinal Stars. The Stars are Antares, Regulus, Aldebaran, & Fomalhault. These correspond to the Zodiac of the Eagle, Lion, Bull, Man that are depicted in the Bible as the 4 Living Creatures & the symbols of the standards for Israel.

The model of the Giza Clock presented in the accompanied illustrated chart is a fusion of 2 charts in one. One chart plots out the Galactic corners or ‘Cross’ that corresponds to the n,s,e,w coordinates. Note: The Pyramid Clock illustrated on the chart is depicted in ‘reverse’ order or format not illustrated on most drawings online. The Clock presented in the illustration mirrors the coordinates from a cosmic perspective, not an Earth perspective.

The Sphinx’s position is directly that of the Constellation LEO & is also transposed onto the Giza Clock as a reference to the calculated start of the Age of LEO in ~10,900 BC. This is not to say that this epoch could have been before the creation of Humanity or even before the ‘Earth became formless & void’ per Genesis. With this in mind, the Pyramid Clock suggests that in Dec 21, 2012, is when the Age of Aquarius astrologically begins; a new ‘time’ perhaps being announced by the 3 Planet alignment of Dec 3, 2012? Also, of note, the Galactic Plane that the Earth or Sun for that matter, on Dec 21, 2012 is 33º from Antares, near the center of our Milky Way. Some speculate that it is where the Gate of Heaven is located at. The Center Pyramid of Giza, of note also directly matches both in the charts & on Earth as it mirrors the Heavenly ‘Cross’ Alignment.

Mathematical Mysteries of the Pyramids
The Mystery of the Great Pyramid in Egypt boggles the mind. It is full of countless mathematical precision calculations. Meany over the centuries have studied the Giza Pyramid complex & do concur that certain dates & times are edged into the very mortal & granite block of the structure. What is recurring, according to many researchers is the number 2012 & 2016. In some way or fashion, these 2 dates are tied together. As to its association or meaning? That remains to be seen. Following is just an example of the complexity of the mathematics that was infused into the design of the Pyramids.

Circumference of the Great Pyramid (Khufu)

481.33 feet or
5776 inches (5776 = 2016) *Year of Light as in 1776

Radius: 481.33ft high

Diameter: Radius x 2 = 962 feet (rounded off)

Circumference: 962 ft x Pi = 3024
Π x 962 (diameter) = 3022 (circumference)

3√3024 (actual circumference) = 1008 numerical factor

1008 + 1008 = 2016
2016 + 1008 = 3024 (circumference)
3024 + 1008 = 4032 (4032 / 2 = 2016
4032 + 1008 = 5040 (2520 + 2520)

*2520 is the duration of the Prophet Daniel’s Last Week of Weeks - Daniel 9:25

1008/2 = 504
504 + 504 = 1008
1008 + 504 = 1512
1512 + 504 = 2016
2016 + 504 = 2520

Some speculate that the ‘Year of Light’ 5776 which corresponds to the year 2016 is when something monumental will occur on Earth that will affect the whole of Humanity on Earth. The number is also further a factor of 2520, which is how long the Tribulation Period is to last –per some interpretations of Daniel’s Last Week of Weeks. Is the Pyramid telling us that perhaps 2016 will be the commencing of the Prophetic Week of a 2520 day count, according to the Prophet Daniel? It will remain to be seen.

The House of GOD, Temple Mount
Here is another profound & amazing mathematical correlation as the Pyramids of Giza have a direct relationship to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount is where the House of the LORD stood & will. The math is ‘scramming’ as it were 2012 & 2016! If you take the same degree of angle that corresponds with the Giza Pyramids to the Orion Belt stars & you factor that angle to the edges of the Giza pyramid complex, you come up with a very peculiar mathematical result. If this notion is projected onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as a focal point, then the feet & inches can possibly compute the following years:

The Giza Pyramid Plateau, Egypt
The Constellation Orion Belt Stars

1. Pyramid: Khufu (the Great Pyramid)
Focal Point: from southwest corner:
Jewish Calendar: 480.750 (Feet)
Gregorian Calendar: 5769 (Inches)

Year: 2009

2. Pyramid: Khafre
Focal Point: from apex center
Jewish Calendar: 480.083 (Feet)

Gregorian Calendar: 5773 (Inches)

Year: 2012

3. Pyramid: Menkaure
Focal Point: from northeast corner:
Jewish Calendar: 481.400 (Feet)
Gregorian Calendar: 5776 (Inches)
Year: 2016
1. Alnitak
*‘The wounded One’

2. Alnilam
‘As in Pearl, a string of’

3. Mintaka’

*‘Dividing, as a Sacrifice’

*EW Bullinger

A Rapture Link or Clue? the Pearl
Thus the word order of the 3 Planet’s names & meaning could give the possible following ‘message’, a divine one perhaps. It would appear that a ‘Royal Envoy (Saturn) is announcing an end of a time, summonsing (Mercury) for the Consort’ (Venus) that is done or prepared as a ‘Pearl’. The imagery is clearly that of a picture of the Rapture. This is not to say that the Rapture will or is to occur on this date, but like so many other clues, it could be a reference to a prelude of sorts. It is believed that such ‘signs in the heavens’ are of the LORD & are harbingers of certain prophetic inevitable events. The Rapture could very well be one of them. The Rapture that is to occur at some time –perhaps will be tied to some significant & major astronomical combination of Planet alignments. This alignment on Dec 3, 2012 is as good as any as it is preceding the Dec 21, 2012 Galactic alignment.

A further possible meaning that could be deciphered from the 3 Planet’s order & name association in relation to the Rapture is as follows. In particular, Saturn is a bringer of the ‘Old Age’ as apposed to a ‘New Age’ or an approaching ‘Time’ that is to end. So the Planetary Alignment could be signaling that…’a proclamation is being announced that the Church, the Bride of Christ is ready, finishing a very ‘old time’ that is coming to a close to make way for the new coming time’.

Venus is also often associated with a woman, or as a depiction of a ‘Bride’ thus also associated with a ‘Pearl’. The ‘Pearl’ is derived from the center Pyramid’s name, Khafre. In the alignment, Venus is in the center position between Mercury & Saturn, thus connoting a ‘Pearl’. Perhaps it could allude to the ‘Bride of Christ’ or the Church. It is interesting that in the Dec 3, 2012 Planet Alignment, Venus is in the middle position that corresponds to the center Pyramid, Khafre. It is this Pyramid in the Giza complex that is aligned perfectly to the north-south axis to where the Gate of God & Man are speculated to be.

The ‘Peal’ would be an excellent metaphor for the Bride of Christ –Church. A pearl is basically a particle or spec in a clam/oyster. The clam/oyster secretes enzymes to try in neutralize it but over ‘long’ periods of time, the ‘worthless’ spec of debris becomes this beautiful pearl as the spec grows & grows due to the constant secretion of the enzymes that work with the muscle. To extract the pearl, the clam’s body must be ‘opened up’ or broken. The pearl or pearls thereafter are used as precious jewels that will adorn royalty & others…’as in the Day when I make up my jewel’ …says the LORD.

The Bride of Christ, the Church has been agitated long enough like a ‘pearl’ -over 2000 years of persecution, trials & tribulation. But the LORD took a worthless people, ‘specs’, sinners & has transformed them through His molding & crafting by way of the Holy Spirit. The LORD has done this ‘inner’ work of glory while in ‘earthen vessels’ & has transformed His ‘People’ into a PEARL; a ‘bride’ that has made Herself ready for the Marriage of the LAMB. It will be at the Rapture when the LORD promised to ‘open up’ our bodies as He will transform them, from Glory to Glory, corruptible to incorruptible to be with the LORD forever, at His side.


Some Sources

To see original article click on this link:

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December 3, 2012 Planetary Alignment with Giza Pyramids (Orion's Belt)!!!

Rare Even....On December 3, 2012, the Planetary Alignment (of Mercury, Venus, Saturn) with Giza Pyramids (Orion's Belt). Could this event signal the end of days?


Re: Planetary Alignment on Dec 3, 2012 Confirmed

Time Temple - Giza Alignment Code Time-Shift

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: Planetary Alignment on Dec 3, 2012 Confirmed


Re: Planetary Alignment on Dec 3, 2012 Confirmed

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This is Huge: 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.(((KEEP THIS PINNED)))REAL DOOM

This is Huge: 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.

On December 3, 2012 at 11:11am GMT:

· There is a planetary alignment of Saturn Venus and Mercury that matches directly with the positioning on top of the three (3) Egyptian Giza Pyramids.

· There are 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012 11:11am to December 21, 2012 11:11am.

Timewave Zero Update - A Look At December 3rd, 2012

25,920 is a very interesting number as I will show:


The precession of the equinoxes refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox.

The Precession of the equinoxes = 25,920 yrs = (360° rotation)

If the sky is divided into 12 constellations 25,920 / 12 = 2,160)


The speed of the light in the vacuum is 300,000 km per second, then the light, in solar day, covers 25,920 million kilometers.


The revolution of the earth around the sun, the speed of the earth is 30 km per second and it covers 2592000 km per day. It is hundred times more than the number of years of the Great Cosmic Year.


The average number of breathing of the man per minute is approximately 18. For one day whole, this number reaches 25,920 breaths per day. 1,440 minutes in day x 18 breathes = 25,920 breaths.


Masonic number 33.333333333 x 25,920 = 864,000 which equals the Diameter of the Sun in miles.


25,920 divided by 24 = 1080 miles which is the radius of the Moon.

So – your think there is no Creator of all this? … such symmetry!

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


Disclaimer: Rapture Bible Prophecy Forum, ( http://www.rapturebibleprophecyforum.com ) does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed in every article posted on this site. We do however, encourage a healthy and friendly debate on the issues of our day. Whether you agree or disagree, we encourage you to post your feedback by using the reply button.

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