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Charles: "Case for a twenty one day delay from October 7/8 signs"

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Charles (19 Oct 2012)
"Case for a twenty one day delay from October 7/8 signs"


Guys the ten virgins! Since October 7/8 came I was really floored I said in spirit well I cannot believe I may have to wait till next fall or December etc! I had been following the breadcrumbs for five years! I searched for reasons why this was the year! Look what's going on! Well look at this video here it is! I found another pointing to a piece of the puzzle that the sign of revelation 12 occurred October 16th do you know that it's like the only fulfillment that perfectly fits in like hundreds of years! Ok that was a piece do I waited until today Thursday! Still here what is up? Well guess what charities dream 5,6,7 Jesus it was supposed to be the 7/8th! War in heavan delayed it! Is delaying it!

So the 27th and 28th fits charities dream! It's the day Noah entered the ark! It's also 40 days after Rosh Hoshanna a forty day warning and a twenty one day delay!

Guys the fact is we all went huh after trumpets and activity at all watching sites went down! The scoffers won another victory or so they think! Guys we got possibly ten days before we see Jesus! The wrath of God the day of the Lord may be October 29th! It's the day they may rule you cannot sell stuff you bought!

The wise virgins are the ones still watchimg trying to figure out why the Lord delayed! The foolish had enough steam to get them to October 7/8th then when it did not happen they went back asleep and rejoined the world! They were awake enough to notice but not dedicated enough to keep digging!

Guys as soon as the rapture occurs those left behind the non watching praying not focused on Jesus coming back church Lacadonian like those writing letters supporting Palastine and not Israel thinking they know it all will be in for it!

Now is the time to use that last drop of oil that wake up coffee keep watching its not over it's now! It's here! Randy you were right Rosh Hoshanna was the call the forty day warning guys we were right it should have happened the feast of tabernancles it would have fulfilled the feasts including Rosh Hoshanna! It is happening it will happen! I have been distracted, crushed spiritually, rebuked for watching, scared, vexed and almost out of oil so sleepy but I am wide awake riding shotgun watching the war in heavan! The meteor shower this weekend the fallen angels getting cast down!

You want to call upon Jesus focus on Him pray for all Doves please pray for my son, wife, me you all of us!

I am sorry for my sins, I have tried to warn, only Jesus blood can clense you! You must be born of water and spirit and walk in the spirit not the flesh! The greatest attack sneaked upon me when a nice evening with my son made me see he was getting old enough to do all I dreamed of with Him! But Jesus is coming there is no hope in the flesh! As soon as the rapture occurs this false peace and safety ends.

That's what no one living for this life wants! But it never was their choice! The lie is its all just going on! The truth is that Jesus is coming for a watching waiting praying bride that wants him to sweep her off her feet to safety! Your either lookIng up for a savior or down here for a political fix!

Jesus is coming Jesus is coming the signs in the heavans declare it! It's really happening five wise virgins nap time is over we got alot of warning and praying to do in ten days!

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: Charles: "Case for a twenty one day delay from October 7/8 signs"

There will be no rapture until the second coming.

Joh 17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

Jer 27:14 Therefore hearken not unto the words of the prophets that speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon: for they prophesy a lie unto you, to remove you far from your land; and that I should drive you out, and ye should perish.

Re: Charles: "Case for a twenty one day delay from October 7/8 signs"

Hi John,

Please feel free to outline how you see everything shaking out

I would love to see your thoughts, scripture etc.....

This is an OPEN FORUM and I would love to read how you see everything shaking out.

Take your time and share as you like!


Second coming of Jesus Christ: ?

Thank you in advance.

God Bless



Re: Charles: "Case for a twenty one day delay from October 7/8 signs"

Steven it's difficult to say in fulness as there is so much information in the bible so intricately woven together that it is almost impossible to speak of one verse without consulting every other verse in the scripture. Because of this I choose to say the things that are the most important at the current time. When the antichrist is revealed, those who are aware of his true identity will then begin to gain a much, much clearer understanding as the errant understandings are burned up in the fire of the revealed truth.

What is most important is this: there is a carnal understanding of the WORD OF GOD, and there is a spiritual understanding. For example, how did the old covenant begin? It began on Passover with a great carnal deliverence of a carnal Israel from carnal bondage. How did the new covenant begin? It began on Passover with a great spiritual deliverence of a spiritual Israel from spiritual bondage. Thus we see here:

Ec 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

That which is carnal is first; then that which is spiritual:

1Co 15:46 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.

The old covenant was first, and the earthly things of the old covenant preceeded the spiritual things of the new covenant. We are under the new covenant, and not the old covenant- therefore our understanding should also be of a spiritual mind and not of the earthly mind: example: there is an earthly city called Jerusalem, and there is a heavenly city called Jerusalem. Most Christians are looking at the earthly city of Jerusalem when understanding the prophets speaking of Jerusalem, but they should be understanding the prophets as ultimately speaking of the heavenly Jerusalem.

Here we see there is a Jerusalem that is not earthly:

Heb 12:22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, 23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, 24 And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

Now we see here that the heavenly Jerusalem is "the general assembly and church of the Firstborn"

As the beginnings of earthly Israel through the old covenant (carnal deliverence from carnal bondage beginning on Passover) are a prophetic picture of the beginnings of heavenly Israel through the new covenant (spiritual deliverence from spiritual bondage beginning on Passover - the crucifixion); so too we can see the latter end of heavenly Israel through the old covenant. Under the old covenant, this took place in the event of the coming of the carnal King of Babel to carnally attack carnal Judah and Jerusalem, overcome the people of the carnal covenant, and carnally carry them away into carnal exile in carnal Great Babel. This event began on the 10th day of the 10th month.

So as you are seeing a prophetic picture of the beginning of the spiritual Israel through the earthly events of the beginnings of earthly Israel; you are also seeing a prophetic picture of the judgment of spiritual Israel through the earthly events of the judgment of earthly Israel: so when Jeremiah says this:

Jer 21:10 For I have set my face against this city for evil, and not for good, saith the LORD: it shall be given into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he shall burn it with fire.

You should be understanding that under the earthly old covenant his words were concerning the earthly Jerusalem; but under the spiritual new covenant his words are concerning the heavenly Jerusalem. This is why the Revelation draws on old covenant symbolism, but is spiritually discerned.

So when you read the prophets, when someone is speaking about Israel, they are speaking spiritually about the church; so every time Jeremiah says "Jerusalem" you should be understanding him as saying "the church of the Firstborn"- so all of the prophets are speaking, firstly of the earthly under the earthly covenant, then secondly to the spiritual under the spiritual covenant.

All Christians should at this point in time be speaking to the church the same message that Jeremiah spoke. That is, that the King of Confusion is coming to enact the judgment of God against the people who have made a covenant with Him. The King of Confusion is coming to attack the church, and to overcome the Christians, and to carry them away into Confusion- all of this for the same reasons this came upon the earthly Israel: they have forsaken the covenant and supplanted the WORD OF GOD with the vain traditions of men.

The message is the same. God has pronounced calamity against the churches of Christ; and has given the churches into the hand of the King of Confusion, to test them that have professed covenant with Him.

As looking at the deliverence of earthly Israel shows us the exact timing of the deliverence of heavenly Israel- on the 14th day of the 1st month; so looking at the judgment of earthly Israel shows us the exact timing of the judgment of heavenly Israel- on the 10th day of the 10th month.

Thereby knowing the times, anyone with this information will know exactly who the one coming on the 10th day of the 10th month really is: the King of Babel (though he will appear to them that perish as the King of Israel; Jesus Christ); the TRUE King Messiah comes in the 7th month as appointed.

2Ki 25:1 And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came, he, and all his host, against Jerusalem, and pitched against it; and they built forts against it round about.
Jer 52:4 And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, that Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon came, he and all his army, against Jerusalem, and pitched against it, and built forts against it round about.
Eze 24:1 Again in the ninth year, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 2 Son of man, write thee the name of the day, even of this same day: the king of Babylon set himself against Jerusalem this same day.

Thus the King of Confusion will come down with all his host in the 10th day of the 10th month; thereby you will know him- and you will see those without this understanding gathering to him (most all of Christians, and all of the world) under the delusion that he is Jesus Christ (for he will come with all power and signs, declaring himself to be God); this because Satan is granted by God to come with all power in order to deceive them without knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This then is what is most important: now, I do not know the exact year this will occur (this is the opening of the 1st seal, and the conquerer who goes forth conquering is the King of Confusion) but I can say that I have watched the 10th day of the 10th month for about 15 years in expectation of the coming of the King of Confusion with all his host; and this year, 2012, is the first and only year that the entire world is watching it with me (it falls DEC 23 this year: one of the two proposed Mayan long-count end-dates- Google "Dec 23 2012" and you will find this to be accurate).

Now, just as then, there are those now prophesying that the Christians will not have to face the King of Babel (via the imagined 'pre-parousia rapture') but these are prophesying falsely, to their own destruction;

Jer 27:9 Therefore hearken not ye to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreamers, nor to your enchanters, nor to your sorcerers, which speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon: 10 For they prophesy a lie unto you, to remove you far from your land; and that I should drive you out, and ye should perish. 11 But the nations that bring their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, and serve him, those will I let remain still in their own land, saith the LORD; and they shall till it, and dwell therein.

Jer 27:14 Therefore hearken not unto the words of the prophets that speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon: for they prophesy a lie unto you.

These are they who prophesy that the church will not see the great tribulation of the King of Confusion; and this is the judgment that will fall upon them:

Jer 29:21 Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, of Ahab the son of Kolaiah, and of Zedekiah the son of Maaseiah, which prophesy a lie unto you in my name; Behold, I will deliver them into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon; and he shall slay them before your eyes;

Jer 37:19 Where are now your prophets which prophesied unto you, saying, The king of Babylon shall not come against you, nor against this land?

There will indeed be no pre-parousia rapture: and even at the rapture which occurs at the parousia of the Lord, no one on the earth will be taken into heaven- but that we will meet the Lord and the saints who now sleep in Christ, whom He brings with Him at the second coming; we will meet them in the air but they are coming here to earth- we are not going there to heaven; we meet THEM as THEY COME; they do not meet US as WE COME. Indeed, as the scripture teaches, we the elected saints are ALREADY SEATED IN HEAVEN WITH HIM

Eph 2:5 Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) 6 And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

What is important is to know the days and months witnessed in the scripture; this is the manner of our escape; as there are some who wrongly teach that Christians escape the hour through some imagined pre-parousia removal from the world when the Lord Christ Himself prayed this would not occur:

Joh 17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

By that simple verse we know that "escape the hour/kept from evil" does NOT equal "taken out of the world" (indeed, being taken out of the world to escape tribulation is a thing that has NEVER occurred in the scripture at all- even Elijah endured the 42month reign of Jezebel by being hidden: but was not ascended until AFTER THE REIGN OF JEZEBEL HAD ENDED); but the scripture teaches the true manner of our escape:

2Pe 2:20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

It is through KNOWLEDGE that the elected ones are protected and guarded from the hour of trial: it is by knowledge of the WORD OF GOD that we learn EXACTLY WHEN the King of Confusion comes. And through this knowledge one will easily know his doctrine is an abominable lie, as the time of his coming reveals who he truly is. Thus you will NOT find him tempting in the least- but an abomination causing desolation. For the great tribulation will be SPIRITUAL TRIBULATION and NOT CARNAL. Those understanding this as a carnal battle are succumbing to the strong delusion of the earthly things, and the spiritual understanding is being hidden from their eyes.

Once the King of Confusion has come with all his host, and cast down truth, and overcome the Christians, and carried them away into Great Confusion; then the elected ones will begin to reveal the King of Confusion to others through the WORD OF GOD; showing that- as he has come in the wrong season (10th month instead of 7th month) he is not who he pretends to be. Now, the Christians who have fallen away to the worship of the King of Confusion will NOT like hearing this news and will fight against the elected ones, calling them liars and blsphemers; desiring to kill them- but God is with the elected ones and they will work mightily, and none will be able to resist their teachings, and through the WORD OF GOD they will pull down Great Babel and consume upon it with the fire of their mouths: which fire is the WORD OF GOD.

2Co 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

Jer 1:9 Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth.
Jer 5:14 Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.

This is the everlasting fire: ETERNAL TRUTH- and it is by THIS FIRE that all will be consumed BY UNDERSTANDING: for Confusion will perish in the EVERLASTING FIRE OF THE WORD OF GOD

Thus the elected ones will judge Great Babylon, and cast it to the ground, to prepare the way of the Lord in the 7th month. This is shown through the latter prophets returning from Great Babel (Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai, Zechariah) and the timing of the rebuilding of the temple for the coming of the Lord (which temple is the purified church- purified by the fiery trial to come at the sword of the King of Confusion). This will culminate on the 22th day of the 7th month with the resurrection at the LAST DAY; the day in which the rapture is completed.

The rapture itself occurrs at Rev 19 at the parousia of the Lord which destroys that Wicked.

Re: Charles: "Case for a twenty one day delay from October 7/8 signs"

Hi John,

Thank you for your response and your explanation, scriptures and posts on this site.

Look forward to more of your posts.

God Bless