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Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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Bruce Kessler: Feast of Tabernacles Rapture

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This was sent to me by my friend Bruce Kessler.

Thank you Bruce for sharing your comments.

God Bless

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This was sent to me by my friend Bruce Kessler.

Thank you Bruce for sharing your comments.

God Bless


Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2012 8:21 AM
To: 'stevesandiego@ymail.com'
Subject: Feast of Tabernacles Rapture


The largest earthquake to date in world history is prophesied to happen any day in California ( 10.8 mega quake but reported as 12 ) by many prophets including the deceased David Wilkerson, and a lesser one in Virginia just outside Washington, DC to begin the destruction of America via natural disasters and thermonuclear holocaust for its sins and not exist after November 2012. These events will happen on an unknown day after the 40 day probationary period ending respectively on 10/1/12—First day of Tabernacles by two prophets of the Lord ----the California earthquake is prophesied to happen slightly before or simultaneous with the rapture of the Bride on October 7 ( begins at sunset in Jerusalem on October 6 which is 11 AM Central on Saturday in America but the midnight crossover is at 4 PM) which is the SEVENTH 7th day of the FEAST of TABERNACLES ( see the attached maps of destruction of America as seen by many prophets). ”

The seven days of Tabernacles represents the Jewish Wedding ceremony (Joshua 6: 3-5 or the Battle of Jericho is 7 days long ) with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb on the 8th day or Sh’mini Atzeret. The Bride is unknown and not revealed to the Bridegroom or the virgins until the seventh day , and in the stars Venus represents Jesus and is closest to Virgo representing the Bride of Christ on October 7 or the Seventh day of Tabernacles.

“Rotten egg smell or Sulfur oxide from volcanic plumes” is all over Southern California /Nevada/Mexico from the Salton Sea which is a volcanic caldera, and the Baja is sinking every day indicating an earthquake with tsunami following is imminent. The tsunami will cause huge deaths and much more destruction than the earthquake itself.

Israel told Fox News Yom Kippur ( confirmed by former State Department officials) was the deadline day ( October 25, 2012) for Iran to comply before they unilaterally attack Iran which will set off WW 3( Psalm 83), and the US could be destroyed by Russian or Chinese missiles with one billion deaths worldwide. There are 25 UN warships in the Persian Gulf with Chinese warships on the way to defend Iran as China obtains 17% of their oil from Iran. Dr. Owour of Kenya has prophesied the Rapture of the Bride will happen before the attack on Iran, and many think Obama may start WW 3 during the first week in October to assure his election with Nuclear bombs hitting America on the 7th day of Tabernacles which is the predicted day of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

China and Taiwan have sent warships to the South China sea off Japan in a territorial dispute over uninhabited islands, and America must defend Japan by defense treaty if war breaks out and China attacked Japanese coast guard ships on 9/25/12. Dr. Owuor has seen one of our carriers sunk off North Korea by a Chinese missile and America ( The” Daughter of Babylon” in Jeremiah 50-51 and Revelations 18:1-24) will be gone by November per the Prophets and destroyed by fire which means nuclear weapons. America is the” Babylon” in Revelations 18 that is destroyed as all nations mourn who conducted commerce with her and millions of Christians will be murdered in America post the rapture of the Bride. World leaders, Obama, and Congress have been cancelling meetings in preparation for war and practicing underground bunker escape in secret.

Obama is a Sunni Muslim with loyalty to Saudi Arabia who financially supported him in the election and he really wants both Iran and Israel destroyed. He is a plant of the Saudi government with tentacles in many departments of the government and liberal media and plans to bring millions of Arabs to America in the second term and is extremely dangerous and an enemy of America. This is what he means by raining men in the second term. The war against Iran is not actually about nuclear weapons, but a war against Shiite vs. Sunni Muslims and a war begun over payments in currency other than the dollar for oil. Obama takes orders from Saudi Arabia and they want Iran destroyed along with Israel, and he is staffing the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the American government and state department--- Obama actually wants a Marxist/Muslim alliance.

There are unconfirmed intelligence reports of a bank holiday on Saturday October 13 (Banks are always closed by the FDIC on weekends and reopen the following Monday) saying our government( NWO) will give a new currency, mandate the computer chip (Obama Care medical records mandating begins on 10/1/12 who cannot afford health insurance ), take away the guns both rifle and pistols, utilities shut off, and wipe out the debt on that day which would collapse the dollar with only 30% or less purchasing power. The debt ceiling must be raised dramatically to avoid a government shutdown in January 2013 or else a $3500 tax increase must be levied on every America or huge expense and entitlement cuts to further deteriorate the depression and 22% unemployment rate which will put America over the edge of economic collapse.

The government is preparing for martial law/civil unrest with troop, military equipment movement across the land, and the 850 Fema concentration camps are being staffed with millions of reusable plastic coffins capable of executing 40 million people and the Camps have crematoriums to burn the bodies and guillotines are on the way from China. Visionaries have seen those left behind after the rapture dining on dog intestines who choose to resist arrest in America and the police have told private citizens not to go very far away from home between now and November.

Thousands of Israeli troops have reportedly been seen near the Syrian border ( Golan Heights) and the Sinai desert in training for war, and Israel cannot use the EMP bomb or the electronics of the warships in Gulf would be destroyed. One match or assassination can set off WW 3 and destruction could occur in a matter of seconds with nuclear weapons involved and the Muslims are rioting in 24 countries at the moment with Americans sent home from the embassies due to a film stating why Islam is a cult and Allah is Satan .

The Pale Horse(Islam) of Revelations/Zechariah is on the way with the Seal Judgments during the first two years, then the Trumpets, and finally the devastating Bowl Judgments during the final 120 shortened 16 hour days. Communism is the Red Horse, Capitalism is the Black Horse, and the Catholic church rides on the White Horse. There is a secret pact between Russia and the Vatican where Satan worship is being practiced by many and Rome is the city on seven hills that killed the prophets in the Bible and the world is divided into ten regions post the rapture by the New World Order. They must have World War three to carry out their plans to conquer the world( Russia and US destroyed) with 90% dead with the elite ruling with Jerusalem the world capital, Frankfurt the economic capital, Brussels the computer/military capital, and Rome the ecumenical capital. The King of the North in Daniel is Russia and the King of the South--- the Arab Confederacy of Turkey/Libya/Iran/and Cush which are the Muslim northern Africa countries which are many during the invasion of Israel with the largest earthquake in world history taking down every mountain to destroy the invaders supernaturally .

There is a solar Eclipse on November 13 meaning judgment of the Gentiles, and One Billion or more could perish in WW 3 per the attachment( 25% of the earth is the prediction in Revelations or # 1.7 Billion people). The 10.8 California earthquake might happen before the rapture per Kevin Marasi with a huge death toll and begins the judgment of God for America as the final altar call. Some prophets have seen cruise missiles hitting the Atlantic coast cities of America before invasion with America ceding sovereignty over to the UN. China test fired missiles from submarines a year or two ago on both of our coastlines.

The 40 days until the beginning of destruction of Ninevah ( America) on Kevin Marasi’s calendar lands on 9/27 --- Kevin says the tsunami post the 10.8 California earthquake or pole shift of the earth at the equator to flood cities worldwide may be the timing of the rapture. Some prophets think the Israeli attack on Iran will occur during the Feast of Tabernacles maybe on the 7th day on October 7 after the 40 day warning of Kevin Mirasi expires on September 27, and two other prophets gave warning of nuclear warfare on America after 40 days beginning on October 1,2012—first day of Sukkot. One must listen to all of the prophets to obtain a vector to accuracy and nuclear hits on America may come on the day of the rapture like the story of Lot/Noah--- protection for the Bride of Christ via the rapture and simultaneous sudden destruction.

Rosh Hashanah may be the Second rapture in 2014 or 2015 (grafting back into the Olive Tree or true church) of the Remnant Elect Messianic Jews ( one third left alive per Zechariah 13: and the Left behind Gentile tribulation saints after the rapture of the Bride on 10/7/12. The word” COME UP HERE” is mentioned TWICE in Revelations meaning two raptures with the second in Revelations 11:11 when the two witnesses ( Jews and Gentiles symbolically) lie dead in the street in Jerusalem during the 1260 days( 360+360+540 shortened to 16 hour days with half darkness) before being taken to heaven after prophesying judgments on the city with seven thousand perishing in an earthquake with one tenth of the city destroyed. The final 540 days or 360 non shortened year( 24 hour days ) after 25% perish in WW 3 is when the wrath of God is poured on the world with one third of those left alive perishing.

Obama spoke on October 29, 2008 in Europe to announce his future reign of the world and his inauguration on January 20, 2008 began the first 1260 days. He is not the man of peace who won the Nobel Peace Prize, but the Man of Sin or Beast in Revelations. Satan comes in disguise as an eloquent speaker and an angel of light pretending to be a Christian as Obama does to deceive and be worshipped as God after the Rapture of the Bride. Obama has made the statements—“It will be raining men in my second term and the war will be over by Christmas”( Christmas is actually Sukkot when Jesus was born meaning no more Jews or Christians, and” raining men” is a Gay joke as he plans to reveal bi-sexuality when re-elected )

Yom Kippur may represent the SECOND COMING in 2015( Zechariah 14 is when His Feet land on the Mount of Olives) at the end of the Day of the Lord in 2014-2015 to fight the Battle of Armageddon( all nations of earth participate) with the true church composed of Messianic Jews( elect) and Gentiles( tribulation saints saved during the three Gregorian years) and the Bride of Christ ( First Fruits rapture) in translated bodies with Jesus to complete the fall feasts during the ten days of awe in 2015.

The two witnesses are the Tribulation saints ---Jews saved during the 1260 days(# 144,000 represents the entire tribe of Israel or 12 x 1200) and the Left behind Gentile saints in symbolic language in Revelations paralleling Moses and Elijah as the dead in Christ per Moses and those raptured as Elijah. The” woman in the wilderness” is the raptured Bride of Christ in heaven during three( 1260 shortened days) of the seven final years found worthy to escape the wrath of God per the book of Luke.

Many are watching the Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot, or INGATHERING/HARVEST for the rapture, and Sunday OCTOBER 7 is the 7th and final day of Sukkot on the 21st day of the 7th Jewish month( TISHRI 21). 217 is a rapture number given to many worldwide and the 7th day of Tabernacles is type and shadow of the 7000 years of man on earth. Most theologians believe Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles, and 8th day following is the WEDDING DAY in heaven or Sh’mini Atzeret---8 means Jesus in Biblical Gematria. The Word that became flesh and TABERNACLED among us represents Jesus or Yeshua in Hebrew.

217 is a number given to me personally for many years with hotel room changes, seminars, bills, and other signs, and my address is 11701 Wedd(ing) in Building #7 and the Lord has called me as prophetic watchman and teacher. Many have heard the word” SKY BLUE 21” for the rapture for years which can only mean Tishri 21 ( study www.jesusiscoming2015.com by Renee Moses who is a missionary in a third world country on her face before the Lord night and day). There is a Dragon constellation meteor shower at 10 PM Eastern time on October 7, 2012 representing the Satanic attack on the world post the rapture of the Bride. At age 38, Joseph was revealed as King to his brothers/ Joshua led the battle of Jericho/ the man at the well was healed after 38 years/ and Renee was 38 when the understanding came on end times—June 7, 1967 ( Jerusalem captured by Israel ) + 38 years = October 7, 2012. The day when revelation came to Renee on end times began on August 31, 2012 and 38 days later is October 7, 2012 and 38 in Biblical Gematria means freedom from slavery or deliverance from this world via the rapture.

The final 1260 days will begin on October 7 with 360+360+540 day= 1260 days( 540 is a shortened 16 hour day per Matthew 24:22 or no flesh would be saved with the sun/moon darkened meaning one third of the time darkened, and Daniel says the Antichrist will change the time of time during his reign .The one third shortening of time relates to one third the earth perishing in the final 540 months). The 1335 th day of Daniel 12 ended on Rosh Hashanah on 9/17/12 which is 1335 days from the inauguration of Obama with the rapture of the Bride on the 7th day of Tabernacles . The pole shift at the equator will cause huge tsunamis to flood the cities of the world as the attached maps depict and the three years are the three prophetic days of darkness in the Bible.

The abomination of desolation on the 1290th day was on August 2, 2012 ( Tu B’Av) when Obama stated at the Twin Towers church site which was not destroyed that “ we will rebuild” in defiance to God when the site was declared Holy to reverence as a memorial to the dead to serve the Lord in repentance. In addition, the Palestinians began on that day to fight Jews praying at the Temple Mount which ends the daily sacrifice which is prayer.

The rapture of the two witnesses( Saved Jews and Left Behind Nominal Christians) may be raptured on Rosh Hashanah 2014( two thirds have been killed during the previous two years, and YOM KIPPUR is Zechariah 14 when Christ returns to earth to fight the Battle of Armageddon in 2015 when all nations come to fight at Jerusalem during final 540 shortened days post two 360 days and ends on the Feast of Tabernacles in 2015 to begin the millennium.

Our final financing transaction is Omega for $12 K (meaning the end of time in Revelations 22) and is scheduled to be approved by committee on Tishri 17 for confirmation. The Shofar is blown on every day during the Feast of Tabernacles with dancing around the altar, and the Booths or temporary housing is torn down for permanent housing on the 8th day meaning the Bride of Christ is in heaven—that is why Sukkot represents both the rapture of the Bride of Christ(first fruit and rapture # 1) and the millennium .

The 7th day represents the day when the Israelites danced around the Altar/Torah scrolls seven times while waving Palm branches and wearing white robes in Revelations and entered the PROMISED LAND ---the FINAL TRUMPET of the fall feasts is blown on that day. This is a 21 day count from Rosh Hashanah per Daniel until the 7th seals of Revelations occurs on October 7. This is the Autumn Grape Harvest in Israel during the seventh month described in Revelations 14:14-16 which began on 9/22/12 and timing of rapture at the end of year four on Sukkot parallels Jesus coming after 4000 years of man’s history on earth.

It takes 46 years to build a Temple per Amos 9:11 and 46 x 360 prophetic days = 16,560 days. If one adds 16,560 days from June 7, 1967 ( the day the temple was captured in Jerusalem by Israel ), October 7, 2012 or the 7th day of Sukkot is the day. There may be no Third Temple rebuilt in Israel with animal sacrifices as Jesus is the Temple today and lives in our hearts and rose from the dead in three days as Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three days.

There may be no election in America with the Bride of Christ in heaven. Only 17% of named Christians worldwide are true believers worthy of the rapture, but the % in America is much lower as an apostate nation (70 % do not believe in Satan/Hell and are universalists, 40% of seminary graduates believe in the deity of Christ, the word God/ Israel/ and Jerusalem were removed were removed from the Democratic Party platform, but Obama is still way up in the swing state polls who is the most Biblically hostile president in history, Gay marriage and abortion is sanctioned by many denominational churches, wealth prosperity greed teaching has polluted the Pentecostal churches, and the divorce rate in American churches is higher than the secular world)

Maybe # 20 MM or only # 12 MM will be raptured if 5% is used as many visionaries have seen ---most of those saved after the rapture in America will become martyrs—those taking RFID chip and are ****ed for eternity ---very few will be left alive by 2015 in America. The Greek word “ apostasia” in Thessalonians means rapture or catching away vs. falling away or else the rapture would already have taken place as America is an apostate nation that has mostly left serving the Lord on the way to hell.

There are global cult consciousness meetings at the Vatican on October 3 and December 22 respectively to instigate the New World Order false religion headed by the final 112th Pope Peter Romano who is Cardinal Peter Bertolo who will be the false prophet( Current Pope is expected to resign shortly due to health with final one #118 and prophesied to be the last by Malachi Martin who never missed one for hundreds of years). 2012 is the year of “Apollyon( Satan) Rising” in Revelations 9:11 according to Tom Horn to begin the Wrath of G’d to defeat Satan by 2015. Nita Johnson prophesied we would go through part of the tribulation( Four years) and know the identity of the Beast or Antichrist who will be Barack Obama after the rapture of the Bride with his true character revealed after the rapture of the Bride.

The years of lunar( relates to Israel) eclipses are in 2014 and 2015 on Passover /Sukkot in both years. There are two solar( relates to nations of the world) eclipses in 2015 on Nisan 1 and Rosh Hashanah pointing to the DAY OF THE LORD (360 days=540 shortened 16 hour days with the earth rotating faster with two thirds of those left on earth perishing). The Sun and Moon are darkened per Matthew 24 and the last time there were tetrad eclipses was in 1949/1950 the year after Israel was founded and then back to 1493 and next one is hundreds of years away). Tetrad means four eclipses in one year in 2015, and the timing is not effected by the shortened 16 hour day which is still a 360 day 24 hour period. The elect or Messianic Jewish Remnant and Left behind Gentile saints are the ones gathered from the four corners of the earth in Matthew 24. All Jews all see the Glory of the Lord worldwide after Ezekiel 38-39 with the greatest earthquake in history when every mountain is taken down per Revelations /Ezekiel which our minds cannot fathom but Armageddon at Mount Megiddo is even worse at His Return.

Many will not be able to leave America as the prophets have seen with the only route for to Israel or outside of America will be through Canada after the war and natural disasters happen. Many nominal Christians will be on fire for the Lord after the Rapture of the Bride, but two thirds will perish as martyrs via war, execution, natural disasters, or take the Mark of the Beast and be eternally ****ed.

There will be one thousand years of peace with Christ as King, and then the second Gog war happens with an unknown time frame and the New Jerusalem comes down after the earth is burned by fire per Peter ( this is the“ Day No Man knows” in Matthew 24 ). Feast of Tabernacles is the only feast that must be celebrated per Zechariah 14:16 every year during the millennium with a Lunar eclipse( 9/28/15) on that day to begin the millennium for dual prophetic fulfillment.

TIME IS OVER no matter whether the above eschatology is perfect or only partially accurate -----we must live holy before the Lord to be accounted worthy to be the Bride of Christ saved from the Wrath of God to judge the world to fulfill His eternal plan ----“ His ways are not our ways” and wisdom and understanding only comes on our knees before the Lord.

Baruch Hashem,

Bruce A. Kessler

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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